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RE veggie anon's question "is it internalized fatphobia to be happy about losing weight" : I don't think you should blame yourself for that completely rational instinct. Losing weight in today's world means you'll be complimented, treated better, able to find clothes, and so on. Basically, the bully stops picking on you. It's NOT WRONG to not want to be picked on! The blame is ALWAYS on the bully! (1/2) *

           * (2/2) And just to be very clear, I’m NOT saying “we fat people should lose weight so the world will leave us alone! The world should leave us alone PERIOD (that’s what this blog is about, right? lol). My point is just that IF a fat person happens to lose weight for whatever reason, they don’t need to feel ashamed about feelings of happiness or relief at being more “safe”. It’s understandable!

You’re absolutely right. We all have grown up in an extremely fatphobic society, so naturally we internalize it. Getting over self-hatred and learning to accept one’s fat self takes years and years.

And yet, after years of learning to accept my fat self, I still can’t help but feel happy when I lose like 5 lbs because of the fatphobic ideal that fat=unhealthy.

-Mod Egg

Emotional abuse and fatness

TW- weight loss & abuse

There are very specific ways that fat people are abused that are specific to our marginalization as fat people. 

I want to talk about that, even though every time I do, I get lots and lots of pushback. 

But it needs to be discussed. Because it is a lot of people’s experience of being fat and having relationships. It is not a problem that will be solved by not talking about it.

Demands that a loved one lose weight are so often accompanied by implicit & explicit threats to the relationship. Threats to withdraw love and support if the fat person does not meet these weight loss demands.

This is very common. It happens in a variety of relationships, between parent and child, between friends, and in romantic relationships.

This is emotional abuse, and it is very damaging. 

Within the context of a romantic relationship, threats to withdraw physical and emotional intimacy as well as threats to cheat and destabilize the relationship- these things happen. They are abuse. 

If you don’t want to be with someone- don’t be with them. But constant threats to leave intended to control a partner? Are abuse tactics. 

Attempting to control a partner or child through coerced weight loss is VERY FUCKING BAD.

It fucks people up. It damages trust and is a grotesque parody of actual love.

Demanding that weight loss happen or X threat will be carried out IS ABUSE.

Humiliating someone about their weight is abuse.

And this happens within relationships that call themselves love. People inflict this on their children, and no one calls it abuse.

But it is.

Demands to lose weight are a tactic of coercive control.

Just found this diet!

Disney Princess Diet:
The diet lasts five days, and each day is based on one princess.
Note: They do not have to be done in order

The “Snow White” Day
On this day, you can only consume apples!
They can be red or green or yellow, as long as they are not poisoned.
You do not have to peel off the skin.
Eat no less than two apples, but no more than six.

The “Cinderella” Day
On this day you can have a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
You can eat anything you like. The only restrictions are the number of bites per meal.
Breakfast: a cup of tea and 3 bites of anything
Lunch: 5 bites of anything
Dinner: 5 bites of anything
Do not be greedy with the size of your bites! Trying to be sneaky and stuffing your mouth for each bite will harm no one but yourself. You can do this!

The “Ariel” Day
Considering she was almost naked most of the time, she had to be extra-thin.
This day will be a water fast.
This day is the toughest, but we can do it!

The “Mulan” Day
On this day, you must follow this meal plan:
Breakfast: Green or black tea (no sugar, no milk)
Lunch: One cup of cooked white rice
Dinner: A can of salmon or tuna

The “Rapunzel” Day
When you wake up, eat a spoon of golden honey (representing the golden flower).
For the rest of the day, you can consume up to 500 calories.
Do not count the calories from the honey.

Remember to drink plenty of water each day.

I am absolutely obsessed with Disney princesses so this sounds so fun 😊

If anyone tries it, let me know your results!

if you hate malia tate, please get away from me. if you hate malia tate for being in love with stiles, get away from me. if you hate malia tate for being in the way of your ship, get away from me. if you hate malia tate for crying because she realized how important stiles really was to her and had her feelings ignored, get away from me. i don’t want your misogynistic, biased, hateful ass around me, especially if you hate malia tate for something you praise another female character for. please get the fuck away from me. i am so goddamn tired of seeing hate circulating around her. malia is such a fucking strong ass character and gets treated like shit because she fell in love with stiles stilinski. well newsflash!!! stiles fell in love with her too!!! i don’t care that they’re “not together” anymore, that isn’t the goddamn point. malia has gotten so much hate from the moment she appeared on screen and i’m so fucking tired of it. i’m sorry your ship isn’t canon and i’m sorry it seemed like malia got in the way of it, but guess what? you got what your bitch ass wanted, so leave malia tate the fuck alone. malia has ALWAYS put others before herself!!!! sure, use her post coyote self as an excuse to say she didn’t, but you know why she didn’t put anyone else first? BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T KNOW HOW!!!! SHE WAS A COYOTE FOR FUCKING 8 YEARS, OF FUCKING COURSE SHE WASN’T GOING TO UNDERSTAND!!! but jfc, she finally learns to be selfless and actually believes her worth isn’t as important and goddamn i want her to be selfish. i want her to look lydia in the goddamn eye and tell her “i’m in love with him” because fuck you for trying to take that away from her. the hate astounds me, because seriously, if anyone has any character development, it’s malia fucking tate. she made stiles want to be a better person and he was!!!! for once in his life, he was a good person and goddamn, they were happy. but no, no they don’t get that. stiles goes back to reverting his season 1 and 2 self and malia gets put in the fucking corner. maybe the writers will make up for this. maybe they’ll give malia and stalia the ending ( or not ) they deserve, because goddamn if anyone deserves it, malia sure as hell does. you want to talk about unfair? an injustice? look at malia fucking tate. she has done nothing to deserve what she got, but according to some people, it doesn’t matter, because her feelings are invalid. well fuck you very much. you try being in love with someone and watch someone who was supposed to be your friend take them away from you, you try it. “oh but it was stiles’ choice!!! he loves lydia and only her!!” no stfu that isn’t even fucking true. before this pos season even aired, stiles was absolutely in fucking love with malia tate. we were NEVER given any indication that he had feelings for lydia aside from the side comments that were EXTREMELY OOC!!! and lydia finally realizing “oh i’m in love with him” is such utter bullshit and such a shit on malia like what the actual fuck? if you loved malia tate, you wouldn’t be okay with this. you would not be okay with the way she’s being treated and you know what? i’m sorry but if you ship srydia, you don’t love malia tate. i’m sorry but if you loved her, you wouldn’t be okay with this. that’s just how it is. leave malia tate alone and stay the hell away from me.


Just a post to congratulate myself for keeping off my 55 pound weight loss for a year now. This last year hasn’t been easy for me… it was actually pretty tough. Honestly, in some ways, maintaining my weight was a lot harder than losing it ever was… all I can say is that you have to find the motivation from within… and I am never going back :)
As I enter into 2017, I hope to continue to grow and learn to love myself and treat my body the best way I can 💖

Thoughts I am having-

TW for weight loss surgery and diet talk.

So I just wanted to let you all in on my thought process about the news that Gabby Sidibe has not only had weight loss surgery but is promoting it in interviews as a good thing.

I’m really disappointed. Fat women don’t get to have many icons and that is even more true for fat black women and other fat women of color. 

Whenever a fat woman makes it as an entertainer, she always loses weight. Always. It sucks and it hurts. 

I have other things to say about weight loss surgery in general, and specifically addressing certain scolding attitudes that people who do not participate in fat activism have towards the community, but that will be in other posts.

But I probably won’t be featuring photos of Gabby going forward because I can’t be on board with celebrating weight loss surgery. 

I am sorry she felt like she had to do this, sorry for the people who will get a harmful message out of what she is doing right now, and I hope she is ok long term, because a lot of people aren’t after they have the surgery.

And I wanted you to know if you found this out and you’re upset by it, you are not alone. 

Thought I’d join in with #weightgainiscool . In the top pictures I thought I was massive, fell asleep hungry every night, knew the calorie content of everything I ate and couldn’t concentrate if I hadn’t exercised that day. I had a thigh gap and fit into tiny clothes but I was also very unhappy.
In the bottom pictures I’m chubbier than top me ever imagined I would be. I haven’t been for a run in almost a month (love having a never ending chest infection), and while I still have issues with my body image I am soooo free. And I will learn to live with my low key double chin if it means I can eat more than one meal a day without wanting to die all the time x

Diets Debunked

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, just really good at molecular biology. I’ve also dealt with an eating disorder so I know what’s up.

Not Eating=/= Weight Loss. Ever. Under Any circumstances.
You need to eat to lose weight, and exercise, but straight up starving yourself will not work because this is what happens. Starving yourself will cause you to binge when you eat next, and then you’ll purge it later.
DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF OR FAST SEVERELY IN THE NAME OF WEIGHT LOSS IT DOESNT WORK. (If you are struggling with an ED, don’t worry about the part above, it’s not aimed at you, live your life, listen to your doctor, overcome your struggle, and good luck.)

Ok so now we’ve established that you have to eat. Next up, portion sizes. Lots of people try to lose weight by just cutting down on what they eat. Portion control is important, like maybe not eating an entire can of cinnamon rolls, for example. But that’s really all it means. Eat a rational portion of food, and if you’re still hungry? Go eat a rational portion of something else. Do not limit yourself to tiny meals.

The next step: how much to eat.
Don’t do fad diets that promise quick results. The 3-day military diet? You’ll probably gain the lost weight back when you start eating regularly again on the 4th day. The coffee diet? Fuck no. Beer and peanuts? First off all, what the hell? Second of all, no.
Secondly, don’t touch any no-carb, not fat-diet. Your body needs those to survive, and almost every food contains those macros. Do a low carb, or low fat diet instead.
Also fuck counting calories in ANY diet. Counting calories is one of the worst thing you can do for diet because all of those kind of diets I’ve tried only count calories you expend through exercise. You expend calories doing EVERYTHING. All human functions need energy, so just about everything burns calories. I’m burning calories from my bed writing this post. Listen, the best type of diet is one that is conceivably long term, and does not ask you to count calories. The Paleo diet works because it can be used in the long term, and you can support your body on the nutrients found in it, you see long term results. Vegan, vegetarian, clean, raw diets are all examples of long term diets that can make you more healthy. However, you can always just cut back (not completely out) certain foods you know aren’t great for you.

Food alone isn’t all it takes to lose weight, even though it’s a big portion of it, exercise is the other. Here are my exercise tips, in bullet form
•drink water
•eat a post workout snack
•find a workout that’s fun, reps, weight lifting, Pilates, Zumba, spin class it doesn’t matter, it needs to be fun if you want to keep doing it
•do not push yourself past your hard limits, you’ll hurt yourself
•start small (especially on weights) if anyone judges you for doing easier workouts in the beginning direct them to me I’ll whoop their ass
•stretch EVERYTHING before you work out. Your muscles will thank you
•no pain no gain. Sore muscles and lactic acid hurt, but the real only way to get through it: exercise more (by which I mean drop down your weights and reps and go a little less balls to the wall. If the pain is really bad, take a rest day.)
•always have rest days
•have fun

Final point, because a lot of people see them as the pinnacle of fitness. Victoria’s Secret Angels. Here’s a run-down of their diet and exercise.
Angels workout three time a day. They weight lift, do reps, cardio, and aerobics. They burn up a lot of energy, so they take a lot in. They eat three large meals, the last being at 6PM. Angels cook with butter not oil. Angels diets are high protein, high fat, low carb. Their BMI must stay at 18%, nine times what I hear a lot of ‘health nut’ people boasting they have. Angels eat.

Real weight loss takes serious time and dedication. It takes eating right AND exercise. Results come in the long term, not the short term. And some people aren’t ready for all the planning that goes into weight loss, and that is okay. Live your life, love yourself, be happy, and be healthy.