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Are you pro-yoda or anti-yoda?

I think Yoda is a selfish sumbitch who uses people (children, adults, you name it) with obvious PTSD to further his own ends, he abandons people, and the only differences between him and Palpatine are the color of their lightsabers and the fact that Yoda doesn’t want to rule the galaxy. He’s dogmatic to a fault, he’s definitely an asshole, and the Order wouldn’t have fallen if it wasn’t for him.

All that being said, I’m not anti-Yoda. It’s very similar to how I’ve come to feel about Dumbledore: they’re not this shimmering example of moral goodness people tend to paint them as, but they’re complex and interesting. They use whatever means they have available to them to try and right the wrongs of the world, which often leads them to behave like villains.

And for all his faults, Yoda is still a good guy, or, well, he tries to be, at least. I appreciate that. He’s just tends to fuck it up, and I think he knows it, too.

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I have read a fic where Yoda and Obi wan's machinations had turned against them. Instead of hooking up with Han, Leia and Luke are involved and apparently had sex (without knowing they are siblings) and there's a baby in tow.

Oh, lovely. 🙄 I’ve seen those fics before, scrolling through Luke’s tag, but never had a desire to read one.

I’ve always thought it was stupid that Obi-Wan never said anything to Luke about it. Like, he wouldn’t have had to tell him the truth about Vader. He could have said, “yeah, btw, that’s your sister who we hid elsewhere to keep you both safe, don’t fall in love with her” when he saw Luke making eyes at her hologram. Or showed up later in ghost form after the ESB kiss or something. Like, talk about risky! Did they want incestuous baby Skywalkers running around?!