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i’m trying to challenge my depression in simpler ways.

- instead of taking a nap, ill watch some netflix and have some coffee.

- instead of skipping a meal, i’ll take extra time to prepare myself something nice.

- instead of staring at nothing, i will deliberately try to occupy myself with something i usually enjoy.

- instead of ignoring how i feel, i will say it loudly, and without guilt. 

- instead of telling myself how my emotions are confusing, i will go where i am understood.


Carolina and Anjali are the fucking BEST okay

if you’re an artist, remind yourself that you're​ doing great. you’re doing amazing. your content is great and needed, it adds beauty to the world. never cease to do what you do, whether it be art, writing, edits, photos, poems, anything. its your vital breath, its what your essence will transcend into. it connects you with thousands of years of history. it is You. spread your love and your soul