(you can't take the sky from me)

you can’t take the sky from me: ch 3 - war stories

a/n: <3 yall just blow me away. much love as always to @nymphadoraholtzmann - my talented and beautiful beta. and happy early birthday to the brilliant @provocative-envy - thank you for dragging me down to rare pair hell, and for helping me fall so deeply in love with pansy parkinson somedays I wonder if I’ll ever be over it (spoiler: I won’t).
to everyone else reading this: ….. sorry???

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Percy came back, at some point. Pansy had no conception of time and frankly no real drive to figure it out. She had a vague idea of where she was picked up and figured that no matter how fast this ship could travel, it would probably take them more than a week to get her back to the place that had once been her home.

Her own personal hellhole.

Frankly, Pansy had a vague plan of going on a hunger strike or something, trying to make a point. If she died, that wouldn’t look great on the crew, nor would it matter to her - home was more or less the same thing. Especially with the added bonus of whatever punishment her father deemed suitable for her vanishing act.

Only, Percy came back with food. That actually smelled like food, not the mostly-stale stolen Ministry rations that she’d been eating for months. Real, normal, delicious smelling food. Delicious looking, too. And Percy had simply sat down on one side of the barrier - on the floor - and placed the food where she could reach it.

Pansy waited for him to leave.

He didn’t.

Finally, Pansy caved and took the food, moving to sit on the other side of the room while she ate.

It was incredible.

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you can’t take the sky from me - ch one: follow the plan

a/n: *shows up forty minutes late with starbucks & a ridiculous rare-pair au that literally no one asked for*
anyways, hi hello I am sorry I have been terribly absent and mostly just a nothing person?? ANYWAYS. I had this idea for a smut scene - a short drabble, you know - and couldn’t figure out a good background setting for it. and then I had this idea to do a space pirates au, which seemed fun and silly and like, idk, 3k tops??
i am so terribly sorry to inform you all that I am currently flying past 13k with absolutely no plans of slowing down or stopping. the outline is nearly 2k and divided into four??? sections and growing. @nymphadoraholtzmann​ drew me the schematics for a warp drive that we designed. everything has gotten very very out of hand and i’m still not entirely? sure how or why???
BUT the tldr here is that I kind of want to make sure this isn’t absolutely nuts and that SOMEONE is going to read it, so I figured I’d post the first chapter and see what the reception is. I probably won’t post the next chapter until I’m closer to being done the fic, unless you’re all super super into this and then hey, maybe I will - but expect another month or so wait, I think, before the fic starts posting in earnest. (I’m also tagging @olivieblake​, @provocative-envy​, @flintwoodandco​, @newt-scxmander​, @kyonomiko​, @ff-sunset-oasis​ - if anyone else wants to be tagged for updates, let me know!!)

what’s inside: space pirates, firefly (etc) ripoffs, probably-bad science, a not-insignificant amount of smut, lots of tropes, a fuckton of swearing, a huge assortment of rare pairs, a small bit of kidnapping, and probably at least one sappy talk about feelings.
pairing(s): pansy parkinson/percy weasley (+ marcus flint/oliver wood, ginny weasley/luna lovegood, draco malfoy/theo nott/hermione granger, & more)

“Motherfucker,” she hissed, as the engine in front of her came to a screeching, stuttering halt. “That is abso-fucking-lutely not a good sign.”

It wasn’t. Pansy might not have a fancy school coding, or - really - even an instructional manual for the hunk of almost literal trash she called a ship, but she knew that under no circumstances was her engine ever, ever supposed to stop.

Huffing slightly and not taking her eyes off the unusually-still contraption in front of her, she reached out in the direction of her mod-com and punched at the buttons until a familiar tone buzzed to life.

“Cap?” she called out, pausing and waiting for the long-suffering sigh and the expected retort of, ‘how many gorram times have I told you not to call me Cap?’ and when it didn’t come after ten, then twenty seconds, Pansy started to panic.

“Draco?” she pressed, reaching out to hit a few buttons on her console in vain hopes that her ship would whirr to life again. “Theo?” Still silence.

Not good. Not good at all.

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Can’t Take The Sky (1/3)

She knows how to find people. He’s got a fast ship. They need each other - and neither of them is happy about it.

… in which Emma Swan and Killian Jones team up to apprehend an armed and dangerous military deserter, who just so happens to be Killian’s brother. Shenanigans ensure - in space. Sci-fi AU inspired by all the things I love, for day 4 of @seastarved‘s Fantasy Pretzel Week.

Huge thank you to the ladies at the CS Writers’ Hub for the cheerleading and the feedback and everything! You’re all wonderful.

Blaster fire lit up the alleyway around Emma, flashing as it hit the grimy walls, the high-pitched whirr of the guns drowning out noise of the speeders from the street beyond. She flung herself into the meagre cover of a waste disposal unit, breathing hard. Her back was still hitting the wall when her companion joined her, whirling around to fire at their attackers as he backed into her.

And kept backing up.

“Hook,” she pressed out as his shoulders obscured her view, the scent of leather and soap almost overpowering the smell of the alley. “You’re crushing me.”

“My apologies, but I’ve no desire to get shot,” he gritted out. “Where did all these fellows come from?”

“You’re the one who poked the gundark den,” she reminded him sharply. “Why’d you break cover? You were supposed to wait for my signal.”

She’d known going in that this mission was a huge risk. It had gone well at first; they’d landed on Dathmun without any of the trouble that Killian had predicted, and he’d even managed to talk the dock officials out of the usual trumped-up customs charges. Up until give minutes ago, Emma would have said that the place was perfect—easy in, just busy enough to provide cover and distractions, and no weapons bans.

She might still be saying it now, if her words weren’t going to be drowned out by the blaster fire.

“Did you see how he was looking at you?” Killian demanded, edging carefully forward to snap off two quick shots at their attackers.

“How—“ Emma felt her eyes widen, something fast and hot and angry rising inside her. “You got jealous?”

“No,” he shot back, a little too quickly. “You were about to be made.”

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I wish we had more time
I wish we could have stayed by the light
instead of diving into the darkness and trying to keep afloat
even as fire burned up our air and bullets rattled the sea

I wish we had more time
I wish I would’ve taken more of your courage, more of your belief
the night I held you in my arms
listening to the way my name fell from your lips
like a warrior’s call, like an oath, like it was a type of salvation

I wish we had more time
I wish I could have loved you in peace, with the sky shining 
instead of following you through the chaos of battle
and having your back as we saved each other in the hailstorm

I wish we had more time
but I can't regret knowing your heart
I can’t regret taking a chance and taking a leap of faith on this journey
I can’t regret the way you made me feel alive, even after I got so used to death
and I can’t, won’t, regret the fact that you made me hope after so many years of burying my heart inside my chest

you can’t take the sky from me: ch 2 - captive

a/n: me: “i’m not going to post more of this story till it’s basically done”. me, two days later: “FUCK IT I’M JUST GONNA POST LETS DO THIS.” anyways. thank you all for the love & support from the first chapter!!! I so so so appreciate it. no guarantees on a regular posting schedule, but I’m going to aim to do one or two a week, depending on how all this goes for me. <3 hope you enjoy!!
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They were, it seemed, the last people to reach the deck of Wood’s ship. Which made sense, because Pansy had purposefully walked slowly and Weasley hadn’t seemed to wanted to push her much - she’d caught him eyeing the heels she had chosen that day more than once. Clearly, he seemed to think he’d captured a girl, soft and weak and in shoes she couldn’t run away in. One knife that she didn’t know how to use, and a permanent pout on her soft full lips.

For the moment, she decided to let him think that. Until she knew more, of course.

“Aye, was starting to worry about you for a minute,” came a familiar voice. This, of course, must be Wood. He wasn’t anything extraordinary, for a Captain. Didn’t have Draco’s pale grace or Theo’s broad shouldered confidence. Hell, he didn’t even have the imposing air of her father and the few other men she’d happened to meet who had their own ships. He was simply…  a man. Not the tallest she’d met or the shortest. Muscular, but more lean than anything. Sandy beige hair and brown eyes. Completely forgettable, minus the strange brogue in his accent.

“You worry entirely too much,” said Weasley behind her.


Pansy was looking at two people who looked so similar to the man who had found her that now she wasn’t entirely sure if Weasley was the best way to refer to him. Two of the crew gathered in front of her must have been related to the man behind. The had the same blue eyes, sharp and bright. And the same bright red hair - the other man’s was longer than her captor’s, and he too was differently shaped. Shorter and less muscular, looked like he had enough to eat. That one was wearing a pair of coveralls with a streak of grease down the side and Pansy nearly winced - how stereotypical did one have to be?

The other, well. That was new. The third Weasley was female, with her red hair tied back into a tight plait that fell down her back. She was in an outfit that looked almost like armour, thick and yet malleable. Pansy could count three guns from what she could see, and she had a small feeling that it would be an insult to this girl - this woman - to assume she didn’t have far more weapons hidden than the ones in view.

And then, another voice.

That was odd. This ship, from the little Pansy had seen of it, didn’t seem that much larger than her own. And yet she had now met as many crew as her own had. Of course, her ship had empty bedrooms, yes. But they didn’t have a need for more people.


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“I know- I look just like him, don’t I?” The dark speedster taunted with a laugh, though the laugh held very little h u m o r in it. “He got so attached to you all here. Figured I had to come and give him A COUPLE MORE DISTRACTIONS from the present.” It wasn’t like he needed to explain it to her. Either she’d already figured it out, or she didn’t care about his plan and just about him. 

“I also figured I’d start with y o u.”

Clouds lifted from his heart: clouds of Jabiim, of Aargonar, of Kamino, of even the Tusken camp. For the first time in too many years he felt young: as young as he really was.

Young, and free, and full of light.

GASP!! I actually finished something (i.e. I got so frustrated with it I decided I’m not going to work on it anymore). Maybe I’ll work on it some more later but sooo done for now. Theres still something weird about the features and it is so hard to work with blurry screen caps… AHHHH!!!

River Tam from Firefly - part two of what will hopefully be a set of portraits of the entire crew. Based on the idea that the show is about what each character sees when they look at the sky, River is fascinated but also trying to make sense of what she see, trying to see some sort of pattern or rule. 

print available here: https://society6.com/product/you-cant-take-the-sky-from-me-river_print#1=45

> open to F.irefly muses or verses <

“Companions aren’t immune to falling in love. I just chose not to. It’s a waste of time and energy.”