(you can't take the sky from me)

I just realised how Firefly is so appropriately named, because like, it is this small thing in a big old universe and it shines so bright and kind of holds this weird, beautiful, tragic place in our collective fandom hearts and it was only around for this short little time but we all have the DVD or Netflix and its like we all have these jars of fireflies with us reminding us of how even in the dark expanse of the verse there is light and brightness and warmth.

Rage against the TV Gods

Do you know what I wish for most? To love a TV show that isn’t in danger of cancellation, that doesn’t have a tiny fandom, that I know will be there when I tune in. I watch some shows that fall into this category, but they aren’t the shows I love beyond reason. Yeah, I’m looking at you Game of Thrones, although you have source material problems, so it’s not entirely your fault. And I’m looking at you, too, The Vampire Diaries. You’re my old comfy slipper, but would I be crushed if you suddenly went away? Meh. And you, especially Once Upon a Time, the show that became so tedious I broke up with you because you were no longer interesting enough for me to watch while folding laundry.  

No, the shows I love are pushed to mid-season (The 100), finish last in their time slot (The Originals), need to be saved by other outlets (Community), or can’t get saved at all (Hannibal). What must it be like to love a show that does well in the ratings, has its network’s support, and gets renewed early ever year? I just want The Musketeers to be the most popular thing on TV and for Starz to love Da Vinci’s Demons as much as I do. Is this really too much to ask?

Why do the TV gods have no mercy upon me? Did I not pay the great sacrifice more than a decade ago when they ripped Firefly away from me? Where is the sympathy I deserve, the support someone with my abandonment issues needs? Where is the wildly popular show I can love with all my heart?

Latin Ghost Stories continued from here


“Veniam mihi? Scis spiritum alicuius loci minuent?”

    “Um… yep. I mean – … immo…” 

   Fuck. She knew she should’ve paid more attention in Latin. But there were so many languages to learn – and she didn’t even have her translation pad on – !

   “Okay. I got you. Don’t worry. Uh… minuent… stories? The library? Oh, fuck if I know. I don’t belong here. I mean – um… wait, let me just…” 

   And it’s with that, her earpiece is haphazardly placed between her dark curls.

   “Okay, okay. Go again. Uh… iterum?”