* m: sound horizon

Do you remember Belle Isle Revo? Of course you do. It’s one of the regretable picture Revo ever come out with. Why? Because when it was showed to the public for the album(single) promotion, they constantly said that it’s not like Revo, at all. The image is more handsome than Revo himself. Later on, Revo said “I will cry if someone use that image to promote me again….”

Also, there’s Revo cameo in Belle Isle game.

Sound Horizon Story Summaries
  • Chronicle: The goddess of history cannot actually control history and would really like it if this cult that followed her would stop bringing about the end times.
  • Thanatos: A little girl thinks thanatos will come kill her if she falls asleep so she daydreams about death to keep herself awake.
  • Lost: An optimist and a cynic observe a bunch of really depressing vignettes.
  • Elysion: People need to stop falling in love and killing people over it. Seriously, this is becoming a problem.
  • Roman: A consciousness that's unaware of its own origins asks two other mysterious consciousnesses to find out how he was born. One or both of them are fucking with him.
  • Moira: A greek guy's life sucks, so he decides to kill the goddess of destiny.
  • Jihad of Iberia: A half-spanish-half-muslim girl alive during the reconquista loses both of her parents. She accidentally brings a demon back to life, they fall in love, and then they kill everyone.
  • Marchen: The spirit of a man who just died can't remember how it died, but remembers that it wants vengeance. Since he can't remember who to enact vengeance on, he helps a bunch of dead fairy tale characters get vengeance.
  • The Story of Halloween and the Night: A man dies a shitty death and the fact it's halloween doesn't make it any better. Meanwhile, a kid has his first halloween and then dies immediately after.
  • Vanishing Starlight: A man who may or may not be a self insert of the author runs into the author and they shred some sick guitar solos together.
  • Nein: Aforementioned self-insert buys a pair of sunglasses from a mysterious antique shop that turn him into a cat-themed vocaloid, doomed to forever write shitty fanfiction about all of the other Sound Horizon musicals.

I had been deserted by time, left in this darkness for too long;

I had even forgotten my own name—

—until I saw your light, until you started calling my name.

Therefore, with my hands I will fend off anything that harms you.

Let’s end everything right here by destroying until the shed blood flows into a river.

[Integra], with my hands I will destroy everything you despise.

Do you despise the followers of the other religion?

Your own fellow men?

Or this holy war itself?

I now venture to ask you this question.

Hellsing + Seisen no Iberia

Before Triumph, around when Shounen wa Tsurugi wo is released, there’s actually a secret concert that almost no one knows about. It doesn’t have any footage or any trace at all. You can say that it was the very first Triumph SH ever did. At that con, Revo actually gave up his accordion to a fan. Good thing that he did not throw it to the audience tho. But the fan is still around right now and really proud of themself.