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I’m not sure why people keep saying Daenerys will flip out when she learns she’s slept with her nephew… I mean, sure JON will (as did the audience and both actors) but Dany comes from a long line of married siblings. She was raised to expect to marry her brother. 

I’m not saying this will work out (or that I want it to work out… Or that it should…) because Jon’s feeling on the matter are also important, I’m just not sure why Daenerys of all people would react with disgust.

Okay, I’m back! So uhhh the mbmbam live show was spectacular and clint did the introduction and there was both a haunted doll watch AND two (2) munch squad segments and basically it was the best thing I’ve ever been to


why am I not surprised that going into the p/unisher tag the situation is

  • most of the posts are about ships
  • whenever ben b/arnes is mentioned is ‘omg he’s so pretty and omg such a plot twist’ rather than actually discussing the character
  • the only mention of lewis ‘s character was to say that ‘it felt unnecessary and drove away from the main story’ OKAY
  • complains about it being too white and straight
  • people thinking it was pro N/RA/pro guns (???????) wtf (?????)

and meanwhile I haven’t seen anyone wax poetical on how just that scene with THAT white buffalo song at the end of 1x03 was singlehandedly the best put together critique of the american army i’ve seen on tv ever nor about how this entire show was an excellent commentary/talk about ptsd along with criticizing the american army system and I hadn’t seen anything as good as this was since in the valley of elah which was from… ten years ago when I was just out of high school

like guys come on people see political commentary in fucking thor r/agnarok which honestly come on it was a fun movie and nowhere near *that* deep but they got all this handed on a silver platter and everything I get is people complaining that the bad guy was originally egyptian and bi and here he was straight and white?? or ‘I guess they wanted to show ptsd but it wasn’t tied to the story’? (when it actually was perfectly tied to the story) siiiigh did I even expect any less

Dandelion’s Tales, Part 2 ~ Chapter 4

Another day.  Another day trapped in this kind prison.  Well, not trapped, but my only way back home is Dune, and he’s still nowhere to be seen!  Reluctantly crawling out of bed, I dragged myself to get ready for the day ahead. My door handle stopped me for a brief moment, but it was enough.  Fingertips hovering over the metal.  Standing there for so long, paralysed, wondering what the day would present to me. Would it be kind?  Or would I be in for a shit time with Tugna constantly breathing down my neck?  Where was Dune?  Where the fuck was Hunter?  I felt like I had been tricked into a false sense of security, as if there was something going on here that I didn’t understand.  I closed my eyes firmly and grasped the handle, the familiar sensation flooding back to me.  I almost plucked the surface, hoping it would make that familiar twang of a lute string. Sighing; disappointment oozing from within me once again, I built the courage and pushed.

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- Glitchtale S2 Ep #4 (Part 2) (Undertale Animation)


Beneath NYC’s City Hall by Ilya Abramov
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