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Jackson won a special award at Asian Music Gala


170720 voguekorea’s Instagram Update 

<트렁크의 비밀 - 제2편>
엑소 세훈(@oohsehun)과 수호에게 주어진 5분의 미션. <비행하라 항해하라 여행하라> 그리고 탈출하라! 루이 비통 전시에서 트렁크의 비밀을 만나보세요.
#SEOULVVV #비행하라항해하라여행하라 #루이비통 #동대문디자인플라자 #EXO #세훈 #수호 #Sehun #Suho #오세훈 #김준면


170720 | EXO - ‘The Eve’ Comeback @ Mnet M! Countdown


The mood for tonight is the Tekken 5 intro


July 19: “Harry Styles Makes a Wish to Host The Tonight Show”


Here’s the TLH/WttW promo in good quality! 


clary&jace | where’s my love


170719 | [ENG SUB] V App: Ko Ko Bop on One Summer Night

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I hope to start working on my YouTube again so here are a few topics I thought about in my head.

1. Tips on being an artist.
2. Reposting/stealing artwork.
3. Be a storyteller, not an artist.
4. Life in Hong Kong.
5. Fandom Culture (a series)

Pick a number and I’ll check the ratings on the weekend! ^^

For the uninitiated, a baritone is a guitar tuned a 5th below a normal guitar. So, a standard guitar is tuned E to e and a baritone has an extended scale (neck length) to tune down to B to b, which places it right between a guitar and a bass. It’s a nice way to extend your range and add something new to the arsenal.

The tune is “Never Going Back Again” by Fleetwood Mac. Years ago, I heard Buckingham perform the song in a slowed-down and tuned-down version with a new solo section. This was in the days of Napster so I burned it to CD and took it to my teacher at the time. He gave it a listen and showed me what was going on. It was tuned down to Bb and was deep, rumbly, and kinda buzzy. It was also a nice complement to the spiteful lyrics that were previously balanced by the up tempo feel of the original recording. Lesson? Sometimes you just need to change the tuning, the key, or the guitar for a new idea.