* a * sooooo pretty

Jensen looking at me like this while we hold hands… How did I ever survive this moment?

That smile, with his tongue poking out a little between his teeth, and those eye crinkles! The gentle way he kept looking at me and holding my hand even while he tugged me along to the right place at the centre of the screen, because I pretty much froze where I was the moment he took my hand. That he didn’t let go of me during that still makes my heart beat faster and makes me smile every time I think about it.

I love to relive this moment <3

(please don’t use this picture without credit, thank you)


Fanboy Wonho is honestly the purest and sweetest


💒Hey everyone💒

Last week’s journal page is a looooot similar to the one I posted before but what can I do 💕
The combination of pink and lavender is sooooo pretty 💜

And there’s a lot of Korean journaling going on there haha

Weather is getting warm so everyone be careful!! You may catch a cold!!!


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