Louis’ Not So Subtle Messages

-Ice Bucket Challenge-he challenged Prince Harry not long after a fandom favorite ff Wear It Like A Crown was published (fic where Harry was a prince)

-DAGGER TATTOO–constant pointing to the dagger tattoo

-he wore a rainbow shirt on stage at a show where there were no registered Rainbow Direction participants (I believe he did this twice–correct me if I’m wrong)

-liking blue and green IG photos

-following the photographer that inspired the Another Man photo shoot of Harry’s a short while before we found out who he was

-liking Peaky Blinders–a show which 2 of Harry’s Dunkirk co-stars star in

-when Louis wore the Home shirt during Project Home

-latest IG selfie with the dagger pointing at the rose on Larry Tattoo Day (31 Days of Larry)

Disgusting: ISIS Has Announced That It Finds The St. Louis Arch Unimpressive And Has No Wish To Attack It

ISIS may be currently bogged down fighting to keep control of Mosul, but the brutal terror group has just proven that they still have time to perpetuate their barbaric propaganda, and their latest message to the West ranks as one of their most despicable. A chilling video released this morning by members of the Islamic State announced that they find the St. Louis arch unimpressive and have no wish to attack it.

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anonymous asked:

That thing Louis does at concerts where he blows a gentle kiss to fans in the crowd and wiggles his tiny fingers afterward.... he looks so dainty and flamboyant is such a beautiful sight tbh

it’s honestly so cute and pure, bonus: his lil wink 😩