(yn) madotsuki

Yume Nikki - month
Day 04 - Crossover between YN and FGs

Y’know, ever since I saw the room with the child effect in Yume 2kki, I always imagine Urotsuki considering Madotsuki as a kind of deity of sorts.

In my mind, she’d be so eager to show the ultimate dreamer her own dreams

i’m going to try and rework my way through yume nikki month in the next few days since i got caught up in stuff most of this month and haven’t been able to draw ;; i’m including redoing the really shitty doodles i did for the first day with slightly less shitty doodles www

first up, redoing day 1: favorite dreamer!

it’s 100% a tie for me between these three - madotsuki, sabitsuki, and vice (ok yes fleshchild isn’t a ynfg anymore but it started as one and he’s a dreamer so back off he’s my love) 

all three of these games mean something really important to me emotionally and mentally, so i just can’t choose between the three of them;;;

day 3: dreamer or NPC in an alternate outfit

i love magical girls. i love madotsuki. i love magical girl madotsuki

ive seen a couple magical girl mado drawings before and most of them give her a giant knife as a weapon which is cool n all but imagine a naginata……

also bc i LIVE and BREATHE alternate outfits/characters in alternate fashions, have two bonus sketches under the cut (forgive me if the anatomy is off, the focus was more on the outfits than drawing anything accurately)

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