); goodbye the guild

mc falling asleep on the rfa+minor trio ❤️


- he was such a tease
- yeah its all fun and games till you stayed up all night, unable to sleep because of his ass
- he did apologize though
- zen had the day off, so you wouldve just slept in had you not needed to prepare for the upcoming party
- halfway through ansewring guest emails you could barely keep your eyes open, he noticed
- “babe, why dont you take a break ?”
- when you just grunted and yawned, he sighed
- but then he got an idea
- “at least come a little closer, its so lonely over here without my babe~”
- you scoot closer on the couch and smile, leaning on him as she wraps an arm around your waist
- he was so warm what
- you subconsciously cuddle up against him, eyes dropping when she starts running his hand through your hair
- when he feels your phone fall into his lap, he looks down from the tv to see youve finally fallen asleep, snoring softly
- mission accomplished
- youre so cute fuck
- definately takes several selfies with you passed out against his chest


- you were so exhausted from the several all-nighters and constant anxiety
- either you had less stamina than you originally thought or all that studying really did you in
- either way, yoosung had enough energy to play some stress relief rounds of lolol while you felt more than dead and ready to pass out
- but it was hard ? without yoosung in the bed
- so in a brilliant moment of absolute exhaustion and grumpy clingyness you decided one way or another you will get your sleep
- when yoosung felt you tap his shoulder, and he turned around in his chair to see what you needed (having accomplished his ingame task with his guild for the moment), the last thing he expected was for you to plop down in his lap
- ????????
- he was confused and shocked and slightly turned on but thats beside the point
- (are you wearing his hoodie)
- (yes, yes you are)
- when you snuggled into his neck and wrapped your arms around his waist, telling him to keep playing, he smiled and kissed your temple, rubbing your back before returning to his game
- you were already drifting off, very much welcoming his warmth and affection, his hand on your back quickly lulling you into a long (and much needed) sleep
- yoosung thought you were so cute and told everyone on the messenger/in his guild how you fell asleep on him and how ADORABLE it was
- definately took a picture
- soon enough, he said goodbye to his guild friends, logged off and joined you in sleep
- his computer chair probably wasnt the BEST idea to sleep but youll deal with that when you wake up


- it was your cafe’s grand opening
- more people showed up than expected…..
- watching jaehee buzz around to bring customers their orders as you tended to your own duties made you feel so full of love
- despite how busy and concentrated she was, she wore a genuine smile the whole time
- her hair had grown a little in the time span of getting and setting up the shop, it reached her chin now
- she was so cute
- “excuse me ?”
- your attention snapped back to the customer in front of you, apologizing for your distraction
- each time you brushed by each other, she gave you a smile that made the corner of her eyes crinkle up in happiness “i cant believe this is happening”
- oh its happening
- at the end of the day, you two were so exhausted you slumped together on a booth by the back
- she was talking about how happy she was, how this was practically a dream come true, how grateful was that you were here with her-
- shed look down at you as she spoke
- you fell asleep against her shoulder…..
- she smiled and leaned her head against yours - she still feels a bit weird, still not entirely sure how she feel about you
- but she knows theyre good feelings
- maybe it really will take until she hair grows to reach her back
- but thats okay, she can take as much time as she needs


- jumin had spent a lot of time cooped up on his office today
- like more than usual
- so you decided you were going to be the best wife and pleasently surprise him with a delicious dinner for when he got home
- if elizabeth 3rd would stop batting at your flimsy skirt cat pLEASE
- she actually ended up snagging a piece of meat you accidentally dropped oh the floor
- and you chased her around every square inch of the penthouse because jumin would kill you if she ate that AND stained her perfect fur
- she successfully hid behind the couch and devoured it
- you sunk to the floor and resorted to begging with the cat
- “elise you can eat it if you just let me clean your fur at least before the sauce stains it pleASE”
- this is probably the second stupidest thing youve ever done
- despite being a feline, she seemed please with that, purring happily in your arms and cleaning herself>br> - “lets keep this between us, okay?”
- until you brought the wet washcloth close to her face
- t r a i t o r c a t
- you gained a few scratches on your collarbone and arms, but you washed the sauce of successfully
- whew
- you got back to work on dinner, already tired as you placed everything neatly on the table and waited for-
- “mc, im home.”
- you darted to the door and greeted him with a kiss, clinging to his arm “welcome home, jumin !”
- “its good to finally see you, my love.” he bent down as elizabeth trotted up happily to greet her owner “and you too, elizabeth 3rd.”
- “whats that smell?” youd completely forgotten about the dinner you made !
- you smiled excitedly before speaking up “i made you dinner. come on~” you pulled him into the dining room, pulling out a chair for him before sitting in the one beside it, as opposed to the one across like you usually do
- he blinked his mild surprise away before smiling softly and taking a seat “thank you, it looks amazing.”
- you both talked about your days as you ate (intentionally omitting elizabeth’s preformance of course)
- that pompous little cat was curled up on the couch, behaving herself either due to jumins prescence or her full stomach you werent sure
- after you finished eating, you leaned against jumins shoulder, exhausted
- he looked down at you, curious, but your eyes were closed and your face relaxed, lips parted ever so slightly
- youd dozed off
- he chuckled and wiped his mouth ith a napkin, realizing you probably went to ridiculous lengths to make this for him you have no idea trustfund
- hed carry you to the bedroom and lay you down to rest, then clean up the table himself soon
- but for now you can rest for a bit


- this boy was working hard as ever
- legs crossed, laptop ontop of them
- at least he was on the bed, at the end of it, furiously typing away
- youd just finished getting ready to sleep, but you wanted to sleep with him beside you
- “almost done…?” you asked hopefully
- “yeah,” he reached behind himself to stroke your leg comfortingly, tossing a smile over his shoulder “almost done. dont worry.”
- he was so tired and you could tell, even if he hadnt faced you completely
- you could hear it in his voice, saw the exhaustion in his eye
- you nodded, smiling back and he got back to work
- you suppressed a yawn, pulling the sheets over your lower half and leaning back against the headboard
- you fiddled with the cover, waiting patiently for him to finish his work and join you to sleep
- “hey, cute stuff.”
- you hummed, looking up, hoping he had finished his work and was flashing you that million dollar grin
- you deflated a little when you saw him, still tapping away at his keyboard.
- he rubbed his neck “why dont you just go to sleep ? ill join you, i promise, but youre tired”
- you sighed a little, pushing yourself off the headboard to slip you arms under his, wrapping them around his stomach and laying against his back “not without you.”
- he was silent for a bit, stiff, but soon relaxed and shook his head “i… will hurry this up.”
- you hummed again, eyes drifting shut, pressing a kiss between his shoulder blades
- he figured youd fallen asleep soon after that, your grip loosening a bit as your breathing slowed
- he smiled to himself and sped up his working pace


- sometimes v suffered from bouts insomnia
- it wasnt terrible, but hed end up staying up later than he wished, no matter how tired he was
- when that happened, hed usually get under the covers and snuggle against you, focusing on your soft, slow breathing until he fell asleep
- but sometimes hed end up sitting against the headboard, reflecting on his choices and reminding himself ‘how awful.’
- when that happened, youd usually wake up to him still wide awake but so tired
- but this time, you woke up in the middle of the night
- there he was, leaned ahainst the headboard, stsring into nothing
- “v?”
- he startled a bit, looking down in your direction “mc, im sorry, did i wake you?”
- “no,” you sat up and laid your head against his chest “sleep with me.”
- “soon…” he pet your head, brushing the soft strands back as you closed your eyes
- “dont take long”
- he hummed and kissed what he assumed was the top of your head (or somewhere around) by the feel of your hair against his lips
- you quickly fell back into sleep snuggled against him, your hand geld in his free one
- with you in his arms like this, he almost forgot about his intrusice thoughts, stroking your hair
- his neck ached but he kept his face in your hair - the smell of your shampoo was calming
- after a while, he may his head back and thought, with you, maybe he could focus more on the present


- ngl
- this boy
- he fell asleep on you sometimes when you were alone
- you were comfy
- hed never admit tho
- especially lately since you were working so hard for the next party
- hed just lay his head in your lap or on your shoulder while you worked and snooze while waiting for you to finish, one hand absent-mindedly playing with his hair
- hed also made a habit of using you as his pillow when you both slept
- sometimes when he woke up from nightmares, hed bury his face in your neck or hair and wrap his body around you, ever cautious of waking you up
- you were so comforting even when you werent awake
- your smell, your warmth
- so he was used to falling asleep on you if anything
- he wasnt quite sure how to react when you fell asleep on him while emailing a possible guest
- his cheeks were a bit hot, with your hot breath fanning over his neck everytime you exhaled
- he did smile a bit and maneuvered to kiss your forehead
- however just as he did so, a camera went off
- “im keeping it forever.”
- “wha- saeran? whashapnin?”
- “LOOK at what you did. DELETE THE PICTURE.”
- “no can do saeran~”
- needless to say you didnt get to sleep for very long


- you were watching a movie together
- no matter how often you two get the opportunity to cuddle, you cherish every one of them, because vanderwood is just so comfortable
- and they smell amazing…..
- youre so grateful to get to cuddle with someone like them
- sometimes you thought they were secretly an angel
- the first time you told them that they scoffed
- the second time you told them that, they quietly said “yours, perhaps.”
- the third time you told them that, they rolled their eyes, and smiles a little
- laying against their chest, snuggled under their coat, you were in heaven
- you could probably fall asleep right then and there
- actually, you probably were about to
- the movie wasnt bad or anything, but you were alot more interested in vanderwod than the movie
- vanderwood seemed to be alot more interested in you than the movie as well, watching your eyes slowly drift shut, a hand fisted gently in their shirt
- they smiled and stroked your hair before reaching for the remote to turn the volume of the tv down
- theh pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and draped it over the two of you
- it struggled to cover their feet, but covered your body perfectly from shoulder to toes
- they stared down at you fondly, then leaned their head against the arm of the couch and looked back to the movie
- “i guess, maybe, youre my angel, too.”


“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for eventual smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while deal with uncharted feelings. 

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Chapter 2

Lucy threw the pink pleated skirt onto the heaping pile of other discarded clothes on the floor, breathing a heavy sigh of discontent. A mountain of fabric was forming in her room, and it was all thanks to the cruise she had scheduled for the next day. With excitement coursing through her veins, the blonde was eagerly packing her things for the next two weeks. Packing clothes, however, was always a struggle for the girl.

Being a girl with a love for clothes, Lucy tended to over pack and bring things that she never touched on her time away. She knew this, and yet she couldn’t stop. Thus, throwing in yet another pair of pants in her suitcase, the blonde grinned. She was just about ready, all that was left was her bathroom essentials, which she would pack the next day.

After eventually shutting her suitcase- which she did by sitting on it and zipping it up while throwing curse words- Lucy began to get ready for the day. She changed into a black mini skirt and a simple pink tank top. Not wanting to strain her feet before her vacation, she paired it with black sandals. With that, she was ready to go.

As Lucy balanced on the edge of the canal and walked towards the guild, she pulled out a silver key. With a swish of her hand, Plue appeared in a golden light. To her surprise, however, Loke stood right beside the much smaller spirit, his lips curled upwards into a slight smirk.

“It must be my lucky day, being summoned by a beautiful Princess and all,” Loke flirted smoothly. He grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled it towards his lips in order to give it a light kiss, only to have her pull away.

“I didn’t summon you,” Lucy said with a sigh, smiling at Plue.

The leader of the zodiac chuckled and replied, “I guess that’s true.”

“So why are you here anyway? I know it’s not just to flirt.”

“Figured I would go see the guild. It’s been a while since I saw any of them and we weren’t fighting someone.”

Lucy laughed and replied, “That’s true. Fairy Tail always seems to be in some sort of trouble. I’m going to be getting away from all of the trouble, though!”

“Oh really?” Loke asked with a raised brow.

A smile etched itself onto Lucy’s face as she nodded. “Yep! I’m going on a cruise starting tomorrow! Which reminds me, I won’t be doing much summoning while I’m there. I’m actually pretty sure it isn’t allowed considering they have a maximum occupancy.”

“That makes sense. Just try to enjoy yourself. You deserve it.”

“Thanks. It’ll be my first vacation in years. Though, I’m not sure I can really call it that since Natsu is coming too.”

Loke stopped in his tracks and gaped at the blonde. “What? Natsu is going with you?”

Lucy’s cheeks pinked and she replied, “I-It’s not a big deal. We’ll have separate beds and everything. We’re just sharing a room, which we’ve done before.”

“Is Happy going?”

“Well, no…”

Loke studied his master, noticing how embarrassed she was. Just like everyone else in the guild, the spirit wasn’t blind towards Lucy’s feelings towards a certain dragon slayer. Only she herself was, and maybe the dragon slayer himself. There had been plenty of times in which he had tried to egg her on, dropping hints to get her to realize her feelings. But he always came up short. She needed to figure things out herself.

Maybe this cruise would give her the opportunity to do so.

“Just have fun and relax,” Loke advised, ruffling the girl’s hair.

Lucy pouted and smoothed her golden hair back into place. With that, the three headed towards the guild.

Natsu frowned and narrowed his eyes as he bit rougly into his chicken, his gaze never wavering form Lucy’s form as she entered the guild along with Loke. The boy knew that his anger towards the spirit was irrational. Loke was a good guy, one that Natsu could trust Lucy with.

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t get jealous.

“Cool it, Ash Breath, they’re just walking in together,” Gray jibed with a heavy and all too knowing smirk. It wasn’t hard to notice the pinkette’s jealousy. He could practically feel it in the air. How Lucy didn’t notice, he would never know.

“Shut it,” Natsu replied tersely.

Lucy’s eyes glazed over the guild, looking for a certain pink-headed partner of hers. Spotting him at the bar with Gray and Erza, the blonde grinned and rushed towards them.

“Hi, everyone!” she greeted, sliding into her seat.

“Hey, Lucy,” Gray replied with a friendly smile.

“You got here late today,” Erza pointed out.

“Yeah, I was packing my things for tomorrow,” Lucy informed them. She then looked towards Natsu sternly and questioned, “Did you start packing yet?”

The boy chuckled and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Not yet.”

“Natsu! We leave tomorrow!”

“Yeah, yeah! I got plenty of time!”

Lucy sighed and shook her head, not bothering to argue any further on the matter. Sooner or later, Natsu would start packing, she knew he would. He would probably forget stuff, but at least he would get it done.

Lucy looked among her fellow guild members, a fond smile gracing her lips. Two weeks was going to be a long time, but at least she would have Natsu with her. Despite his reckless personality, he was her best friend and her favorite person to be around. He would surely make the trip more fun.

After all, things were always more fun when they were together.

When the moon replaced the sun in the sky, Lucy took that as her cue to head out.

“C'mon, Natsu. We should start packing your stuff,” she stated, tugging on the said boy’s scarf.

The pinkette frowned and replied, “We can do that later! We have plenty of time!”

“Our train leaves at seven in the morning and we have to check in. Knowing you, you’ll save it until tomorrow morning and then throw useless junk in your suitcase. Let’s just do it now.”

Natsu pouted and crossed his arms grumpily but rose from his spot at the bar anyways. Turning towards Happy, who was with the other exceeds of Fairy Tail, he waved him over.

“Oi, Happy! We’re heading out now, wanna come?” he asked.

The cat shook his head, for he had something else to do at the guild which involved the two’s absence. “No, I’ll stay here. I’ll come back later!”

Natsu shrugged and nodded, turning back to Lucy, who was being engulfed in a tight hug thanks to Mira. Erza and Gray chuckled on the sidelines as Lucy tried to tell Mira that she couldn’t breathe.

“Make sure you have lots of fun!” the take-over mage instructed. “And take lots of pictures too!”

“I will, I will,” Lucy assured, pulling away from the hug. Not even a moment later, however, her head was bashed against Erza’s chest plate in what was supposed to be a warm embrace. So first she was choked by Mira, then nearly given a concussion by Erza. What was next?

“Be safe,” Erza ordered strictly. “And make sure to keep Natsu in check.”

“Oi! I don’t need her to keep me in check!” the pinkette protested.

Erza sighed and shook her head. “Yes you do. Have fun, Natsu. But don’t you dare do anything stupid.” The threatening gleam in her eyes had Natsu nodding his head at the speed of light.

Lucy and Gray laughed at the scene before turning towards each other with a smile.

“Have fun, Lucy,” Gray stated, ruffling the blonde’s hair. She pouted, though it was better than what she received from Mira and Erza.

“I will,” the blonde replied. The two hugged, ignoring the faint whispers of love rival from the other side of the guild. Pulling away, the girl smiled at the entirety of the guild. “So long, everyone! We’ll see you all in two weeks!”

“Bring souvenirs,” Cana said, taking a swig of whiskey.

With that, Lucy and Natsu headed out of the guild and towards the latter’s cottage. The girl felt tears pricking her eyes from her goodbye with the guild and she mentally cursed herself.

“Two weeks isn’t even that long,” she mentally reminded herself.

With their bodies basking in moonlight, the two walked in a serene silence. It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable, just quiet. Nobody was out on the streets and most of the lights were dimmed. The stars twinkled in the dark sky. Everything was just perfect.

Until Lucy reached Natsu’s house and saw what a pigsty it was.

Trash littered the floor and dirty dishes piled up in the sink. The smell of fish hit her like a brick as she entered the small home, nearly causing her to throw up. How the hell could someone live in a place like that?

“Natsu!” Lucy screeched, her eyes narrowing in annoyance. “You really need to take better care of your place!”

The boy covered his ears with his hands and glared back at her. “It’s fine! You get used to the smell and I know where everything is!”

“That doesn’t matter! C'mon, we’re going to clean before we pack your things.”

“But Lucy-”

“No buts. I’m not going to let you leave here with a disgusting home to come back to. You take the kitchen and I’ll take the bedroom.”

Natsu muttered under his breath but obliged, knowing that the blonde could be just as bit of scary as Erza if she was provoked enough. Starting with the living room, he picked up the trash, grimacing as he found Happy’s stash of fish, most of which being rotten.

“This is gonna take a while,” he thought.

Lucy face palmed as she stepped into Natsu’s room. Aside from on top of the hammock, there was no clean space whatsoever. Starting with the pile of dirty clothes, she threw them into the hamper- one that she had purchased, by the way, after coming to Natsu’s house and finding out that he simply left his clothes on the floor forever.

It was much better once she finished with the clothes. Next was the trash. She nearly threw up twice picking up the garbage, some of which she couldn’t even identify. Two showers were in order after this whole ordeal.

As Lucy tidied up the room, her eyes glazed over a wrinkled piece of paper in the corner of the room. Not wanting to throw it away in case it was important, the girl straightened the sheet and studied it. Her lips curled upwards into a warm smile, her body feeling warm and light. It was the job flier from their most recent mission.

Natsu liked to keep every memento of their jobs, and it warmed her heart to no end. Just knowing that he treasured the time they spent together just as she did made her feel wanted. Like she wasn’t some burden.

Putting the memento gently onto the hammock so Natsu could find a proper place for it later, Lucy finished cleaning the rest of Natsu’s room before going out to help him. An approving grin appeared on her face noticing how much cleaner it was.

“Good job, Natsu!” Lucy exclaimed. “This looks much better!”

“Yeah, whatever,” the boy replied, cleaning the last of the dishes. “We done yet?”

“Fine, fine. Wanna start packing then?”

Natsu nodded, following Lucy back into his bedroom. His eyes glazed over her body, stopping over her bum. He felt guilty looking at her in such a way, so he brought his gaze back onto her shoulders, wondering what she would think if she knew how he looked at her.

The two sat on the floor, Natsu’s suitcase between them.

“Alright, so you’ll definitely need swim trunks,” Lucy stated. “Do you have any?”

“Yeah,” Natsu answered with a nod. He retrieved the black swim trunks with orange flames at the bottom and threw them into the suitcase.

Lucy sighed and picked them up in order to neatly fold them before putting them back in the suitcase. “If you fold them, you can put more stuff in it.”

Natsu shrugged. “I don’t have anything else to pack other than food.”

“What? What about a change of clothes?”

“Don’t need it.”

Lucy sighed and shook her head, not wanting to argue with the boy. Instead, she grabbed the few articles of clothing she could find and packed them away.

“You can’t bring food,” Lucy stated.

Natsu’s eyes widened and his jaw slacked. “What the hell? You can’t bring food on a cruise?”

“Nope. Meals are included in the costs of the room. But you can’t bring outside food.”

“That’s terrible! Are you sure you really wanna go on this thing, Lucy?”

“Yes, I do. And you already agreed to come with me so you can’t back out now!”

Natsu crossed his arms and muttered under his breath. So far, this cruise thing wasn’t sounding too fun. But unbeknownst to him at the time, those two weeks were going to be some of the best- and worst- days of his life.

“It sucks Lucy isn’t gonna be here for a while,” Cana stated, clutching her barrel of booze to her chest.

Happy’s ears perked up at the brunette’s words.

“Who am I gonna mess with now?” Cana asked.

Mira giggled and answered, “You could mess with Gray.”

“No,” the ice-make mage chimed in.

Erza paused from eating her cake and added, “I can’t believe those two are going on a cruise and don’t see how romantic it is.”

Happy took that as his cue to join in. Snickering behind his paw, he flew onto the countertop in front of everyone, gaining their attention.

“Don’t worry, they will,” he stated with a mischievous cackle.

Everyone in the guild paused what they were doing and shared a quick glance before looking back to the cat and beckoning him to continue.

“Get this, everyone!” Happy exclaimed, nearly bursting with laughter then and there. “The cruise they’re going on is for married couples!”

“M-Married couples!?” Erza asked in bewilderment and with rosy cheeks. “A-Are you saying that Natsu and Lucy have been m-married this whole time!?”

Happy shook his head. “Lucy didn’t read all of the pamphlet! Inside it says that the cruise is for married couples only!” Reaching into his knapsack, he pulled out the slightly crinkled brochure and held it out for everyone to see.

Gray snatched it out of the exceed’s hand and allowed everyone to circle around him to inspect it. Sure enough, when he opened the pamphlet, the words were printed in a small font at the bottom of the paper.

“Wait a second,” Gray stated with wide eyes. “Are you telling me that Natsu and Lucy are on a-”

“A COUPLES’ CRUISE!” Mira squealed at the top of her lungs.

Cana bent forward, clutching her stomach as she burst with laughter. “How the hell could or Lucy make a mistake like that?”

“Should we stop them?” Erza suggested.

“No!” Happy answered. “This is the perfect chance to get them together!”

“There’s no way this is gonna work,” Gray added.

Cana raised a brow. “Oho. That sounds like a bet in the making. I think Happy’s onto something. I’m guessing those two are gonna come back with a baby in the oven.”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but I do see them realizing their feelings,” Mira stated, her blue eyes twinkling with excitement.

“I agree. There’s no way they wouldn’t,” Erza added.

Gray scoffed and crossed his arms over his naked chest. “It’s not gonna happen. There’s no way Flame Brain is gonna be able to confess.”

“Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is,” Cana suggested with a heavy smirk.

“Fine, I will!”

The two shook hands and with that, everyone at the guild was joining in. Cana along with the rest of the girls and Happy betted that the two would come back as a couple while Gray and the other boys argued they wouldn’t.

But they wouldn’t find out who would win for another two weeks.

He’s Not My Dad!

Inspired by Naruto Gaiden’s Triple S Family! :)

His small but toned arms struggled to push the full-grown lady out of his bedroom. He managed to shove her out but she kept forcing herself in, pushing his door inwards. And damn was she strong.

“I told you, mom. I can change by myself.”

“But Storm-chan is only seven.”

One of the strongest women in the guild, in-fact.

Juvia’s seven-year old son changed his strategy. He set his back against the door, bent his legs to gain momentum and pushed his entire body with all his might.

“I’m a man!”

He grunted after hearing his mother’s soft chuckle at his announcement.

“Alright. Mommy will leave now.” Juvia gave up in the end. “But please, Storm-chan, wear clothes this time.”

Storm’s seven-year-old body slammed against the door when his mother stopped fighting him with it. He heaved a loud sigh of relief when he heard his mother’s footsteps fading downstairs. But the scowl on his face seemed permanent.

“Of course, I’ll wear clothes. I’m not like that old man.”

“Storm? Pants.”

Storm screamed in mortification after realizing he wasn’t wearing the trousers he put on earlier. He searched the guild frantically for his missing pants and put it on as soon as he found it. His obasan – Mirajane Strauss, who called him out for his lack of clothing, smiled at the similarities he shared with one particular ice-mage.

The little sighs and little swoons coming from the girls’ table caught the little boy’s attention.

“He is one of the best mages of his time.”

“Ah! He is such an amazing man.”

Finally, Storm gave in to his curiosity and walked over to them.

“I want to marry a man just like Gray-jisan!”

Storm’s little ears perked up when he heard that name. He scoffed at Gray’s Sorcerer Weekly cover, which the girls took an offense to.

“Hey!” The three girls cried in unison, giving the offensive boy a dirty look.

“You girls like that kind of man?”

Storm maintained a cool look.

“How pitiful.”

The pretty little girls jumped out of their skin. They hovered over the raven-haired boy, sporting a murderous aura.

“What did you say?”

Storm felt his hair rise. He took a few steps back, putting some distance between him and Gray’s crazy fan girls.


His cute little bum bumped against the nearest table. He placed both his hands in front of him, ready to use the magic he learned from his mother when push comes to shove. He shut his eyes and summoned his magic power. But death didn’t come for him.

“Storm, your shirt.”


Somehow, he lost his butterfly printed tee along the way.

He found it discarded on the floor, picked it up and hurriedly slipped in it. The trio returned to their seats and continued flipping the page with hearts in their eyes like nothing happened.

“But, isn’t Gray-jisan your dad?”

“He’s not my dad!” Storm Fullbuster turned tomato denying the man on the magazine cover.

The three pairs of eyes bounced their eyes between the photo on the magazine and the breathing form in front of them. Wondering why Storm was even trying to oppose the idea when he was actually the spitting image of the man in the photo.

“Besides, aren’t you too young to read something like that?”

The oldest of the trio, the one with the long scarlet hair braided in one long tail, spoke.

“Mother said it’s not too early to learn how to read.” Eru crossed her arms against her chest, abandoning the plan to hurt Storm for a moment to lecture him.

“Reading is useless.”

“Did you say something?”


Storm felt cold, eerie wind slap the back of his neck. He didn’t need to turn around to see his Erza-basan wrapped in her infamous dark aura. But still, he did.

“N-n-nothing seventh.”

Erza smiled at him, laughing inwardly for scaring the hell out of the little boy.

Just like his dad. She thought.

She patted his head in an affectionate manner, trying to make him more comfortable with her presence. The Seventh Guild Master, remembering the reason she approached the bunch, handed him the sealed document.

“Will you bring this to your house for me?”

Storm stared at the letter for a moment, eyeing it at every angle as if doing so would show him the contents. Erza wagged a finger in front of him.

“Uh-uh-uh. Official guild business.”

He nodded at her and grabbed the letter from her hands.

“Yes, Seventh.”

And before Erza could say her parting words, Storm’s spiky raven-hair disappeared in a blur of motion.

“He didn’t even bother to properly say goodbye to his guild master.”

Eru stood beside the Seventh in a stance that replicated the latter’s. Erza could just smile.

The young raven-haired rushed to his house, wanting to rip open the letter Erza-basan just handed him. He was such in a hurry he didn’t notice he was slipping out of his clothes again.

“Mom! Mom!” Storm called out before he could even open the door. He rushed inside, already on his bare feet. He stopped dead on his tracks when he saw an unfamiliar figure sitting on their dining table. The man had his back at him so he couldn’t see his face. He took a few steps forward to take a closer look, considering if the man was a threat. But when he saw the stranger holding his mother’s hand, the storm was unleashed.

“Water Slicer!”

But the water blades Storm created dissolved upon contact with an ice shield. He prepared for another attack but his hands immediately dropped when the stranger spoke.

“So? He learned your water magic?”

Storm saw his mother nod in response. A contented smile plastered on her face. The stranger spun and turned to him and the young boy was too surprised to move. Gray walked leisurely towards his son, still maintaining his laid-back demeanor. He lowered himself and leveled his midnight eyes with his.

“You should learn my ice-make too. That’s unfair if you’re just going to work on your mother’s magic.”

Gray’s wide grin was wiped out by a single punch from his own son.

Storm Fullbuster huffed, his shoulders rising and falling with his breathing. Seven years of frustration and anger built up inside him and it overwhelmed him. He prepared his second punch and ready to throw it when his worried mother rushed to him and threw her hands around him to keep him from moving.

“Storm-chan, please don’t hurt dad.”

“I guess that’s my fault.”

The atmosphere at the guild was extra festive that morning. The members celebrated the return of one of their own with a hero’s welcome. But one certain raven-haired wasn’t in the mood to celebrate.

“Oi, Storm! Why aren’t you joining the party for your dad?”

Storm immediately rose to his feet. He balled his hands into fists and yelled at the unknowing Eru, face all red.

“He’s not my dad!”

“Idiot! You look like him!”

Storm crossed his arms against his chest and turned his back against Eru, which he knew drove her off the wall.

“So? That doesn’t make him my dad. He’s just a guy who really likes my mom.”

“That’s not true.”

Both heads turned to the owner of the voice. Gray stepped out from behind the scarlet-haired with Juvia’s hand held in his.

“I love your mother.” The ice-mage gazed lovingly at his wife beside him, pairing it up with a satisfied smile that she gladly returned. “And you are the product of that love.”

Gray didn’t see it coming. Next thing he knew, his son’s impressive water nebula sent him flying at the other end of the room.

“Mom is mine!” Storm declared.

If there was one thing Storm Fullbuster hated, it was sharing his mother’s affection.

“Ah, I guess he got Juvia-chan’s personality.”

And the whole guild broke into loud laughter.

“The problem is this though.”

The problem is this? The letter hes going to give to Lucy? Those five words tell us just how hard it is for Natsu to leave Lucy.

Hes going away for a year to train, to get stronger. Hes leaving everything behind to become good enough to protect all of his friends. But, he doesn’t see that as a problem. He sees the biggest obstacle as saying goodbye to Lucy. 

Hes didn’t saying goodbye to the guild.

He didn’t say goodbye to any of his friends.

He only said goodbye to Lucy.

And this just proves how much Natsu cares about Lucy more than a friend.