y’all, PLEASE stop linking to ReturnOfKings. PLEASE. You are literally putting money in the pockets of violent MRAs/misogynists. Pageviews translate to real money. If you have to provide proof, use screenshots or donotlink. PLEASE. Jezebel did a nice writeup here. Their daily pageviews went from 35,000 to over 500,000 over three days because of outrage over one of their articles.

It’s great to warn people about these meetups, but when you link, you’re paying them. :(

Daily Draw February - Day 23

Fenris companion card - Act1

“My name is Fenris. These men were Imperial bounty hunters seeking to recover a magister’s lost property, namely myself.

It’s done! And it was so fast to work on, I still can’t believe it! Good news folks, I’m officially ready to take card commissions :D The new info should be up in a few days!

Also, this was an absolutely delight to do. And I didn’t think I could love Fenris more than I did.

compilation of taehyung's singing
  • compilation of taehyung's singing
  1. hold me tight - bts
  2. only you - the platters
  3. oh happy day
  4. the manual - eddy kim
  5. lucky - jason mraz and colbie caillat
  6. home - michael buble
  7. hug me - jeong jun il
  8. 위잉 위잉 - hyukoh
  9. little star - standing egg

12 days of snk: favorite titan shifter
↳ annie leonhardt

“Why in this world are the people most capable of opposing the Titans the only ones given the privilege of avoiding them entirely?”

12 days of snk: scouting legion, military police or garrison troops?
↳ scouting legion

“Do you guys know why we, the Scouting Legion, shed our blood? It’s to get back the freedom that titans stole away from us. We’re willing to pay with our lives for that. We’ve been continuously putting our lives on the line, for a chance to make progress, however small, towards that goal, believing that someday it will pay off."