The Problem with Vampire Shows and how Being Human (UK) got it right

I, like many others have been a long-time fan of the vampiregenre. For many years as a child and a teenager I appreciated shows like Buffy and the Vampire Diaries. I applauded them for their portrayal of vampires and how they interpreted the genre.

It was after watching the BBC’s Being Human that an epiphany of sorts overcame me. I suddenly looked at the vampire genre in a very different light. I could not help but notice what was suddenly wrong with the portrayal of Vampires and the other characters who inhabit these worlds. I suddenly realized that Being Human is the best of them all.

Being Human is a show about a Vampire, a Werewolf and Ghost who share a house. Admittedly it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. It is however a fascinating concept that has never been explored before. (Warning-there be spoilers!)

Aidan Turner plays Mitchell. Mitchell is a Vampire who is just over 100 years old. The characterization of Mitchell is a breath of fresh air for the Vampire Genre. Many would probably expect Mitchell to be wise, mature, brooding and mysterious (aka Stefan Salvatore, Edward Cullen, Angel,Bill Compton ect). Although Mitchell can be brooding and mysterious at times, he is mostly an every-man character who works at a hospital and gets seriously annoyed when his favorite television show is re-scheduled. 

Russel Tovey plays George. George is a Werewolf and Mitchel’s best friend. Once again George is a character who defies the Werewolf cliche. George is sweet, innocent, sassy and hilarious. He adores Mitchell and Mitchell adores him back. No Vampire Vs Werewolf hatred here.  

And then there is Lenora Crichlow who plays Annie. Annie is a ghost. Mitchell and George stumble upon her when they move into the house that she died in. Annie is an adorable character who strives to live even after death. 

The thing that makes this show unique is the emphasis it places on friendship and human connection. Each character on this show is not motivated by greed or the greater good. They do not desire much from life. All they desire is the mundane aspects of being human. Whether it’s having a house party or getting a job, these characters desire the everyday human things. Hence, only after being stripped of their humanity are they able to appreciate what normal people would consider boring. 

This is where the genius of the show lies. Because the value on living like a human is placed so highly in these characters lives, life itself is not treated with disrespect. I would say that the Vampire Diaries is the worst offender when it comes to having random background characters killed and it not being a big deal. 

On Being Human there are no fancy tricks. Mitchell does not have an off switch. He must choose not to give in to his addiction and when he fails at this task the show does not take the situation lightly. It is openly acknowledged that even his friends who love him have no right to forgive him because it is not their place. 

I’m not going to lie, the ending of their story is very bittersweet. Ultimately this show is about three characters who would have been a lot worse off had they not found each other. Their strive to be good and decent is wholly motivated by their love for one another. This is a show about human connection and finding happiness in the everyday things we take for granted. 

It’s Funny

Has Romance

And Bromance

And Drama

It’s simply the best series in this genre so…

Aiden Turner x Reader


The words flowed from my brain and through my fingers onto my blog as I created the newest chapter of the fanfiction I was writing about my boyfriend. Well, my boyfriends character Mitch the vampire in the UK Series Being Human. It was getting quite good until the front door opened and Aiden returned from filming his most recent movie The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. I had never locked my phone so fast in my entire life as I did when the door opened.
“Babe, do you mind cooking for us tonight I forgot to get us a meal.” He says kissing my cheek. I set my phone down and make my way to the kitchen to prepare the oven baked salmon on a bed of asparagus cherry tomatoes and purple onion.

Sitting down I turned on the telly, it wasn’t long after I found a movie to watch that Y/N phone went off to what I thought was a text. Turns out it was a comment on a novel or whatever it was about my character Mitch. Curiosity took over as I read the words on the page she was currently writing
‘He wrapped his arms around me, trailing kisses down my neck to my collarbone. I had never felt more alive as I did the moment we started to remove each other’s scrubs in the shower room. The steam forming a curtain over the two of us as he slowly made his way toward my area leaving the occasional scratch from his fangs and love bites down my stomach. It was pure bliss and we were soon riding out our highs in the shower room of the hospital, water dripping off our tangled bodies as his thrusts became sloppy and the moaning faded. The only thing that could be heard was our laboured breathing as he pulled me in for a passionate kiss. “I love you Bekah.” He says resting his forehead against my own.’
The words ended and so did the page of writing. Y/N had written this? My eyebrows furrowed together in a expression as I tried to figure out what to think about the fact that she had written this about someone I had played. I looked up from the screen to find Y/n looking like a deer in the headlights. Suddenly a thought plagued my mind as I walked over and whispered “Shower, now.” It was then and there that I had showed her the real thing was better then what was written as we made our way to the bed to gain back the strength we had lost moments before. “I’m hungry.” She muttered as our soaked bodies made the bed damp. “Of course you are.” I reply kissing her cheek “I love you Aiden.” She says looking into my eyes. “As do I my love.”


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“You what?!” your father bellowed, clutching at his dark locks and staring at you.

Biting down on your lip, you averted your gaze and reiterated, “I fed off someone, OK? He-he provoked me and I just…father, sometimes it’s hard.”

He sighed and sat down on the sofa next to you, taking your hands and offering a taut smile. “I know, love,” he mumbled, “I know. But remember, we’re in this together, you can come to talk to me or tell me if something like this happens. You don’t have to hide it from me. Me and you. ‘Til the end. Understand?”

Returning his smile with a weak one of your own, you nodded, “Yeah. Me and you. ‘Til the end.”


This is one of my fave scenes from #BeingHuman! 😂😂
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My mantra this week: “It’s okay to laugh.”  

I’ve been trying too hard to be perfect; in my teaching, in my work, as a friend, etc. My teacher once told me, people don’t come to see perfection, they want to see imperfections because they make you real. 

So this week is all about embracing imperfection and being able to laugh when it all goes to shit. 

Being Human UK vs. US

I’m watching the first few episodes of Being Human, both UK and US. I started with the UK, thought it was cutesy….actors were kind of cute. But then a friend tells me the US one was good too.

So, I decide to give the US one a chance. Between the two the US managed to give a shit ton of information on each character and their back stories. They better developed the bond between the 3 main characters, and added a lot more suspenseful twists.

Plus the US explained more of what the main plot of the story was. The vampire guy with his secret vampire society, the ghost girl with her fiance, and the werewolf with his change story and introducing his sister.

All in all I think the US won and I’m a little disappointed. Wondering what other people think if they’ve seen the two or atleast just seen the UK version of Being Human. As of now though I think I’m going to stick with the US version. Sorry UK…..I tried.