• Victor: Shouldn't you be asleep right now?
  • Yuuri: I should be a lot of things, but I live to disappoint.

i miss feeling safe in my country

i miss feeling represented in my government

i miss having a president with a soothing voice

i miss having a president that says rational things

i miss having a fatherly president

i miss the obama-biden memes

i miss michelle’s inspirational speeches

i miss constantly being updated on how goals the obamas are

i miss having a president that people all over the world weren’t ashamed of

i miss having a president(ial family) that kicks ass [in the good way]

i miss obama

anonymous asked:

just watched stardust after seeing that gifset you reblogged and can I say: cp stardust au

the only problem with that idea, anon, is that I can’t decide which scenario I like more: 

damen tugging around foul-mouthed beautiful fallen star laurent (having been sent on a mission to catch a star to prove his affection for jokaste, which will conveniently get him out of the way while some kind of coup happens) 


prince laurent, needing a fallen star for some kind of spell/potion that will help him in the fight for the throne, ending up with damen, who hates him and spends the entire time plotting to escape.

I also don’t know who captain shakespeare is but I have a feeling it’s makedon.

YOI x Princess Cafe Tsukamarinko (3rd Collaboration) Acrylic Keyholders

Original Release Date:
March 2017

Featured Characters (14 Total):
Viktor (Original + Secret Versions), Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Phichit, Seung Gil

Although most of the costumes are directly from the anime, there are quite a few (Yuuri and Otabek for example) that were not seen in the show. Besides that, Yuri is wearing the cat ears he received from fans, JJ actually has his nickname written out (No surprise there), and the entire set can actually be linked together via the hoops at the bottom!

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YOI x Only Shop ICE Contestant Passes/Bromides

Original Release Date:
February 2017

Featured Characters (14 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Phichit, Seung Gil

Where you can get the birthdates, ages, and heights of everyone altogether! Interestingly enough, these don’t list some characters’ blood types, but the overall distribution is:

?: Viktor, Otabek, Christophe, Georgi
A: Yuuri, Emil, Michele
B: Yuri, JJ, Phichit
O: Guang Hong, Leo, Minami
AB: Seung Gil

The Yuuri badge was sold separately as it came with the official lanyard as well.

P.S. These are great references for cosplay!

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Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Six

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report in DWM 408:

[on trying to film during a sandstorm]
“Not only was what we were shooting looking horrible,” James tells DWM, “because we had no light… and this massive desert landscape, you couldn’t see it… I mean, we could have been in a car park at Upper Boat… but also sand was being blown in our faces constantly. The actors couldn’t open their eyes.”

“Problem is,” says make-up designer Barbara Southcott, “it’s on high-def, so you’ll see every bit of sand on their skin.”

“You’ll have to paint it out,” make-up artist Steve Smith teases The Mill’s Dave Houghton.

“Frame by frame,” nods Dave, “grain by grain.”

“I know it’s not easy, guys,” calls out John [Bennett, First Assistant Director]. “Let’s just do what we can.” But David’s hair has turned blonde. (Daniel [Kaluuya, who plays Barclay] dubs him “Barry Manilow”.)

The sand is sticking to everything. Worst hit is Tracie Simpson, whose lips are actually yellow. This is her first episode as Doctor Who’s producer. It’s a baptism of fire - no, of wind! Of wind and sand and lipstick.

Forgetting that Dubai is four hours ahead of the UK, DWM decides to text a message of support to Russell T Davies in Cardiff - you know, something encouraging and inspiring. But somehow we manage to send one that says: “SANDSTORM! CODE RED! ABORT! ABORT!” Surprisingly, Russell messages back: “I’ve got you texting with ‘SANDSTORM!’ and Julie [Gardner, executive producer] phoning with ‘SANDSTORM!’ I’m hooting. Save yourself, Ben.” Perhaps we should hide in a Portaloo until it’s all over? (We don’t last long. It stinks in here. Besides, a queue was forming.)

Back outside, the majestic crane shots intended for this morning are abandoned. The crane is dismantled and taken away. “I thought, let’s shoot everything that we can against the bus,” James explains later. “…but the actors all looked like they’d been tarred in sand and dragged through a hedge.”

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