Jace turned and looked at Alec, and then at Isabelle. Something inside him told him that this might very well be the last time he ever saw them, and yet he still wasn’t afraid, not for himself. He wanted to say something to them, maybe that he loved them, that either one of them was worth more to him than a thousand Mortal Instruments and the power they could bring. But the words wouldn’t come.


✿ friendships 2/? ✿ - isabelle & clary

“I can’t tell them what to do!”
“Why not?” the other girl demanded. “Honestly, Clary, if you don’t start utilizing a bit of your natural feminine superiority, I just don’t know what I’ll do with you.”

Thoughts on Chic Cooper

So, if anyone here from the Riverdale fandom has read the Mortal Instruments or watched Shadowhunters, you know of Jonathan/Sebastian Morgenstern. I am getting some serious Sebastian vibes from Chic.

He has a strange fascination with Betty, his sister. This is very alike to Sebastian in his obsession with his sister Clary - who he wanted to love him but also was jealous of, as his parents chose to keep her but got rid of and hated him.

Chic will most likely do anything to get Betty to love him, but have a deep seated jealousy and rage towards her as well.

A Herondale ring?” He sounded bewildered. “Where did you…”
“It used to belong to James Herondale,” she said. “I don’t have a family tree around, so I don’t know what that means exactly, but he was clearly one of your ancestors. I remember you saying the Iron Sisters would have to make you a new ring because Stephan hadn’t left you one—but now you have one.”
He slid it onto the ring finger of his right hand.
“Every time,” he said quietly. “Every time I think I’m missing a piece of me, you give it back.
—  City of Heavenly Fire

snailstew  asked:

Hey thanks for posting about menstrual cups! I've just ordered that set to give them a go /I've never tried them before. Can I ask how it feels liberating for you? And if you know anything now you wish you'd known before you started using them? Thanks!

You are so welcome!
How is it liberating? Well, sit yourself down, friend, I will tell you alllllll about it:

- I find it liberating not to have to buy pads or tampons every month. I’ve been using a cup for about 8 years now, so that’s getting close to $1000 dollars that I haven’t thrown out on disposable items.
- I am also a wilderness professional, so I spend a lot of time in the backcountry, and carrying, properly packing, and disposing used menstrual products is a nightmare, especially on longer expeditions where you might hit your period more than once. Tampons and pads do not biodegrade very quickly! Do not put them in an outhouse or composting toilet! Ever!
- It is also liberating not to have to worry about the cup for long periods of time. Like, if my flow is not super heavy, I can leave it in all day. If crap hits the fan and I have to deal with an evacuation or bad weather, or anything else in my life, I can just not worry about it.
- No more putting bleached cotton into my body, thanks very much.
- Is my period going to start today? I’m not sure … oh well, I’ll put the cup in anyway and check later, NO WORRIES. Because it’s not a tampon and it won’t dry you out or give you TSS.
- No sticky, sweaty, diaper sensation.
- I clean and sterilize it myself (tampons are NOT sterile, btw), so I know it’s clean.
- I am very active, and this thing is VERY resilient to all of my contortions. Swimming, climbing, hiking, paddling - it deals with it all.
To summarize: freedom from having to buy new products, freedom from being tied to certain bathroom facilities, freedom from extra waste and extra substances in my body, freedom to be prepared like, whenever.

Yes, there are some things I wish I’d known to start with, mostly things that I learned through experience:
- There are different methods for inserting a cup. You basically have to fold the lip in to make a smaller tip so that you can slide it in comfortably. You can find diagrams of different folds on the websites and forums of various makers. Yes, FORUMS! Just lots of folks asking questions and giving answers about their experiences.
- Don’t just try and pull the cup out straight by the tip. That leads to the very unpleasant sensation of suction, followed by clenching and panic because the cup is not coming out. Eugh. You need to break the seal at the lip of the cup first (the widest part of the cup), which you can do by sliding a finger between it and the wall of your vagina.
- The little nozzle bit on the bottom of the cup? Yeah, that’s unnecessary. You can trim that to the length you want, but it is way more comfortable if it does not stick outside of your body. It’s just for grip when you are removing the cup.
- A cup is not a tampon, and does not need to be inserted all the way up. The little end should be just inside your body. This was probably the weirdest part for me, transitioning from tampons to a cup, because it felt wrong from my normal.
- You HAVE to make sure that the cup is fully opened up inside you, otherwise it will just leak. This means that it is not still folded from insertion, and is seated against the vaginal wall all the way around. You can easily feel this with a finger, and as you get more comfortable with the cup, you will be able to just tell when it’s not sitting right. If it’s in and not opening up, try grabbing the bottom of the cup and gently rotating it until it pops open. If that doesn’t work, take it out and retry. Just relax.
- There is a learning curve. It took me a few cycles before I could be sure that it was working. Wear a light pad with it, or experiment when you know you have some time at home. I would absolutely suggest trying to insert it BEFORE your period. Like a dress rehearsal. You don’t need to leave it in, but trying to put it in for the first time when it’s not urgent is probably a good idea.
- Menstrual cups mean a lot less waste, but there is a short moment where they are VERY messy. Removal. It is important to have clean hands for this, and you will get fluid on at least one of your hands. Have the toilet paper ready! Marvel at all this liquid your body produces!
- When you empty your cup, you should clean it and make sure that the little air holes near the lip are not clogged. Clogged = leakage. If you are in a public stall and can’t just rinse it in the sink without getting up from the toilet (the IDEAL setup), wiping it out with toilet paper is just fine. You can wash it later. To unclog the little holes, fill the cup up with water, place your palm over the opening, and squeeze so that any blockages are forced out of the holes. In a pinch, you can wipe the cup out with toilet paper and do the squeeze with just air, too.
- The manufacturers say that a cup should be boiled to sterilize after your cycle, but while you’re using it, you only need to wash it out with warm water and light, unscented handsoap. If I’m camping, I settle for drinkable water. - If you have a really heavy flow, or a long wait until emptying, you might overflow. So empty it when you can! In 8 years of use, I have only had 2 bad leaks, due to very extenuating circumstances, and both are HILARIOUS in retrospect. You will be able to feel when it’s leaking, but it’s about as bad as when you get surprised by the start of your period, and we’ve all been there more than once.
- Not everyone’s vagina is the same! Wild, eh? There are different shapes and sizes, and this means that you might need a different size, or a different manufacturer (there are different designs and some are softer than others, among other things). Or, possibly, a cup is not for you. Some people try them and just don’t like it.
- If you are still growing, you might find a cup difficult or uncomfortable to use. For sure, give it a try, but if it doesn’t work out, you might just wait til you’ve stopped growing. I know that I was also pretty uncomfortable with my own body until after my teens, and I would have been super uncomfortable with trying the cup then, but that’s not enough everyone’s experience. Do what feels comfortable to you!!

And hey! Good luck!

I need help guys. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to watch Shadowhunters. I love the books and I love the characters so much, I’ve seen the pilot but wasn’t happy with it so I never pursued it. As a person who loves the books very much, I want to know if it’s worth watching? I’m mostly worried about the show ruining the books for me. Thoughts???


I think I might have to go to the hospital and I really don’t want to, I’m terrified.

Like my bleeding will not stop, it’s been almost a month, I’m cramping and it’s absolutely incapacitating, I’m laying in bed sobbing because it hurts so much.

I’m already anemic, I shouldn’t be losing so much blood, this is probably dangerous but I can’t bring myself to go and have yet ANOTHER bill pile up on top of student loans and other medical bills I can’t pay.