Honestly, Harry is so aesthetically pleasing. It’s not only his clothes or his shoes or the gorgeous hair; actually it’s his whole being. Everything about him and on him suits his personality and that’s so nice. To see someone so confident in their own skin that it makes you feel content.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:justin bieber hasn't released an official album in three years... three.. years... not only that, but he said he was going on tour this summer, but then he realized he has no new music to sing. the reason he has no music to sing is because he started his album all over again. now he's saying he hopes to be done with it by christmas. for now, all we have are these song snippets that last like 5 seconds that his friends post on snapchat. speaking of snapchat, he keeps teasing us that none of us have it like... sweetie.. we know and we don't care because at this point all we want is for your damn album to drop.