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Drown (Cover)
Bring Me The Horizon
Drown (Cover)

so i covered this forever ago and idk i thought i’d give it another shot to see the evolution? so yes

this one’s for @highlightsofeverything i love u kate

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Sound Horizon Story Summaries
  • Chronicle: The goddess of history cannot actually control history and would really like it if this cult that followed her would stop bringing about the end times.
  • Thanatos: A little girl thinks thanatos will come kill her if she falls asleep so she daydreams about death to keep herself awake.
  • Lost: An optimist and a cynic observe a bunch of really depressing vignettes.
  • Elysion: People need to stop falling in love and killing people over it. Seriously, this is becoming a problem.
  • Roman: A consciousness that's unaware of its own origins asks two other mysterious consciousnesses to find out how he was born. One or both of them are fucking with him.
  • Moira: A greek guy's life sucks, so he decides to kill the goddess of destiny.
  • Jihad of Iberia: A half-spanish-half-muslim girl alive during the reconquista loses both of her parents. She accidentally brings a demon back to life, they fall in love, and then they kill everyone.
  • Marchen: The spirit of a man who just dies can't remember how it died, but remembers that it wants vengeance. Since he can't remember who to enact vengeance on, he helps a bunch of dead fairy tale characters get vengeance.
  • The Story of Halloween and the Night: A man dies a shitty death and the fact it's halloween doesn't make it any better. Meanwhile, a kid has his first halloween and then dies immediately after.
  • Vanishing Starlight: A man who may or may not be a self insert of the author runs into the author and they shred some sick guitar solos together.
  • Nein: Aforementioned self-insert buys a pair of sunglasses from a mysterious antique shop that turn him into a cat-themed vocaloid, doomed to forever write shitty fanfiction about all of the other Sound Horizon musicals.

I had been deserted by time, left in this darkness for too long;

I had even forgotten my own name—

—until I saw your light, until you started calling my name.

Therefore, with my hands I will fend off anything that harms you.

Let’s end everything right here by destroying until the shed blood flows into a river.

[Integra], with my hands I will destroy everything you despise.

Do you despise the followers of the other religion?

Your own fellow men?

Or this holy war itself?

I now venture to ask you this question.

Hellsing + Seisen no Iberia