Jurassic World (Warning: Spoilers)

I knew the film would be inaccurate and I managed to tolerate it. I like how the scientist said about how none of the dinosaurs look like they really would because they have to fill the DNA gaps - it was almost excusing how different the dinosaurs looks. However, the pterosaur scene did annoy me. I just kept thinking “but why I they picking people up?” The dimorphodons biting people is one thing the the sterotypical Harryhousen trope with the pteranodons picking up people did annoy me (yes I know they did that in the third film too). I just really love pterosaurs and they never get presented in a way which allows them to really be appreciated. Reminder that pterosaurs and mososaurs are NOT dinosaurs (Rant over).

I ENJOYED the film. I really did, and I’m so glad I saw it at the cinema and in the 3D. The effects were amazing.

I’ll make a confession here: at the beginning when the brothers were first going round the park and there were big shots of the island, before there were even any dinosaurs, I was crying, really bad. As in, borderline sobbing, before I managed to compose myself. I was just, I think, overwhelmed by how amazing the place was and how watching it was as close as i could get to ever visiting a place like that and that such a park could never exist.

I also got really emotional when the brothers where in the gyrosphere surrounded by all the dinosaurs. I was just in awe.

Erm…I might have laughed when the Indominous rex ate the first victim. And when Blue ripped that jerk’s arm off and killed him.

I got so sad about the dying sauropod and the velociraptors - I was so glad Blue survived, and the Tyrannosaurus.

Also, and the end I just said “But what happened to the park?” Everything was going fine until the Indominous rex thing - REOPEN THE PARK! Everyone keeps saying about how it should be left to nature, or it’s too dangerous. Screw that! I’d so want for a park like that to be real! (Also, I doubt leaving things to nature would work well when there’s creatures from entirely different geological eras and continents put on one island.

TL:DR: I have many thoughts and feelings about the film, and I enjoyed it, despite the inaccuracies