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Happy Valentine’s/Palentine’s Day! well not really anymore it’s almost 1am for me and I have school tomorrow rip

I actually didn’t want to do something for today, but then I just couldn’t stop thinking about Toshinori with a ton of yellow roses

….And then I started writing a fic for the picture in my mind and who gave him all the roses

Note: In Germany instead of giving out chocolate it’s more common to gift your loved ones roses, giving each color a different meaning. Red is obviously romantic love, but yellow flowers are a sign of platonic love and friendship…

Now to the fic……… it’s totally messy, because I started writing it still in school and since my mom also took me out for an obvious dinner today, I didn’t have much time in between everything… 

I hope you still enjoy it (tho it’s not really needed to understand the picture. I just felt in the mood to write a lot of fluff lol)

It had been a completely normal day…

or so Toshinori had thought, but it seems he might have missed something as he realized on his way to work.

There were way more people on the streets than usual or rather there were more people in couples slowly walking around, not caring much for their surroundings.

How peculiar… but nothing to crack your skull about.

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K I’m gonna try and keep my whining to a minimum but the thing is, Ben knew the boys were most likely gonna win that award and still, even though he knew there was no actual hug, he teased at one anyway. For years he’s disrespected fans and invalidated us and it’s gross and I will never not be bitter that they’ve repeatedly chosen to work with someone who has no more respect for us than a middle aged man writing some shitty piece about how stupid boyband fans are.

(de l')abc tag

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Rules: copy/paste, replace answers and tag people

a - age: 18

b - biggest fear: dying before I do anything with my life

c - current time: 20.09

d - drink you last had: tea

e - every day starts with: basking in the validation of overnight notifications lol

f - favorite song: don’t have one atm I need new music

g - ghosts, are they real: nop

h - hometown: tiny coastal town in the south full of old ppl. I still live there

i - in love with: my friendos and bagels

j - jealous of: every successful writer

k - killed someone: no comment

l - last time you cried: yesterday lmao

n - number of siblings: uno

o - one wish: lobotomy

p - person you last called/texted: my pal Phoebe who I am currently making pasta with. called: home

q - questions you’re always asked: me asking myself why am i like this

r - reasons to smile: rabbits, puns, gay shit

s - song last sang: everytime we touch. fu sara

t - time you woke up: u don’t wanna know

u - underwear color: blue

v - vacation destination: stockholm (this is just where I wanna go next idk if thats the right answer)

w - worst habit: biting nails

x - x-rays you’ve had: maybe my ear but I can’t remember

y - your favorite food: smoked cheese, who is surprised

z - zodiac sign: gemini ✨

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the hobbit + preschool gems - [1/?]

symphorophilian  asked:

So exactly how handsome is Alex?

Handsome enough to startle the sense out of somebody. Story beneath the cut.

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