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عندما يأخذ الله منك شيء تحبه سيعوضك بشيء اجمل منه

When Allah takes something away from you, its only to gives you something greater in its place.

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If you need any more animators/voice actors, just let me know! :D

We’re always looking for new artists for the project! If anyone’s interested, just feel free to send us some examples of your art over, and we’ll take a look!

Right now we don’t have any open voice voice acting positions, but once we are looking for more voice actors, we’ll post about it on this blog!


The Senpai That Noticed You Is… Touya! @robins-motorcycle

How He Fell: You first met Touya in the school’s art club, as you introduced yourself to the rest of the members. The two of you never talked much, with the exception of class discussions and sharing of art works, but he always admired your content you created. Even your pictures had it’s own artistic element to it that wasn’t just typical sceneries or candid pictures of people. One day, Touya was sent to your art class to assist the professor for the week. He took notice of you and would always pick on you to answer questions, or demonstrate. When he would observe everyone’s drawing, he would stop at your seat and make teasing remarks at you, in which you would respond, “Dork!” During his time being a TA, the two of you got closer. You would take random pictures of him, and he would doodle you randomly. It got to the point where he would mock your fashion sense as well, and in between those little squabbles and art, he fell for you.

The Confession: Surprisingly, Touya’s confession was never official. It was during the end of art club where you stumbled upon his doodles of you in his sketch book. Of course you knew about the small sketches, but you never expected there to be so much more to it. You flipped through his book and saw realistic sketches, paintings, chibis, art done in copics, and loads more. At the very back of the book however, you noticed two cute stick figures that contrast the amount of artistic talent Touya showed publically. They were labled with you standing on the left, and Touya standing on the right, with a heart in between the both you of. You were just about to read the captions, until the book was snatched from your view. “H-hey! Just what are you doing?” Touya asked while fumbling to close his book. You turned around,not so much surprised, but with a mischeivious look! “You have a crush on me, don’t ya Touya?” to which he would reply, “m-maybe, I don’t- well, yes, but-WHY WERE YOU LOOKING THROUGH SOMEONE’S BELONGING?”. The two of you stood in silence to soak in the situation at hand. You watched Touya, who was as red as a tomato, looking aside in embarassment. He was so adorable, you had to let out a giggle. “It’s okay, ya dork. I like you too!” you reassured him, causing the two of you to laugh about what had just happened.

Life Together: Life with Touya is a harmonious one. The two of you bring each other up, constantly working to better yourselves, each other, and the work you produce. This may be scary to the folks on the outside, believing that you guys are more buisness partners than lovers, but that’s because you guys love what you do and love each other to support it! Along the way, Touya picked up on how to do make-up as an art to help you apply your eyeliner. Sometimes he would suggest something really extraordinary than your preferred wing, in which you would tease him about his “fashion statement” and how much it differs from yours. You guys go together so well that and will help each other prepare in life that even when you guys are in the middle of a crisis, the two of you can make it through!


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“Happy Birthday- Hajime!”- Hajime from @skillshotlabs‘ awesome app game Notice Me Senpai had a birthday on the 26th of November, and birthday or not, I REALLY wanted to draw one of my favourite senpai’s with his favourite cafe item- the Japanese Taiko drum. Had to do a bit of research to find some good references of the drum, and I fought to get his contagious smile the way I like it, but I made it!