i feel like dating justin would entail lots of ass grabbing and touching and pet names and sexual innuendos at the least sexual times; he’d probably let you go through the door first just so he could smack your ass on the way out and his hands would always be too close to your ass whenever it came to hugging our having his arms around or whatever it was he’d always find a way to “accidentally” graze your boobs when walking past you or whisper some dirty nothing into your ear at the most inconvenient time and he’d always always always make a way to get you to call him daddy like no matter how weird it may seem i swear he likes that stuff – he’d probably ask you for things and say “please, baby girl, do it for daddy?” or when he’s fingering you under the table and threatening you not to make any moans and to “be a good girl for daddy” and all at the most random times just because he’s horny or he wants you to be horny or he’ll find some kind of flaw in what your doing that’ll earn you punishment bc lbr he’s into that