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One Last Joke (Part 1)

From the author (@helixthepamster):

I haven’t written a fanfic in like 3 year and I’ve decided to break that record because I absolutely LOVE the Undertale Mob!AU art and stories created by @junkpilestuff and @nyublackneko , as well as the Kitten and The Don fics written by @lumiere-and-luna . Their works really inspired me a lot, so based on the current info about Don G’s background, I’ve decided to write this short, rather angsty “What If” fic about Don G’s Papyrus, who seems to have been gone by the time Don G met Kitten. Hope you enjoy and if there’s anything I can improve on do let me know! ^^; 

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No… please stop…

His voiceless plea echoed in his skull, his body numb with rage and another emotion he dared not name. Darkness was slowly encroaching from all sides. The insides of his sockets were beginning to feel wet while a warm but different kind of liquid spilled onto his hands before it evaporated into fine grains of dust.


Despite the immense powers he wielded, he could stop neither from happening. Not the darkness, the tears nor the blood.

Please… no…

Living as a shadow of this blood-stained underground world, he always reminded himself something like this could happen, but nothing could prepare him for the pain that wrecked his monster heart.

He was weak.

He was pathetic.

And this was the price of his incompetence.

“Nyeheh…,” his boney brother let out a terrifyingly weak chuckle, blood trickling along his mandible as he spoke, nudging his jaw towards the red, battered automobile in front of them that was on fire. “S-seem like I messed up this time. A-and everyone is… I’m… I’m sorry…”

“Don’t say that… It doesn’t look too bad, you know we’ve seen worse.” The young Don G reassured whilst looking down at the skeleton monster in his arms , who’s body was littered with deep gaping wounds, and shrugged casually. His expertise in keeping stone-faced came unexpectedly handy in restraining his turbulent feelings. He kept his one good eye on Papyrus’s pale colored heart, watching its vitality fade whilst the cracks covering it widened with every passing second, just like the ones that lined his brother’s face.

Don’t do this to me… don’t you dare…

Shit. He was scared.

F***ing scared.

“I… haven’t eaten your spaghetti for dinner yet. I did… say I’ll be back for that. Man, I'm… I’m starving.”

It was getting harder to speak. He’s usually more adept at lying than this.

“You haven’t… visited Grillby’s new shop right? He wanted your feedback on his new menu. We should swing by later… That’s an order.”

Papyrus’s single eye roamed his brother’s face sadly through his broken pair of glasses. “Sans-”

“NO!” G suddenly bellowed, his anguished cry sliced the air between them upon hearing his former name.

Papyrus was the only one who would call him that.

The bigger monster felt droplets of his brother’s tears land on his forehead as G curled his shaking, skeletal frame, hugging the only real family he has left closer, a feeble attempt to ward off death. But another second passed and gone was Papyrus’s legs, swept along by an unforgiving bout of wind. Pain flitted across Papyrus’s features, his heart breaking for a different reason now as he leaned forward and rested his head on G’s shoulders. It was all that he could do for everything else hurt. He wanted so much to comfort his brother then, to show him that’s it’s ok… but his body refused.

A distant crash of thunder was heard and the night skies grew even darker, their soulless surrounding illuminated only by the flaming car and the ever-silent moon that bore witness to the horrific massacre that took place just moments ago. The Don’s favorite crowbar laid beside him, drenched in the blood and dust of others, but as useless as its owner now.

“We just got to get help,” G grunted lowly between gritted teeth, trying in vain to mask his panic once more. “Don Toriel has higher healing magic, or maybe Dr. Alphys’s… I don’t know!” He cried out in desperation, raising a quivering, holed hand to press against the aching void where his right eye could have been. “J-just hold on. I’ll take us-”

Long, white phalanges suddenly curled around his wrist bone firmly with a familiar gentle touch, stopping G midway from teleporting.

“The last thing I want… is to talk to you… a little more… brother…” Papyrus’s voice was softer now but he still gave G a warm smile, his grip on his sibling not letting up till the Don sat back down on the cold, cobblestone road. 

“I… I should have stayed instead of going on that trip. I should have known that this- Dammit! I should have returned earlier!” G bitterly said, each word bit out with bone-crushing regret so heavy his rib cage heaved in an effort to breathe.

“That’s… a lot of ‘should have’s’.” Arching a brow bone, Papyrus sighed, “It’s… not your fault. T-they pulled off… an impressive surprise attack… just to take you down.”

G couldn’t understand how Papyrus could still beam back at him with brotherly pride despite choking a little on his own blood. And every minute movement Papyrus’s head made, he noticed more dust formed from all the smaller cracks that covered his skeletal structure… especially the one that dangerously ran across his cervical vertebra. G’s body turned even colder at the thought of it finally breaking. He was torn between wanting Papyrus to continue talking and the fact that he should stop the conversation to preserve whatever life force he had left.

“S-so… stop blaming yourself… Promise me, brother…”

He heard Papyrus’ worried request and instinctively, the Don hid his grimace with a blank face and looked away, wishing he had the shadow of his fedora to hide his gaze but it was lost somewhere during the fight. Finger bones dug deeply into the injured skeleton’s tattered and checkered blazer and Papyrus let out another resigned sigh.

The G before him looked less like the Don and more like the young, inexperienced and lost monster that Papyrus remembered.

“Stubborn as always…I g-guess that will never change… If I had the strength I’d beat some common sense into you. Nyeh… you’d usually retort with a pun…by now,” Papyrus smiled, wincing a little. He could no longer feel anything below his chest, his neck region hurts and his fingers were starting to grow numb. “Hey…. what was… that joke you were trying to tell me before?”

G glanced back at his brother, his facial expression looking even emptier than before as he shook his head uncertainly, “I… I don’t know… I can’t think of any…”

The bespectacled skeleton’s characteristic wide smile faltered for a brief moment. Papyrus opened his mouth slightly, but hesitantly closed it back. More of his dust scattered across the ground and a heavy, grave silence loomed over them, reminding both of the inevitable before it was abruptly washed away by the two words G never thought he’d hear Papyrus say:

“… Knock, knock.”


A strange and slight twitching sensation was felt in the hole of his left hand. Immediately, hard, ivory fingers of his other hand swung and swiftly grabbed onto a contrastingly soft, flesh-covered hand unmercifully, pulling his ‘attacker’ down towards him. Brilliant amber flame lit up from within the depths of his left eye socket as Don G woke in his armchair lazily, unfazed by the fact that he was suddenly staring back at the face of the human just inches away. They seemed a little startled at first but soon returned his piercing gaze fearlessly, despite the obviously dangerous amount of dark magical aura mixed with unbridled bloodlust that was seeping out from within his core and bones.

“What do you think you’re doing… Kitten.”


Part 1/ Part 2 (END)


This is dedicated to @tsunderemonstertruck for being the greatest and bestest and cooliest and most wonderful badass Inej i’ve had the please of knowing! She’s Inej in every way that i’m Nina and it’s amazing! You /render/ my /heart/ incapable of thinking anything except how hardcore you are everyday, you’re like a wraith that won’t stop haunting me with tsundere turnip-y goodness!

Thank you so so much to all the great artists who let me use their art, i’m sorry I couldn’t use everyone’s! Full credits are in the video description, and @lucecarlyledraws @saint-tibbles @sashaminerva @madis-hartte @jynersvs @lannyloch @vivie-draws you all said you wanted to see the finished product, which was so sweet of you!

the signs reacting to your sadness
  • aries: who did that to u??! i2g i will end them!!
  • taurus: i know i know
  • gemini: they don't even deserve your tears tbh..
  • leo: ok but don't you see how fab u are???
  • cancer: *hold your hand in silence until you stop crying*
  • sagittarius: what doesn't kill you make you stronger
  • virgo: give me the PRECISE reason of your sadness and i will fix it
  • capricorn: ??? but yesterday you told me it wasn't a big deal
  • scorpio: how would you recognize happiness without experiencing sadness tho?
  • libra: ....please smile
  • aquarius: the way i see it, it's written in the stars, if i tell u you'll be alright, you'll be alright
  • pisces: *cry with u*
Is it just me or does it seem like every Dan and Phil video consists of Phil saying/doing something weird and Dan is just like "Why Phil!? What have you done!? I hate you. Just stop. " and is just so done with life. Then Phil will just laugh and be like "Oh ok sorry no then... Im sorry! Ahh.. nevermind" and then they will both start laughing and continue on being adorable for the rest of the video whilst that same cycle repeats...

Isn’t this true tho!!

Like in almost positive this is always what happens…

It can’t just be me who thinks this…

Someone please tell me that they agree and know what I’m talking about so I can make sure I’m not just crazy

attention everyone. i just need to let you know. last night i watched paul mccartney perform a rock concert for 3 hours straight without once stopping for a drink of water. they literally shot fireworks and giant flames off the entire periphery of the stage and he still did not allow himself a single sip of water. he played a song for his murdered friend on top a rising LED platform and did not stop the show. the next time you are tired and emotionally drained at rehearsal remember this 73 year old legend. you too can transcend your human form. do it for paul.