* i lost the link to my inspiration post


The Lost Woods. A Link to the Past illustration made for NEStalgia, an art exhibit inspired by vintage video games, which goes up tonight!! You will be able to buy this print if you go in person!

I will be there, probably being nervous and awkward, so come say hi! It’s up until the 30th.

You can see the line art in my previous post.

Obviously, this scene from Link to the Past was pretty groundbreaking for a lot of people. Though I did not make his hair pink like I had first planned, I did get to include all of the rando squirrels and birds that make this moment so excellent. Hope you like it!

theme #008- things we lost to the flame


By far one of my favorite themes. Not sure why I stopped using it, to be honest.

  • 500px posts
  • Five custom links
  • Title spacing will vary depending on length (see below)
  • Sibebar background image
  • Hover description thing

!IMPORTANT: The title is gonna look weird, depending on its length. Luckily for you, it’s really easy to change the spacing of the title so that it stays in the box. KEEP EVERYTHING INSIDE THE BOXES- that means your description too!

I switched the url for my theme blog! It can now be found here. Don’t delete the credit link please, it’s super cute anyway!