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”Captured with High Speed Flash Units, the images show soap bubbles in the moment of bursting. In the first few images, you can still see the bubbles intact, few instants after their creation. In the last pictures, you see how the thin film of soap starts to dissapear, leaving behind countless tiny drops of soap water.”


When An Artist Collaborates With Bees

The fantastic creations of Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck, who literally collaborates with bee colonies to transform old porcelain figurines into amazing natural sculptures, as and as beeswax agglutinates. As each sculpture requires several months of work, Aganetha Dyck highlights the complex relationship between man, nature and the bees, but also the fragility of existence. (Source)

The way Regina’s smile changes, though. I am thoroughly convinced Emma looks up from her hug with Henry after those first few seconds. And when their eyes meet, Regina’s expression gets even softer and she presses her lips together in emotion, because her son and this woman she cares about are safe and happy and they’re all together. And she has someone to share this with, which is so different for her. She’s overwhelmed it, but she loves it nonetheless.

madi9774 asked:

How did you get your job at AH? Was it a conventional process with formal interview and stuff?

It’s been a while since I answered this one!

I was one of the original “Community Hunters”, back before that was even a thing.

I had talked to Jack and Geoff about creating content for AH by making “tips, tricks, and guides” and submitting them.

My capture and commentary set up back then was trash, so I took a break and worked on getting better equipment and fine tuning my skills.

Years down the line, after creating my own personal series, I decided to get in contact with Geoff and Jack again because I wanted to go “pro” with content creation.

Jack told me “Come up with some new show ideas and we’ll talk”, those talks turned into Coming Soon.

Eventually (before CS’ year anniversary) I moved to Austin and got in contact with Jack and Geoff in person.  Jack said they were potentially looking to hire more AH, especially to handle all the content, editing, and organization.  I created a little promo of what I thought would showcase my skills moreso than I had before and they liked it.

Geoff and Jack invited me to lunch, we talked more, and I was hired.

Also, on my way home from lunch that day I met Miles for the first time.

As of now, I’m working on my second year of full time work at AH/RT, and my third year of officially being with the company.

These, of course, are just the highlights, there was a lot of "ACTION AND ADVENTURE" in there as well, but let’s just keep it short and sweet for now.