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Daredevil has already launched on Netflix with the first season getting a lot of critical acclaim. A second series is currently filming but there’s plenty more in the pipeline from the Marvel-Netflix team-up. 

We prepare for the arrival of Marvel’s Defenders on Netflix – a sequence of limited series that will lead into a ‘team event’.  So who are they and what shows will they get?

Matt Murdock is a man who was blinded as a young boy but gifted with extraordinary senses. After his father was murdered by mobsters, Murdock dedicated his life to fight injustice in New York City as a lawyer by day, and by night as a vigilante known as Daredevil. (2015)

Jessica Jones is the superheroine formely known as Jewel. Jess also did a brief stint as Knightress, and has also gone by Power Woman. (Her powers, are strength, durability and flight — which she gained when the car that her family was in crashed into a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals.) She’s an ex-superhero turned private investigator. She can be reckless, she can be stubborn, she can be a mess. (2015)

Luke Cage, wrongly convicted and unjustly imprisoned, was altered in a failed prison experiment that granted him bulletproof skin and superhuman strength. With his street smarts, and unending determination to do right, he fights for the common man! (2016)

The latest in a long line of warriors who wielded his power against the wicked, Danny Rand is the Immortal Iron Fist. Protector of the mystical city of K'un Lun, he channels a soul of a dragon making his fists like unto iron. The power of the Iron Fist allows Rand to concentrate his chi in his fist, giving him super strength and focus – though its use leaves him physically and mentally drained for a time. He’s a highly skilled martial artist, and possesses the ability of telepathy and mind fusion. (2016)

  • THE DEFENDERS will be the last show to appear on Netflix once the other characters have been introduced. This is a team-up of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. 

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TODAY: Aaron Tveit on ‘Graceland’ and 'Grease: Live’ (x)

“Oh - God! Get outta here. Look at this! Oh my - thanks, you guys!”

Ripped from the site and edited to exclude the Graceland preview clip. The one where he talks a bit about Graceland, a little bit about Grease: Live, and then spends the rest of the airtime reacting cutely to surprise ‘gifts’.

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i bet matssun like putting flowers in makki's hair bc the hana in hanamaki means flower so anytime they're near any kind of flower it goes in makki's hair. its usually a sakura blossom and he jokes about how makki's hair matches and calls him "his little sakura" until makki punches him during practice when kindaichi shrieks when he hears it. [flops face down in to pillow]


i love this so much omg

i need more dorky pet names between them this is just too cute

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Please pray for me. My family is experiencing a lot of financial difficulties right as we are expecting a new baby. This is a wanted baby, a longed for baby, and I am just so scared that something will go wrong or that the baby will have health issues that we simply cannot afford.

I’m praying your you and your family anon. Place your trust in God, He has given you the most beautiful gift, and I assure you He will provide. “Jesus, I trust in you”. I’ll pray the Divine Mercy for you and your family. Please reblog and pray too.

im not going to japan anymore because bart cant get any time off but i still have a $500 gift card 2 flight centre where should i go???????? because ill be having to go ALONE

Coffee date?

This espresso isn’t good. They burn it. Always. But it’s one of three places that has espresso and fluffy coffee for my snotty city self (which I’m sure people think of me up here). And the only one which I have a gift card to, courtesy of my former work. It works out well for my “No Spend September” which I created yesterday.

Speaking of which…we’re coming down and going to THE FAIR this weekend! Anyone want to get together and see the pretty face pictured above?? I think we’ll go on Sunday. Blue Door on Saturday night anyone? Koerys never had a proper stuffed burger in this life. I think my no spending will last…oh, probably until we hit Forest Lake and there’s a Starbucks if you take a right at the first exit heading South then turn right at the stoplight then go down the winding road 100 yards and it’ll be on your left.

You know…just in case you’re ever on Jeopardy and need to know the closest Starbucks to/from Duluth…