When I was younger, I always thought there was something romantic and inspiring about fighting for the one you love and trying to win them back.

But as I sit here, broken and lost, I’ve come to realize that there is absolutely nothing amazing about trying to convince someone to love you back.

—  LA // 2 a.m. thoughts


• another lgbt character of colour (specifically a woc)
• technically she isn’t part of a canon endgame relationship, so it’s open
• because it’s open they don’t have to give her a girlfriend (although they should)
• it doesn’t have to upset canon at all since its so common for lesbian girls to date guys especially in the way that Maia did in the books which was very casual and more similar to a friendship rather than a relationship
• she canonically and consistently felt uncomfortable when her ex Jordan came back into her life, especially after they slept together
• she already dresses super gay anyway so

I think it’s clever that, because Toph is blind and uses her other senses to “see,” the camera focuses on those parts of her body that she uses to “see.” 

Here’s another example where it gets used. Note how this camera framing is also used to show us, or at least hint at, what Toph is able to detect. To put it differently, we’re able to see her “line of sight,” so to speak.