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Gray and Lucy are dating, how do you react?

As requested by anon :)

As quite a popular pairing gets together once again, it’s time to see how the characters react the newly canon Graylu.

Lisanna: Congratulations you two, you’re adorable!

Lisanna: And in no way am I pleased because this might mean I have a shot at Natsu.

Lucy: …I-I wasn’t interested in him in the first place! I could have helped you.

Lisanna: I was more referring to his crush on you…

Lucy: He didn’t have a crush on me!


Lucy: He didn’t!

Mirajane: Ah, my second favourite Lucy pairing, I’m so happy that Gray is with her!


Erza: Gray is one of the best men I have ever known, Lucy is very lucky to have him.


[Rainstorm hits Magnolia!]

Juvia: J-Juvia feels very depressed! And angry! And-

Gajeel: Wet. You’re getting us all wet. I’m soaked, and I’m cold here.

Juvia: Cold like Gray-sama!

Gajeel: Would you stop with all the Gray worship? It’s weird.

Juvia: J-Juvia can’t help it!

Happy: I feel kinda sorry for Natsu; his luck with girls is really bad.


Macao: I have to say, Gray’s a pretty lucky guy. Lucy’s super cute.

Wakaba: And that body? Yowzer!

Macao: Did you have to bring that up?

Wakaba: Oh yeah, like you weren’t thinking it.

Macao: …Who me?

Laxus: The blonde one and Gray? Whatever.

Freed: Lucy is a wonderful girl and Gray is certainly a good person, this is definitely a good couple.


Cana: Lucy got a boyfriend? Eh, I’ll drink to that.

Lyon: …She managed to defeat Sherry; I suppose that’s someone good enough for Gray.

Ultear: Gray’s growing up, getting a girlfriend, moving on…

Ultear: I think I’m tearing up!


Loke: Both good people, they definitely have chemistry, but of course if Gray hearts Lucy he’ll be in for a beating.

Gray: Hey! Not cool, we’ve been friends for years and you honestly think I’d hurt her?

Loke: Look someone has to do the threatening and I can’t very well threaten Lucy can I?

Gray: Okay I take your point.


Mirajane: What is it Natsu?

Erza: You’ve been sitting there in horrified silence for quite a while.


Natsu: Gray… Lucy…

Natsu: I kinda hate your guts Gray but I guess you’re ok and Lucy, you’re… fine I guess…



Natsu: But if anything goes wrong with this couple, I’m gonna swoop in and steal you away.

Gray: …Ok.

Lucy: …Do you know who he’s talking to?

Gray: Not a clue.

The 15 best things to happen to the Mets in 2015:
  1. #Murphtober
  2. Cult hero Wilmer Flores, the trade that wasn’t, and the night that will live in infamy.
  3. Cult hero Bartolo Colon.
  4. All the hair and the very tall country boys it’s attached to.
  5. Two words: Yoenis Cespedes.
  6. …and the fact that the front office a) actually made a major acquisition at the trade deadline, and b) it was wildly successful.
  7. wefollowlucasduda
  8. The Dark Knight Rises (and had some innings-limit drama but then World Series game 5 happened and he was forgiven for all prior grievances forever, amen).
  9. “Yowzers!”
  10. “They can meet me 60 feet, 6 inches away.”
  11. David Wright’s homer in his first at bat after being activated off the DL. And David Wright’s homer to finish off the NL East clincher. And David Wright’s homer in the first World Series game played at Citi. (So, David Wright, basically.)
  12. Noah Syndergaard’s social media accounts.
  13. The rookies living up to the hype, and then some.
  14. Kershaw, Greinke, Lester, Arrieta. Done, done, done and DONE.