Parking ticket switcheroo.

The apartment complex I lived in was on a one-way street, with angled parking spots. One particular space was not technically a legal spot (it was a driveway that had been removed after the apts were built) at one point it had been painted in with slanted lines, but there was no sign or any other markings. Over the years the lines faded to the point where they were barely visible. People would routinely park in it for short periods and it was well known to the parking cops as a great revenue generator.

One Halloween I parked there, ended up getting day drunk; I didn’t feel like taking the risk of driving around the neighborhood to find a legit spot. instead I came up with this brilliant idea to put an old ticket under the windshield wiper. But that wasn’t enough for drunk me, so I wrote “go fuck yourself” inside the ticket in case they dared to check it. The next morning, I woke up to 3 new tickets on my car, all written for different violations, by different parking cops, and they even put a slightly different address for each ticket, to make it that much harder to contest. My favorite was that one had been wedged into the drivers side door instead of put under the wiper. They took my decoy ticket and I’m sure it’s still hanging in their break room in some kind of hall of fame.

(I got one dropped that was written for not having a night permit. i had a night permit.)

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A revenge twofer.

These events took place over 15 years ago at the large rail car repair shop where I worked. I was in a different department from all of these folks so I was an observer rather than a participant.

The shop got a new head boss and this guy was a total prick. The slightest infraction of the rules would earn the guilty party a three day suspension from work. A good example of this would be coming back from lunch a few minutes late which was all too easy to do since the sandwich shop across the street was always very busy with long lines.

Obeying the rules did not apply to the boss, though. It was soon noticed that he was frequently off the property for no legitimate reason. Also, the stock clerk let it be known that he was ordering all sorts of construction material through the company that was of no use in the shop.

Some of the mechanics took to tailing him around with a camera. What they discovered and documented was this prick was using the materials ordered through the company stock system for projects on his outside business. He was let go (no surprise there) after two decades on the job with complete loss of his pension. Actually, the company was lenient. It declined to prosecute.

Now for his number two man who was an even bigger prick and, having seen what happened to his boss, was twice as stupid. There was a company wide policy against working on private vehicles on company property even when one was off the clock. Since we were all mechanics the temptation was very great. Some people were discovered doing so and were punished. This asshat went beyond working on his own vehicle. He set up a word of mouth auto repair shop on the property. Like boss number one he acquired his tools and repair parts through the company stock system. Everybody in the building knew it.

Now, our payroll clerk’s wife was in the last stages of terminal cancer and the clerk had to take frequent sick days (he had plenty banked up so he wasn’t ripping off the company) to care for her. He was harassed unmercifully, forced to stay late and forced to do jobs outside his classification. That was the last straw. Time for payback.

Same result. The mechanics documented everything on paper and with photographs. When company investigators showed up they discovered a cargo container crammed full of heavy machine tools and auto parts all of which had been ordered through the company stock system. He was fired too.

HDM month | week 3: favourite relationship

Lyra & Will

“She could see from his eyes that he knew at once what she meant, and that he was too joyful to speak. Her fingers were still at his lips, and he felt them tremble, and he put his own hand up to hold hers there, and then neither of them could look; they were confused; they were brimming with happiness.”