🌸self-care tips🌸

Hey everyone!~

So, I hit 500 subs yesterday and decided on making a self-care post - I know there`s a lot of posts like this one already, but I`ll just list the tips that really work for me.

1. The best way to relax to me is to take a bath - with a bubble bar or a bath bomb (my favorite brand is Lush). It`s also nice to mix some cosmetic oils or herbs with an epsom salt, for example. It doesn`t have to be a specific brand, there`s a lot of combinations you can make by hand!                                           There`re also some helpful videos on YouTube on how to make a bath bomb all by yourself~ 

2. The second tip is listening to some relaxing music - for example, you can create a spa tunes playlist, - even just listening to it with eyes closed while laying on a sofa helps  me relax a lot.

3. Another one tip is to make some home-made face masks! It might be a lot of fun to invite your friend over and make them together and do some pamper routine after that~

4. Making yourself your favorite healthy drink is also great, like a smoothie or an ice tea. For smoothie I prefer mixing some strawberries, a half of a banana, some raspberries and a few blueberries, - try out various combinations, it`s all up to you!

5. Any kind of creative hobby might do!                                                           You don`t nessecarily have to be super talented in the sphere you choose to enjoy spending your time while doing something pleasant and relaxing. For example, I like to doodle various things or just blend some watercolors to create different pretty shades~

6. Dance it all away!                                                                                     When I`m all alone in my room, I sometimes put on some loud music that I really like and just dance - it`s such a positive activity that helps me feel happier - and when you`re happier, you`re becoming helathier~

I hope these tips are helpful even a little bit!~


(im phil)

no falls

Contributing factors include the weather, and the weather, and, of course, the weather. When the day begins at thirty-eight degrees and climbs quickly to peak around four pm at just above seventy, there is little reason to bother with climate control in a twenty-thousand square foot building. You just leave it go and maybe open the doors, turn on a fan or two. The end result is a never ending very thin layer of condensation on the floor in the corners of the building. Slick-like.

The weather being as described in the middle of February has all kinds of additional consequences. People are tired of being inside all winter. They spent the day outside soaking up sunshine and energy. When night falls, way too early to darkness for their soaring hearts and cold-stinky bodies, they are looking for something wild to keep the mood rolling. Heh, literally, rolling. 

So, again it’s the weather that puts the head count at well beyond capacity. The regulations in that part of town were relaxed last month and the number has risen to account for the fact that not everyone can be on the skate floor at once. During the five-minute birthday skate, I counted three-hundred-seventy four bodies and I wasn’t near finished when I quit to get back on the floor for the next all-skate. 

It’s all the weather’s fault and what it amounts to are some of the most dangerous conditions you’ll encounter in the noncompetitive roller skating world. In addition to the damp slick conditions, I personally picked up more than a dozen candy wrappers. I also chased the same small child - who was eating a jello shot on the skate floor!!!!! - off the rink twice. No human is allowed to eat jello and roller skate at the same time. Not on my watch. 

I’ve gotten so much practice at skating on one leg all the way around the rink in one push, i can do it on either leg, inside curve or out - twice around in a row switching legs in turn. On the outside leg I can open my whole body and chest in a warrior stance toward the ceiling. But none of that is what matters, the best part is that I’ve done it so often now that I can do it without thinking at all. Which means I can make eye contact and smile while I do it. There happens to be no better way to make friends with folks than smiling directly at them while you skate on one leg. It tickles them where they giggle, almost without fail every time. 

It is definitely the weather’s fault; it was dangerous; and i’m so glad to have survived it. 


bit old, but still cute

don’t think I saw this when it was fresh but I _had_ seen david tennant on (Graham Norton?) talking about how much he liked the band so