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I'm vvvv proud of how many followers you have and ur side blog is rad. I'm ur biggest fan!!!

goddammit u fucking nerd  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i love you nat  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) don’t ever leave me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • do i get the reference: yay | nay
  • length: too long | too short | BUCKY BARNES’ MODELS WW2-ERA BLUE COATS
  • thoughts: i can remember your url as clear as day and it’s ironically funny but damn is it a mouthful (like steve always has a mouthful of bucky aye aye)
  • overall: 9


  • do i get the reference: yay | nay
  • colour: eh | nice nice | PHASMA’S TRASH COMPACTER I.E. MY HOME
  • quality: eh | nice nice | CAPTAIN ASSMERICA, THE STAR-SPANGLED BOOTY
  • content:  eh | nice nice | SAMWISE GAMGEE’S LOVE FOR POTATOES
  • thoughts: oh space seb, you should travel the galaxy of my heart, you sexy thang
  • overall: 8


  • would i use it: yay | nay
  • updates tab: eh | nice nice | LEGOLAS’ ELF EYES SEE FINE FELLOWSHIP ASS
  • sidebar/header: eh | nice nice | KYLO REN’S PANTENE COMMERCIAL-WORTHY HAIR
  • colour scheme: eh | nice nice | NATASHA “THIGH-GRIP OF DEATH” ROMANOFF
  • is it: too simple | too crowded | POE DAMERON’S JACKET IS BAE MATERIAL
  • thoughts: doribro i shall always prefer a little clutter over minimalism so you get a virtual high-five-and-a-slap-on-the ass combp for that one, and the hot slab of seb man flesh in the corner alights the fire in my soul you feel me, your theme could use a little polish tho
  • overall: 7


  • is it within my many fandoms: YAY!!! | nay
  • content:  eh | nice nice | OBI WAN KENOBI THE BEARDED SPINSTER
  • variety: eh | nice nice | SAM WILSON MAKES BREAKFAST BLESS HIM
  • quality: eh | nice nice | ARAGORN LITERALLY SAYS “RIDE HARD”
  • thoughts: for realz your quality posts are quality and your shitposts are also quality
  • overall: 8


  • overall: 8 (1 million Buckaroos!!!!)
  • following: nah man sorry | +f | *virtual tender-lovin’ hug* | u’ve seen my snapchat stories (and u’ve endured every snap of ned, tasuki and all dem sex scenes in yaois ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
  • compliments: nat where do i start honestly… you’re one of my best friends and i know sometimes you feel like you’re inconveniencing me but trust me you have never intentionally done me wrong or bothered me. you are kind and smart and funny and fuck it all to hell you can go places and be something because you matter, and you will always matter to me.
  • lyrics: “I’ll follow you down through the eye of the storm, don’t worry I’ll keep you warm.
    I’ll follow you down while we’re passing through space, I don’t care if we fall from grace, I’ll follow you down.” – because i’d raise the fucking world for you nat

want one? no more pls! // blacklist “amy does the thing”

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Is your dad in jail? cause if i was your dad id be in jail you sexy thang you

Hahahah. No but I was in jail once. Some biker asked me if my eyebrows were tattooed on!!!

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*quietly sings* : "I believe in MIRACLES, where ya from? you murderous thang! I believe in MIRACLES. Since you came along you sexy thang, you murderous thing you.." bow... bow bow bow bow bow... #Notevenashamed #Isnooped


“You aint watching anon, dmmed peeping tom”.