* ps

*electric slides all over the place* SO ! i think we all know what this beauty here is, right ? like this and i know for sure that you’re cool with trou popping in your inbox, liking your starter calls, and possibly sliding into your dms. all fun stuff that an anxious potato like me wants to make sure is cool. it also lets me know that you’re cool with possibly being friends with me, so ! it’s all super exciting lmao i love you all, peace !

Ahhh I just realized I’m less than 30 from my next hundred. I’m debating if I should attempt to do something or not for it because I’ve failed miserably for other milestones. Should I try a contest? Or write a thing? Or attempt to draw a thing? Or let it pass by like I have so many others?

Decisions, decisions…

TFW you have Spotify on shuffle and Bree Sharp comes on and it’s all too relatable.

Also, my co-worker said I looked radiant and asked (in front of everyone – open office environment) if had “gotten any” last night. It took everything in my power not to say “yeah it’s just post-Duchovny-eye-contact bliss”