* dw spoilers

Current sexuality: Peter Capaldi saying “he fancied me.”

Okay but seriously, that line was so good. Reminding the audience that the Doctor is very queer in human terms, and kisses men and everything, while still portraying Twelve (the acest ace that ever aced) as ace. Long lingering silence after the line. Shot of the companion, the POV character, hearing and acknowledging the line. And then moving on. That’s how it’s done. :D

You want a healthy, adorable, canon gay relationship on screen???? WATCH BBC CLASS

On bbc america Saturday at 10 pm! right after doctor who! They know what they’re doing with an ethnically diverse cast and excellent LGBTQ representation. Also there are aliens and teen angst and family love. It would be shame if this show does not get a season 2.

Catch up on episodes one and two on bbc america site.

Oh, man, that episode was really solid in my opinion.

  • First, it sidelined Nardole in order to focus on Bill and the Doctor, which, regardless of my feeling toward/about Nardole (meh?), this was a really good thing to do because Bill is the star.
  • Second it gave us what is clearly the arc of the season about that vault and just what’s in it and just why the Doctor made a promise to stay in one place to protect it. And who did he promise? When? River? Clara? Someone we don’t know? The Master? Missy? All bets are on, I s’pose
  • Bill asks questions I hope that I would. “What if I stole it? Where’s the steering wheel? Why are the chairs so far away?” Love.
  • Two hearts!! I would probably be a bit staggered by that too
  • Intriguing set-up, didn’t think that would be the resolution we’d get (mind wipes again? all righty then) but it also had overtones of TDD and TBB and a tiny bit of TZIs
  • Really good character stuff with both of them, I especially like how Bill’s caught on to the him trying to keep her safe and calling him on it, but also how she’s like ‘You’re an awesome tutor’ and he looks a little pleased with himself
  • An elephant on the Thames?

I woke up this morning thinking about The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone, though I’m not completely sure why.

In pondering that I realized, ‘Hey, cracks in time and space–they emit energy, yeah, the Doctor said as much, the Coal Hill Crack’s sort of working like the now-sealed(?) Rift in Cardiff, even if it doesn’t have the same source. If that’s the case…well, Angels would be drawn to the Coal Hill Crack, right? And they’re sneaky, as per their nature–so they had a boarding house in New York, what if they took over a school? Hmmmmmm, there’s not any proof of that I’ve seen in what I’ve seen but hmmmmmm.“

Anyway that’s what I woke up thinking about this morning