Remy: So, what does R&D do, exactly?

Nadiya: Mr. Rembrandt, walk with me.

[Nadiya breathes onto a sensor, the door opens]

Automated voice: Breath print approved.

Nadiya: Feel that?

Remy: Actually, I don’t feel–

Nadiya: Precisely. Have you heard the expression, “Room temperature?”

Remy: Of course.

Nadiya: This is the room. This is the room temperature room.

Remy: I can’t tell where the air ends and my skin begins… It’s incredible.

Nadiya: That’s what we do, Remy. Incredible, invisible, inbelievable things. Where an unseen, unknown, unvincible fraternity of craftsmen are guaranteed lucrative employment for their entire lives.

Jacksepticeye community

Im so proud to call myself part of the JSE community, i know even if Sean is offline or i feel lonely or something bad has happened, there will always be someone there to talk to, you might never have met this person in your life but they are there for you when you need it and they listen and they love and that is so so so IMPORTANT and @therealjacksepticeye we should all be so proud of what we have created together!! THANKYOU!!

House Rules: Minions!!!

Sometimes you want monsters to come in droves and go down just as fast. 

A fight against thirty orcs is a grand cinematic battle. 

The players get to enjoy carving through the mob like a hot knife through butter, feeling confident and powerful. 

Unfortunately, the mechanics of standard monsters make that difficult. 

If you use a large number of monsters of a level similar to the PCs, you overwhelm them. 

If you use a large number of monsters of much lower level, you bore them with creatures that have little chance of hurting the PCs but take a lot of time to take down. 

On top of that, keeping track of the actions of so many monsters is a headache.

Minions are designed to serve as shock troops and cannon fodder for other monsters…

Four minions are considered to be about the same as a standard monster of their level. 

Minions are designed to help fill out an encounter, but they go down quickly. 

A minion is destroyed when it takes any amount of damage. 

Damage from any attack destroys a minion. 

Use minions as melee combatants placed between the PCs and back-rank artillery or controller monsters.


  • Specializes at disposable front-line combatant.
  • Groups in large numbers to overwhelm the party.
  • Is vulnerable in all types of combat, especially AOEs.
  • Usually is just composed of a large group of themselves.


A minion is very much like the monster itself, though it has the following benefits and penalties to its statistics:

  • Initiative bonus: +0
  • Hit points: 1

Brooklyn 99: doesn’t get the recognition it deserves

happy endings: cancelled after 3 seasons

scrubs: was always on the verge of being cancelled

cougar town: was cancelled and then brought back for only 3 more short seasons

community: always on the brink of cancellation, moved to yahoo and finally cancelled

undateable: was cancelled after doing a hilarious live season

new girl: is getting a 7th season but it will only be 8 episodes because fox wanted to cancel it after season 6

the mindy project: was cancelled and then moved to hulu

parks and rec: got 7 good seasons but mostly underappreciated


and yet for some reason the big bang theory now has 11 seasons!  

all the aforementioned shows are/were better written, better acted and are/were actually funny

also bill Lawrence creates better comedies then chuck lorrie