* i felt like sharing

  • be bad at something on the first try - we all got to start somewhere
  • try something new - life is all about experince 
  • make mistakes - we learn by them
  • be sad - we all got our bad days
  • let something/someone go - nothing is permanent
  • give yourself a break - sometimes we just need to breathe
  • put yourself out there - at the end of the day, all that matters is you
  • speak your mind - someone always cares even if you don’t see it
  • be confident - you’re not narcissistic if you do 
  • be you - theres only one you, be who you were meant to be

anyway i came out to my nine year old sis as trans and she literally went “dope i got a brother now” and “dude i love your name, you are such a nathan” and then she stole my drink and ran off (rip my frappuccino). then we both came out to each other as bi??? and she said peyton from izombie was hot and i was like same, and then we watched like eight trans videos on youtube. Also whenever she calls me nate i cant even reply im so in shock and happy, so today has been a good day 

A scene girl lies on the streets. Her eyeliner is smudged far more than normal, studs are falling off her multiple belts, and her fingerless gloves are threadbare. She feebly presses a stick of eyeliner into her boyfriends hand. A tear slips down her cheek.

‘Rawr,’ she says. She is on her deathbed. Her boyfriend wipes his eyes.

‘What does that mean?’ He asks softly. She looks up at him. She is fading fast, she can’t hold on much longer.

'Rawr means I love you in dinosaur,’ she says, as she goes still.

Her boyfriend holds her close, and whispers “Ohio Is For Lovers” to her. They used to listen it together, sitting beside each other and telling each other about how nobody understood them. Tears drip down his face. 

He slowly lays her body on the ground, before pulling out a can of hairspray and a pack of matches, and proceeds set fire to her body. As he runs away from the fire, he wipes his eyes, further smudging his eyeliner.

She has finally joined the black parade.

put your opinions in the tags (great comet edition)

-is anatole a villain?
-dave’s pierre or josh’s pierre?
-no one else or sonya alone?
-dust and ashes or great comet of 1812?
-favorite ensemble member?
-marya + helene’s kiss or dolokhov + anatole’s kiss?

one day you’ll open the door after a long trip
and the house will be a mess
and there’s cat hair everywhere
and you have bags to unpack
and a headache
your cat loves you
and your house feels like home for once
and even crappy coffee suddenly tastes amazing
and it makes your headache go away

happy never lasts forever
that’s a lie our fairytales told us

your favourite song comes on shuffle
at the exact perfect moment
and it feels like soundtrack

your friend tells you they love you
for no particular reason and
you hope they can hear your heart sing

you finally find that perfect swimsuit
just in time for summer vacation
it makes you look like you’re from the 50’s
you love it

the light hits just right
when you’re gonna take that picture
go ahead
rock that model shit

you find the perfect recipe
for an airy chocolate mousse
you can hear the air coming out from the bubbles
every time  you take a spoon
sounds like heaven
tastes like that too

the stars stop hiding from you and
shine so bright
hello little star
I missed you
don’t be a stranger

so i’m not telling you
I’m alway gonna be a happy poem
but I’m not always be a sad one either
and that’s enough
i’m enough
and so are you

“If I got a hundred words to say, would you listen?” she asked. “If I got a hundred reasons to explain, would you understand? I have so many stories to share, but I felt like there isn’t a percent of a hundred people—who—would like to lend their ears to me. And then you’re here. I was so surprised to know that there’s still someone who would want to know what my mind wanted to say. I was so surprised that someone like you—would bravely walked in my life without even asking for permission. Even if you didn’t care whether I’ll try to push you away. If I got a hundred more years to live, would you still be here with me? If I got a hundred chances to take, would you hold my hand while I take it?” she looked up at him with so much hope caged in her eyes. As if there are more than hundred of galaxies that shine right through them. “If you found a hundred reasons to leave me, would you throw all of it away and stay?”.
—  ma.c.a // More Than A Hundred Thousand of “Thank You” to you Sweetie

chibifox2002  asked:

Hello Bendy! What's your favorite thing to do? (I've never asked a question on a ask blog before so sorry if this question is kinda boring)

B: i only like you for your alcohol
MM: so… you still like me.
B: Piss off.

(FUN FACT: Back in the good ol’ mafia days,  if a gang wanted control over a business they would ask for half or more of the entire profit, bleed the business dry, and burn the place down if/when they went bankrupt. If the business owner did not comply to begin with, they would go after the owners family and torture/kill them, and if THAT didn’t go through to the owner, they would be assassinated. Or “whacked” as they liked to put it lmao. But the thing that Moon Man and Bendy have goin on is sort of a special case.
-Mod Moon Man)

Another Pink Diamond Theory.. sorta

A stupid thought came to me while re watching back to the moon.

Pink Diamond’s mural is drastically different from the murals of the other three diamonds.

White, yellow and Blue all have an ethereal floating stance. 

Pink’s mural is standing almost as if she’s freshly bursting out of the ground. To me it looks like a mural of a newly emerged diamond.

Stewing on that thought I wondered where she was and what she was doing as her “sisters” gained control of so many planets. Then the thought hit me. What if the Earth was truly hers. Diamonds are quite large and are supposed to have a lot of power. A planet that had enough life to bring a diamond to life might truly be rare. A planet that was lush with life to the extreme and have vast resources would be needed.

Considering the size and power of a diamond I can imagine it would create quite the impressive emergence hole on the planet they were born on. Now where on Earth has there been a enormous change in geography that is missing?

Making earth the place of a diamond’s possible birth and death.

little sharp zero factoids

im just gonna throw some random sz facts out there- marcus is actually my oldest oc out of all of em. he was always the main character in all my stories.

danny and elliot’s personalities were actually switched and danny was blond 

ace originally had light turquoise hair and the sides of his mohawk were shaved all the way to the skin. yikes. 

kate is the newest character out of all of them 

madina and kyna were originally twins instead of marcus and elliot

marcus and elliot originally werent related at all and were even a pairing in some old stories. (woops) 

in the earliest sz inspirations in like sophomore year- marcus was the one with powers and he was paired with an old oc that was basically hipster danny with brown hair named ethan 

elliot was never tall