So…I just learned that tumblr has a newish policy.
New blogs are hidden from tags. So….say you make an ask/rp blog and then put out a post to get attention for it………no one can see it. until you ‘seem human’ through re blogging and commenting. Which ask blogs rarely do. also sideblogs cant like things

this explains why bots have taken to rebloging peoples posts and commenting on them. To get around the policy and seem ‘human’

So if you made a new blog and feel like it was ignored…..its not your fault. Its tumblrs shitty system. im testing getting around it by pming friends through the blog,,,so we’ll see if that works
Trump threatens to pull federal funding for California wildfires
President Donald Trump, currently in France, called it "poor" forest management.
By ABC News

Even if Trump were correct the way he thinks he is, why aren’t people more outraged that he believes in punishing everybody for the mistakes of a few? That he thinks people ONLY deserve any kind of aid if it’s been earned by merit completely fucking out of their control??!

people used to ride off into the sunset in cowboy times because back then science wasn’t as good and they thought the sun was a habitable environment for humans. if you go to the sun right now, it’s full of dead cowboys.

stronger than ever

Hey Everyone, So after a few days of talking to my friends and family, I decided to not take a break. I will not let negative people affect my mood! My mom had to remind me that I am a strong black woman. I can overcome hatred with kindness. To the people who sent me those racist terrible messages, I will pray for you and I hope that you find peace. To those who sent me lovely messages, I LOVE Y”ALL!!! THANK YOU!! SHELLY IS HERE TO STAY!!!