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hi!!! sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question but;; what exactly is sound horizon ,,,,?

Not a stupid question at all!!! I love talking about Sound Horizon so it is a very good question!!!! heh heh heh!!!! 

Sound Horizon is a band that creates story music! Each song/album tells a story! A lot of it is very heartbreaking and ends in a lot of character deaths, but every album is very beautiful and always has an important message, so thats why I cannot leave the Sound Horizon Kingdom!!!! Never forget….I am here suffering forever! A lot of the stories weave into each other in unexpected ways, so fans really enjoy theory making! This also makes listening to every single album very rewarding! 

Members (there are a lot of well known musicians and seiyuu) usually come and go between albums, but the genius behind everything we love always stays! Revo, composer extraordinaire and our king (lmaoooo) is pretty active outside of Sound Horizon work too! You may not realize it but you’ve probably already heard some of Revo’s stuff! If you’ve watched Attack on Titan and enjoyed the openings, that’s all Revo! The first Sailor Moon opening from the new series also has Revo’s hand behind it! If you played the first Bravely Default game, you’ve definitely heard Revo’s music!!!    

The concerts are very elaborate and have actors and costumes and all the good stuff you need to tell a story! So I definitely recommend watching one of those eventually!!! Marchen is very easy to get into as a new fan because it is based on a bunch of fairy tales! Each has their own dark twist!! Moira is really good if you are into the ye olde greek mythy kind of stuff! Each album is very very diverse, so I guarantee you’ll enjoy one of them!!!

Just google some sanhora and watch a few youtube videos to see what they are about!!!! I really hope you enjoy at least one of the albums! Sanhora is the blood pumping through my veins after all! ^O^


<<  5pm alps >>

I had been deserted by time, left in this darkness for too long;

I had even forgotten my own name—

—until I saw your light, until you started calling my name.

Therefore, with my hands I will fend off anything that harms you.

Let’s end everything right here by destroying until the shed blood flows into a river.

[Integra], with my hands I will destroy everything you despise.

Do you despise the followers of the other religion?

Your own fellow men?

Or this holy war itself?

I now venture to ask you this question.

Hellsing + Seisen no Iberia


ahhh it’s been a while since I’ve drawn Sound Horizon fanart. I also tried borrowing likenesses from the album art to depict most of the characters, but I also had my own spin with it too, haha. 

By the way, this is only half of an image. There is an accompanying side featuring Violette, but I am not finished drawing and coloring it yet.