So cute!!

(submitted by alex-zagge)

thank you for follow 700+followers forever? don’t dead open inside. art credit.

so yesterday i hit seven hundred followers, after less than a month of being on this blog. the welcome i received from you guys and how awesome you have all made me feel has been amazing, and putting up with my constant disappearing and lack of replies has truly been admirable of you. i can’t put into words how much i love and appreciate you all, and i could go on forever about how happy you’ve made me feel on this blog, but it would end up being too long an essay. to keep it short, i’ll just say this: thank you. i love vision, i love you guys, and the marvel roleplay community and those outside of it - all of you willing to roleplay with and put up with me has been amazing, and i just. appreciate everything, you guys.

thank you for being awesome. you’re all brilliant and amazing and smooches all ur faces. thank you very very much for putting up with me especially after coyote came along.


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