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while we are on the subject of spouse remember when Harry said to Louis face "you are getting married!!" and Louis was sort of completely lost for words? I loved that!

FOUND IT!! This moment, right? Because what even was that??
Like, why so certain Harry..? 😏

Apparently this is a hard concept to grasp. Yes, the song is Steve’s. Yes his team should be doing most of the work. But Louis is the leading vocalist. Louis and Steve both talked about how the lyrics to JHO were prioritized (whereas in most EDM songs, they are not). I’m not saying Louis’s team has to be as extra or vigilant as Steve’s, but Louis’s team is doing /nothing/. If you can’t understand why that’s an unfathomable and cringey concept, then I don’t know how to help you, but stop acting like everyone is ridiculous and overreacting for being annoyed, when you clearly have no idea what this kind of deal is should look like.

Presenting without comments: Lapelosa or the true definition of a manipulative lying larrie

The first one is a reblogged post, at first she started to unveil her “inside info” in her tags

Anonymous asked: You know for a fact he is not having a baby? Like sources?



 yessssssssssssss.. i know for  fact that louis is not having this damn baby.   FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK … we have been saying this for MONTHS!!! why does no one ever listen to us :( haha

sources: if I could fly

Tags: #this could not be more true #and to more directly answer yesterday’s anon: #yes anon everybody in the industry and their mother knows the story is fake #babygate

 X ‘ November 04, 2015

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Anonymous asked: do you think that if there had not been the fallout with simon/syco that they intended to come out under simon and use it to promo the MITAM?

Yes. In fact, I know it for a fact.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: I understand you can’t share anything but this “irving azoff signed whole band” is conformed to you? Like, you know it’s 100% true? I understand if you can’t answer. Thank you anyway.

Yes. And because I can’t betray confidentiality and hurt people this is the best I can do, which means I’ll be dismissed, and I know that–which is why hearsay is not outing, because it’s easily dismissed–and you evaluating the info depends on what you know about me as a person, if I tend to lying or am easily fooled (somebody who recently wrote a post about me accusing me of blindly believing an anon should really have known better….)–but maybe it’s something. It’s a frustrating situation, but I’m also very frustrated with a lot of fandom conversations.

I CAN say that the boys have repeatedly urged you to have faith in them, and I’m going to urge that too.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: sorry I didn’t understand your answer to my question so maybe I didn’t explain myself very well. What I was asking you is if you think NT has a plan for their coming out and for their future as a band? (In the previous answer you said something about the fandom reacting in a certain way but I didn’t see how that could relate to my question, sorry!)

Irving Azoff has signed the whole band and is currently working for Louis’ future, yes. What you saw in that tweet is the continuation of the smear campaign that we’ve been seeing since mid-July, when Simon Cowell started implying that 1D has no future. He’s saying that because 1D has no future with HIM.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: “Irving Azoff has signed the whole band and is currently working for Louis’ future”   Source?

I’m sharing what I can, anon, and no more. It’s either this or nothing.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: You sound very confident that the guys have signed with Azoff. And I’d like to be as confident as you. I don’t need to know how you know…but, I guess in terms of percentages - are you 100% sure/confident that the guys have signed with Azoff and will indeed be back?

I feel so reluctant to share stuff like this, precisely because of this issue. Yes, I am one hundred percent confident. Which I know perfectly well is something that you could very well not accept, but I want to do something to fight against the current smear campaign. Yes, when I say I know, I’m not fucking around.

X January 18, 2016

Anonymous asked: You know 1000% sure they signed with Azoff? The entire band?

Yes. The entire band.

X January 18, 2016

Anonymous asked: So I don’t think the baby is real and I know larry is real but that doesn’t stop my heart rate from going through the roof when things like those bracelet pictures happen. I’m gonna get off the internet and ignore things for a bit, but I wonder if you wouldn’t mind listing the things you feel comfortable saying you know for a fact? Obviously not the things that would be betraying a source of info, but the more general things? if not, it’s ok! I just trust you the most, so it’d be comforting haha

Hi anon,

I agree with the importance of logging off when the stress gets too much. Anything I feel comfortable sharing I’ve already shared, including 1. Louis and Harry are an engaged couple, and 2. Irving Azoff has signed the whole band and is working for Louis’ future. Those two things should really tell you what you need to know about this story.

Furthermore, listen to the bears! The bears say to be calm. So we are calm. We know how this story is going to end.

X January 22, 2016

Anonymous asked: Wow are Harry and Louis really engaged? Like you actually heard this from a reliable source?? Details please! Lol. Thank you!

Yes, from a reliable source!

X January 22, 2016

Anonymous asked: Do you know for a fact that Harry and Louis are still together and there is no baby?


 X January 27, 2016 

Anonymous asked: Angela. Do you think that L/H coming out this year is a lost cause? I’ve been holding on bc I want to see them through but this constant barrage of pap pics/DC/BG is slowly eating away any hope I had. You say they are together still. For a fact?

What, this year a lost cause? No, I don’t think that at all!

Yes, they are together. Everything you are seeing right now is about the business status of 1D, not about Louis/Harry’s relationship status

X May 30, 2016

Anonymous asked: So what I’m getting from your blog and Cris’ blogs is that you invest time and energy to share your thoughts and opinions on various subjects on a daily basis.  I’m also understanding that you have never claimed to be part of an inner circle that is privy to the exact nature of any sort of negotiations that go on behind the scenes.  Lastly, you are infinitely patient with anons such as myself and you wish nothing but the BEST for all the boys.  Would you say this is correct? Thank you, lovely xx

This is correct in every respect and I love you so much, anon!

X May 30, 2016

Anonymous asked: “I’m also understanding that you have never claimed to be part of an inner circle that is privy to the exact nature of any sort of negotiations that go on behind the scenes. ”  You truly claimed for a fact that you knew Azoff signed the whole band.  I mean no disrespect but I’m very confused. *insert Oprah “what’s the truth ” gif*

You don’t have to be in an inner circle to know that, anon. Me knowing that Azoff has signed the band doesn’t translate to me automatically knowing what is happening bts–but it is a factor that helps me evaluate things from outside, yes.

It’s really not very difficult to understand that A doesn’t translate to B, anon.

X May 30, 2016

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Blue I need your help.I'm on mobile and I can't see what happened.So a new pic from Jamaica surfaced but it's only Louis in it,right? And he was spotted in London and was with her? How do we know?And why are people saying he was tanned but she wasn't? Have we got pics of her from Jamaica?And I don't even have to ask what The Sun has written about her,right?Sorry and thank you xx

Yes and yes. A fan asked and the person that posted answered he was with a brunette girl. Louis looks very tanned in the pic that was posted, but she didn’t at all in the airport pics/pics leaving LA - not yet. They wrote another “Whois Eleanor Calder article right before the pics of Louis  were posted lol

Don’t worry, nony ;)

*group chat*

Louis: tell this twat to not forget the coco pops

Harry: Did someone say smth?? Im sorry ure too SMALL i cant hear u.

Liam: r u fighting again

Louis: no

Harry: No.

Liam: yes u r

Liam: u know how much this disappoints niall

Liam: why’d u do that to him

Louis: we r NOT fighting u twat

Harry: Stop insulting Liam, mr.Tomlinson.

Louis: oh, no way i will, mr. STYLES

Niall: whats goin on

Liam: nothing


Louis:nothing neill go back to wherever u were

Harry: This dickhead doesn’t want to eat fruit.

Harry: I want his sperm to taste sweet but he says that i should be happy with it.

Harry: He acts like the fact that his sperm is awful because of fast-food is insulting

Liam: ew pls stop

Niall: lou u r really a dickhead

Louis: did i ask ur opinion

Louis: this FROG is trying to teach me how to live

Harry: Fuck u. Im not gonna suck you off until you do what i want.

Louis: great ill have someone else do the job


Harry: FINE mister FiveAndNineActuallyFourAndTwo, remember i told you I’m going to the grocery? Im actually with Nick and I’m having a great time with him

Louis:horton the fuck u r lying

Niall: where r u both

Liam: i guess they finally figured there shit out

Louis: u r a fucking liar i called nick and hes definitely not with u prick

Harry: asshole

Louis:broccoli is the nastiest

Harry: Your ass is the nastiest.

Louis: oh now u dont like my sperm and my ass right

Louis: u know what styles

Louis: as soon as u come im gonna tie u down and ride ur face until i cum and i will make u eat all of my sperm

Liam: omg please stop ill throw up

Niall: no dont stop no

Louis: and then i will not let u come until u have apologized enough

Louis: come the fuck here rn or im gonna spank u

Harry: Okay daddy.


Niall: wow

Zayn: hey guys! Whats up??

  • husband: "How you doing, hon?"
  • me, outside: "Fine."
  • me, inside: but it's just that Liam bought Sophia a purse, you know, a purse, at that charity event for the sick children, like he actually saw what the next item was and it was a purse and Liam thought to himself, "do I know someone who would like that purse? Why yes, yes I do, it's Sophia and I think I'll buy that purse for her," and do you know that silly shit Louis kept bidding against him, digging his heels in the whole time, watching Liam squirm because Louis knew Liam had made up his mind he was going to get that purse for Sophia and he just kept nodding saying "Yes, I'm in, yes, yes," as the price is getting higher and Louis' eyes are sparkling at him with that wicked grin and Sophia is putting her head in her hands like "oh my sweet lord I can't even with these two" and the purse is now up to some godforsaken amount that is more than what people might pay for a nice used car but Liam is smiling all the way because it's Louis and he's doing good and his heart is bursting and it's so much fun to spend money that they earned together doing something so worthwhile and they hand him the purse but it's not about the purse it's about giving what you can and being best friends through thick and thin and saving people in your own way and it's so beautiful I have to go lay down now.

I’m norwegian, and One Direction was interviewed by a norwegian magazine a few months ago. It wasn’t filmed, which means it was only ever published in norwegian. Which is probably why Louis would say these things, because it wouldn’t reach the international media. In the interview Louis said something really interesting about his relationship. I don’t know what the exact english words he used were, I only have this in norwegian because there is no footage, so I’ll have to translate.
The interviewer asks: “Louis, are you single?”
Look at the picture, inside the red ring is Louis’ answer. You see that “Njaaaa” thing? It translates to “naaah”, but that doesn’t quite cover it. It means something between yes and no, like you’re not entirely sure, or you’re reluctant.
Further on he says, “I’m not” but that’s not all he says in that sentence. The word ‘egentlig’ translates to something like ‘really, actually, originally or supposedly’. So what he really says is “I’m originally/supposedly not(single)”. He literally says that he is //supposedly//not single. He is supposed to be in a relationship.
But that was just the first sentence, there’s more. He then says “It’s a bit hard to explain, I’m ‘sort of’ in a relationship, but at the same time I’m not. If you know what I mean”
A quite vague explanation, but I immediately reacted to this. He says that he is ‘sort of’ in a relationship, what’s that supposed to mean?
In the public eye he is in a long term relationship, but here he clearly admits that that is not the case. He would never say such a thing in England, America or any other english-speaking place, that would cause quite the speculations. But here he did, because this only reaches norwegian people.
I’m a larry shipper, and reading this I was really surprised. I wish more people would see this.

Sleep Overs and Fun Times

Hey guys :) 

I’m gonna be in the hospital for a few days and If you guys send in request to keep me busy that would make me super happy! :D

1D prefs

5sos Pfres

His POV 

Louis T:  I had invited (y/n) over to spend the night at my place hoping she would say yes. It would be the first time since we made love that she would be staying over and I knew it was a big deal for her, she told me that she was excited to spend the night
“I always like spending time with you.” She said, but I could hear the uncertainty in the way she said it.

That’s why I would make sure to make tonight special, she to needed know that nothing would happen that she didn’t want. So before she got here I went to the store and got her favorite take out, some snacks, and I even searched all day for the first season of her favorite show.

“Come on Love, you can set your stuff down in my room will I fix you a plate so we can eat.”

“Yeah ok, thanks baby” she said giving me a kiss on the cheek and walking off

When she came back out she was wearing a tank top and a pair of my boxers, some red plaid ones that mum got for me but I never wear, besides she looks better in them than I do anyway.

“I got this for us” I sad holding up the first disc of the season “and I thought that after, if you want, we could-“

“I don’t want to have sex tonight!” she blurted out then a red hue started to grow on her cheeks “I-I mean I don’t- I hope you don’t- or I mean won’t think that I came over just so we could”

I know I should stop her rambling but I loved it too much

“and it’s not that I don’t want to cuz when we- you know- I well you know- and it was great- I just don’t want us to be only about that- is- is that ok?”

I laughed and kissed her, just a pecked to her soft lips

“Yeah love I understand, I was gonna say we could see if we can find something we haven’t seen yet. “

“Oh umm yeah ok… Louis?”
“Yeah babe”

“I love you.”

I smiled at her “I love you too.”


Zayn M: My mom had gone to sleep about an hour ago and I thought it would be a perfect time to sneak out. It’s not that I wanted to do wrong by my parents it’s just that (y/n) and I had been so busy so we hadn’t had time together all week. So I put on a jacket, one that (y/n) had gotten me for my birthday, snuck out the front door and made the short trip to my girlfriend’s house.

When I got there all the lights in the house were off, all the window dark, the house its self might as well of been asleep.

When I looked closer into her window I saw that, no that house wasn’t completely dark, there was a soft glow coming from it, I laughed a bit at that.

She was afraid of the dark and would sleep with a night-light, I remember it took her 3 months into our relationship to tell me and she was so embarrassed about it I thought it was adorable.

I knew she would be asleep by now but I also knew that she would be very happy to see me in the morning, so I hooked my arm up on a branch and pulled myself up.

After my trek of bravery, baring the harsh splinters that would dig in to my skin but I did it for her, and also because if I milked it enough she would cuddle me for hours on end to make me feel better even if she did say that I was being over dramatic.

Once I was inside her room, her window was always locked but I knew my way in anyhow, I took off my jeans and my jacket and got in next her grabbing onto her waist and pulling her closer to me.

“mm Zayn?”

“Yeah babe, go back to sleep”

Instead of replying she just sighed and relaxed in my arms

I moved her hair out of the way and kissed her neck before I fell asleep.

My beautiful girl right where she belonged, in my arms listening to the heart that beat for only her.


Liam P:  “Ok now you have to pay attention to this this part, it explains why the king isn’t the king and what happened to his dad”

She was rambling again, it was honestly one of the most adorable things I had ever seen, sadly though I couldn’t watch her for very long, she wanted me to watch this scene and I did pretty much anything she asked of me.

So I turned my attention to the screen and watched as the story of the dwarf king was told to Bilbo Baggins, sneaking a glance over to her I smiled to myself as I saw that she was mouthing the words.

She must’ve felt me watching her because she turned to face me, her cheeks turned red.

“What? Is there something on my face?”

“No” I said smiling “I just like to watch you sometimes, you’re very cute.”

I wrapped my arm around her pulling her into my chest where she stuffed her face into me trying to hide her ever rising blush.

“Liam, oh my god. You can’t say that sort of thing!”

“Why not?” I said frowning this time

“Well you’re my best friend for one! And for another! You can’t think that because-well you just can’t! ”

“Best friend or not, you are beautiful and you can’t ask me not to see that.” I pecked her nose and settled in to watch the movie again not giving her a chance to argue

Niall H: I woke up to my phone buzzing, I reached over the arm rest on the couch and saw a text from Harry on the screen.

H: Niall! Are we still going to the pub later?

It wasn’t until I woke myself up a bit more that I realized (y/n)’s head was in my lap and we had left a mess of pizza, beer and various other snacks. She was just waking up after I had put my phone down.

Looking up at me she smiled “Hi”

“Hi” I said as she started to yawn, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes

“What time is it?”

“almost 7:30”

“Oh we weren’t ever asleep for that long, I’m gonna go brush my teeth real quick so I don’t have pizza breath”

She stood up getting on her tip toes reaching high to get a good stretch then went over to the hallway and to the bathroom.

I started to think about stuff, her mostly, but other things too. We had been together for a few months now and the lads joked that we often resembled an old married couple, with (y/n) always watching out for me and telling me where my stuff was when I couldn’t find anything, I thought about all the times she would take my breath, and all the times my heart would beat just a bit faster when I saw that I had made her blush.

She had come over today to just hang out because we hadn’t been able to for 2 weeks and it was killing me so I ask her to come, I had forgotten completely about going out with the Harry and Liam for drinks tonight.

“Ok so what should we watch now?” she said as she walked back into the living and sat on my lap kissing me on the cheek

“Actually babe…” I stopped talking when I saw the sad look in her eyes she never told me when she had a problem with me canceling over leaving early to be with my mates, I didn’t want to be that guy anymore though, I mean sure she understood but I’m gone all the time, how must she feel when I leave her for them. My angel, my princess.

“I was thinking we could move over to my room, to be more comfy.”

She smiled wide, kissed me hard and hopped off my lap reaching for my her phone on the coffee table

“I’ll go order more food and get some cold beer from the fridge! You go pick a movie!”

I got up and followed her, waiting for her to be done on the phone. I pulled her into me, turning her around to face me and kissed her sweet lips softly, she kissed me back pulling back after a bit and taking my had to lead me into my room

Sent from Niall’s phone: Spending the night with my girl, another time mate


Harry S:  “Alright aright! One more drink and then I’m getting a cab to go home!”

There was a party going on at one of Louis’ friend’s house and I had invited (y/n) to come with me in hopes of leaving with a date.

She had agreed to be friends with me but nothing more claiming that I deserved someone ‘better’ I had laughed the first time she said that thinking she had made a joke but quickly grew confused when I saw that she was completely serious.

She was amazing, and beautiful, and funny, and strong, and wonderfully perfect in my eyes, but she didn’t see that, she even went as far as to joke that I should think about getting back together with Taylor Swift, I didn’t find the joke very amusing, so for weeks now I’ve been trying to get her to give me a chance

“Aww come on babe! You’re really gonna leave  lover boy on his own? He spent hours picking out his outfit so that-“I stopped a drunk Louis from embarrassing me further

“Stay a little longer yeah babe?” Zayn decided to also try and get her to stay

“Guys I can’t I’m tired and I really just wanna go home” anyone who looked at her could tell she felt bad for leaving so maybe she was just tired, I thought about what I could do, and then I didn’t think about anything as I followed her out

“(y/n)! wait!”

She turned around and waited for me to reach her, I could see in her eyes that she was ready to reject me the words already in her mouth just waiting to stab my chest again.

“Before you say anything, just let me take you home, you might not want to be with me-“

“Harry you know that’s not-“

“I know, I know and I’m not going to say that it’s ok because honestly it hurt and I’m going to keep trying until you realize that I want to be with you and in my eyes you’re not just perfect you’re perfect for me, but right now I’m just offering you a ride to make sure you get home safe, I would hate for a friend to get hurt, especially when she holds my heart in her beautiful hands.”

“I would love a ride” she said with a little smile reaching up to kiss my cheek

When I pulled up to her drive way I stepped out of my car and walked her to the door.

“Thank you Harry”

“No problem” I hugged her kissing her cheek as I let go and turned to go back to my car

“Harry wait” her hand caught my jacket then my own as I turned to face her again.

“I’m not gonna say I’m ready to be with you because I’m not even I want to be, but I wanna try, I wanna try for you, and if after a while you decide you don’t want me then I’ll understand.”

“We’ll go slow, slower than slow.” I kissed her cheek again a bit firmer and for a bit longer

“Harry, will you stay? I don’t want to do anything I just want you to stay, please”

I ended up sleeping on the couch in her living room but it was the best sleep I had in months and in the morning when I got us some breakfast she didn’t say anything about how ‘datey’ it all was she just smiled and asked me to pass the orange juice.


- Rehearsal Niall? What rehearsal? Aside from rehearsing the new songs for XF, SNL, and the 1DTVS ( touchy subject. I’m over that, I promise)

- Harry looks precious (but I’m biased) - they all look good…but, you know, Harry.

- Tea, gaming consoles, good selection of movies, “organic guacamole”, and a teddy bear (Teddy Mercury perchance? Liam mayhap?)

**Louis’ reaction to Harry’s organic guacamole gave me life - and then he took my life away when he turned and looked at the camera (the people behind the camera?) then he got serious. Like: “crap, I’m not supposed to find anything my arch-nemesis says endearing, get it together Tommo”. 

I’m pretty sure 99.99% of the fandom knows that Harry and Louis are at the very least friends irl. So why do they (by request/demand of the powers that be) keep trying to pretend that they’re not? 

Yes. I know this is old. So much has happened since then: Los Angeles, H’s burfday, Lairport2k15, same hotel, The Late, Late Show promo, most of their damn performances….

Alas, alack.