Okay so I’m fully aware this message may be the cause of more than a few people to go ‘Oh crap, you still exist?’ and I’m also fully aware I haven’t really posted much in the way of artwork on here in over a year and its barely fair for me to as this knowing that but

I’m wondering out of necessity that if I were to potentially ask for comissions, would anyone be interested?

I included a couple of more recent images to try and help but I’m sorry that all I really have to offer you in the way of reference are a bunch of rough sketches/wips of characters you were never meant to see.

Friday Five
  1. At work, my current project requires me to make the same thing ten times. It’s a super simple job, and it would take no time at all to do if I didn’t have to keep stopping to answer the freaking phone. Yesterday, with all my interruptions, it took seven hours to complete $30 worth of labour. Today, thank heavens, Mom was there to answer the phone. It allowed me to make up for the shit workday I had yesterday.
  2. When I arrived at the gym this afternoon, I sat down in the entryway to kick off my flip-flops and to put on my gym shoes. When I looked up, I saw someone I thought I recognized from years ago, however, because of my f***ing cataracts, I couldn’t be sure. Then, he walked closer, looked right at me and said, “hello”. It was him! It was the young hottie who used to be a regular there about 10 years ago. I said, “hi” back, put my earPods in, and we didn’t speak again. I don’t know why, but I really didn’t feel like talking to him. I think he must have felt the same way, because we both went our separate ways and did our own thing. Back in the day, we used to talk all through our workouts. His grey eyes made me weak in the knees, and… he had a habit of touching me (in a personal trainer kind of way) that made me want to jump his bones. I wasn’t up for any of that kind of interaction today. I still think he’s incredibly hot though. 
  3. When I came home from the gym, I ate something that barely passed as a healthy meal, and then I proceeded to eat crap for the rest of the evening. I allow my self to do that when I’m PMSing. Eating copious amounts of crap is not something I am compelled to do any other time of the month. 
  4. I caught a deer in the garden eating my baking beans on one of my trips to the kitchen for junk food. I ran out side screaming and chased it into the woods. If he knows what’s good for him, he won’t come back.
  5. I had a dance party for one in my bedroom tonight. It was much like the ones I had when I was a teenager, except that back then, the whole neighbourhood got to hear Duran Duran blasting from my boombox. Now, Duran Duran is broadcast through earPods. 

for ever now i’ve been stressing about where the heck tsukiyama was able to obtain traditional ghoul wedding clothing but i guess a more important thing to think about is if what kaneki & touka wore as their wedding was traditional garb, if culturally (as i’ve seen other folks say 😬😬 pls don’t cite me i can’t even remember where i think it was briefly on twitter before the feed algorithm buried those tweets in the abyss) —

if culturally the clothing looks indian-ish/chinese-ish — is it possible that this says something about the origin of ghouls as a whole in the world? 🤔❗️

i only feel like the clothing might be a stronger lead than usual bc of the intro too of the “naaga”/nagaraja from the underground ghoul society (which also calls out to a non-japanese culture). i wonder if ayato’s exploration and the wedding are the ways this story is slowly, subtly yawning and stretching its body up to begin to accommodate the question of ghoul origins. and who knows if it is but if it is? gdi ishidasensei, so good, what a way to take a single wedding scene & make it accomplish more than “just” a wedding 😭

1o3o1  asked:

Season 3 and 4 prediction. Season 3 is about them fighting the war against Lotor. Season 4 is about Shiro trying to find his way back to the group.

i think that makes a lot of sense tbh. i think the dynamic between lotor + his squad and the rest of the tear will probably take precedence in most of s3. the length of s3 itself has me very curious bc that has got to be for a reason most likely pacing of the story and where it’s going to cut off. 

i can see something like what you’re saying going down omggg. i’m pretty sold on the idea of shiro having some big story parallel to the team that is set up, and maybe finding himself with the rebels for a while? im not sure…. but it could be cool to really stretch out the distance and make it into something bigger bc the universe is big and they’re stuck in something big too. 

then maybe the rebels and voltron come together with a bunch of other alliances finally in the big Final battle? Just my thoughts ahhaha. 

i really am hoping for a fmab style story split where everyone gets a bit of independent storylines, then there are different groups of the story (voltron, rebels, lotor squad, main galra hub, Others) that interweave and then the moment everyone reunites for the Big Business they’ve all grown so much and the team voltron are back together again and it’s like !!!!!! YEASSS ALL MY LIFE I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ICONIC MOMENT!!!!!!!!!

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OMMMM. well we did also see the blue barrier lift for allura so i can’t say for sure but i do think allura is going to take that slot and they’re put lance in red. i think that could be an interesting story line esp with keith + red and shiro. there has been a lot built up on keith + red’s bond i think that is definitely going to come to some of Point before whatever paladin realignment/shuffle occurs.

but from what we see of lance and the team supporting keith’s emotional struggle maybe the red lion resonates with this and will be receptive to lance despite wanting to suss it all out some more? 


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do you ever forget that mArioettE kiSsED ADRIEN AGRESTE (they were in their alter egos but still) cause i do.

Anon, this is me every morning ever since episode 10 aired:

Me: (literally wakes up)

My brain: So anyways as I was saying, Adrien and Marinette kissed onscreen, and it wasn’t a quick peck either, it was a long and arguably passionate kiss (with moaning in some dubs)


The 4 angles (big gifs so you can appreciate it, yw)

Her little excited smile, I can’t believe 

You can see him melting, ok, I’m a good person I don’t deserve this


(grabs season 2 by the neck) GIVE US MORE OF THIS