(you would've thought i would be used to it by now)

Basically, This is Basically What Every Dr. Phil Episode is Basically Like Basically
  • Dr. Phil: Hello, I am Doctor Philip, and today we'll be tackling an issue that is very widespread, but rarely spoken about. Gaming addiction. Now, I know many of you know at least one person in your life who plays video games, whether that be a child or, in some cases, a spouse.
  • Audience: *laughs*
  • Dr. Phil: But, when unregulated, gaming can lead to serious addiction. Today I have with me a mother who's home life has been torn apart as her very own son descended into gaming addiction.
  • Mother: *sniffing and wiping tears away* Hello, doctor. Will you cure my son?
  • Dr. Phil: Well, dear, that's... uhh. Let's just bring the boy out already.
  • *dramatic music plays*
  • Gamer: My name is Gregg, I'm 19 years old, I'm a gaming addict, and I don't give a f*ck.
  • Audience: *gasps*
  • Gamer: Yeah, I game for 19 to 20 hours a day and the other four hours I use for looking up sick gaming strats or beating it to anime porn. I once sucked off a dude because he offered me minecraft diamonds. I don't give a sh*t, I would've sucked him off even if he didn't have the diamonds.
  • Audience: *gasps louder*
  • Gamer: Do I hate women? Yes, I hate women. I've emailed Anita Sarkeesian my address. She knows where I am if she wants to fight me. Feminists, square the fuck up. People always ask why I don't do anything other than gaming. I ask them why don't they mind their own f*cking business. I don't think I have a problem. Dr. Phil can honestly eat my whole an*s.
  • Gamer: *walks out onto the stage*
  • Audience: *boos*
  • Gamer: F*ck all y'all! I don't give a f*ck! *flips off the audience*
  • Dr. Phil: Please take a seat, son.
  • Gamer: *sits very disrespectfully*
  • Mother: *starts bawling*
  • Dr. Phil: Son, do you think that was acceptable behavior?
  • Gamer: The only behavior I care about is the behavioral patterns for enemies in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. I love video games: Master chief, Mario, uhm, Blinx the Cat... Blasto. Love those guys!
  • Audience: *boos*
  • Gamer: I don't care! You think I care! F*ck all y'all!
  • Dr. Phil: All these people are booing you, doesn't that make you feel bad?
  • Gamer: Are you deaf? Have I not articulated the fact that I absolutely 100% do not care about anything except for video games? I. DON'T. GIVE. A. F*CK.
  • Mother: He's always like this, there's no changing him. It didn't used to be this way... just *starts bawling harder*
  • Dr. Phil: I think there is a way to change him, and we'll find out more about that after these messages.
  • *Dr. Phil theme plays*
  • *The lights dim and every goes empty eyed and slack-jawed*
  • Gamer: Heh, this is weird. *nudges mom and whispers to her* Hey, we're getting paid for this, right. Hey, mom? ...Mom?
  • Mother: *completely unresponsive*
  • Dr. Phil: *completely unresponsive*
  • Audience: *completely unresponsive*
  • Gamer: Heh... this is REALLY weird. *looks around nervously*
  • Audience member: Hey!
  • Gamer: Huh?
  • Audience Member: I'm in the audience! Over here! My arms are strapped to the chair! You have to help me!
  • Gamer: *runs to the audience member*
  • Audience Member: Thank god, I thought I was the only one here left with any brains.
  • Gamer: *hastily undoing the straps* What the fuck is going on?
  • Audience Member: I don't know, but this definitely isn't Dr. Phil's show.
  • Gamer: Then what is it?
  • Audience Member: No clue, but we have to get out of here before the commercial breaks ends.
  • Gamer: *successfully undoes the straps*
  • Audience Member: C'mon! Let's go. *grabs the gamer by the arm*
  • Gamer: *resists* Wait a fucking minute. Why am I supposed to trust you?
  • Audience Member: Because I'm normal and everyone else is braindead if you haven't noticed.
  • Gamer: Yeah, but I'm not going anywhere until I know what's going on. Being on Dr. Phil is a huge opportunity for me to, y'know, advertise my brand. I'm a gamer if you haven't noticed.
  • Audience Member: Are you insane? Have you had a look around you? Does this anything happening right now seem normal to you? Who cares about your "brand". Do you even remember how you got here?
  • Gamer: Well... now that you mention, I can't really remember exactly.
  • Audience Member: Yeah, now let's get the fuck out of here.
  • *the gamer and audience member run through the back exit into the hallways*
  • *the Dr. Phil theme blares as the show returns from commercial break*
  • Gamer: My ears!
  • Audience Member: Move it! *jerks gamer's arm*
  • Gamer: Okay, calm down.
  • *the entire audience screams in unison*
  • Gamer: What the fuck is that!?
  • Audience Member: It's the reason we're running! Quick, in here!
  • *the duo duck into a cramped broom closest*
  • Gamer: Listen, you have to tell me what the fuck is going on right now!
  • Audience Member: Shh.
  • Gamer: Don't shush me!
  • Audience Member: *covers the gamer's mouth*
  • *agonized screaming and violently rumbling passes by the broom closest*
  • Gamer: Holy shit!
  • Audience Member: Stop yelling.
  • Gamer: How can I not yell when it sounds the gates of hell just passed by us!
  • Audience Member: You want it to turn back around and find us?
  • Gamer: Alright. I'll calm down... I'll. *start sobbing*
  • Audience Member: Please, please stop crying. You're too loud.
  • Gamer: I can't! I'm under a lot of stress!
  • Audience Member: You'll be dead if you don't shut the fuck.
  • Gamer: I never wanted any of this, I just wanted to go on Dr. Phil so people would recognize me on YouTube and I could become a popular Let's Player!
  • Audience Member: If you don't shut up right now, I'll-
  • *a snake bites the audience member's neck*
  • Audience Member: *eyes roll up*
  • Gamer: *screams like a baby*
  • *snakes slither under the closet door*
  • Gamer: *stumbles out of the closet and falls into hallway covered with snakes* Fuck me! Fuck me!
  • Gamer: *attempts to run away but falls beneath the snakes and into and empty void*
  • *agonized screaming echoes from all around*
  • Gamer: Am I in hell? I have to be in hell. You don't fall through a pool of snakes and wind up anywhere else but hell.
  • Dr. Phil: THERE IS NO HELL.
  • Gamer: Doc, is that you? If this isn't hell then where am I?
  • Dr. Phil: YOU'RE IN MY REALM SON. *Dr. Phil's face appears glowing in the distance, his eyes are empty sockets and his mouth hangs open*
  • Gamer: What the fuck are you?
  • Dr. Phil: I'M DOCTOR PHILIP.
  • Gamer: You're not Dr. Phil!
  • Dr. Phil: I NEVER SAID I WAS, SON. *a wall of gray human bodies lights up surrounding Dr. Phil's massive head, dr. phil's giant snake body slithers towards the gamer and opens its third eye* I'M DOCTOR PHILIP.
  • *the wall of bodies screams in unison as Dr. Phil devours the gamer*
  • *Dr. Phil theme plays loudly*
  • Dr. Phil: THE NEXT EPISODE IS STARTING. I'M LATE. *slithers into the wall of bodies and his snake body slowly transforms into a normal Dr. Phil's body*
  • Dr. Phil: *crawls onto the stage*
  • Dr. Phil: *dusts himself off* Woo, I went on quite an adventure.
  • Audience: *laughs*
  • Dr. Phil: I'm glad we can all find some time in our lives to laugh, but today's episode is covering something that is most certainly not a laughing matter. It's one of the most serious addictions striking America today and it's rarely talked about. I'm talking about people who love to pee on their mattresses and then pay people exorbitant amounts of money to suck their disgusting mattresses clean.
  • Audience: ... *someone clears their throat*
  • Dr. Phil: What's the matter?
  • Cameraguy: Spsss, Doc. That's not what the episode is about. It's about people with terrible gambling issues.
  • Dr. Phil: Oh, ah, fuck! Cut to commercial!
The Chamber of Secrets, a summary
  • Dobby: Harry Potter must not go to Hogwarts!
  • Harry: The fuck are you Hogwarts4lyfe
  • Dobby: *Pudding crashes and burns worse than Snape's love life*
  • Harry: fuck
  • Ron: *mass breakout*
  • Vernon: *falls out window*
  • Fred'n'George: sup
  • Mrs. Weasley: BoYs YaLl DoNe It NoW GeT yo SoRrY AsSeS oVeR HeRe- except you Harry nothing's ever your fault an btw thanks for almost getting my son killed last year
  • Ginny: *highkey stalker*
  • Floo powder: lol you thought things would go right in your life
  • Draco: *exists*
  • Harry: He'S FuCkInG Up tO SoMeThInG
  • Hagrid: *saves Harry from being raped*
  • Hermione: sup
  • Lockhart: OMG IT'S HARRY POTTER HERE TO BOOST MY HALLWAY CRED- I mean- *coughs* you have a few fans yourself, I hear- HERETAKEMYBOOKSTAKETHEMALL
  • Lucius: *is an ass*
  • Aurthur: *fights a bitch*
  • Lucius: *here have this book it's pretty and talks to you but be careful it may possess you*
  • Platform 9 3/4: *is an ass*
  • Ron: Let's just take the flying car illegally instead of just owling Hogwarts or waiting for my parents
  • Harry: k
  • Car: *eighties action music*
  • Harry: can you hear that?
  • Ron: we must be getting close!
  • Harry: hold on-
  • *music grows louder*
  • Hogwarts express with Thomas face on it: DUN DUN DUN DUUN DUN DUN, DUUUUN
  • Car: *crashes*
  • Tree: *is an ass*
  • McGonagall: Idfc just go away here have a sandwich
  • Hermione: sup
  • Shit: hello friends
  • Wall: ThE ChAmBeR Of SeCreTS HaS BeEN OPenEd EnEmIeS oF The HeiR BeWArE
  • Mrs. Norris: hanging by noose from ceiling
  • Harry Ron and Hermione: *are there*
  • Filch: Y'all killed my cat IMMA KILL YA
  • Dumbledore: Bruh you accusing the great Harry Potter?!? If it was anyone else I wouldn't care but since it's Harry SHUT UP
  • Malfoy: *is a slithery Slytherin*
  • Harry: He's the heir
  • Hermione: *starts making potion*
  • Myrtle: *moans*
  • Colin: *takes pictures of Harry*
  • Harry: ew fuck stop
  • Lockhart: StOp YoU cAn'T bE MoRe PopUlAr thAn mE- I mean *coughs* it's unwise to hand out pictures until you're as famous as me
  • Harry: *gets detention* *is worse than Umbridge's blood quill* *hears hissing* *doesn't suspect it could be a snake which is the animal that hisses*
  • Hermione and Ron: sup
  • Harry: can you hear that
  • Ron and Hermione: wtf no you must be insane
  • Harry: lol tru
  • Lockhart: *has dueling club*
  • Snape: *kicks his ass with the disarming spell*
  • Lockhart: totally meant for that to happen now give me a moment while I restart my heart
  • Hermione: *is killed by Millicent but somehow manages to get a hair*
  • Snape: Harry fight Draco
  • Harry and Draco: *fight*
  • Draco: *snakeness intensifies*
  • Harry: (to snake) bruh calm down mate
  • Snake: k
  • Snape: *kills snake*
  • Ernie: Bruh you tryina kill me
  • Harry: lol no but I should asshole
  • Ron: Harry why didn't you tell me you had a completely dead ability when you didn't even know it existed or that it was rare
  • Harry: idk snakes are cool
  • Person: *petrified*
  • Teachers: maybe we should give a shit
  • Dumbledore: lol nope
  • Quidditch: *happens*
  • Draco: training for the ballet, Potter?
  • Harry: *trains for ballet* *breaks arm*
  • Lockhart: OMG GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE TI HEAL HARRY IT WILL BOST MY READERSHIP I mean *coughs* I've done this a thousand times
  • Harry's Arm: *is bendy*
  • Harry: *goes to infirmary* *hears extremely important information*
  • Polyjuice: *happens*
  • Draco: blah blah blah mud blood blah blah blah poor blah blah blah whydoesntpotterloveme
  • Draco: *isnt heir*
  • Harry and Ron: well shit *get the hell outta doge*
  • Hermione: *is cat*
  • Harry: *finds moist book in a girl's bathroom* Imma take this
  • Harry: *ignores more murderous hissing*
  • Diary: hello friend no more sadness today
  • Harry: seems legit
  • Diary: here look at this memory I'm Tom Riddle
  • Harry: k
  • Memory: *happens*
  • Harry: boi why da fk you lyin
  • Hagrid: *is taken to Azkaban because we needed to introduce it for the next book*
  • Harry and Ron: *follow spiders*
  • Spider dude: We do not speak the name of the giant snake in your pipes now excuse me while my children murder you
  • Car: *is real hero of the story*
  • Hermione: *is petrified*
  • Harry and Ron: Shit
  • Hermione: *has clue casually hidden in her hand but takes weeks to find*
  • Harry: ohh it's a Basilisk dats why I can hear it
  • Ginny: *is taken*
  • Professors: *finally give a shit*
  • Lockhart: lol nope
  • Harry: lol yup
  • Myrtle: yah that sink with the snake on it. I mean, it would've been helpful to tell you about it before but whatever have fun
  • Harry: k thx
  • Myrtle: Harry when you die you should stay in here and fuck me
  • Ron: bye bitch
  • Harry: *hisses*
  • Draco: *in dungeons* *gets boner*
  • Chamber: *is opened*
  • Lockhart: I LOVE YOU HARRY! I mean- *coughs* say goodbye to your memories imma just take credit for your stories like I did for erryone else
  • *uses Ron's broken wand* *hits himself* *cavern collapses conveniently blocking Ron and Douchehart on one side and Harry on the other*
  • Ron: lol rip
  • Harry: k bye
  • Ginny: *is almost dead*
  • Harry: shit
  • Tom: *is hot* *appears menacingly*
  • Harry: sup Tom wanna help
  • Tom: lol nope *takes Harry's wand*
  • Harry: Bruh give me my wand
  • Tom: Snakey go kill this twelve year old
  • Harry: *runs*
  • Snake: *is blinded by random phoenix*
  • Harry: *stabs snake with magic sword* *gets bit* *stabs book*
  • Ginny: sup omg Harry that look like it hurts
  • Harry: *gives speech*
  • Fawkes: *cries*
  • Harry: yay I'm healed
  • Fawkes: gets them past all the boulders magically
  • All: *are free*
  • Dobby: *socks are lyfe*
  • Harry: *roast*
  • Credits: *roll*

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Any headcanons about how Aunt May and Uncle Ben would've been with Peter when he was young, before his parents left?

may and ben never planned to have kids because they genuinely didn’t want any, they’re fine to just babysit for a few hours to get their fill of cute children being wholesome. and sometimes they think they may want some, but then richard and mary have peter. and they’re so overjoyed for them, but they see how peter cries and how he keeps richard and mary up all night. how often his diaper needs changing, how completely needy children are. and they both agree they definitely don’t want kids.

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Forgive Me [Draco x Reader, Five]

A/N: THERE WILL BE TWO SEPARATE ENDINGS!!! Yes, this is the last fic before the end! One ending will be where the reader gets back together with Draco, the other will be where they split ways. Also, heads up, this one sucks lol

also can we just appreciate this gif of Tom Felton he’s so hot i can’t

Word Count: 2,036

Warnings: Cursing I think?? awkwardness!!! really poorly written draco not gonna lie on this one

Tags: @friceaurelia07 @fandomlover03 @tiny-strawberry- @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night @1amorales1 @missidontknowwhatimdoing @weasleyswizardwheezs @canadianbirdie @all-theesee-fandoms @jellyunicornsworld

Part One/Two/Three/Four/Five(you’re here!)


Originally posted by nellaey

Draco pulled away from (Name) gently, eyes half lidded and hands shaking. (Name) looked at him with dazed eyes and rosy cheeks. 

The silence was almost comfortable. It wasn’t tense, nor awkward, but simply just silence. 

Draco could feel his stomach doing flips. He didn’t know what to say or think, he just knew that whatever he felt couldn’t be ignored. 

“I… Don’t really know what to say,” (Name) mumbled. Her eyes were cast downwards and her hair fell in her face. Draco lifted her chin up and gazed into her eyes that held the constellations he loved. 

“You don’t have to say anything.” He pulled her into another kiss, in which she complied to. 

The two parted ways, promising to meet up the next day at the same place. There was definitely something that needed to be resolved. 

(Name) went to sleep that night not feeling regret, but anxiousness. Was this what she had wanted all along? Could she just forgive him like that? Was it even okay to forgive him for what he did? 

Draco went to sleep that night knowing that she was what he wanted. Nothing more, nothing less. He had learned from his mistakes, and his decision was final. 

Draco Malfoy was in love with (Name) (Last Name), and he wasn’t ashamed for what he felt.

However, Draco also understood that (Name) was not naive, so he was nervous as to how should react when she came back to her senses. Would she yell at him? Be frustrated with what happened? Or would she cherish him? Tell herself that the kiss they shared was a new start?

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Hi, quick question because I haven't read the books in a while. Did Ned encourage Arya's unladylike behaviour at all? I know he obviously let her keep Needle but apart from that I'm sure he wanted to make her a lady (the whole 'your sons will be knights... quote etc) but he and Cat just sort of gave up. I see people say because she remind him of Lyanna he encouraged it but I would've thought if she reminded him of Lyanna, he would discourage it, hoping she doesn't share the same fate

The short answer to your question, Nonnie, is NO. Ned did not “encourage” Arya in unladylike behavior. The Ned Stark who indulges his youngest daughter in every whim and thinks it’s charming if she’s rude to people is entirely a fandom creation. At least as far as the books go. Not having seen the show, I never pretend to speak to portrayals of the characters there. Honestly, this idea of Ned as the super progressive, indulgent father who would want all his children to live freely and marry for love and spend their lives doing whatever their little hearts desire if it weren’t for that horrible bitch he’s married to infuriates me as much on Ned’s behalf as it does on Catelyn’s!

As much as I love the guy, as much as he genuinely loves both his wife and children a great deal more than many other lords in ASOIAF seem to, as much as he absolutely values women as human beings capable of rational thought and worthy of respect in a way that far too few of the men in the series do, Lord Eddard Stark is a pretty traditional guy. He married for duty, became Lord of Winterfell for duty, lives his life with as much honor as he can–as he understands the concept. He expects no less of his children. He does not want them unhappy and would not willingly place them in harm’s way, but he expects Robb to fulfills his responsibilities as heir to Winterfell and one day its lord, to rule with honor and wed a woman who will make a good Lady of Winterfell. He expects Bran and Rickon to grow up and become bannermen of their elder brother, perhaps with their own holdfasts in the North, helping defend House Stark and the North and administer justice in their brother’s name. He expects Sansa AND Arya to make marriages which are advantageous to House Stark. Not because he thinks of his children as pawns, but because this is WHAT PEOPLE DO! This is how a good father secures his children’s future and how a good lord secures the future of his House.

So, OF COURSE, he doesn’t encourage Arya’s wild ways. Now, we don’t get to see any actual hands-on parenting by Ned of his daughters in Winterfell on the page. Catelyn is obviously in charge of them. Not because she’s controlling and he’s lenient–but because that is HER job. Arya sees her mother as the primary disciplinarian in her life simply because her mother, as the more hands-on parent in her daily life, is the one who’s telling her what to do and not to do on a far more regular basis. 

We DO see Ned interacting directly with Arya in King’s Landing, when Catelyn is far away and unavailable for the duty. He’s exhausted, he’s miserable away from his home and his wife, he’s frustrated with his seeming inability to make Robert act like a king or to make headway in the matter of Jon Arryn’s death or the attempt on Bran’s life, and he’s completely bamboozled on how to handle the open warfare between his daughters. And now Septa Mordane comes to him and tells him that after he left the Small Hall in frustration without finishing his dinner after yet another altercation between the two girls, Arya has made a scene and left the Hall without permission. He goes to her room, wondering how in hell to deal with her and finds her with a sword she informs him is his.

During their exchange, (which is from Arya’s POV), she notes more than once how tired her father looks. Upon realizing the sword was made by Mikken, he SIGHS. “My nine-year-old daughter is being armed from my own forge, and I know nothing of it. The Hand of the King is expected to rule the Seven Kingdoms, yet it seems I cannot even rule my own household.”

This is a dude at the end of his rope!

When Arya informs him that she hates Septa Mordane, his answer is given in a voice GRRM refers to as ‘curt and hard’. “That’s enough. The septa is doing no more than is her duty, though gods know you have made it a struggle for the poor woman. Your mother and I have charged her with the impossible task of making you a lady.”

YOUR MOTHER AND I, he says. Not just ‘your mother.’ Like Catelyn, Ned understands that Arya chafes against a lot of what is asked of her. Like Catelyn, he sees learning to do it anyway as necessary to her future.

Arya protests, of course, and gets the well-known speech from her father about having a wildness in her, or the wolf blood as his own father used to call it. And when he tells her she reminds him of his sister, even nine-year-old Arya hears the sadness in his voice. And when he tells her she looks like Lyanna, and she protests that Lyanna was beautiful he says, “She was. Beautiful, willful, and dead before her time.”

In this moment, Ned is remembering his sister with both great love and great fear for as much as he might love the echoes of her which he sees in Arya, he DOES NOT want her to follow Lyanna’s path or share her fate. Immediately after that is when he asks her what she thought to do with that sword. He’s trying desperately to figure out what to do with this daughter who is so unhappy, so determined to do what she wants, and eerily like the sister who followed her own will right into an early grave and triggered a terrible war. 

They go on to have quite a wonderful conversation in which he tries to understand her and make her understand him–talking of the pack and winter and honor, etc. Some things, she understands, and others not so much. He never mentions Lyanna again in the conversation. He tells her Septa Mordane is a good woman and emphasizes her sisterhood with Sansa, telling her that while they may be as different as the sun and the moon, the same blood flows through their hearts and they need each other. And he needs them both.

We’re in Arya’s head here–not Ned’s. But you can almost feel his desperation when he then tells her she has to STOP with the willfulness. “This is not Winterfell. We have enemies here who mean us ill. We cannot fight a war among ourselves. This willfulness of yours, the running off, the angry words, the disobedience … at home, these were only the summer games of a child. Here and now, with winter soon upon us, that is a different matter. It is time to begin growing up.”

Basically, he just told her to knock off all the things that so many in fandom feel he encouraged in her. While he may have been fairly lenient (NOT encouraging) of her shenanigans in Winterfell, they’re now in a dangerous place, and at the ripe old age of nine, he expects her to act more grown up!

Then, he lets her keep her sword and arranges lessons for her. Why does he do that? I think at least in part, it’s because he needs somebody to be happy about SOMETHING. He’s so guilty about Sansa’s wolf that he can barely speak with her, and he knows Arya hates King’s Landing, and he knows even better how much HE hates King’s Landing. Maybe if he gives her this one thing–he can keep his daughter from a full-on rebellion like that of his sister’s.

But even after that, some time later after word arrives that Bran has awakened, Arya asks Ned if he can still be a knight, and he tells her no, but that her brother may still someday be lord of a great holdfast and sit on the king’s castle or raise castles like Brandon the Builder or sail a ship across the Sunset Sea or enter their mother’s faith and become High Septon. Arya promptly asks if she can be king’s councillor and build castles and become High Septon, and Ned, of course, tells her no.

“You,” Ned said, kissing her lightly on the brow, “will marry a king and rule his castle, and your sons will be knights and princes and lords and, yes, perhaps even a High Septon.”

Arya wants none of that, of course, but my point here is that, sword lessons or not, this is the future Ned saw for Arya, the future he WANTED for Arya, not because he was a bad father, but because he loved his daughter. And to this traditional High Lord of Westeros, having his daughter become a Queen or a great Lady was the absolute most he could offer her.

So while he loved his daughter Arya dearly, and had loved his sister dearly as well, and probably did love that he could see a bit of Lyanna living on in Arya, he did not encourage her to be willful and wild any more than he had encouraged it in his sister.

illuminati4  asked:

I love the little bits of Mace and Anakin coming to an understanding I see in your fics. I would love to see maybe Mace and Anakin getting a long a lot earlier. Like, around when Anakin was first brought to the temple? They are both so stubborn and lean towards their darker emotions and fears that you would think they would understand each other a little better haha. I almost feel like Mace would've been a good master to help control those and channel them productively?

Pressing his fingers against his lips, Mace frowned faintly as he stared at the air in front of him as the rest of the council argued around him about the boy.

Former slave.

Frightened for his mom.

In an unfamiliar place.

Left in the care of people he wasn’t sure about.

Yet standing in front of them and answering each question to the best of his abilities.

And so many shatterpoints that Mace wasn’t even sure what he was looking at sometimes.

Just like Kenobi.

His eyes flickered to Yoda, trying to gain some insight into the old master’s thoughts.


There were so many points to not allow the boy to become a Jedi.

He was nine, by the age of nine initiates were trained to meditate and had a basic grasp of both katas and even some sparring. This boy would have to start all fresh, all new with the emotions he had learned by a harsh life.

And yet.


‘We used to take older children. There used to be many things that were put away…out of fear?’ Mace felt his frown grow at that thought.

He looked to Yoda once again to find the old master looking at him, ears slowly rising as if surprised.

Mace stared back.

And then he took a decision, standing up. “I will take Skywalker as my padawan.” He said firmly. “I know what darkness is. I have trained padawans before. I will ensure he stays on the path of the Order and the Light side of the Force.” He looked around. “Any arguments?”


“A decision we have made.” Yoda croaked out and Mace slowly stood, ignoring Qui-Gon’s visible surprise next to his padawan as the Korun moved forward until he could kneel in front of the boy who stared straight at Mace with wide blue eyes.

But he didn’t step back.

‘Brave little one aren’t you?’ Mace thought as he stared at him. “But only if young Skywalker here agrees to it.” He held out his hand. “You do not have to stay in the temple, you are free to go where you want, however…if you want to stay, I will be your teacher.”

The two stared at each other and Mace felt what he could only describe as the Force holding its breath, several shatterpoints seemingly vibrating.

Ever so slowly the boy reached up and took Mace hand, staring at him. “A-Alright.”

Mace gave a small smile and covered the tanned hand with both of his, holding on carefully. “Then welcome to the Order padawan Skywalker.”

The boy slowly gave him a shy smile.

“Anakin.” He whispered.

“…Padawan Anakin then.” Mace chuckled quietly, feeling the shatterpoints suddenly evaporate into nothingness as he held onto the blonds small hand with his own broad warm ones. “Welcome to your new home.”


“Okay, spill it, why?”

Mace raised his brow at Qui-Gon then sat back in his chair. “I have no idea what you me-”

“Maaace.” Qui-Gon growled.

“…I am one of the creators of the vaapaad. I know what dark emotions are and how to control them. And I know you can’t see them but that boy is covered in shatterpoints. Regardless what happens, both him and your own padawan are important to the future.” Mace finally settled on, sighing as he held out his glass for Qui-Gon to refill it with wine. “Should have known you had a back-thought to inviting me for a drink.”

The long haired man just snorted. “Several but Anakin was more important to my line of thought. You’ll take care of him then? He needs a delicate hand, he was raised as a slave.”

“I will train him and if I encounter any problems, I will speak to Plo…beside, Depa already adores him. She likes that she is now a ‘big sister’” The grandmaster rolled his eyes.

That got a small chuckle out of Qui-Gon.

“…I was thinking of putting Obi-Wan forth for his trials, what do you think?”

“Honestly Jinn? About damn time.”

Criminals AU

@tonystarktogo lmao hey sorry but I love this AU??? i won’t do it the justice it deserves, but here’s my interpretation of it: 

Tony’s only consolation in life was the fact that not one boy, but three boys wanted to date him. Otherwise, his life was shitty as ever. Stane Industries sucked. The only reason he was in it was because the technology was slightly better than the other competing brand, and Hammer outright refused to hire him. (Something about Starks and Hammers always being rivals. What a dick.) The pay was awful, and Obie pretended like Tony was still a little kid. He wasn’t, and he knew exactly what Obadiah was doing. The only problem was, no one believed Tony when he told them that Obadiah Stane was doing dirty deals. So he kept quiet about it, occasionally checking in with the FBI office about it. the stupid officers didn’t think that he was telling the truth. He didn’t have enough evidence. 

So crime was forgotten about for a while when he first met Steve. Steve was working as a barista at a coffee shop, and had yelled at a customer for trying to grab a lady’s ass. Steve didn’t look more than 105 pounds, but he packed a voice and speeches that seemed to be written on the spot. (His friend Sam said that his valedictorian speech was so beautiful that their hardass principal (who had an eyepatch how fucking cool is that) smiled. 

Steve, it turns out, had two other boyfriends: Bucky and T’Challa. At first, this caused a lot of Bad Complications that Generally Did Not Go Well for Everyone. But Tony doesn’t focus on that because eventually things worked out and now he’s with the whole crew now! He loves it (them). 

The thing that Tony does not know is the fact that Bucky, T’Challa, and Steve are really criminals. Yeah, Bucky has a lot of tattoos and chops onions better than anyone else Tony knows, but he’s also killed over a dozen men and women and also has no remorse for a Thing That Happened in Russia. (With love.) Steve is great at art and has a couple pieces that sold at the last art fair, and he also can talk for hours about how great Hedy Lamarr is, (without her we wouldn’t have Wi-Fi! Fun fact) but Steve forges everything for a living. He can forge the Queen of England’s signature. T’Challa, while baking the best damned chocolate cake Tony has ever had and always talks science with Tony when Bruce can’t hang, is a cat burglar. Fact of the matter is, he could and would steal the Statue of Liberty. But Tony doesn’t know all this. 

And honestly??? they would kind of like to keep it that way. Their beautiful boyfriend, who has the mind the likes that no one has seen since Obadiah locked it away, who makes fun of Rembrandt and Einstein and refers to Madame Curie as if he personally knows her, cannot know that his boyfriends are internationally wanted for crimes that aren’t really crimes so much as vigilante justice. 

What makes things worse is the fact that Tony has the most dangerous friends. He made friends with one of the top FBI agents, Pepper Potts. She’s had the best record for four years straight. Tony says that she likes tequila and knitting, adn that’s all he said. T’Challa nearly fainted when he saw the woman in the apartment, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, discussing the merits of wine from California versus wine from Italy. 

And then, they met Rhodey. Even if they didn’t know his history, the man would be terrifying. He already threatened each of them, and he doesn’t even know that they’re, you know, criminals. Steve ended up researching him, and he’s a man that has no existence. Absolutely none. Even Bucky has a little bit of a trail. Rhodey? Nope. There’s no proof he was ever alive. 

Of course, there’s also Bruce Banner. He’s a shy IT consultant, and they thought he would be the normal friend. He is not. Bruce has…anger issues. To get those out, he joined an underground fight club and is known as “Hulk.” He also has a thing for hacking secret government websites, not that Tony knows about that. But the others do. 

Finally, Natasha. She’s scary in the fact that she shows almost no emotion, she’s a PI with one of the best reputations, and she knows everything. Even the criminal thing. That’s mainly because a.) Steve sucks at hiding things and b.) Steve sucks at undercover. (Bucky and T’Challa are trying, goddammit.) 

It’s a lot to take in, a lot to hide. Tony cannot know that they’re trying to take down his boss, because Tony has this weird habit of going “I owe everyone everything because of some self-sacrificial reason.” He’s worse than Bucky in that regard. But they like him, and they’ll do anything to make sure that Stane is put down. 

This includes date night going nearly terribly because they catch sight of Obadiah Stane at their restaurant and are frantically trying to get him to not see them. In the end, T’Challa bumps into him, grabs his keycard for Stane Industries, and they pay the bill. 

After they wish Tony goodnight, they have a break-in. The security is honestly one of the worst in the world, and the only reason that they’re still standing is because Tony works until three in the morning sometimes to keep them out. It’s tiring, stressful, and he’s great at it. But he doesn’t get paid overtime. 

“Move over,” Steve hisses at Bucky. “I’m the one with the small fingers, let me type.” 

“You also have shit vision even with your glasses or contacts, so no,” Bucky says right back. 

“I love both of you, but neither of you know how to type using the homerow method,” T’Challa answers simply. “I’ll do it.” 

And then the light flicks on. 

“Hey boys,” Tony answers simply. Their mouths are open. “What, thought I wouldn’t catch on that you’re trying to hack into Stane Industries and ruin his reputation?” 

“Let us?” Steve asks. “I could write about thirty-six pages on why your boss sucks, sorry babe, but–” 

“I know that,” Tony says with an eyeroll. “But I have something planned. Tomorrow is the party he throws every year with his executives. It’s kind of one of those things where people at home can see how weirdly expensive things are and how much money rich people waste. I’m planning on the presentation being every single crime he’s committed in a four-year window. You in?” 

“From when you said ‘I know that,’ I was already in. How did you figure us out?” T’Challa asks. 

“No offense, but you guys suck at hiding it. Even you, Bucky.” The man with the tattoos pouts. “I have a friend who works for the FBI and has some of her best friends in the CIA. Rhodey shouldn’t even exist, Natasha has ties to the Russian mob and knows everything about everyone, and Bruce…he can break bones and security networks. Safe to assume you guys are a piece of cake.” They smile. 

“You’ll be a great addition,” Bucky adds. 

“We’ve never had a computer genius before,” T’Challa prompts. 

“We’ll see,” Tony says. “For now, I need to get a suit. I want to look great while Obadiah Stane is dying on the podium from horror.” 

In Love with You Forever

“So, you’re in love with me, huh?”

Barry looked over at her, the brief confusion instantly fading as he flashed a quick grin at her. The words washed over him in a sea of delight.

“Yeah, I am.” His smile turned smug. “What about it?”

She shook her head and sank into the couch, gazing out the window. “No reason.”

Faster than she could blink, he was beside her, chin perched in his hand as he waited for her to register his presence.

Iris tried to ignore the chills that swept through her whenever the air shifted around her when his lightning brought him closer to her.


His voice held the lilt of a song that even rolling her eyes couldn’t stifle the smile spreading across her features.

“WHAT, Barry?” She demanded, but she was fighting a losing battle and she knew it. They both knew it.

Barry let his fingers dribble up the length of her arm, stopping at her shoulder, drifting across her collar bone and cradling her own chin in his hand. His silly demeanor faded.

“I’m in love with you,” he said, and Iris melted.

“I’m in love with you, too,” she said softly, her eyes sparkling up at him.

Their shared tender smiles and adoring gazes broke moments later when Barry leaned in and kissed her. He lingered a breath away when their lips parted. He swore he could hear Iris’s heartbeat drumming in his ears.

“Who’d have thought a simple peck on the lips could cause such excitement?” Iris teased, wanting to laugh but not wanting to break the moment.

Barry opened his eyes, pulled back a little more so he could look into her eyes and sank his fingers into her raven hair.

“I would,” he said so quietly she almost didn’t hear him.

Again, she was rendered speechless.

“Being with you.” He shook his head, awed. “That’s more exciting than anything in the world.”

“Barry…” Her voice broke.

“You’re my home, Iris,” he said, the words pouring out of him like rushing water.

Iris pulled him closer, nearly sliding herself onto his lap in the process. She felt his arm wrap around her waist and felt the chills again, the thrill from having him so close, the lightning in his body, the racing heartbeat beating out of his chest, the whisper of a breath on her dark skin as she pressed her forehead to his. The safety and security and strength she felt being in his arms was as fiercely permanent as the unbreakable love between

“You’re MY home,” she said, snuggling close, letting her hand trace the outline of his body.

Barry caught her hand, intertwined their fingers, and brought their clasped hands to his lips so he could kiss them. Iris was close enough to kiss his too, and she did.

“Think you’ll always love me as much as you do right now?” she asked curiously, though her voice was still reverent, still in awe of how much he loved her.

“You’ll always take my breath away, Iris West.”

“West-Allen,” she whispered less than a beat later, and he almost laughed.

“West-Allen,” he conceded and smiled.

Iris turned her hand so her engagement ring pressed up against his lips.

“Your wife,” she said to further her point.

“My wife,” he said, not bothering to remind her they weren’t married YET - as he tended to do.

Iris LOVED the sound of those words on his lips.

“We should elope,” she said on a contented sigh, wanting to be his already, wanting that wedding band on her finger and his last name attached to hers.

But this time Barry DID laugh.

“Joe would never forgive us,” he informed her.

She groaned and then nodded. “I know.”

“Besides, we’ve planned such a beautiful wedding. It’d be a shame to waste it after all the trouble we went through.”

Iris pulled back to great the playful glint in her fiance’s eyes.

“Alright, Barry Allen, you’ve convinced me.”

“It’s only a week, Iris,” he reminded her, letting his hand slide down her arm and settle neatly around her back.

“So long,” she remarked airily. “But I suppose I can manage.”

He shook his head and grinned, then pulled her fully onto his lap and sank into the couch.

“We’ll be in love forever, Iris,” he assured her.

She smiled against his chest.



She thought about teasing him, seeing how he’d respond when she challenged how he could know her as well as he knew himself.

But she knew there wasn’t a point. It was the same way she knew him.

“You’ll keep saying it anyway though, right? I won’t just be expected to know?”

He pressed a kiss into her hair.

“I’ll tell you every day.” He paused, then summoned his song from the depths it had fallen into. “Every hour, every minute,” he sang.

Iris almost laughed, but she was too busy swooning.

“Still singing that at our reception?”

“During the dance?” He questioned. “You want me to sing to you while we’re dancing?”

Iris raised her head to look at him.

“In front of all of our friends and family,” she informed him.

His facade of worry evaporated into an impossibly overwhelming look of love.

“Let them all know who I’ve always loved and who I’ll love until the end of time? Who I will always, ALWAYS run home to?”

Iris felt her heart flutter in her chest. All she could do was nod as her eyes filled with happy tears.

“Yes,” she whispered, her heart stolen away by the boy she’d always loved.

He brushed his nose with hers.

“Anything you want,” he said and tilted his head for another kiss.

Character Analysis: Velvet Crowe

I know I shouldn’t be adding more fuel to the whole Berseria discourse that’s been happening since it’s definitely been beaten to death like a dead horse. Yes, there is misogyny and sexism prevalent in the game. Yes, I agree that it’s quite irksome at times and it gets me annoyed at certain characters as well. 

But put all that bullshit in a blender, shit on it, and pour it into the sewer and put it aside, then honestly, in my own personal opinion, Berseria has one of the strongest and memorable cast I’ve seen in a Tales game in a pretty long time. Plus, I’ve been itchin’ to do Berseria character analysis’ for awhile now.

I don’t speak for everyone or anyone other than myself for this one but I want to start off with how much I love Velvet.

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anonymous asked:

Just a question: we've seen you answer how the Zutara relationship would've worked for both Zuko and Katara. So how, in your opinion, would that relationship have affected the world? Since Katara would've married Zuko at some point, she would've become wife of the Fire Lord, as well as the first member of Fire Nation royalty to be of another nationality, let alone a different bender. I've never seen ANYTHING relating this aspect of their relationship, so I was curious what you thought.

Hello my dearest anon! Disquieted here! 

Thank you SO much for this question; it’s one of the very best we’ve gotten! I’ll try my best to do it justice. Be warned though, I’ve written something similar to an essay as reply, so read ahead at your own peril! 🙈 Dalz will be answering your ask separately later on as well giving you her own pov on the matter. 

Also, please keep in mind that I always pretend LoK never happened, that these are merely personal ramblings and should not be taken to heart, and that there are some things we must discuss before getting to the center of your question. So, without further ado….! 

Part I: War is war.

I’ve never doubted that the reconstruction of a nation, (let alone the entire world!), wouldn’t come with opposition and various difficulties for all parties involved.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Val, could you possibly write about what would've happened if Mike and El had kissed in the beginning of episode 7 please? 💜💜

Anon! 💜  I loved this request and I’m so sorry it took forever for me to get to it! Thanks so much for sending it my way—hope you enjoy! (Special thanks to @stevemossington for her help in thinking this through) 

As gently as he could manage, Mike wiped away the dirt that streaked Eleven’s face, making a conscious effort to keep his hands from shaking.

“That’s better,” he smiled, setting aside the damp washcloth. He watched as El turned back towards the mirror, her eyes wide with disappointment, her hand coming up to touch her bare head. Mike gulped, suddenly wondering how he could take Eleven’s mind off of the lost wig.

“You don’t need it,” he assured her, and though he sincerely meant each word, his heart told him that it they weren’t quite enough. El blinked and looked at him, still sad. Silence hung in the air between them and Mike pursed his lips.

“Still pretty?” she asked quietly, almost defeated.

“Yeah,” Mike replied without hesitation. “Pretty. Really pretty.” Mentally, he berated himself. Surely he could have thought of something better to say. He was relieved, however, to see that his comment seemed to work. Eleven returned to her reflection and smiled softly. As Mike’s gaze lingered on her lips, he felt his chest fill with pride and something else that he didn’t quite recognize—a forceful desire to hear the sound of her voice again. His mind worked rapidly, rifling through practically every word in his vocabulary, searching for something to say.

“El?” Her name fell off his tongue before he had settled on something to tell her. 

“Yes?” She turned in his direction once more and Mike’s mouth opened. For a moment, no sound came out. Say something, Wheeler.

“I-I’m happy you’re home.” Well. That wasn’t so bad.

“Me too,” she whispered, another small smile on her lips. Mike’s thoughts were racing again, elation bubbling in his stomach. This was El’s home now—here, with him. The thought very nearly made him dizzy with happiness. Mike chanced a look up at El and met her eyes, so round and bright, looking at him with unquestioning trust.

Mike felt as though he had a brain freeze in his chest, suddenly nervous, excited, happy, and terrified all at once. How had this happened? When had he developed a crush on this girl standing in front of him at that moment? Did it even matter? And was it just him, or was she getting closer?

Mike became vaguely aware that his hands were shaking and he could practically hear his heart beating heavily in the otherwise silent washroom, certain that El would hear it too. His eyes darted to her lips again and his throat suddenly felt parched. Mike couldn’t remember the last time he had felt such strong and exhilarated anticipation.

Quickly, he closed the distance between himself and Eleven, afraid he would lose his nerve.

His lips brushed against hers, gently and for just a moment the lights in the small room dimmed, the soft yellow lightbulbs overhead humming audibly.

And then it was over. He had shared his first kiss. Mike felt his cheeks get warm as he rocked into the balls of his feet. El looked at him with wide eyes before her face lit up into a bright smile. Mike let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding in, glad that she didn’t think he was a creep.

“El,” he began, tripping over his words, “I—that was—”

Mike was interrupted as the washroom door flew open, a very distressed looking Dustin urging them out into the basement.

“It’s Lucas! I think he’s in trouble!”

Perhaps, if it hadn’t been a life or death situation, Dustin would have commented on the blush colouring Mike’s face or on the closeness between his best friend and his newest friend. Because, even though he didn’t say anything, Dustin certainly noticed.

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Undertale (and AU) Characters as Things I've Said/Thought
  • Asriel: Hello Kitty can be punk rock.
  • Also Asriel: *while drinking a Capri Sun* I can be hardcore if I want!
  • Flowey: Why is it socially unacceptable to laugh like a psychopath?
  • Omega Flowey: Yeah so basically I'm practically god.
  • God of Hyperdeath: Time to play "How Long Can I Ignore my Emotions"!
  • Frisk: What the fuck I wanted happy friendship time not this.
  • Chara: This is why I'm going to hell.
  • Toriel: Take a fucking nap, babe.
  • Also Toriel: I'm adopting her. She's my daughter now.
  • Underfell Toriel: Hello naughty children time for death.
  • Asgore: Tea makes me feel warm and cozy inside.
  • Undyne: I wanna be buff enough to intimidate men and to attract women.
  • Underswap Undyne: I am too gay and beautiful to participate in gym class.
  • Underfell Undyne: Apparently, choking people who hurt my loved ones is "unorthodox" and "illegal".
  • Swapfell Undyne: If a mad scientist turned me into a grotesque sea creature monster I'd thank them with tears in my eyes because now I can be the shambling water husk I was born to be.
  • Alphys: Yes I'm smart but why at the cost of my mental stability?
  • Underswap Alphys: I am small but I am willing to punch someone.
  • Underfell Alphys: Why isn't "mad scientist" a viable career option?
  • Swapfell Alphys: Unfortunately, I was too short to strangle him. But if I could've reached...
  • Sans: The skeleton looks like it's judging us.
  • Also Sans: Wow. That looks like a lot of work. Good thing I'm not doing any of it.
  • Underswap Sans: I wanted to do something for all of my friends! It would've been easy, because the number of friends I have is... actually... rather small. Oh.
  • Underfell Sans: Woah, turn down the edge, bro.
  • Papyrus: I can't just leave this puzzle unfinished are you a madman?
  • Underswap Papyrus: Idk bro. I'm just, like, chilling.
  • Underfell Papyrus: I'm the only qualified person here to be the boss.
  • Mettaton: You were born without music in your heart and dance in your veins and frankly I pity you.
  • Underfell Mettaton: God I love this gel pen. It's pink. And glittery! And I could stab someone with it!
  • Napstablook: Ghosts are pretty sweet. Undead and shit. I'd be a ghost.
  • Underfell Napstablook: I'm haunting all y'all motherfuckers when I die.
  • Muffet: I mean... I guess some money would be pretty neat.
  • Underswap Muffet: Not even the rowdy boys down the street wanted to buy my cupcakes. I don't blame them they were nasty as shit. And green. Why were they green?
  • Underfell Muffet: Aww that's a cute little spider! Look at you go- ew don't fucking touch me do you crave death?
  • Gaster: If you'll excuse me, I'm off to the void.
  • Also Gaster: Beautiful doctors are ANESTHETIC. Haha! That was a joke. You can laugh. Y-you go the joke though, right?
  • Annoying Dog: Sick ass dog bro.
  • Monster Kid: I can pick stuff up with my feet!
  • So Sorry: My art skills are like a pantry stocked with food. Unfortunately, all the food is expired and spoiled.
  • Temmie: Damn, that could've paid for my college tuition.
The Three List | Barry & Iris | Script Fic
  • Barry: Hey, Iris?
  • Iris: Yeah, hun?
  • Barry: Do you remember when you were with Eddie & you told me about your 3's list?
  • Iris: My 3's list?
  • Barry: Yeah, you know, three guys you could cheat on Eddie with.
  • Iris: *snorts* oh, right. My 3 list.
  • Barry: You don't still HAVE that, do you?
  • Iris: *blinks* What?
  • Barry: Your 3 list. Do you still have it?
  • Iris: Uh...probably somewhere. Why?
  • Barry: *clears throat* I was just wondering if Oliver was still on it.
  • Iris: *smirks & crawls over to him* Babe, you know that's not a serious thing, right?
  • Barry: what do you mean?
  • Iris: *laughs* even if Oliver had given my fangirl self the time of day when I was with Eddie, I wouldn't have slept with him.
  • Barry: *blinks* you wouldn't have?
  • Iris: *laughs* Who do you think I am, Bear? You think 'he's on my three list!' would've sufficed if Eddie had caught us in bed together?
  • Barry: *blushes fiercely* No, I guess not.
  • Iris: *cups face* Babe, you've got nothing to worry about. *kisses him* You're the only one I want.
  • Barry: *after many kisses & sweet nothings whispered* But is Oliver still--
  • Iris: *rolls eyes & gets off him* oh, for crying out loud.
  • Barry: Wait, Iris, I didn't mean-
  • Iris: You most certainly did. *starts to walk away*
  • Barry: *panics* Iris-
  • Iris: Calm down. I'll be right back. *dashes up the stairs & comes back 10 minutes later* Found it!
  • Barry: *shifts towards her, eyes wide* What did you... *spots piece of paper she's holding* Oh.
  • Iris: *hands paper over* Take a look for yourself.
  • Barry: *scans list of names & frowns* He's still on it.
  • Iris: Mhmm.
  • Barry: This doesn't make me feel any better, Iris.
  • Iris: *crosses arms* that's the original list. I only updated it once, a couple months after I'd moved in with Eddie.
  • Barry: *still frowning* where's that one?
  • Iris: *makes circling motion with her finger*
  • Barry: *checks the other side* This one looks pretty much the same. I don't see-- *jaw drops*
  • Iris: *starts to grin* See something you like, hun?
  • Barry: Am...Am I...? *squeaks*
  • Iris: *nods* Mhmm.
  • Barry: I'm in the number 2 spot!
  • Iris: That's one above Oliver, I believe.
  • Barry: *still gawking* I don't understand.
  • Iris: *comes & sits next to him on the couch* After you told me how you felt when I was with Eddie, I had a lot of feelings that I didn't know how to deal with. Then when Eddie got all secretive on me I started thinking about you even more, and how my best friend would NEVER keep secrets from me the way my boyfriend was doing.
  • Barry: *winces* sarcasm is warranted.
  • Iris: in the past. *waves it off*
  • Barry: *swallows hard & nods*
  • Iris: That night when I came back to my dad's & you were there reassuring me, I felt like that was a safe place to put them. My feelings for you.
  • Barry: On your 3 list?
  • Iris: *nods* On my 3 list.
  • Barry: Did Eddie ever see it?
  • Iris: *laughs* Are you kidding? If Eddie had seen the updated version, he would've figured out what was up right away, even before I did.
  • Barry: And what was up?
  • Iris: *smiles & gently kisses him* I was in love with my best friend.
  • Barry: *has warm fuzzies* Iris...
  • Iris: So, you can keep that if you like. Oliver's name is still on it - BENEATH yours though. I don't have a need for it anymore. I haven't looked at it until today in over two years.
  • Barry: Yeah?
  • Iris: *nuzzles & kisses* yeah. You're all I want, Bear. If I can't have you, there's no one else I want. Not even a one night stand with a celebrity.
  • Barry: *smiles*
  • Iris: Do YOU have a 3 list? *raises eyebrows*
  • Barry: WHAT? *squeaks*
  • Iris: You heard me.
  • Barry: Iris.
  • Iris: BARRY.
  • Barry: *sighs & then laughs* I have a 1 list.
  • Iris: *eyebrow furrow* What's a 1 list?
  • Barry: *pulls out wallet & digs out tiny scrap of paper inside & hands it to her* Same thing as a 3 list. Except mine only has 1 name on it.
  • Iris: *jaw drops when she reads it* I'M the only name on your 3 list??
  • Barry: *grins & pulls her close* Yep.
  • Iris: But of all he gorgeous celebrities, even SCIENCE NERDS, you only chose--
  • Barry: You're the only one I've wanted since the day that I met you.
  • Iris: *teary-eyed* Barry...
  • Barry: Getting a chance with you? 10 times better than any hook up with ANY celebrity.
  • Iris: *sighs contently & kisses him* I love you, Barry Allen.
  • Barry: I love you, Iris West.
  • Iris: *nuzzles & pulls away after a while* So what are you going to do with my 3 list?
  • Barry: Give it back to you. *hands it over* You decide what to do with it.
  • Iris: *grins* Mmk. *pecks him in the cheek, stands up & heads to the roaring fireplace*
  • Barry: Wait, Iris, what are you doing?! *speeds over*
  • Iris: Getting rid of it. I don't need it anymore.
  • Barry: Well, maybe you should keep it. You know, as a keepsake.
  • Iris: *eyes him suspiciously* Why do you want it?
  • Barry: *I* don't want it. It's yours. I gave it back to you. So you--
  • Iris: BARRY.
  • Barry: *swallows* I mean, you ranked me ABOVE Oliver, so...
  • Iris: OHMYGOD. *rolls eyes & shoves it into his hand* You keep it. It'll be YOUR keepsake. *walks back to the couch & sits down*
  • Barry: It's not really MINE, so--
  • Iris: *gives him THE LOOK* one more word, Barry, and I WILL throw it to the flames. Not even your superspeed will stop me.
  • Barry: *nods & swallows* Right. *tucks paper into pocket & comes to sit next to her* So...
  • Iris: *raises eyebrow*
  • Barry: Now what?
  • Iris: *irritation fades away & she pulls him close, kissing him* Now I get some one-on-one time with #2 on my 3 list.
  • Barry: *pulls back after a few kisses* I thought you just said--
  • Iris: I swear to God, Barry, if you don't just kiss me--
  • Barry: *speeds them up their bedroom, drops her on the bed & takes off t-shirt, then hovers over her & kisses her, lingering*
  • Iris: *moans* Don't tell my boyfriend about this. He'll be extremely jealous.
  • Barry: *restrains groan* On my life. *mutters & kisses her again*
  • ...
  • A/N: Just did (as of 4/2/17) a bit of an edit, b/c I watched the 1.08 scene & realized it's actually called a 'three' list, not a 'threes' list. So I changed all those & added a short line to something Iris said early on.

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Hey, I'm new to the supergirl fandom and I've seen there's a lot of hate on Mon El and Karamel and honestly, I don't get it? I don't see anything wrong with what people are calling an "abusive" relationship which started with "manipulation". I thought people would've liked that a man finally respected a woman's decision and waited for her. Since you support both ships (the Rhea post you made) on Supergirl, can you explain why people think it's manipulative and abusive? Ignore if you don't wanna

Hey there, welcome to the fandom, I haven’t been posting much about the ship you mentioned (well I don’t post anything related to it at all!) But i will try to make this as brief as I possibly can. (NOTE: It’s not my fault if this post ends up in the pro tag, I have properly tagged it as anti so if this is not your cup of tea, move along)

People say it started out with manipulation because it did. You see his “declaration of love” is far worse than the usual one that most women get at least once in their lives when a male friend develops feelings for them 

Usual/expected reaction to being rejected (which was shown through Winn in season 1): will tell you how hard it was for them to admit their feelings, will ignore you because they can’t be around you when they have romantic feelings for you, you’ll feel bad because you think you’re the reason for their heartbreak (though they won’t actively blame you) but if they’re a good friend they’ll come around and you’ll go back to being the good ol pals you were 

Respectful reaction to being rejected (in James’ case being broken up with): hears you out, accepts your decision, will continue to support you as a friend and genuinely still cares about you 

Manipulative reaction (exhibited by the useless alien): guilt trip mode- on, power of guilt trip- high, back it up with- more manipulation  

Now you’ll ask me “what’s so manipulative about his response??!! He was a gentleman who accepted her choice to not be with him!!” Let’s break it down shall we:

  •  Gaslights Kara throughout the episode when she wants to talk to him about the kiss
  •  Makes the whole thing about his almost death
  •  Immediately backs up the confession with “I know you don’t care about me” 
  •  Makes sure Kara knows he’s going out with someone else (she didn’t notice them, he literally calls her and makes it awkward)
  •  Backs that up with “yeah you rejected me” (and it hadn’t been too long since he poured his heart out to Kara) 
  • BONUS- By this time he knew all about online dating yet chose to go out with a woman who would surely interact with Kara at some point because they work in the same place.
  •  Makes sure Eve knows it’s not her he’s interested in while simultaneously trying to make Kara believe things are going good with them just to make her jealous 

And all of this was before Kara admitted that she may have feelings for him 

As for the Valentine’s Day episode? *Yoda voice* The Emotional Abuse Is Strong With This One. As I stated in several other posts of mine, it’s natural to get jealous and insecure when someone far better than you enters in the life of the person you like and can totally sweep them off of their feet, BUT that’s when you are unsure of how the person you like feels about you and how they feel about the other far better person (even with this excuse the amount of jealousy m0n l showed is way out of line) . In zis epizode Kara makes it pretty fuckin clear that she absolutely is NOT interested in Mxy and wants him gone and yet the person who is “oh so in love with her” just does not get it. He doesn’t try to help her and only puts her under more pressure by making the dumb decision of going against a being who can easily turn him into ashes. As for emotional abuse, these are the the signs of emotional abuse that you will find in the very first article when you look it up on google:

  • They humiliate you, put you down, or make fun of you in front of other people.- *yelling at Kara in the middle of the DEO (’BUT THERE WAS GOOFY MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND! THIS WHOLE ARGUMENT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY! LIKE HOW OLD MARRIED COUPLES FIGHT!’ I’m sorry but fun old married couples don’t fight about murder and neither does the man sound harsh enough for the woman to literally walk away, It’s not funny and it will never be)
  • They regularly demean or disregard your opinions- didn’t think Kara was capable of handling the situation 
  • They use sarcasm or “teasing” to put you down or make you feel bad about yourself- the whole daxamite thing whenever it’s convenient 

WHILE we’re on it, why not throw some other examples that took place during their relationship

  • They belittle and trivialize you, your accomplishments, or your hopes and dreams- before their relationship and during their relationship, saying she’s a hero because she likes attention, when he keeps saying Kara’s full of herself, and he never thinks Kara is good enough to fight her battles SHE IS LITERALLY SUPERGIRL YOU BUFFOOON! Don’t tell me he does it out of love cause then he’d say something along the lines of “I will fight with you, i want you to be safe” or some other sappy bs not straight up “yeah, you can’t handle this”
  • They make excuses for their behavior, try to blame others, and have difficulty apologising- blames Kara for lying about his identity 
  • The repeatedly cross your boundaries and ignore your requests- *announces their relationship to the deo when specifically asked not to* (BONUS- let’s appreciate how the writers try to justify his shit by bringing up Bhutan’s culture where it’s done out of joy. haha okay hunny but she literally asked him not to and he ignored her wish that’s not how it works)
  • They resort to pouting or withdrawal to get attention or attain what they want- this just sums him up
  • They play the victim and try to deflect blame to you rather than taking personal responsibility- wah wah why aren’t you hard on mxy, the one you dislike wah wah i’m the victim here cause you’re being mean to me cause i’m supposed to be better than a stalker super villain 
  • They invalidate or deny their emotionally abusive behavior when confronted- in the whole Jeremiah situation, ‘okay this is my second strike!’

And I haven’t even addressed the other reasons why people hate him (HINT: It’s got to do with him owning slaves, the best love interest who is also a black man being shoved aside to make way for him and him stealing screen time from minorities who actually play an important role in moving the plot along and not just stand there like a lamp shade) 

I hope this answered your question

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Charlie Brooker on San Junipero

EW: You could have done this same story with any kind of couple. What made two women the best choice?
It was a heterosexual couple when I first put the story down. And then I thought, “Well, what if it wasn’t?” And I think it gives it an extra resonance because they couldn’t have legally got married in 1987, so we’re gifting them that in this world, in this story of second chances. And that added an extra layer to the whole subtext about reliving your life and exploring things you didn’t have a chance to do.

That deliberate-looking shot of the plane flying in the background at the beach near the the end — does that mean you can travel to other places and not just stay in ’80s dance club heaven?
You know what? I never thought of that! The idea is there’s almost different channels for decades you can select to enter in the same environment. So going to another place would be like in Grand Theft Auto going from Los Santos in GTA V to San Andreas. But I dare say there would be a nostalgic version of Britain and Spain and New York. So now, I’ve talked myself around to say: Yes, that’s what that plane is there to do!

Can you talk about the credits? The Belinda Carlisle song adds so much, not just to the ending but to everything you’ve seen before it.
I know, and I’m praying people don’t just stop the episode as soon as they see the first credit, because it unlocks [the rest of the story]. I started writing the script and I put together a Spotify playlist of music from 1987. I go running every so often and that song came on while I was jogging I was like, “Well, that’s gotta go in.” And that basically gave me the ending scene. So one of the first things we did is check if we could clear this song [for use in the episode] and I would have been absolutely distraught if we couldn’t have done it. It’s something we’ve done in previous episodes, where we have story continuing to unfold throughout the end credits, but it’s the only time we do it in this season. It feels like an nice way of adding an extra coda. It’s also a wry joke in a way, that heaven is literally a place on earth, as we reveal the absolute cold reality of what’s going on. Hopefully it leaves people with a smile on their face, which is an alien experience after watching Black Mirror.

EW Interview with Black Mirror Showrunner Charlie Brooker on Season 3

sufferthesea  asked:

My love! I am so sorry! I totally thought requests were closed on this blog or else I would've been sending in loads of requests!! I hope school goes well for you!! Could I have headcanons for Iruka, Kakashi, and Yamato with an s/o who initially comes off as shy or even cold/hostile at first, but is actually a huge romantic and very loving? ;__; sorry if that's not very creative! My mind literally went blank the moment I started to write a request!! Sending you lots of love!! xoxox

Oh please, there’s nothing to be sorry about!! Well now you know it’s not! Don’t hold back xD send in as much as you like! Thank you, that’s very sweet of you and lots of love right back at ya ♥ 

I hope you like it ~

Iruka Umino

  • When she finally let her guard down around him Iruka was baffled. It had taken him a few minutes to process her sudden change in behavior because he was previously only used to her being distant and quite shy around him. 
  • A few months into the relationship he would begin to lecture her about how unapproachable she seems to strangers and thus easily scares them off. He would try to encourage her to smile more often in public or to change her body language a little bit. Never would he force her to do any of that, he simply wants the best for her and only suggests those things to her in a sympathetic manner.
  • Unfortunately for her, he pays close attention to how people view him, and being his significant other it will include her from now on too. Iruka will keep pestering her with “smile more.” or “straigthen your back like this, body language is important.” speeches. He has no ill intentions of course and wouldn’t push too hard on the topic.
  • Iruka definitely values the time he spends alone at home with his s/o more than anything else, because he’s fallen head over heels for her caring and romantic side. On bad or stressful days he would want to do nothing rather than relax with his head in her lap and a book in his hands.
  • He’s so down for all that cheesy stuff. He will enjoy candle light dinners or bubblebaths with her whenever she wants. (If he’s got the time)
  • He relishes the love he gives her and appreciates every little token of love. He understands how difficult it must have been for her to trust him like that, and he would never want to break that trust. He will make her compliments every so often and tries to make as much time for her as he can.

Kakashi Hatake

  • Isn’t shocked or anything, he just genuinely appreciates that she’s showing her true nature to him. Kakashi knows very well that a lot of people build wall around them and that they are rarely they’re true self around people they don’t know well enough or they don’t wanna get too close to. He probably predicted that there was more to her character, because he’s very good at reading people.
  • He’s not a very romantic person, but if his s/o gives him present or shows him other romantic gestures he will make sure to return them with something just as loving. He doesn’t want to give her the feeling that she’s putting more effort into the relationship than him.
  • He’s quite pleased that he’s the only one (including a few close friends) that gets to see that side of her. And will 100 % tease her with it and try to make her laugh in public. Though, he respects her boundaries and won’t overact.
  • For quite some time Kakashi denied liking her loving side more and said that he loved both sides about her, but he definitely prefers her soft side and loves coming home from missions (or Hokage duties whatever) and being welcomed with warm hugs and lots of kisses.


  • Just like kakashi, Yamato’s pretty good at reading people and saw that there was more to her than her distant/cold demeanor. That’s what drew him to her in the first place. So when he learned about her loving nature he wasn’t astonished, but rather pleasantly surprised.
  • Seeing her all gentle and romantic just made him fall harder for her. Someone who loves him with all they got is just what this man needs. (I mean who doesn’t tbh)
  • Yamato will always show her how grateful he is for her romantic/loving gestures. And even though he will be quite awkward in the beginning he will try his best to show her how much he appreciates the love she gives him. If she cooks dinner for him or just takes care of his home while he’s absent (his plants in particular), he will glady return the gesture with either taking her out to her favourite resturant/bar etc. or he’ll arrange a candle light dinner including her absolute favorite dish.
  • As stated above, Yamato will be overwhelmed with the amount of love he receives or the romantic gestures, but he will adapt and learn to pay her back with just as much love. (not because he feels like he has to, but because he genuinely wants to show her how much he cherishes her).
  • He will definitely defend his s/o from people who are bad mouthing her because of her cold/shy appearance. If acquaintances of his would comment on her mannerism he would most likely say something along the lines of “You just don’t know her well enough, so please don’t judge.”.
Welcome Home...Not

Summary:  Could you use the prompt lines 6 and 10 for Theo?

Words: 692

Paring: Theo Raeken x Reader

A/N: I kinda just jump into it, I suck on intros so sorry.

Disclaimer: I think this more of a drabble than an imagine.

Theo knew showing up to your house was a terrible idea, especially for how long he was gone but it wasn’t his fault. Being trapped underground didn’t exactly come with vacation time. But that was no excuse to leave you, especially the way how he did leave.

“What are you doing here?” Your voice was cold, nonchalant. If Theo didn't know any better he would've thought you didn't care about him, but with that kind of tone, you did care. Just not in the way some would think.

He was thankful that at least your dog cared he was back. “Wow, is it me or are you a little colder than I remembered?” Theo chuckled nervously hoping your lips would curl into a smile. The smile he had effortlessly fell in love with but when you didn’t return the laugh or even crack a smile Theo knew he was in real trouble.

You stated at him wanted nothing more but to welcome him back but you couldn’t keep doing this. The disappearing act and not returning till he felt like it. If Theo wanted you in his life, you need to be a permanent thing. At first, it was the mob, then it was police, you could only wonder what the excuse was now. You loved Theo very much but you’ve had a lot of people walk out on you and it was beginning to feel as if he was walking out in you.

“Seriously Theo, what are you doing in my apartment. How’d you even get in here?”

“Come on Y/N it’s me, I have a key.”

Rolling your eyes you threw off your hood revealing more of your face. Theo’s eyes narrowed at you as you took off your shoes. The dark purple ring around you left eye, surely catching his attention. Sending him immediately towards you to examine it. “What the hell happened?”

You ripped your chin from his grip and continued to remove your shoes, “Nothing happened to me Theo, I just got into a little altercation on my home from the supermarket.”

Theo scoffed, “With who? Who did this to you Y/N?”

Once your shoes were off you made your way past Theo but his sudden grip on your arm made you wince.

“Theo that hurts, let me go,” you say but he ignored you.

“Who did this to you Y/N.”

“I don’t know okay. That random guy at Benny’s tried to get his way with me a couple of days but I just kicked him in the balls.” Without another word, Theo head towards the door and this made you lose it. He was gonna go fight that guy. You had just got him back, and there he was running off into danger…again, “There you go again. You’re such an asshole, you head into danger without thinking about how the people who care about you feel.”

Theo looked at you appalled, “Y/N this guy tried to-”

“I know what he gonna do idiot. Like I said I kicked him in the balls.” You cut him off throwing your hands up in the air.

“I don’t get it, why are you so upset. You’ve never been this upset when I leave.” Theo exclaimed throwing his hand up to you.

“IM ALWAYS UPSET THEO!” You yelled at him, your blood burning your skin, “You leave for months and show up ready to fight the first thing to look at me and yet you haven’t even hugged me or ask me how my day was. I’m tired of you leaving and coming back to me as if there wasn’t any time gap between us.”

Theo’s gaze soften when he saw the tears falling down your cheeks. He knew you had abandonment issues and every time he left he only added to those issues. “Y/N…”

“I’m sorry Theo, I thought I could do this but I can’t.” You choke out, “You left without any goodbye, I can’t forgive you for that.”

Castle Ficlet: White Fences 1/1

Warning: Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage

White Fences

Post 8x22, Angst/Tragedy, (possibly AU)

Although this is short, I’m putting it entirely behind a cut to make it easier for anyone who doesn’t want to read mentions of a sensitive subject to scroll.

Keep reading

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how do you think anakin would've been like as a dad? :3

  • but only in specific ways for example i feel like padme would be the one to buy them fucktons of clothes whereas anakin would be like “but what’s the point they’re only going to wear it once” “BUT LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS WE’RE BUYING IT”
  • anakin would spoil them in terms of letting them walk allllll over him. he gives in whenever they cry (sleep training would be a nightmare he’d come running the SECOND the baby monitor goes off)
  • padme would definitely have to be the disciplinarian bc as much as she adores and dotes on the twins, she also knows when to tell them no. anakin Does Not.
  • i feel like his childhood/background would make him want to give the twins every single thing their hearts desire because he was a slave but they’re free and they deserve the galaxy
  • conversely, padme’s childhood/background would probably make her a bit more cautious about indulging them. obviously she wasn’t spoiled, but she came from a wealthy (or at least well-off) family and she was basically a child prodigy and given all these opportunities and was involved in politics so young, and i think she’d be very aware of how all that could go to someone’s head even though she herself always remained very down-to-earth
  • anakin likes to levitate them using the force. he and the twins think it’s a riot. padme ages about 20 years every time she catches him doing it.
  • he’s THRILLED when they start working out how to use the force themselves. padme ages another 20 years bc how is she supposed to babyproof the house when the force means nothing is out of their reach??
  • anakin tells them bedtime stories about all his and obi wan and ahsoka’s adventures during the clone wars (padme makes him censor some of the more violent bits)
  • he also tells them really sappy bedtime stories about how he and padme met and fell in love and she gets all teary listening to him :’)
  • he loves reading to them!! i feel like he probably didn’t know how to read on tatooine and maybe all the other padawans made fun of him for it when he came to the temple (not sure if this is my own headcanon, someone else’s headcanon that i read and absorbed, or actually stated somewhere in canon/the eu lmao) so he wants to make sure that luke and leia know how to read. he’ll read them anything he can find from children’s holobooks to droid repair manuals to podracing rules and regulations. padme’s also very invested in teaching them to read, but she tends to stick to children’s holobooks (and maybe the occasional political document)
  • anakin also sings all the lullabies bc padme is a terrible singer but he’s pretty good

this is getting so long but i’m sure i have more thoughts but i can’t think of any right now but i did find this adorable otp parenting meme while looking for inspiration so i’m gonna answer it for anidala


  • packs the lunches
    • anakin prepares the lunches since padme can’t cook for shit but she packs them all neatly with cute little notes (middle school luke & leia are all “ugh mom you’re so embarrassing” but secretly they love reading her notes at lunch every day)
  • blows raspberries while cuddling
    • anakin
  • is the tickle monster
    • both
  • gives life lesson speeches
    • absolutely padme. you do NOT want life lessons from anakin lmao
  • kisses the boo-boos
    • padme
  • breaks the bad news
    • padme (she would be much better at delivering bad news in a calm/soothing way)
  • joins the PTA
    • my gut reaction was padme but i also love the mental image of suburban stay-at-home facebook wine dad anakin fakljsdfldkd i think they’d both join
  • crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories
    • anakin
  • gives the crazy nicknames
    • neither really but anakin if i had to pick