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I don't want to support Louis and his when it's confirmed he stayed with Syco. We know Sony/Syco and how they treated Louis and I don't think they magically will end all stunts now. So for me it's a mystery why Louis even signed to them and I don't want to spend my money and time to support shitty label who made Louis to pretend to be a dad and made his life miserable.

i mean you can do what you want with your money but i don’t think that’s fair to louis. he’s the one who suffered through all of it and i trust him. yes syco as we all know is fucking shitty but we don’t know all the details they have worked out. also simon isn’t a majority partner anymore in fact sony owns 75% of syco now which is important and maybe a huge factor as to why he resigned with them. louis probably has a say this time and has control in what is and isn’t in his contract. i think it’s better to wait and see what his deal looks like and if his team can actually be competent this time. this is not an ideal situation but i don’t think we should stop supporting him for it? if you don’t want to support him it’s your right but i personally will support him and his solo career even more because i know how brilliant he could regardless of his record label or his team.

Apparently this is a hard concept to grasp. Yes, the song is Steve’s. Yes his team should be doing most of the work. But Louis is the leading vocalist. Louis and Steve both talked about how the lyrics to JHO were prioritized (whereas in most EDM songs, they are not). I’m not saying Louis’s team has to be as extra or vigilant as Steve’s, but Louis’s team is doing /nothing/. If you can’t understand why that’s an unfathomable and cringey concept, then I don’t know how to help you, but stop acting like everyone is ridiculous and overreacting for being annoyed, when you clearly have no idea what this kind of deal is should look like.

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I just read your story and it's amazing!! 💗And I was just wondering if you could do a scene where Louis wants to be the big spoon for once? (Like a little ficlit?)

“Really?” Harry asks disbelievingly, one eyebrow raised. He leans back against the headboard, folding one of his arms behind his head just for the way Louis’ eyes dart to his biceps for a millisecond. “Really?”

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plz describe the way college au Louis uses snapchat

outtake of the college au || this one possibly got out of hand and a lil emotional, sue me

It’s on Thanksgiving when Harry realizes what’s going on.

The first thing that tips him off is Gemma commenting that he should wear his pale pink button up for dinner. Gemma doesn’t know that he has a pale pink button up; he’d bought it only last week. The second thing is that she asks if she can borrow his copy of Gone Girl to read before she watches the movie. How does she know he bought that a few weeks ago?

He finds Louis in the kitchen, arranging napkins, and he strides right up to him and pokes him in the sternum. “Why does my sister know all these things about me that she shouldn’t?”

“Harry!” his mother scolds. “That’s no way to treat your boyfriend.”

He ignores her—his mum has always had a habit of treating Louis like her prized baby, which normally he publicly resents but secretly adores—and focuses on Louis, who looks sheepish, rubbing the spot where Harry poked him. He didn’t poke him that hard, honestly. Besides, Louis just set a personal record in this morning’s neighborhood Turkey Trot. He’s tough.

“Have you been sending her photos of me on that app again?” Louis is silent, which always means he’s guilty. Harry throws his arms into the air, exasperated. “Louis!”

“Sorry,” he mumbles, not looking sorry at all. He actually looks a bit gleeful. “It’s just—sometimes you do the most hilarious things and I need someone else to enjoy it with me.”

Harry rolls his eyes.

“Louis,” Gemma calls, striding into the room. “You should watch out, I think Harry found out that you and I are Snapchat best—oh. Hi, Harry. Whoops. Nothing to see here, then.”

Harry did not know this, just figured out that there had to be some correlation between Louis constantly pointing his camera at him and Gemma knowing all these random facts. “You guys are best friends? What about me?” His voice is very calm, no trace of jealousy. Not at all. He’s totally cool.

“What’s going on?” Anne asks, standing on the other side of the kitchen island looking very lost.

“What about you, squirt?” Gemma asks, stepping between him and Louis so that she can wrap her arms around Louis, effectively shoving Harry out of the way. He pouts. “You don’t even have a Snapchat, you think it’s stupid.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I want my boyfriend to like you more than—”

“Kids!” Anne yells, and they all freeze. “What’s happening right now?”

“Harry’s pissed off because Louis and I are best friends on Snapchat and Harry doesn’t even use the app and sometimes Louis sends me funny things that Harry does so we can make fun of him,” Gemma says, and when she’s said all that she has to stop to catch her breath.

“Oh, is that why Harry looks like he’s about to cry?” Anne asks, looking much more pleased now that she knows what’s happening.

“I don’t—I’m not—”

Louis steps out of Gemma’s embrace and appraises him. “You kinda do, baby. Sorry.”

“You’re supposed to be on my side!”

Louis laughs. “Yes, but I can be on your side and still send videos of you singing while chopping vegetables to your sister.”

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Here part 3

Part 3 of Here is now here, Hope you’re still enjoying it. Part four will come at the end of the week and hopefully something between Christmas and New Year as well. We’ll see, it’s going to be a busy time though so I’m not 100% sure yet. 

Anyway, enjoy I x



Wow you’re a bit eager aren’t you Harry?

I mean it’s 8.30

Had an early meeting this morning remember?

Oh yeah how did it go?

Yeah it was good thanks

Good :)

So what can I do for you Styles?

I was wondering if you wanted to go for coffee this afternoon? You gotta say thank you for that lift

Thought giving you my number was the thank you ;)

And I’d love to you but unfortunately I’ve got a date with someone else

Oh, who?

You wouldn’t know him, he’s in that shitty one direction band don’t know why I agreed to go really

Ah so you’re the reason Louis’ busy this afternoon

Oh and less of the shitty bet you play us on repeat?

Only to support my friend, but yes I’m meeting with Louis this afternoon I’m afraid

Seeing as you already know that I guess I was option number two anyway so I’m not sure I want to go for coffee with you anyway

Not at all, never

So when do you want to go for coffee with the best looking member of one direction

Who Niall? I haven’t really met him so might be a bit of a weird date but if you want to hook me up I’m game

You’re so funny

Seriously when can we go on a date?

Whoa who said anything about date?

You when you said it would be a weird date with Niall

Yeah a date with Niall not you

I’m not sure if I’ve genuinely overstepped the mark or not now

I’m joking Harry, don’t worry sorry my sense of humour isn’t great

I dunno it’s pretty dark I like it

So coffee…


A whole two days? So you can see Louis as soon as he asks but I have to wait two days

Enough with the jealousy

I have work tomorrow I’m afraid and have to go get Alfie well now and then pick up my car

I could drive you ;)

You’re not driving me anywhere I do silly things like give you my number when I let you drive me

Was that really a silly thing?

Well I’m having the longest text conversation I’ve had since high school about going for coffee when I’m meant to be going to get my eighteen month old son from his father who has already called me twice to make sure I’ll be there on time so…

Sorry I’ll let you go, meet you Friday at Richmond Park

Ok I’ll have Alfie is that ok?

Of course it is

Thanks see you then x

It’s a date ;) H x

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some fans really think that being their fans are more difficult that being THEM. they are like "oh i'm so exausted of all this situation and Harry/Louis are not making it more easy for me because they do not interact with me!!!". I mean YES YOU ARE WORRIED, and feel bad for them, but you do not feel worse than them. Because you do not even know what they feel. And they do not OWE you tell this.

I know, I know. @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee made a really good addition to my original reply to an anon about this, which on top of what you say, gives a good insight into why realising that this is not happening TO US is a healthy thing. 

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ok I don't know why you guys are still holding onto hope for "babygate 2" ending anytime son. didn't you see that in one of his interviews liam said that bear was his proudest moment and that he looked like a mini liam with cheryl's eyes? it seems to me that he's a bit too enthusiastic for tis all to be fake. His attitude made the baby situation differ from Louis so I think it's clear that he's more tan ok with this.

Did I read the fan reports from the radio interviews? Yes I did. Did I hear Liam say those words? Nope. And even if I did it still won’t mean a damn thing to me. And why compare Louis and Liam’s situation? We all know Briana and her family and that babygate situation is a total mess. You don’t think 1DHQ learned something from it? As much as the fandom hates them, they sometimes learn from their mistakes. Shockingly.

If Liam adores Bear so much why has he been MIA for the first month or so of his life? Why did he leave poor Cheryl all alone during a vast majority of her pregnancy? Things don’t add up or make a lot of sense. And truthfully if we’re gonna compare Louis and Liam, we all know Liam’s been a better actor when it comes to stunts then Louis ever has been.

I’ve Got A Better Idea

Anonymous: Maybe you could write one where Harry is hanging out with one of the boys and he’s talking about you? xx

just a short one


Harry’s POV

I flopped onto Liam’s sofa with a beer in my hand. He followed into the living room and took a seat on the adjacent sofa. After taking a quick sip, he leaned back resting his arm on the arm rest. 

“Lay it on me.” He spoke calmly, and then that is when I just lost my calm, collected act. 

“I just don’t think we’re ready. I me-”

“Next.” Liam cut me off. I frowned at him.


“Oh change the record, Harry. Of course you and (Y/N) are ready for a baby.”

“What makes you say that?” I took another sip of beer.

“For starters, every time she walks into the room you light up like a fucking light bulb. You talk about her non stop and you can just tell.” He shrugged. 

“Tell? Tell what?”

“That you’re in love and certainly ready for a baby.”

“Yeah, I know we’re in love and there is no denying that, but having a baby is not only a big commitment but a huge step in our relationship. We aren’t even married yet…” I trailed off.

“So?!” Liam exclaimed. “Harry, get a grip mate.” Liam laughed loudly. “You don’t have to be married to have a baby, mate. Look at Louis for Christ Sake, he ain’t even with the mother!”

I thought about it but Liam just didn’t understand that we were talking about a new life here. 

“Why don’t you want a kid, Harry?” Liam now asked seriously, leaning forward. I copied his pose and rested my elbows on my knees, running my hands through my hair. 

“I do!” I said defensively. “But, well, oh I don’t know!” I groaned. throwing my body back into the sofa, wanting it to swallow me alive. 

“You love, (Y/N)?”


“You want children with her?”


“I say no more.” Liam simply said. I went to answer him but my phone vibrated on the coffee table. I picked it up and saw (Y/N)’s name with the message:

Hiya, out at the shops at the moment. What do you fancy for tea?x

My mind then started to drift off and started imagining. Imagining things that made my heart swell. I started to imagine (Y/N) cooking dinner for our children, myself playing planes as I tried to get them to eat, cleaning up more food than they actually ate. 

I quickly replied back:

Don’t worry, got a better idea ;)x

Presenting without comments: Lapelosa or the true definition of a manipulative lying larrie

The first one is a reblogged post, at first she started to unveil her “inside info” in her tags

Anonymous asked: You know for a fact he is not having a baby? Like sources?



 yessssssssssssss.. i know for  fact that louis is not having this damn baby.   FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK … we have been saying this for MONTHS!!! why does no one ever listen to us :( haha

sources: if I could fly

Tags: #this could not be more true #and to more directly answer yesterday’s anon: #yes anon everybody in the industry and their mother knows the story is fake #babygate

 X ‘ November 04, 2015

The rest are her posts:

Anonymous asked: do you think that if there had not been the fallout with simon/syco that they intended to come out under simon and use it to promo the MITAM?

Yes. In fact, I know it for a fact.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: I understand you can’t share anything but this “irving azoff signed whole band” is conformed to you? Like, you know it’s 100% true? I understand if you can’t answer. Thank you anyway.

Yes. And because I can’t betray confidentiality and hurt people this is the best I can do, which means I’ll be dismissed, and I know that–which is why hearsay is not outing, because it’s easily dismissed–and you evaluating the info depends on what you know about me as a person, if I tend to lying or am easily fooled (somebody who recently wrote a post about me accusing me of blindly believing an anon should really have known better….)–but maybe it’s something. It’s a frustrating situation, but I’m also very frustrated with a lot of fandom conversations.

I CAN say that the boys have repeatedly urged you to have faith in them, and I’m going to urge that too.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: sorry I didn’t understand your answer to my question so maybe I didn’t explain myself very well. What I was asking you is if you think NT has a plan for their coming out and for their future as a band? (In the previous answer you said something about the fandom reacting in a certain way but I didn’t see how that could relate to my question, sorry!)

Irving Azoff has signed the whole band and is currently working for Louis’ future, yes. What you saw in that tweet is the continuation of the smear campaign that we’ve been seeing since mid-July, when Simon Cowell started implying that 1D has no future. He’s saying that because 1D has no future with HIM.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: “Irving Azoff has signed the whole band and is currently working for Louis’ future”   Source?

I’m sharing what I can, anon, and no more. It’s either this or nothing.

X January 13, 2016

Anonymous asked: You sound very confident that the guys have signed with Azoff. And I’d like to be as confident as you. I don’t need to know how you know…but, I guess in terms of percentages - are you 100% sure/confident that the guys have signed with Azoff and will indeed be back?

I feel so reluctant to share stuff like this, precisely because of this issue. Yes, I am one hundred percent confident. Which I know perfectly well is something that you could very well not accept, but I want to do something to fight against the current smear campaign. Yes, when I say I know, I’m not fucking around.

X January 18, 2016

Anonymous asked: You know 1000% sure they signed with Azoff? The entire band?

Yes. The entire band.

X January 18, 2016

Anonymous asked: So I don’t think the baby is real and I know larry is real but that doesn’t stop my heart rate from going through the roof when things like those bracelet pictures happen. I’m gonna get off the internet and ignore things for a bit, but I wonder if you wouldn’t mind listing the things you feel comfortable saying you know for a fact? Obviously not the things that would be betraying a source of info, but the more general things? if not, it’s ok! I just trust you the most, so it’d be comforting haha

Hi anon,

I agree with the importance of logging off when the stress gets too much. Anything I feel comfortable sharing I’ve already shared, including 1. Louis and Harry are an engaged couple, and 2. Irving Azoff has signed the whole band and is working for Louis’ future. Those two things should really tell you what you need to know about this story.

Furthermore, listen to the bears! The bears say to be calm. So we are calm. We know how this story is going to end.

X January 22, 2016

Anonymous asked: Wow are Harry and Louis really engaged? Like you actually heard this from a reliable source?? Details please! Lol. Thank you!

Yes, from a reliable source!

X January 22, 2016

Anonymous asked: Do you know for a fact that Harry and Louis are still together and there is no baby?


 X January 27, 2016 

Anonymous asked: Angela. Do you think that L/H coming out this year is a lost cause? I’ve been holding on bc I want to see them through but this constant barrage of pap pics/DC/BG is slowly eating away any hope I had. You say they are together still. For a fact?

What, this year a lost cause? No, I don’t think that at all!

Yes, they are together. Everything you are seeing right now is about the business status of 1D, not about Louis/Harry’s relationship status

X May 30, 2016

Anonymous asked: So what I’m getting from your blog and Cris’ blogs is that you invest time and energy to share your thoughts and opinions on various subjects on a daily basis.  I’m also understanding that you have never claimed to be part of an inner circle that is privy to the exact nature of any sort of negotiations that go on behind the scenes.  Lastly, you are infinitely patient with anons such as myself and you wish nothing but the BEST for all the boys.  Would you say this is correct? Thank you, lovely xx

This is correct in every respect and I love you so much, anon!

X May 30, 2016

Anonymous asked: “I’m also understanding that you have never claimed to be part of an inner circle that is privy to the exact nature of any sort of negotiations that go on behind the scenes. ”  You truly claimed for a fact that you knew Azoff signed the whole band.  I mean no disrespect but I’m very confused. *insert Oprah “what’s the truth ” gif*

You don’t have to be in an inner circle to know that, anon. Me knowing that Azoff has signed the band doesn’t translate to me automatically knowing what is happening bts–but it is a factor that helps me evaluate things from outside, yes.

It’s really not very difficult to understand that A doesn’t translate to B, anon.

X May 30, 2016

anonymous asked:

Hi again, thanks for answering. I guess I'm mostly a larrie shipper so to say, yes, and I admit that some things don't really add up (in RL, I mean). But well, same goes for the het Harry topics, BG etc. Harry hasn't ever done anything image-wise or in RL that would put me off, quite the contrary, and I love his voice/personality. Still I don't understand why you dislike larries that believe in a (possible) relationship so much? Nobody knows in the end, and there are reasons why Larrie got big.

everything adds up perfectly fine. louis has a child. he and harry are not secretly dating each other. its just not happening. it got big because tinhatters didnt know where their damn boundaries were. this is not something i am willing to debate in 2017. youll have to find someone else. i was a larrie ive seen all the “proof” and well, its all bullshit, as louis would say.

anonymous asked:

What is this thing about Harry not having a house/not having anywhere to live? When did it start, and why is it still going? And also, what's up with the house people keep writing about that he's been renovated for ages?

Oh Harry Styles and the house saga. As you probably know Harry and Louis publicly lived together right after the X Factor. Then in…mid to late 2012 I want to say, those pesky Larry romance rumors began to deteriorate their friendship and Harry supposedly moved out and for the past year and a half his new house has been undergoing renovations. In the meantime he has supposedly been couch surfing…yes that is as ridiculous as it sounds. The rich and famous popstar has been living with everyone from the Teasedales to the Winstons to god only knows who else, everyone EXCEPT Louis though. So that’s where the jokes about Harry being homeless and living in a cardboard box came from. And what’s even better is how Harry himself started to joke about it: “I don’t live anywhere so no food” “I have that picture above my bed now. No. I don’t have a house.” etc. etc.

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A Compilation of Larrie Contradictions

“They baby is a doll” vs “Ugh Briana is a horrible mother to the multiple babies they are trading out”

“They are trading out babies! He looks nothing like any of his family” vs “The baby is actually Brett’s baby because he looks just like his uncle!”

“Briana is so rich and yet she lives in a townhouse? She is so gross.” vs “Briana is using Louis’s money for plastic surgery because for some unknown reason we can track her transactions and whose money she is using for what by looking at her face.”

“There is no way Louis is actually dating Danielle lol they are not even together right now at this second” vs “We can’t see Harry and Louis together and there is tangible evidence that they are not together or have seen each other in a while but they are definitely together”

“Harry and Louis almost look alike when you compare them! Amazing!” vs “Danielle looks so much like Fizzy so Louelle is incest”

“If Louis really cares why isn’t he spending a million dollars on gaining more custody?” vs “Louis isn’t gonna sue management so he and Harry can stop being closeted! He will lose all his money!!”

“When Louis tweeted about being straight and Larry bullshit and Freddie, it was management forcing him” vs “AIMH !!! He ! Tweeted ! That ! Plus he tweeted he loves us. And he tweeted Zayn. And he said Daddy Cool. And-”

“Brett is bullying and harassing Amy! It is so disgusting” vs reblogging Jungwirth flight info, wishing they could strangle her until her face turns blue, wants baby Freddie to die

“I hope Freddie trips and falls during his first steps!” vs “Omg i am worried about Freddie :(( Briana didn’t put the carseat in right”

“Briana is a horrible mother! And that is who I think the worst person in babygate is” vs “Yeah, a few parents must be letting Briana swap out their children to help closet Louis in exchange for money. The real mom is there, watching Briana mistreat her child and letting it continue happening”

“Louis is never happy around Danielle or the baby” vs Louis literally never being around Harry anymore but their relationship is amazing

“Antis are so obsessed! Ew it’s weird” vs Analyzing photos of Freddie’s chin to prove a point. Analyzing photos of Briana’s lips and stomach to prove a point. Analyzing and sexualizing the actions of a young teen boy and his bandmate to prove they are closeted and analyze everything to keep trying to prove it for half a decade.

“Lol Briana is such a greedy whore. She looks so ugly. It would be funny if she ran over Danielle” vs “Antis harass us every single day. Yes harass as in make comments about each of us personally rather than criticizing our beliefs”

“Not all Larries” vs “We are so powerful we started project no control”

“We’re just little blogs. They don’t see the stuff I say!” vs “He sees that we know he’s closeted! That’s why he keeps feeding us hints about Larry!”

“Briana is profiting off of a baby!” vs Following a Larrie that scammed people out of baby clothes, runs ads on a site about two closeted men.

Feel free to add on because I know there are more. :)

Me at the guidance office
  • Guidance counselor: So it says here that your teachers seem to have found your tumblr account.
  • Me:
  • Guidance counselor: They are becoming a bit concerned and feel that the behavior you display on your blog isn't ... Appropriate
  • Me: How so?
  • Guidance counselor: Well first off, we investigated the blog, looked through the likes, posts, and well what really concerned us were the "tags"
  • Me: *starts to sweat nervously*
  • Guidance counselor: For example, here we have a tag that states "I want Harry to shove his boot down my throat." All caps. Another one says "My purpose in life is to live happily up Louis' a- "
  • Guidance counselor: *clears throat* oh my ... Well you get the point. Can you tell me what prompted you to post such ... Vile things?
  • Me: I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Guidance counselor: *looks at me suspiciously* It says here that your teachers also believe that you're becoming a little violent.
  • Me: violent?!
  • Guidance: Yes, there's this particular quote that you seem to have written on the bottom of all your class work, homework, and even tests. I believe it says "He got the dagger." Now who is "he" and why would he get the dagger?
Divorced with Kids

Niall: When you and NIall signed the papers you couldn’t believe it, your marriage got to his point where you two couldn’t stand each other, but that wasn’t the case, Niall wanted out. He wanted to feel 21 again going out, with no one to worry about to have fun. But you knew that you that wasn’t your life anymore; you had responsibilities and that was your children. The 3 of them, Iris, Nick, and Andy the youngest of the 3. It was Niall’s weekend and the kids were excited to see their father and you were happy as well, they missed their father. You pulled up to his house and helped the kids with their bags. They were all lined up as you closed the trunk, 

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New Preference #14 - You Have an Argument


One would think that being a “normal” girl and dating one of the biggest celebrities at the moment would be a difficult thing. You wouldn’t lie and say that it wasn’t because for most of your relationship was long distance. He would be on tour, you would be focusing on your own career. You were able to join him on tour occasionally, but no longer than a few weeks at a time. Let’s just say that you two spent more time away from each other than seeing one another while he was on tour. However, you were hoping that all that was going to change now that One Direction wasn’t touring for at least the next year, but apparently you were wrong. 

Harry had just left for LA a few days ago and what was only supposed to be about a two week trip tops, was turning into his usual length of stay there from the phone conversation you had late last night. You knew that he loved it there, hell you loved it too, but you didn’t have the ability to just up and fly where you wanted. It wasn’t that you couldn’t afford it because while you weren’t making the amount of money that Harry makes, you weren’t not making a good amount of money. It’s just hard taking time off of work. You had a steady dream job that required you to be at work, in the office, working all week long. 

You were at home, watching Netflix and drinking some tea when you got a notification on your phone. You click on the link to twitter and see that you had been tagged by quite a few people. You see it’s a video, reposted from Snapchat or something. It was from Glenne’s and you could see Harry in the background talking with people. He wasn’t the center of the video, but you couldn’t miss that he was there. You’re not exactly sure what set you off, but you were fuming. 

You were sitting at home in your flat by yourself, while he was out having the time of his life with friends. 

You grab your phone and instantly call Harry. He doesn’t answer, which causes you to be even more pissed off, so you leave a message. 

“You know, I’m really tired of being your second choice, Harry. I’m sorry that I’m not some celebrity or have this job where I can come and go and do as I fucking please, but it would be nice to know that my boyfriend wouldn’t prefer to be thousands of miles away from me. I get it that we’re not married and you don’t have to be here, but I would like to think that after going years without us seeing each other for months on end that we would be able to spend time together now. However, that’s not the case. If you don’t want to be with me, then fine, just end it because I would rather not be with you then to be left here by myself while you go and live your life without me.” You say as both angry and sad tears stream down your face. 


Your sixth month anniversary with Liam was coming up and you were really excited it. He would be coming home from tour the day before and it was going to be the best present that you could want. He had also told you that he wanted to plan everything. You hadn’t planned anything because you were just super excited to see what Liam would come up with. 

The day has come and it’s your anniversary. Liam got home late last night, later than you both wanted or expected. The flight had gotten delayed. You wake up before Liam and decide to make him breakfast in bed. You smile walking down into the kitchen. You make pancakes, bacon, etc and plate it all nice and pretty. You put the plates on the tray and grab some waters and juice before slowly walking into the room. You walk over, placing the tray onto the bedside table before looking over at Liam. 

“Liam.” you whisper trying to shake him awake. 

He mumbles something that you’re not sure is even a language causing you to giggle. “Liam, wake up, I made breakfast.” You whisper. 

He opens his eyes a little and smiles. He then sits up and you place the tray on the bed. 

“Oh, well this is nice.” He smiles. “Shall I expect breakfast in bed all the time, now that I’m home?” He smirks. 

You laugh. “Not everyday, but I figured since today is a special day then it would be nice.” you smile. 

“Aw, baby, you see me coming home as a special day?” He smiles. 

You look at him confused. “Well, yeah, but today is much more special than that.” 

“I’m not following.” He says looking over at you. 

“You forgot didn’t you?” You whisper sadly. 

“Forgot what?” he asks. 

You look at him, not saying anything and then you see the realization on his face. 

“Oh, shit, Y/N.” he says. “I’m so fucking sorry. It’s just these past few days have been so hectic and crazy and then with the flight yesterday, I’m so sorry.” 

“No, no, no it’s understandable. I mean you know how and I’m sure with whatever you have planned is going to be great.” You say.

Liam immediately puts his head in his hands. 

“You didn’t plan anything, did you?” you sigh looking away. 

“I’m sorry.” He says. 

“Sorry, is that all you can say?” You say. “You were the one would said that you wanted to plan everything and keep it a surprise. You were the one who made sure that you would be home in time to spend our anniversary together, yet you’re the one who forgot the anniversary in it’s entirety. Like it’s not the fact that you didn’t plan anything because honestly, all I need is just spend time with you. Yes, it would have been nice to go and do something special that you took time to plan, but what hurts more is that you didn’t even remember the date.” You say. 

“Y/N! I said I was sorry and you know how stressful being on tour can be.” He sighs. 

“No, I don’t know! But what I do know is that I also have stress in my life. I have a job and school and stress just as much as you! Yet, I still manage to figure out to put you first, so sorry that I just expected you to do the same with me, at least sometimes.” You say before going into the bathroom and shutting the door closed. 


Now that Louis was working with other artists and songwriters, he was traveling to LA more and you would travel with him.  You loved LA, you loved the weather, the atmosphere, your house, etc. However, you didn’t love how often you and Louis were spending time with friends. Sure, you didn’t mind going out for drinks or lunch here or there, but it seemed like anytime you two went out at all now, it involved being with your group of friends.

Louis had been at the studio all day, so you decided to plan on surprising him with his favorite dinner and hopefully have some time with just you and him. Everything was practically finished by the time you see Louis pulling into the driveway. You smile quickly taking off your apron and smoothing out your dress. It wasn’t exactly the most practical cooking dress, but you wanted to look nice.

You hear the front open and in walks Louis.

“Hey, baby.” Louis says as in walks in. You hear him throwing his keys on the table. “You cooking something?”

“Yeah, I made your favorite.” you smile walking out of the kitchen to meet him in the foyer.

“Well, it smells delicious, but we’re going out for dinner remember?” He says.

“We are?” you ask.

“Yeah, we’re going out with the group tonight.” He says. “I mean isn’t that why you’re all dressed up?”

“No, it’s not.” You say shaking your head. “And I didn’t know that we were even going out tonight.”

“I sent you a text.” He says.

“Well, I didn’t get it obviously!” You shout frustrated.

“Why are you shouting?” He says.

“Because I fucking want too!” You say. “Does it not even bother you that we haven’t spent time with just us since we’ve been in LA? Bloody hell, we spent more alone time together back home visiting our families than we do here!”

“Seriously? This is why you’re shouting?” Louis says. “You’re mad because we.. I like to spend time with our friends.”

“Yes! Yes, I’m mad because it’s bad enough that I have to share you when you’re on tour, but dammit I don’t want to have share you all the fucking time here too!” You say.

“You act like I leave you here by yourself, we’re spending time together with our friends.” He says.

“Wow.” you say. “I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you’re mad that I just want to spend time with just you, or the fact that you don’t seem to care all that much about spending time with just me.”

Louis sighs. “Y/N, it’s not like-”

“Yes, it is. “ You say. “I wanted tonight to be about us, I made dinner, I dressed up.. for you. For us, yet all you can think about its your friends, so just go. Have a great time, tell them I’m sick or something because honestly I just want to be myself tonight.”

Louis sighs as he watches you walk away into the bedroom.


You knew that dating someone like Niall there would be rumors going around and people making all sorts of stuff up, however, for most of your relationship, there hasn’t been too many that involve him. So, when you notice that a rumor was coming out about Niall cheating on you, after being spotted out with a girl while on tour, you were a little bit anxious. 

You trusted Niall and you honestly have no reason not to trust him, but seeing the pictures that were posted online and it wasn’t not looking good. None of them were too incriminated, but they were definitely a lot closer than you would have liked. 

Niall had been trying to call you all day, but you had simply ignored them. You weren’t ready to hear what he had to say and you definitely weren’t ready for him to be upset with you with the fact that you were getting worked over this. 

It was late that night, when Niall tried once more to get you to answer. You sighed thinking that you might as well just get it over with. You slide to answer and take a deep breath. 

“Hey.” you say. 

“Well, it’s about time you answered the damn phone!” He says. 

“I’m sorry, I’ve uh.. been busy.” You say.

“Look, Y/N, I know that there are rumors going around and I hope that you don’t believe them, but I just wanted to make sure..” he says. 

You sigh. 

“You don’t believe them do you?” He asks. 

“Well, I mean, I don’t know Niall. I’ve seen the pictures and you were a lot closer to her in this pictures than I like. Do I believe that you cheated on me? No. Do I believe that it looks bad? Yes.” you say. 

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” He says. “I can’t believe that you would even say that AND that you wouldn’t answer the phone because of that.” 

“Okay, first off, I told you I was a busy and secondly, you honestly, can’t sit here and tell me that you don’t think those pictures look bad?” you say. 

“I was there Y/N.” He says. “I know what happened and what didn’t happen. No, those pictures don’t look bad because nothing happened. It was a club, we were talking, that’s it.” He says. 

“Maybe so, but I don’t know. The whole world doesn’t know, either.” You say. 

“I don’t fucking care if the whole world knows or doesn’t know. What I care about is that my girlfriend trusts me enough that even if something may look bad to her or to others that she trusts me and knows that it’s not the case” He shouts through the phone. 

“Don’t yell at me!” you shout back. “Maybe you should have thought about it before you even put yourself in that position to begin with, Niall! Just think there would be no pictures, no articles, no rumors if you wouldn’t had put yourself in a potential bad looking situation!” 

“For the last fucking time, We were just talking! It was loud, so we had to lean in to hear one another!” He says. 

“Okay, I get that, but who is she to begin with? Why were you talking to her? Why did you even feel the need to talk to her and continue to talk to her if you couldn’t hear her!” You say. 

“No, I’m not doing this. I’m not going to explain myself talking to a fan because you’re insecure or some shit.” he says. 

“Oh, I’m not insecure, I just want to know why there are rumors of my boyfriend cheating on me going around!” You say. 

“Yeah, well, I just want to know why my girlfriend who says she trusts and believes me, when she obviously doesn’t.” He says before hanging up the phone. 

You gasp just staring at your phone, not believing that he just hung up on you. 

**So, I got a lot of ideas in for arguments about kids, etc, so I’m going to a separate one that’s all strictly Daddy 1D lol.