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im so stupid. i actually FORGOT to hand in my assessment on the due date. i had a whole day workshop for a music class and i was having too much fun. i tried to hand it in to my teacher but he wont accept it. im so scared bc i might get a warning letter if i dont do anything about it. which will lead to not being able to complete high school. im so scared!!!! I don't know what to do!!!!

no no hold on calm down first. if you’re going into panic mode or anything i use these two often to help me calm down. breathe first okay?

talking to someone | pixel thoughts 

right so i’m not super sure about the system where you are but please dont be afraid! does one warning letter lead to that outcome? can you do anything, like write an apology letter or an essay as punishment and hand it in alongside? 

ok my next and probably last joke gravity falls theory is the time pirate book is basically like that episode of spongebob with the treasure hunt and the board game. i cant remember the name of the episode right now but you probably know which one im talking about. but yeah it’ll be like that one

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Do you think you could please write a script for coming out in the form of a letter? (I cannot talk under pressure/when admitting things) It would be one for a few family members (Though tbh Im pretty sure one already knows)

Hey, Know that you don’t have to ‘copy and paste’ the script. I’ll try to write a letter then break it down so you have important points to include in your letter, which too is not obligatory ! :) 

“ Hey, So I know writing a letter is unusual but I’m really nervous about this. As you can guess, I’m coming out. Specifically as *****

(If gender) I prefer you use ***** pronouns when referring to me, and to refer to me as ‘gender’ from now on. (If changing name) I also don’t use my old name, but rather ****. I won’t be angry if you make mistakes, so long as you try and not get angry should I correct you. 

(If sexuality) I like ‘gender/genders’, It’s not really such a big deal I suppose. You don’t have to do anything other then respect my sexuality, and maybe ask after ***friend instead of ‘****friend. 

(If uncertain about stance on lgbt matters) This isn’t a phase, which I expect you know but I thought I’d mention it anyway just in case. I hope you understand and respect my gender/sexuality. “

So this is sort of short, as I don’t know if you’re coming out in terms of sexuality or gender. 

If it’s about sexuality: 

  • Start with coming out! This way they won’t feel confused about what you’re trying to say. 

  • I don’t know if your family is the confrontational type that prefers to talk, so if you want you can add something like “I wrote this letter because I don’t want to feel pressured and uncomfortable which I would be if I came out verbally. We can talk about it of course, but I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.” 

  • Mention that you’re not any different, and you’d prefer they not treat you any differently except for changing it when they ask about whetever you’ve got a ***friend to ****Friend, maybe do so humoristically as well. 

  • If you don’t know their stance on sexuality, maybe mention that this isn’t a phase or/and that you hope they respect your identity. You can also mention that its not a choice.

If its about gender: 

  • Start with coming out here too, as well as mentioning that you’d prefer that they finish the letter and talk about it later. And when you do talk about it, to not make a big deal out of it. (If you don’t want it to be a big deal, it’s okay if you want it to be) 

  • Tell them to use your pronouns and new name (if you have one), you don’t even have to say ‘I prefer’ or ‘I would like you to’ just write ‘Use this from now on.’ If they don’t respect that, I suspect you have to talk to them about it. 

  • Say that it’s okay to make mistakes when referring to you, but they have to try. 

  • Say that they shouldn’t get angry when you correct them, explain why it makes you feel bad. Also mention that you’re not angry that they use the wrong pronouns/name but you feel bad when they do so, don’t sugar coat it unless you have to. (They have anxiety etc) 

I hope you find this script useful, and follower are encouraged to add tips to this. 


a quick two for one post!!

firstly, harukas relationship page is all set up, so check it out if youd like. some ocs already have different commentary, and EVERYONE has a unique flower attached to them that has a special meaning. the sidebar can help point you towards whether its based off a western meaning or a japanese meaning!

second (bc this seems like a good idea to talk about!!) haruka is also going to be one of your local… not so nice ocs. shes not very VOCAL about anything - unless someone starts shit, in which case shes plenty vocal - but her internal monologue is bound to get really nasty really quick because shes a judgy judy. i personally have my own limits of what im okay writing for the sake of staying true to characterization, and please know that nothing haruka says or does is a reflection of how i feel about anyone at all ever, but if anything i have her think or say is ever not okay or makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please let me know!! i want everyone to have fun in this game

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what manga was it?

love stage
which i had never heard of but just looking at the cover it was pretty obvious that’s what it was

It had the typical boys love pose you know which one im talking about where the seme is smirking but the uke looks like he doesnt really want to be there


can we just a take a minute to recap bc honestly like:

  • Breezango winning and being the pure boyfriends that they are
  • bayley my angel just omg
  • bayley and sasha being pure
  • bayley sasha charlotte and becky okay
  • darren young and bob just destroyed me 
  • fucking miz and maryse wearing those masks
  • randy being a fucking savage and destroying brock
  • randy being happy and hyped af
  • the way chris fumbled after randy ruined lives
  • cesaro honestly not giving a fuck i mean damn
  • enzo amore
  • honestly just the entire enzo/cass/cena interaction like
  • but enzo’s promo 
  • and everyone just praising enzo like fuck 
  • then the way enzo nearly got himself killed trying to be a badass
  • like enzo honey you are smol
  • so smol
  • you could have died
  • but then enzo lived and he jumped into john’s arms
  • i cried it was adorable he’s adorable
  • becky honestly she deserves more
  • the way sami nearly died my life flashed before my eyes
  • the standing ovation for kevin and sami 
  • they deserved it so much
  • michael messing up on everything honestly 
  • the fucking soccer mom chants like can i live
  • the imagery of aj dropping off his team at raw where finn is waiting like “have fun with your little friend kids i’ll be back never”
  • HA
  • zack ryder like damn son i love you
  • seth being a little geek like what the fuck even was that backstage promo
  • fucking rollins babies i can’t
  • then mick’s reaction to steph like 
  • daniel bryan: gm by day, motivational screamer by night
  • shane and daniel believing in dean is honestly the best thing
  • first that goddamn promo like can you not why must you break me like this honestly
  • then seth comes out in that fucking outfit like at least it wasn’t the awful white but still
  • then roman
  • like that crowd ate him how was he living honestly
  • i’m not certain it’s been that bad since the rumble where it all truly began
  • but then again it’s bad every time soo
  • anyway
  • then dean comes out and gets the appreciation from the crowd that he deserves 
  • and my heart races and i just die for a few moments
  • they all just stood there after the bell and i was dying
  • like please someone move
  • seth and roman were eyeing each other and for just a moment i thought they were going to team up
  • but then it was over and it all began the beginning of the end of me
  • ambrollins 
  • i can’t stress it enough
  • I would give up my life for them to team up alright and this was as close as I will ever come
  • they very nearly did the running thing together but that just would’ve been too kind
  • my heart was racing and then seth pulled out that goddamn chair and i was numb
  • i had fucking war flashbacks 
  • this match was literally all dean and seth like im sorry ro honey
  • but it was 
  • roman would come and try and do big moves and nothing was working and im sorry
  • he almost killed dean alright that boy is too tall for you to ever try what you were going to
  • pretty sure if that had happened dean would’ve just been dead like live murder alright he is too tall
  • seth and dean and roman all had their fair share of coming out of nowhere like fuck i was startled each time
  • i was worrying about seth’s knee the whole match
  • and then seth almost pinned roman and i was pissed off
  • like i can accept seth winning because i love him and i know he’ll get the championship back
  • but to win it against roman and not dean would’ve pissed me off like that man has worked so hard for this title reign that everyone has been trying to discredit and take away value from like how dare you
  • so i was relieved when that didn’t happen
  • all types of fuckery went down like shane and daniel were dying in the corner and jbl was complaining about having to cheer for dean and john cena was losing his shit
  • fast forward and dean has won
  • shane and daniel doing fucking laps was me alright 
  • shane channeled his inner bo dallas for that one he just kept running
  • the entire smackdown locker room coming out for dean
  • the uso’s lifting dean up
  • everyone just appreciating dean like thank you for this magic
  • seth and roman just rolling out and giving dean his glory
  • he beat them both clean like thank you
  • anyway
  • oh yeah fucking mojo and zack that was lit 
  • so yeah
  • sami and kevin stole the fucking show
  • sasha and bayley are adorable
  • xavier woods is an angel
  • the shield broke my heart into pieces
  • and i would take life advice from enzo before literally anyone else
  • everything is wonderful and nothing hurts 
  • sorry this is so fucking long omg 

I have so many feelings abiut mr greg but aside from the song (you know exactly which one im talking about) there are two main things

The first is how much pearl loves spending time with steven. She just??? Loves him so much?????? She would go with greg on a trip across state lines because steven wanted her to and sings about it and its the cutest

The second is, after ahe realizes greg is awake she says his name twice, both times she is upset that she hurt him. The second time she says it is when hes getting up to leave and you can tell she feels like trash and that she really didnt want to make him feel bad or guilty and she calls out to him to try and get him to stay and hshdhdhndnd

Bonus third thing: seven def was banking on pearl singing dramatically that little shit

excuse me if i dont believe marina joyce’s friends but they’ve said she didn’t say “help me” in that date outfit video and routinely say it’s too personal to talk about yet they are supporting her and know her personally so they know what’s going on… one was even rude enough to say she had a drug problem and they couldn’t help her. even if you know someone personally you can be totally unaware of their abuse. it’s shady because her bf also told someone she hae mental problems, which could be a cover up. until i get conclusive proof about her being COVERED in bruises + her boyfriend having bruises on his knuckles, i’m staying alert. i won’t risk believing people who say she’s fine, don’t elaborate, even lie when she’s crying out for help.

pff my family started fo ask for a cousin, in which school she is or what’s shes gonna study. when i said i didnt knew they started with their usual shit of “omg but its your cousin, why dont you talk with her? i cant believe. how mean and antisocial you are”

and im like ???? why im suposed to know about the life of someone who doesnt even like me, because she doesnt. we went to the same school once and she talked shit about me. so yeah, i dont give a fuck about her :/ but yeah, sure, im the mean one

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Hopefully, it's not too late to send an ask. Actually, I'd like to ask you all but they are so much, 50 items !! Can I ask you more than one ? So, please answer for item 6, 15, 26, 39 and 50, I have selected for the most I'd like to know. Thank you.

It’s definitely not too late! I’d talk about books forever. Okay, so -

6. I recently reread Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, which is one of my absolute, all-time favorites. I want to reread it again just thinking of it.

15. This one is a little more difficult. I like to think that every book we read changes our lives a little, whether we realize it or not. So my answer to that question would truthfully be all of them - but that feels like cheating, so I’ll pick one of my favorites: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I could write an essay on how it spoke to me, but I’ll spare us all and just recommend it.

26. Nearly all of my favorite characters are very tragic figures who generally meet tragic - or at least bittersweet - ends. I think I’m very happy living outside of their pages. I don’t want to get eaten alive by rats!

39. The entire Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest series written by Jude Watson. Absolutely, hands-down. Those books were the first time I stayed up all night reading.

50. I love stories. I love drama. I love being taken to places I’ll never go, being people I’ll never be, and following a journey through til the end. I love mythology and tragedy. I love horror and psychology. And I love falling in love.

man and we talked about our futures a little bit today too like where we see ourselves, if we see ourselves staying here or being somewhere else and my heart was racing like……..it was intense.

I need your help asap

Hey fam, so some months ago i read one of the best 5sos blurb ever, but i cant seem to find it. It was about y/n who was a famous singer and went back to her old neighbourhood and met luke again after years. It was called suburbia i think and it was based on troye’s song. So, if you know which one im talking about pls tagg me and ill love you forever

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The jerza/gruvia au thing w/ dirty af minded juvia and secretly dating jerza with a side of steamy gruvia is one of my fav fanfics by you, and while its 200% up to you I would love to see more stuff in that universe. Also, your writing will 5ever be goals af💕💕💕

you know you have a problem when it takes u ten minutes to remember which fic youre talking about…and im assuming its this one?? if so LMAO i had fun writing that one and i love writing stuff like this, and thanks for your lovely words <3

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mom mom!! okay firstly i hope you had the best time ever at 5sos!! anyway seeing you happy at your concert made me v excited for mine but it isn't until september, and i wanted to make one of those edits where it goes from the studio version of a song to the live version (if you know what im talking about ???) but idk which song to do it for. i was thinkin maybe vapor but idk which song do you think i should use??

OO ya those are cool!! I would say do whatever song means a lot to u but vapor would be a good one 😎

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Who's your favorite Pretty Cure in terms of design/aesthetic?

well. i have a bias for DokiDoki since it was the season that got me into precure.

 but i must say my favorite designs are from Go Princess!, i really like the colors like yellow, orange and purple on Twinkle looks just amazing, as well the colors on mermaid, the blue and teal with pink are great. then you have the actual designs, they are really detailed and have a lot going one without feeling over designed (im talking about you Splash Star and Suite). and every cure is unique but they feel like are in the same group without feeling liike power rangers (cofyesprecure5cof cofsmilecof). also i reaññy like Go Princess it must be one if not the best season. you have great characters with different motivations and skills, and everyone has they strong and weak point. and you get to know well all the characters. even the bad guys. I mean, the generals were as good as the cures. Dyspear, which is not as good villian like lets say Queen Mirage. because Dyspear was more of a concept than a character. wich was okay for me. Close Shut and Lock were such great characters, specially my baby Close, I love when they take a minor character and turn it to be the big bad (like Falsetto in Suite). then you have the fairies, which werent as annoying as others. and they did grow a lot by the end of the series. The “mentor”. Prince Kanata take actions in the problem and didnt let the girls figure out all by themselves, okay, he wasnt always there, because he was looking for answers and things that could help, and he did help in all he could (not like Blue, who in my opinion is the worst, a lot of problem couls have been solved if the just told the truth, like, “i have an evil twin brother, and btw, the reason why Mirage turn evil is me”) and finally, the civilian ally, Yui, she was amazing, she didnt had any power, but that didnt stop her from trying to help, and at the end she was one of the reasons why the precure won. and having an ordinary girl in the season about following your dreams means a lot, means that everyone, no matter how ordinary you are, can make their dream come true.

runners up are HappinessCharge, since the black in the design make a great contrast and every cure feel unique even the basic design is the same. and Heartcatch. I really like the design and the style, but i have major problems with Sunshine desgin. it doesnt look good in my opinion, the skirt is the main problem, i feel its way down and you should be able to see more of sunshine and that creep me out. but in the other hand you have moonlight which design is flawless.

wow, i wrote a lot. D; but the answer is Go Princess

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hey im so sorry that happened to you. ive also been institutionalized (three times) and similar things happened to me. that's awful, and i know how detrimental it is for recovery. it's gross, and im sorry you couldn't get what you needed from treatment due to ignorant staff and transphobia. ugh.

Aaahh thank you and I’m sorry you had to experience that too

Yeah, its not something I talk a lot about mostly because it can really take a lot out of me if I’m not in the right state of mind for it, which is a shame because its one of the instances of institutional transphobia/queerphobia I have the most experience with and that I rarely see people talk about

One of the worst things about it is it deprives you of the safe space that is needed to help rest from the traumatic event that is probably the reason you were institutionalized in the first place. And the thing is, this can’t be some fluke or the symptom of me living in a particularly transphobic area because this all took place in Washington state, one of the most lgbt+ “friendly” areas in the country with some of the most protective laws in the entirety of the US.

So yeah, again, to anyone reading this, please get help but know that the mental health system is historically oppressive to lgbt+ ppl(as well as almost all other marginalized groups) and still is today.

(Thank you for sending this message, and pls tell me if you didn’t want it to be published)