since I now pretend at being a star wars blog, I’ve decked it out for the 40th anniversary of star wars tomorrow! icon and mobile banner are switched out, the queue is loaded with OT posts, and now, a star wars story.

you know how cool it would have been if my parents had met at the star wars premiere? well, that didn’t happen. however, the day of the premiere my dad closed his office early (which he never did) to go see the matinee showing of star wars with my mom because he “knew it was going to be a big deal”. after they got all settled in the theatre my mom decided she wanted popcorn, and that’s how she missed the opening scrawl. however, my dad was hooked and when it re-released in theatres when I was 10, he took me to the premiere showing of each re-release. we’re a star wars family (or most of us are).

anyway, on this most catchphrasey of anniversaries,

may you celebrate with blue milk and all the cantina music your ears can handle!

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Paris, France // May 21st 2017

I went to the Hôtel des Invalides in the morning! I actually got there too early, so I walked around wasting time for a while, and got some pictures of Pont Alexander III. The museum was completely fricking amazing. I only decided to go as a last minute change from my original plan to go to the Sacre Coeur, and I am so glad I did! I spent five hours in the museum, I was there from 10:00 when it opened until 2:45 and I skimmed many of the exhibits because my feet were killing me and I was hungry. Also WWII has been done to death and I didn’t really feel the need to read many of those plaques. It did focus a lot more on the African front than most though, which was cool! The one I did in excruciating detail was the oldest one, which had shit from the Paleolithic era, but which focused on medieval and Renaissance warfare.

The whole thing was so well put-together, with lots of interactive and multimedia exhibits, and plaques that informed you without being so detailed you stopped reading them, and SO MUCH STUFF. They even had some Ottoman, Japanese and Chinese stuff in there!

They also had a basement exhibit on Charles de Gaulle, which was super eerie and really well-done. I didn’t read most of it, because again WWII and it was the last exhibit I saw, but the atmosphere of it was really interesting.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neC3IOjiTUQ)

Sneak peak from:

Glitchtale Season 2 Episode 4 “Love”