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you know the best premises for television shows have to, at their heart, pose important central questions that resonate with both the characters in it the people watching. and i gotta say that the CW delivers on that pretty consistently, telecinematically asking us such bold questions as “What if Archie Comix characters fucked each other to Imagine Dragons songs?”, “What if the Hunger Games was in space and also less good?”, and “What if zombies could be heterosexual?”

im declaring those little dot circle eyebrows no longer valid. the new cutesy trend is inexplicably drawing eyebrows as fully 3 dimensional dodecahedrons 

ʳᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘⁿ (don't tell me bye bye) ʳᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘⁿ (u make me cry cry) ʳᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘⁿ (love is a lie lie)

Honestly one of the WILDEST things that ever happened to this fandom was Swiftmas. And not because Taylor was sending gifts to fans because while that was really something special it was actually quite uhm ODD they way it all happened like let me paint you a picture…you’re on tumblr one day and you make a text post about how your mom made spaghetti for dinner and suddenly…10 time Grammy winner Taylor Alison Swift replies to said text post with just a Santa Claus emoji and suddenly the entire fandom EXPLODES and you KNOW Taylor Swift is about to send you gifts. Like idk to me that was really a CONCEPT I mean she legit just LEFT SANTA EMOJIS around tumblr and if you got one somehow a package full of expensive presents just showed up on your doorstep the next day?? Kinda creepy if you ask me lmao but okay Taylor you do you.

perdon si me alejo

perdon si no sé que decir

perdon si todo me irrita

perdon si grito

perdon si lloro sin razón

perdon por no estar bien