And now Psi’s done, though their dress looks more like a robe.  They hate showing their body because of all the sores and scars from their dermatillomania, so I had to go with something that would only show their head and hands just like their normal outfit.

I tried to make Psi’s hair look kinda puffy, but all it did was make their head look big. DX

I was gonna add shading and stuff to make it look super nice, but then I got lazy. :P  I’ll probably just do all of them in flats.

Anyways, behold my first entry for the LBD Challenge.  Next up is Psi baby. :D  Let’s see how many of my characters I can get through before this sudden burst of motivation dies.

Also, make no mistake, her eyes are supposed to look like that.  They’re disproportionately large as part of her mutation.  She has legit big anime eyes.