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SH Characters: A Short Summary: (S2B)  Magnus Bane

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The Legend of Captain Killian Jones - Part Two

The Legend of Captain Killian Jones - Part Two

Beta’d by @kmomof4​ / Amazing Artwork by @artistic-writer

Summary: Cursed three hundred years ago to take on ghost form and haunt his family estate, Killian Jones receives a reprieve once every hundred years to take on corporeal form in order to try and break his curse.

A renowned restorationist, Emma Swan takes on the project of bringing the three hundred year old Jones Manor back to its former glory. A manor that is reportedly haunted by the notorious Captain Killian Jones. Good thing Emma doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Rated M / Also available on ff.net and ao3 / Line breaks indicate a change of POV / scene

A/N:  Killian’s poem borrowed/based on the song lyrics of Arise My Love by Michael Card; inspired by the Song of Solomon /  If you asked to be tagged and I missed you, I am SO sorry! Lost my original list and had to go back through the notes. Hoping I didn’t forget anyone…

Edited to add: @artistic-writer created two additional art pieces after this fic was posted (Thank You!!!). The first is slightly nsfw (it shows a man’s bare ass) so I have linked to Salem’s post at the appropriate point in the fic for those who wish to view. The second is posted with this post at its appropriate moment within the fic. Enjoy!!

Part One

Part Two

Killian inhaled the sea air deep into his lungs relishing in the burn of the salty breeze at the back of his throat. His senses were always diminished while in ghost form, numbed as if he’d imbibed in too much rum leaving everything dulled around him. Now that he was corporeal again, Killian marveled in the feel of the cold sand between his toes and whisper of midnight against his skin.

Just as it had happened the times before, Killian found himself upon the shore where his curse had been cast, appearing there in solid form at midnight of his first day back as a flesh and blood man. The first thing he’d done was divest himself of his leathers and other garments, and run head long into the sea allowing the waves to wash over him in order to give proof of his physical form. He now stood at the water’s edge in nothing but his skin and drew in the comfort the moonlight dancing over the waves provided him.

Gods, he missed the sea.

Should he and Henry succeed… no. When. When he and Henry succeeded, Killian would take the lad and his mother sailing up the coast. He still had quite a cache of valuables tucked away, enough to provide him and Emma and Henry a comfortable future. Though he’d never begrudge Swan her work. It was evident just how much her occupation meant to her, and he’d be content to follow after her from one project site to the next for the remainder of his days if that’s what she wanted.

But he was getting ahead of himself, again. An introduction might be warranted first, mate, he chuckled to himself as he collected his garments and made his way to the small cavern within the cliff side.

Tucked away in the back corner was the piece of luggage Henry had been able to procure for him. Within it were articles of clothing the boy had either pilfered from his uncle, or acquired within the last week while in town. They would hopefully meet Killian’s needs over the next two weeks while he’d be staying at the manor.

As fortune would have it, the final stages of the manor’s restoration project were being completed, and to celebrate the Misthaven Historical Society would be hosting a Grand Opening Celebration whilst Killian was in his corporeal form.

Invitations for the event had been sent to members of the Jones Family Trust, who were invited to come and stay at the manor during the festivities. Henry and Killian had launched a plan to contact the manor’s curator in order to gain an earlier invitation to the estate. The lad had sent an electronic communication as Mr. Killian Jones asking if he’d be welcome to arrive two weeks early, under the pretense that he’d be in the area on business anyway.

The truth of it was that the celebration occurred at the tail end of the time in which he would be in flesh and blood form, and he had no wish to hide out in the woods or the cavern until the event in question. Besides, having access to the manor meant having access to Emma and Killian did not want to waste a moment’s opportunity to physically be in her presence.

The curator had happily agreed and had even offered to arrange for the town’s tailor to come up to the manor in order to fit Killian for a suit for the more formal part of the celebration should he have need. Which he did. The appointment would also afford him the opportunity to fill in the gaps in his wardrobe, which now that Killian had chance to see it, he found sadly lacking. Though he would have to ask the lad how it was he’d been able to acquire a leather jacket with his meager means and resources. Clever boy.

All that remained for the time being was to wait for a more acceptable hour in which to present himself, and then he could begin the pleasurable task of wooing his Lady Swan.

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Roll Credits | A (mostly) Westallen Series

So, you hear me talk about Roll Credits sometimes on here. But unless you actually go to the Series tab on my AO3 account (or follow my side blog), you prob don’t know exactly what I’m talking about.

In this post, I will sum up what RC is, give you links (AO3 only) to all the fics currently in the series and the ideas I have that just haven’t been written yet b/c I lost inspiration (which is not to say it won’t come back someday, just that for the time being those ideas are on hold).

Roll Credits is essentially a collection of missing westallen (mostly) scenes from season 3 episodes [EDIT: Scenes from other seasons will also now be included]. I never write one for an episode before it airs, because I rly try to make these scenes fit canon as much as is humanly possible, and so I want to see what the episode gave us, so I can know how to realistically fit it in.

It should also be noted that while these are “deleted” scenes from the episodes, they do all relate to each other. So, there may be references to previous fics in the series included in later ones that you wouldn’t know just by watching the show. They’re believable in canon, but they aren’t mentioned in the episodes b/c I came up with them, so it’s more beneficial to read all the fics to fully understand and appreciate them. Still, for the most part they are minor things that can be ignored and the fics can still be understood. The only exception to this are fics that are more or less written in a mini-series and take place one right after the other. The 3x16 and 3x19 fics are specific examples of this.

Listed below in BOLD are the fics I have written (with their links). In italics (and w/ ‘TBD’ as the ‘title’) are the ideas I have not. All are listed chronologically by episode.

* - requested fic (before title)
- fic includes smut (after title)

TBD: 3x03 - Barry returning to his date with Iris at the end of the episode.

Pretty Eyes, Pretty Lips: Post 3x04 - Iris has a hard time leaving Barry to go home. 

The Flash and Related Topics: Post 3x05 - Barry takes Julian out for a drink.

Late Night Distraction: Post 3x05 - Barry stops by Iris’s place after going out with Julian.

*TBD: 3x06 - Wally tells Iris about his dreams about being Kid Flash before anyone else

A Breath and a Kiss: Post 3x07 - Barry needs a place to crash, at least for the night. Iris volunteers.

Lay Me to Sleep: Post 3x08 - Barry comes home to an emotional Iris, furious and heartbroken that he didn’t tell her he almost sacrificed himself to the Dominators.

TBD: 3x09 - Barry & Iris morning after fluff

*Tears Above His Heartbeat: Post 3x10 - Barry and Iris share a sad, tender moment after a long, sleepless night worrying about the future. 

Eskimo Kisses: 3x11 - Barry and Iris being cute: an extended version of their last scene in the episode.

*Her Flash, Her Barry***: 3x12 - Barry shows Iris just how much of him she has. In bed. (Request-ish for @wanderer765. I came up with the idea, but she wanted it verrrry badly. lol.)

TBD: 3x13 - Wally & Jesse talk about their argument earlier. Wally addresses all the reasons he likes her that have nothing to do with speed.

TBD: 3x13 - Barry & Iris post-ep angst; Barry didn’t know Iris knew he was still having nightmares.

TBD: 3x14 - Barry & Iris smut (implied in the ep) following the “breakfast” scene.

The Calm: 3x16 - Barry agrees to go home with Iris after being pulled out of the speed force. 

TBD: 3x16 - Jesse checks in on a sleeping Wally after her small victory over Savitar.

If the Sofa is Empty: 3x16 - Barry asks to crash with Cisco. Again.

One More Night***: Post 3x16 - Iris demands one more night with Barry.

TBD: Post 3x16 - Barry has another nightmare about Iris being killed by Savitar, but this time he’s at Cisco’s; Cisco overhears him and responds accordingly.

TBD: 3x17 - Barry asks Joe for permission to re-propose to Iris.

TBD: Post 3x17 - Barry & Iris fluff immediately following the proposal

The Echo of Heartbreak: 3x18 - Barry can’t stop thinking about his broken engagement with Iris, even with his ring back on her finger.

Someone to Come Home to: 3x19 - Barry reunites with Iris

Touch Me, Trust Me, Wrap Your Arms Around Me***: Post 3x19 - Barry tries to reassure Iris about the future.

A Flicker of Light: Post 3x19 - Barry wants to see Iris smile. (morning after angst cuddling)

TBD: 3x20 - Wally visiting Jesse on Earth 3.

Interlude***: 3x21 - Barry prioritizes alone time with Iris. (a.k.a. they pick up where they left off when HR interrupted them…)

Like It’s the Last Time***: 3x22 - Iris requests one more thing of Barry.

One Night of Weakness: Post 3x23 - Iris insists on staying alone at the loft her first night without Barry.

TBD: 4x01 - Barry & Iris reuniting after coming home (at the end of the episode, smut)

TBD: 4x02 - Barry & Iris resume their heart-to-heart after coming home (possible smut)

TBD: 4x03 - Wally goes to talk to Jesse about the break-up

TBD: 4x03 - Barry goes to talk to Wally before he leaves after realizing he maybe could have given a less detached send-off; Iris talks to him about it before and after. (It’s what I need in life!)

TBD: 4x04 - Barry & Iris smut due to Barry’s jealousy of Iris’ Oliver comparison of Ralph’s appearance

*Immediate Intoxication*** - 4x07 - Barry and Iris have an extended steamy coming-to-terms on the windowsill in their loft.

(?) TBD: 4x09 - Barry & Iris spontaneously have sex while returning wedding gifts

MORE JUGDRAL IN HEROES!!! I am so excited that my favorite boy’s parents are finally going to be in the game, and in light of the news this morning, I’m also excited to share one of my favorite pictures from Otakon with @raptorsinrhythmcosplay! We got the inspiration from a piece of fanart I’ve unfortunately lost the link to, but it was such a cool concept. I love Seliph and this cosplay so much, and I especially loved wearing it with my wonderful parents 😭 

Soon I will post a cosplay that isn’t Fire Emblem. Someday…

Photo by @shinyzack

anonymous asked:

I'm having a hard time figuring this out, so I'm sorry for the possibly stupid question. You keep posting about an AU-meets-canon fic. Is this a fic you have written/are writing, or is it just stuff you're thinking about?

It’s not stupid at all. I’ve been rambling for days about this now haha it’s bound to get a little confusing. It was originally based off a short fic I wrote years ago, and planned on expanding into a full fic. Unfortunately my notes for the fic got lost, my muse cried and moved on to other things, and I didn’t end up doing anything with the idea. But someone sent me an ask a couple weeks ago (a week ago? My concept of time is so skewed) and it got me thinking about the ‘verse again so I asked people to send me more asks in the hopes that it would get me inspired enough to actually write it out.

Here, I’m just gonna link all the posts together so people can see them now.





INSPIRATIONAL ASK (and story excerpts)








i feel like if peri got her limb enhancers back, she’d definitely show them off. maybe do a few tricks to try and impress lapis and the crystal gems - as if her confidence would need any more boosting after getting her limb enhancers back lmao.

i got inspired to make this after reading @jenhedgehog‘s posts about what peridot’s (completed/full) arc might be like and how it’d probably end. (i’ve lost the post in my history though so sadly i cant link it)

i love the idea of her getting her limb enhancers back (with the help of lapis), and pretty much the whole arc she’s speculated would play out for peri.

also, just added the star on her design for fun and to show that this would be peri after her redemption rather than art of her before then

Some fun little canon details/facts about the Undertale cast

I know that most of you probably know all of these, but I got inspired by @zarla-s post about Papyrus, so I’m gonna make my own, but with some more characters! 

This is going to be long, so read more under the cut.

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I saw someone bring up the idea of Yurio skating agape to Once upon a December and I was like okay. But Yurio dancing agape to Once upon a December Russian version. So, i decided to attempt it! Sorry if its not super great im a complete novice at video and audio editing >-<’

edit: I was more specifically inspired by this amazing post by @hq-wingster but I lost the post so I didn't link it, but now that I’ve found it I thought it would be only right to link it

"How about you leave now?"

A/N: this is my first Peter imagine, tell me what you think! I would really like your honest opinion. If you enjoyed it, sharing it would be amazing! I’m going to take requests as well!  The inspiration for this post came from this masterlist. Sorry I’m on mobile so I had to put the full link! http://lost-darling-pan.tumblr.com/post/141319172445/angst-starter-masterlist

“How about you leave now” he whispers softly leaning his forehead against mine. I shake my head slowly. “I can’t, I lost you once I don’t want to lose you again” I look up at him. His jade eyes wet with confusion. Neither of us had really cried in front of each other before. This was new. 

 “You don’t belong here, you have people waiting for you, you’re not lost anymore, I’m gone (y/n)” I push myself away from him and let out a small sob. “But I am lost. I don’t belong up there with them Peter! I’m not the girl who fights against evil because I am evil, I’m not a case of the bad gone good! They’re trying to turn me into some heroine that I can never be! I’m more lost now than I ever was in Neverland" He swallows not really sure how to handle this side of you, you only started pulling each others’ walls down shortly before he died. 

 “(Y/N), it’s not Neverland down here… I’ve got no magic. I’m nothing down here” he looks down. He’s been struggling with this loss of power for a while now. In Neverland everything went his way, he could control all the people around him and never have to worry about someone taking over. “You could never be nothing. You’re Peter Pan.”

 He chuckles. “Things have changed, for the worst it seems” he looks at you and finds it strange your not covered in dirt and sweat. Although, he doesn’t mind the sweeter, seductive scent. “Don’t change. Not for me, not for them. They don’t give a damn about you” he walks you up against a counter putting two sides on either side of your waist. “You be the tough, dark filled girl you were when I found you.”

benalras  asked:

I think I should have asked first and I apologize for not doing so, but last night I saw your post about psycho dad Billy and what do you know, my lost inspiration raised from the undead and I wrote my own short interpretation of that. It's not perfect, but I would kinda like to write more of these in the near future lol anyways, here you are /works/13010268 - put that link in A03 cause I don't know how to cheat my way around not being able to put links in this thing :|


How a single photo shoot helped this actress overcome her body image issues

How a single photo shoot helped this actress overcome her body image issues

For many women, it can take years, decades even, to undo the negative effects that unfair body image standards have on the mind. We hear subtle encouragement when it looks like we’ve skipped a meal or dropped a pound or two. Or we get bullied when we dare to accept our bodies exactly the way they are, no matter what size they come in.

But a moment of awakening and DGAF-dom occurred for actress and singer/songwriter Kathryn Gallagher when she decided to do an impromptu photo shoot with her friend and photographer Tyler Shields. Gallagher says the shoot helped her to overcome some major body image issues she’d been struggling with, and shared her experience in an essay for Cosmopolitan.

I wrote an essay on tumblr about body stuff and middle school and different times I’ve cried inspired by a @thetylershields photoshoot I did you might have seen… And then wrote some more and now it’s on @cosmopolitan! Link in bio!

A photo posted by Kathryn Gallagher (@kathryngallagher) on Aug 30, 2016 at 3:21pm PDT

In her essay, Gallagher talks about her constant struggle to lose weight, and how she thought reaching a certain size would suddenly make her happy and solve all of her problems. As expected, it didn’t. “I lost weight, I gained weight — and my happiness didn’t change! There was no correlation. None at all,” she wrote.

“I’ve learned that I get to decide whether or not to wake up and look at my body like it’s something awesome, or terrible, or fine, or disgusting — or as my favorite seventh grade troll typed it out, “disgutsing.” And that decision changes. I don’t always wake up feeling confident every day. Not even close! But what doesn’t change is that this, my body, is the only one I’ll ever have,” she added.

Had the best time with @BTSmag! Check out the latest issue for my interview. I embarrassed myself.

A photo posted by Kathryn Gallagher (@kathryngallagher) on Aug 13, 2016 at 11:26am PDT

The consuming pressure to change our appearance is such a real obstacle for women that it’s actually considered “bold” when a woman stops listening to her critics and learns to love the body she was given. While it’s certainly progress, it’s also outrageous that we aren’t yet instinctually doing what’s best for our body and mind from the start. Perhaps by sharing more empowering messages like Kathryn Gallagher’s our daughters finally will.

Cake for breakfast. Cake for lunch. Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.

A photo posted by Kathryn Gallagher (@kathryngallagher) on Jul 23, 2016 at 11:53am PDT

To conclude her essay, Gallagher said simply, “Figure out what you love about being you and embrace that. And the things you don’t love so much, embrace them too. Because life is so much better when you do.”


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Wrong Number - Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: inspired by a post I read of AU’s, I lost it but when I find it I’ll put a link here to give credit. I know women can kick ass, not diminishing that ability in any way, but sometimes the whole knight in shining armor thing is kinda cute. especially when the knight is Steve…

Warnings: language (@ Steve), attempted rape/assault (please be careful out there my friends, protect yourself!), fighting, mention of injury/blood

Word Count: 892

It’s about 11 PM, and here you are. Walking home, alone, and in the dark. Probably one of the scariest things for a woman to do. New York can be a scary place during the day, but that greatly increases at night. 

 For about 3 blocks now, you have felt someone behind you. You crossed to the other side of the street and he followed. He is definitely following you. And you’re still about 7 blocks from home or your best friend’s house or anywhere that you could go that would be safe. 

Ahead of you, you see a phone booth, a rare occurrence anymore but a grateful coincidence as you currently don’t have your cell phone on you. You walk a little faster and as you near the booth, you dig around in your coat pocket for some change and luckily find a quarter and a nickel. 

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