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Alycia’s Comic Con Copenhagen Panel Recap (9/25)

This is all of the questions but not their complete answers. 

  • Her favorite type of music is jazz and old music and she grew up listening to that because her dad is a musican.
  • About Role Models: Not to be taken for granted, it’s changed a lot since she was a kid now that the internet exists. Things can easily be taken out of context. 
  • Favourite/Funniest moment on The 100: When her and Eliza consummated in 307 the crew played “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye
  • Hardest scene to do in The 100: Not including the death, which does win, long shoots with lots of extras. 
  • How would she decide how Lexa died: Depends on the circumstance, if the character can keep on living then don’t kill them. However, in the end she wouldn’t change anything.
  • If Alicia Clark and Lexa met would they get along: Alicia would be sassy towards Lexa but no, they would not.
  • Would you be willing to go to great lengths to get a role: It depends, gaining/losing weight is hard but cutting hair she would.
  • What does she think the most difficult aspect in her career: Not booking a job for an entire year after moving to LA. LA is not an easy city because the industry can be so unforgiving sometimes.
  • Role model in life?: Parents. She looked up to a lot of leaders and scientists and medical professionals. 
  • Guilty Pleasures: Red and trashy tv.
  • Any actor to co-star with: Changes all the time and day to day but at this point Robert DiNero, cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts.
  • Instruments: Classical percussion and drum kit.
  • Her fandoms: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • How she met Maia and Marny: They all met when they did an audition, they lost contact after that. When she came to LA they stayed in the same hotel and became friends.
  • Do Maia and Alycia watch each others shows: No! She’s seen an episode of the fosters and teen beach but no.
  • Favorite TV show: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Friends and Seinfeld
  • Companion in the apocalypse: Family member or friend.
  • Madison/Alicia: A dynamic not often seen. A lot more tension. In the show they see the evenflo Alicia needing her mother’s attending while Madison focusing on Nick.
  • Alicia’s character development now vs what she thought first: Appeared tough at first. She has a nonchalant sassiness but is also naivie and smart because she’s always had to prove to herself to her family. She’s discovering her own.
  • What motivates her to stay in the business: She loves doing it. It’s never been about fame, always about loving acting. It’s nice to be in a generation where women are seeing themselves more.
  • Value of family in a post-apocolypse world in relation to FTWD: Construct of a family is changing from a family point of view. She didn’t really have a typical family since her dad was gone. Difference from TWD since they’re spitting up where TWD they’re becoming a family. 
  • Acting with Brenda Strong again: An amazing actress and it was amazing to work with her. It was an honour to work again. Wished she could have worked with her more.
  • Difficult words to pronounce in an American accent: A lot. Anything with a hard “r” in them. More used to doing an American accent since she’s done most of her roles in America. It was a little hard on FTWD because very little of the cast is American.
  • If Lexa hadn’t died, what more would she have wanted to see: Fall from power, starting a coup and regaining power. Regarding clexa, it’s up to the fandom.
  • What scene from The 100/FTWD was the hardest: For FTWD A long 4-5 minute talking scene from 213 that was very emotional and ADR’d. For The 100, the speech from 306 that was mostly cut because a lot of it was wrong and it was long. Also 214 when Clarke confronts Lexa in the tent because there was a lot of dialogue and they wanted to get it right but it ended up being one of her favourite scenes.
  • Weird rituals before shooting: Not really. Each role is different so she prepares for them differently. Going through the scenes bit by bit is the main ritual. 
  • Any of her quirks in Alicia: Beside the name, she tends to like her own space like herself. She’s a little bit of a geek inside as well and an inner strength.
  • Does Alicia have the capacity to go dark like Chris or leave like Ofelia: Definitely a lot less. Alicia has always had a fractured relationship. She’s more rational and seeing them as really choosing to leave.
  • Favorite thing about space: Black holes.
  • If you could eat one thing: Poached eggs on toast with a side of avo, and spinach, and mushrooms , and bacon. Fries and stake but she’d probably get of it.
  • Has she ever fanfiction from The 100: No, but she’s seen a lot of fan art. She knows it’s there but has stayed away from it.
  • Out of The 100 cast who would she have liked to have worked more with: Richard Harmon and Lindsey Morgan
  • Is she comfortable watching herself on TV: Doesn’t watch with friends/family. She’ll watch it once to see how it went but not again. It’s different watching yourself because you know what’s going on.
  • Would she fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses: 100 duck sized horses.