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How people in the industry reacts to nsfw fanarts? Since Overwatch it became a hot topic & it seems many reacts negatively like Ken Levine did back then when Infinite was out.

Officially, we cannot and will not ever support anything of the sort. Unofficially, we know rule 34 exists and there’s nothing that we can do about it. As for internal responses to it, it varies. One person I know really likes the idea of people wanting to make porn from characters she created (I don’t believe she has yet achieved this though). That said, I haven’t met many devs who share or promote NSFW fanworks. We mostly see each other in a professional setting, so it shouldn’t be surprising that something labeled “NSFW” doesn’t get spread around much. Most of the time fan art and fan creations don’t really register on the radar professionally, except in a momentary “Oh that’s sweet, they like our stuff” way. 

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M A G I C A L     G I R L     R A I S I N G     P R O J E C T

HARDGORE ALICE“Black and white… I’m sure we’ll be pretty together.”
SNOW WHITE“I thought magical girls were supposed to help people.”  

SWIM SWIM  "What would Ruler have done?”
TAMA ー “Huh? I don’t know…”

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