With Nam Taehyun's recent admission that he suffers from Bipolar Disorder, he has further opened the discussion on mental and emotional health of Idols.

So far, there had been a significant number of Idols who admitted to have suffered or are diagnosed with mental illnesses/disorders.
1. Bang Yongguk - Panic Disorder, Depression
2. Changjo (Teen Top) - Eating Disorder, Depression, Bipolar Disorder
3. P.O (Block B) - Stress Induced Schizophrenia
4. SM Milk Club (Onew, Taeyeon, Yoona, Leeteuk, Yoochun) - Depression
5. Park Bom - Depression, PTSD
6. IU - Anorexia
7. Wooshin (Up10tion) - Mental Stress/Exhaustion
8. Lee Joon - Bipolar Disorder, Depression
9. Kiseop (Ukiss) - Depression, Openly admitted to Suicidal thoughts
10. Sunggyu - Anxiety Disorder
11. Jun jin (Shinhwa) - Panic Disorder
12. Henry - ADHD
13. Sojung (Ladies Code) - Eating Disorder
14. Heechul - Depression
15. Suga - Depression
16. Himchan - Eating Disorder
17. T.O.P. - Anxiety Disorder, Depression
18. Amber (fx) & Jonghyun (Shinee) - Stress Induced Insomnia

I dream of a day that idols can talk about their mental health freely, without fear of backlash, judgment, and labels such as weak, broken, and retarded. That when they do comeback from a mental health break, they aren’t looked at with pity but with the same level of respect they had before their hiatus. That psychological and emotional health is as much of a priority as physical health and that support network such as therapists and psychiatrists are of easy access.


IU shyly complimenting GD (in English) @ his concert in Taiwan ±
I want to congratulate you for having this fabulous concert. You traveled through twenty nine cities, and touring so much isn’t easy. But you finally, perfectly, DID IT!!~~ yay”