(yn) madotsuki

Day 24 of yume nikki month *I am all caught up. HECK YES!*

Draw A character you feel is underappreciated

I do admit I was thinking about drawing the aztec rave monkey again but you guys all know I like him way too much for my own good. so I feel like some one else needs the time to shine. I really found the fishermen to be really cool and unique and a human like npc. he needs more love. and those he is todays art. he needs more time in the spot light.

 I think this and the art I did for the ending are my best work so far! The fog is really nice!

Yume Nikki - month
Day 04 - Crossover between YN and FGs

Y’know, ever since I saw the room with the child effect in Yume 2kki, I always imagine Urotsuki considering Madotsuki as a kind of deity of sorts.

In my mind, she’d be so eager to show the ultimate dreamer her own dreams

Day 16 of yume nikki month: create a event based off of something from your dreams.

So about a year ago I had a dream where every time I looked away from my friend Her face would get more and more messed up. and then at the end I felt my face becoming just as twisted. And later on remembering back I thought It would be a awesome yume nikki style event. So It was a no brainier to make this the art for today. I was lazy so I made it in sprite art and only use mostly default madotsuki but still. If I ever make a yume nikki fan game after lesaria is finished, I will inclould this event some where. btw the dream will wake up after the bit at the end with her face becoming messed up. 

Day 10 of yume nikki month: Favorite effect! 

I frick’en adore the lamp effect! its to the point that I cosplay madotsuki with it! As seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrqoUxCfVmM 

I love the object head scene and I am working on a TV head effect cosplay for .flow and I am not sure how to do it with out being too heavy and hurting my self with my screwed up back. got any ideas?

and I like how it looks. and that it is useful. and I think it looks cute! so yeah best effect.

Sorry for the lateness of the upload, I crashed untell 3 today and then friends came over.