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Sequel PL vs PW where Layton gets framed for a murder (which Maya got accused of first because she always does), but he gets bored from the lack of puzzles in jail and breaks out to solve the crime with Pheonix and then comedic manhunt hijinks ensue and it’s stupid and shut up I can dream

on a side note I absolutely did not have the time to do these.

The Hunter and The Witch  Chapter 7- We Started Nothing

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: A 7 hour road trip can cause confessions.

Warnings: Swearing, explicit language

Word Count: 2195

A/N: Thank you for the amazing feedback everyone!  I hope you’ll like this part too, and please make sure to tell me what you think! I love feedback, it makes me so happy! Kisses, Dream :

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 “So let me get this straight.”  Sam said “Your grandmother looked into your future…”


“And she wants to see you, because she saw something. In your future.”

You nodded and he frowned slightly.

“You see nothing wrong with these sentences that I’m forming?”

You shrugged your shoulders, “Not really, no. Just another Thursday for me.”

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Jealous ~S.S.~

Summary: season like 4 Stiles and Malia plus a jealous reader.

Requested: no

Note: sorry it’s so long. I had so many ideas and I don’t want to just everything into one story.

Me and Lydia stood at my locker planning the pack meeting tonight and decided that Derek’s loft would be the best.

“I feel like there’s so many of us, you know even though we’ve lost a few people with Malia joining it’s just” Lydia says fixing her lipstick

“Can we not talk about her please?” I plead closing my locker.

I’m not the biggest fan of Malia Tate. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure she’s a nice person but she gives me bad vibes, and she stole my man.

Ok maybe that’s the wrong phrase. I just-

“Y/N you’re a witch, you’re the witch. Just because she’s illegitimately dating Stiles, doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure they’re just friends anyway.”

“Dude, every night she comes in my room because she can’t sleep and then ya know” Stiles says engrossed in another “serious” conversation with Scott.

“No Stiles. I don’t know” the Alpha says rolling his eyes. He’s never been one to take hints.

Stiles just lifts the back of his shirt up revealing red lines with some dried blood on his back.

I gasp and run my hand over the scratches quickly making them disappear as if they weren’t there.

“Y/n, what did you just do. They actually don’t hurt now. Oh she healed me.” Stiles says pulling his shirt back down. “What have I said about using your mojo on me.”

“You’ve said it’s extremely cool and to do another trick.” I laugh rolling my eyes. “And don’t call it mojo. That’s disrespectful. My magic isn’t a joke stiles” I say giving him the look. He salutes me before we all continue to History with coach.

“So where’s Malia?” Kira says from her seat in class.

I shrug and look down at my worksheet.

“STILINSKI, put your phone away!” Coach yells causing our group to laugh.

“Yep. Got it coach. Putting it away” stiles awkwardly says putting the phone in his back pocket.

The rest of the school day is spent like every other. Admiring stiles from far away. Except Malia wasn’t here to cling on to his arm. Okay maybe I’m extremely jealous that Malia has the love of my life.

It’s actually not my fault. After becoming The Grand Priestess last year, all my emotions, senses and abilities were heightened. The Grand Priestess wasn’t supposed to be appointed until they were 19 or pregnant with their first child, but both my grandmother and mother were killed when I was 12.

The entire “world” of witchcraft had been trying to figure out what to do until eventually they just taught me what to do. It’s been a long, lonely process but I’ve got the hold of it.

“Y/N! Are you listening? Of course not.” Lydia says waving her hand in front of my face.

“Oh sorry Lyd. Why were you saying?”

“I was saying, it’s time to go. Derek has somewhere to be tonight and doesn’t trust us alone with peter.” She says grabbing her purse and moved to her car.

We arrived at Derek’s Loft and I immediately moved to the kitchen to grab some drinks. But when I walked in Malia was sitting on the kitchen counter with stiles in between her legs.

I stared at them before shaking my head and continuing to the fridge. I roughly opened the door cause the pair to jump apart and almost causing stiles to fall.

“Oh no. Don’t stop on behalf of me. Tongue Tennis is my favorite sport” I spit before popping open the soda can.

“I see you’re more of a spectator than a participant?” Malia says crossing her arms and hopping down.

“Ohhh. Big words, did Lydia teach you what those mean last night. Oh wait, you were a bit busy last night” I sarcastically state. I could practically taste the venom in my words.

“Oh go to hell.” She growls stepping closer.

“I run it bitch” i say stepping just as close as her. Malia is the only one to have never seen my powers, or even know a lot about them, but she might just today.

“Wow, no wonder you’re all alone”

“HEY. GIRLS, as much as I love reality TV. We have a meeting so drop it” Derek barks at us. Malia jumps and walks away while I stay still for a little bit.

Stiles still hasn’t moved and is just staring at me with wide eyes. I roll my eyes and move to the living room.

“Okay so Scott turned a freshman into a werewolf and the full moon is in less than 3 days so we need a plan.” Derek says looking at everyone.

“I can chain him up somewhere safe.” Scott offers.

“Malia is using the chains still” I say fake smiling at her.

“And you’re still a brat” she says returning the smile.

“Okay, y/n do you think you can find a spell to help sedate him or calm him down?” Derek says ignoring our argument.

“Course she does, how else would she get dick”

“MALIA” Scott and stiles shout at the same time.

I laugh darkly and clench my fist.

“Look hun, there’s a boy that could possibly hurt himself or other innocent people. We don’t have a lot of time to figure out what to do with a naturally angry new werewolf on top of training you how to control your shit” I quickly stand up and before anyone can blink the lights go out and Malia is pinned up against the brick wall. The whole scene looks creepy because the only light came from the setting sun. My eyes had turned a glowing black and my aura was showing. It bascailly looked like I was floating in pure black smoke. “So how about you shut up, chill and listen to Derek. I really don’t like you and no one in this room has the capability of stopping me from killing you. It’s out of respect and second hand care that you’re still alive. So shut the hell up, sit down before I use my actual powers” I didn’t even realize I had moved closer to the terrified Werecyote.

I drop her from the invisible hold I had in her. My eyes returned to normal and the “smoke” had cleared and the lights came back on.

Malia was coughing on the floor before growling at me. She stood up to come for me before Stiles and Scott grabbed her arms restraint her. I just smile and return to my previous seat.

We continued the meeting with a lot of tension. Once it was time for everyone to leave, stiles asked to speak to me. He lead me up the spiral stairs and into a room. Malia was sitting on the bed and Scott was sitting at the desk.

“You both need to stop. We’re a pack and this isn’t how you act. You’re both being childish and it’s getting annoying. So you’re going to talk it out. ”

“I don’t see why I can’t just leave. She’s the only problem here. Who cares if I don’t like her?” Malia says rolling her eyes.

“You can’t leave because like Scott said we’re a pack, whether you like it or not. This group of people are all we got. Eachother. Respect is necessary and if you’re going to stay I mine as well like you. So let’s talk it out. I’ll start. Stop acting like you’re all alone in this world. You have people. You have supernatural people. Stop acting like you are the only one in the god damn world who’s lost someone close to you. News Flash, literally every single person in the pack has. You’re not special. Quit lying and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Because as soon as you realize that there’s more than one place that’s willing to give you what you want you’re going to leave. So stop playing games. And quit coming for me, because if we’re comparing problems and issues we can and I guarantee I’ll win.”

“I never said any of that. You just want everything I have. I’ve been through shit you cant even think about. So stop.”

“Why would I want everything you have? Who wants diseases, an unstable ‘relationship’ and to have my first time on a nasty couch in the basement of an insane asylum. So fuck you and fuck this. You stay outta my way and don’t speak to me unless necessary then we’ll be okay. Because let me tell you a 17 year old with unimaginable powers is a mine field. So watch your step. And maybe if one of your little friends didn’t murder the only thing I had, we wouldn’t be here.”

“Y/n, what are you takin about?” Scott interrupts me.

“Scott, you know my grandmother and mother are dead. And I swear when I figure out who it was-”

“Stiles didn’t tell you?” Scott says making eye contact with the boy.

I spin around quick and look at stiles confused.

“Tell me what stiles?”

“We uhm. We know who killed your mom and grandma.” He says sadly not looking at me.

“You knew and didn’t tell me? Who is it. Let’s go.” I say running down the stairs. I could finally get revenge on the bastard.

“Y/n no. Uhm. We can’t go. Look it was an accident and they didn’t mean to. They’re so sorry.” Stiles began stepping closer to me. Malia and Scott stood at the bottom of the staircase while I was almost to the door.

“Stiles. What are you talking about? Just tell me who it is” I say looking in his eyes. Just like that my love grew taller.

“It was Malia” he whispers a tear running down his face. And just like that my love fell.

“No. I don’t understand. She killed them?” I said not bothering to look in any other direction than the boy I wanted to kill right now.

“Yea. Y/n look im really sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I-”

“EARLIER. YOU THINK THATS WHY IM UPSET. GOD DAMN IT STILES HOW THE HELL COULD YOU. SHE FUCKING MURDERED MY FAMILY AND YOU SLEPT WITH HER. YOURE SLEEPING WITH HER. LIKE YOU DIDNT HOLD ME FOR YEARS AFTERWARDS. LIKE I DIDNT COME TO YOUR HOUSE ALMOST EVERY NIGHT BECAUSE I COULDN’T BE ALONE AND MY NIGHTMARES WERE TERRIBLE. LIKE I DONT FUCKING LOVE YOU. I HAVE SINCE WE WERE CHILDREN. AMD HERE YOU GO SCREWING THE BITCH THAT KILLED MY ONLY FUCKING FAMILY. You know exactly how it feels to lose your mother. And yet you just said fuck me and our lifetime of friendship. That’s wrong Stiles. And don’t think you’re safe either bitch. The ONLY reason you’re alive this second is because I’m going to fuck you up. Every single one of you.” I screamed and vented and yelled and in a blink I was gone but the entire loft was in a huge mess of papers, furniture, files and clothes.

I didn’t even bother going home. I went straight to the sheriff station. To say goodbye of course. Sheriff Stilinksi was the father I never had. Strong, caring and always welcoming.

“Y/n? Hey. Where’s Stiles?” Parrish asks me. I ignore him and go straight to the sheriffs office.

“Sheriff. I’m just here to say thank you and I love you with every ounce of me but I can’t stay here. Thank you for welcoming me and allowing me to be the person I am. Thank you so much.” I say finally bursting into tears. Stilinski runs around his desk and hugs me.

“Y/n. Sweetie. What’s wrong. Please tell me.”

“Malia- she-she killed my mom and grandma and stiles knew and still has sex with her and i-I’ve always lo-loved him” i sob. My sentences were barely comprehendible but I knew the sheriff understood.

“Oh y/n. It’s okay. Where are you gonna go?”

“I’m not sure. My dad has family down in Georgia. I can go there”

“Please be safe. I understand your need to leave but promise me you’ll be back to visit me.”

“I promise”

tracylorde  asked:

Halloween party with the gang! Bellamy and Clarke aren't exactly friends, but he/she can't deny she/he looks great in her/his costume this year...

aw thanks for the prompt, kat! lmao this got sooo long and i apologize ahead of time. i’m not sure if this is what you intended but this is where i ended up – i may have watched how i met your mother and the slutty pumpkin episode before this so…i blame that. anyways, i hope it’s enjoyable!

and so, we meet again


It is on Halloween night that Bellamy decides he’s moved in to the worst apartment complex ever. He’s sitting on his couch, perfectly content to write his essay in peace and drink shitty beer. He hates this stupid holiday, always has, and would rather pretend that it’s just another day. Instead, he hears a knock on his window and turns around defensively, poised to break the glass bottle over the intruder’s head. Turns out, it’s just a pirate. Or his neighbor, dressed as a pirate, rather.

“Someone’s jumpy,” Nathan Miller comments, holding his hand (one actual hand, and one fake hook) up in surrender, “Chill, dude.”

He sets the bottle down on the table with a deep breath, “Do you make it a habit to enter other people’s apartments unannounced?”

Miller shrugs, “Isn’t that kind of the point of sharing a fire escape?”

Bellamy rolls his eyes. He only moved into this apartment over the summer. His sister just began her first semester of college at NYU and he has been finishing his Master’s degree at Columbia (honestly, thank God both of them are smart because they couldn’t just afford this kind of education on their own). They decided to rent an apartment in the city, thanks to a heft amount of help from their grandparents and working full time at the pub in the basement. The day they moved in, they met their neighbors. Nathan Miller, the broody full-time mechanic and his boyfriend, Monty. The IT guy. That’s how Miller introduced him, anyways.

“Let’s go,” Miller gestures and begins to move back out the window. Bellamy doesn’t follow. He might like his neighbors, and sure they’ve had a few nights in playing Mario Kart on the 64, but now he comes in dressed as a pirate and just tells Bellamy to follow him? Sounds sketchy.


Miller stops and turns around dramatically and holds up his hook hand, “Costume party. On the roof. It’s an annual thing. Everybody in the building goes.”

“No thanks,” he responds.

Ten minutes later he’s on the damn roof, music blaring out of someone’s own personal amp and chatter filling the empty space. It’s a very well put together party and it does seem like everyone in the building is in attendance – he shouldn’t be surprised. It’s a cheap complex close to college campus. Broke college students fill most of the rooms and this is very much the kind of things college kids would do. Unless you’re Bellamy, because fuck Halloween.

He sips from his drink stoically, rolling his eyes at some of the costumes. Some of them are pretty typical – he’s seen multiple Avenger’s costumes. Plenty of sexy nurses (which, he is absolutely not opposed to). He isn’t the kind of guy to dress up, though. It’s just lucky that he happened to be wearing a t-shirt that says “costume” when Miller basically drug him from his apartment.

“Nice costume,” a voice enters into his dramatic reverie. Next to him, a blonde princess is filling her cup with the shitty vodka punch. She adjusts her tiara as it begins to fall off her head and looks up at him with a smirk. She makes no movement to leave, just leans against the table and gives him a solid once over. Apparently, she does not appreciate his t-shirt and jeans.

“Not into costume parties?” she asks.

He shrugs, “Not into Halloween.”

This makes her roll her eyes at him, “Wow, you’re one of those people.”

One of those people? He glares at her for a moment, “If one of those people means not wanting to contribute to a stupid holiday, then yeah, I am.”

“What’s not to like! Free candy. An excuse to dress up. Big parties?” the Princess seems to very much into Halloween, her costume speaking volumes. And she sounds like he had been personally attacking her when he said he didn’t like it. He’s entitled to an opinion.

“Over priced candy, expensive outfits you only wear once, and not to mention some of those outfits appropriate multiple cultures and are thinly veiled racism,” he points out. He’s put a lot of thought into this over the years. Everything about Halloween is annoying and overrated.

“Wow,” she breathes out, clearly surprised by his passionate answer, “You really have a lot of feelings about this.”

“I’m just a realist,” he shrugs again, “This punch is terrible.”

“I can agree with that,” she says before making a show of chugging her own cup, “But it tastes better the drunker you are.”

He gets another cup. The Princess makes no show of going away to enjoy the dance floor or the free candy offered. Instead she remains at the drink table with him and somehow, they end up talking about extremely…intense topics. She’s in nursing school and apparently, hates every minute of it. He tells her about failing his last exam because he was working too many hours at the bar. It becomes a bit pessimistic at times. She decides to change the subject before he does.

“I know it’s a mask,” she says after spotting a ridiculous Barack Obama costume, “But it feels wrong to dress up as the President. Like they’re trying to insult him.”

“Would you say the same if someone came dressed as George Bush?” he asks, and not even because he disagrees with her. But mostly because she looks really cute the way her cheeks are flushed and her hands a flailing around trying to explain ethics to him.

“I would probably feel differently about that,” she points to the Obama mask wearing offender, “If it wasn’t a white person.”

He lifts his cup to her, “Touché.”

He decides he likes this Princess, even if she is a Halloween supporter. She’s got spunk. She’s feisty and she’s making the party somewhat bearable. Yet, somehow, only an hour has passed at the drink table before her phone goes off.

“I gotta run,” she says downing the rest of her drink and tossing the cup in the trash, “But thanks for entertaining me. Do you still hate Halloween?”

“That’s not changing,” he responds immediately. She only grins at that.

“Oh, I think it will.”



He finds that he really likes his apartment. Miller becomes one of his closest friend, a sort of friendship he hadn’t experienced in a long time. Not since Raven Reyes decided to go be an engineer at some prestigious college on the coast. He enjoys having Miller around and even Monty has made an effort to include Bellamy in his D&D group. It’s not something he thought he would enjoy but actually, he loves it. Octavia stays pretty busy with school and hasn’t been home much, so he’s been forced to occupy his time with other things. Nerdy things, as his sister called them. He doesn’t really care. He feels like he’s finding a home at this place.

They go to the rooftop again for Halloween this year and he isn’t forced this time. Miller and Monty go as two video game characters he’s never heard of, which is very them, and he keeps his costume. Miller rolls his eyes at the familiar orange t-shirt but doesn’t make him change. That’s a true friend. When they arrive, there are a few more people than last year and there seems to be two speakers instead of one. They’re trying to make it a bit more exciting, according to Monty, but Bellamy thinks it’s just right.

He might be down to party, he still hates this holiday and probably will until the day he dies. Seriously, what was the fucking point of it? He leaves his friends to grab a drink and though he remembers how disgusting the punch was last year, he still pours himself a cup. Yep, just as disgusting.

“Nice outfit,” is how it starts once again. He turns to find the princess once again pouring herself a drink. It takes him a moment to recognize her, she’s got a brown wig twisted on the side of her head. Princess Leia. How original.

“I could say the same to you,” he comments with a scoff. She moves next to him, the whole things feeling very much like a routine between the two of them despite being strangers. He hadn’t seen her since last Halloween. He figured she must have moved on with her life, whatever that may be. Apparently, she just makes appearances at the Halloween party.

“Princess Leia is a badass,” she defends, and the spell begins again. He isn’t sure what it is about her. She has a way of making him feel as though they’re old friends catching up – she updates him a nursing school and he tells her about finishing undergrad and completing his Master’s. She tells him about wanting to be an artist but being pressured into nursing. He tells her about raising his sister. It’s all pretty fucking ridiculous considering he doesn’t even know her name.

“You wanna dance?” she asks during a comfortable silence between them. Normally, he would say no. But he finds himself nodding and following her to the dance floor.

“You a fan of Halloween yet?” she asks as he twirls her around to the sounds of Monster Mash.

“Hell no,” he responds, “You’ll have to try a little harder, Princess.”

She smirks at that, “Did you not get to trick or treat as a kid?”

He dips her and she giggles, “Not really. Not a great neighborhood for getting candy. Might end up with a bag of meth instead.”

He doesn’t mean to get all serious. He’s just being honest. His mom worked hard to provide for them but they didn’t grow up in a great area. Not the kind of place to hang out and play baseball outside or anything. He’s okay with that. But she gives him a pitying look and he lets go of her hand.

“I didn’t say it to make you feel bad for me,” he grumbles defensively, and he’s surprised when she gives him a soft smile.

“Oh, I don’t,” she reassures him and he can’t help but feel a bit confused. She smiles, “I just think it’s all the more reason for you to give Halloween a chance now that you’re older.”

He chuckles at that, “You’re awfully determined.”

“This is my favorite holiday.”

“We all have our flaws,” he responds, and she gives him a playful shove and he grabs her hand. For a moment things are silent and he feels a magnetic pull towards her. Something about her intrigues him and okay, she’s beautiful with her expressive blue eyes and soft smile. Just as his lips brush against hers, her phone rings. She jumps back and stares at the screen, something changing in her face. She looks almost…sad.

“I have to take this,” she says apologetically. Before he can question her any further, she disappears.

She doesn’t come back.



He finds himself choosing to celebrate Halloween, or rather, choosing to celebrate on behalf of someone else. Gina, his girlfriend, had been adamant about doing something fun for the holiday. She likes dressing up and having a good time and hell, he doesn’t want to be the one to stop her. So, rather than go out and spend money he doesn’t have at some bar, he figured the rooftop party would be just the place.

It’s more of a spectacle this year. Some of the residents of the complex created a committee to help spruce it up and when he arrives, it’s a vast difference from the past small soirees. There are lights strung up around the roof top, more patio furniture had been added. There’s a DJ (though it’s just Monty’s friend Jasper who also plays D&D on Wednesdays). There also seems to be more people, but this has it’s perks. Instead of cheap beer and shitty punch there is more variety at the drink table. There are bottles and bottles of liquor followed by liters of soft drinks. Part of him thinks having a table to mix your own drinks is an awful idea, but he plans on standing guard at the drink table, anyway.

“Let’s dance!” Gina pleads with him when they arrive. The music is loud and pop-y and the dance floor is littered with awful costumes and awkward people. He would rather stab out his eyes.

“My brother doesn’t dance,” Octavia says from behind them and when he turns around, he’s ready to have an aneurysm. She’s wearing an intricate bathing suit top with a long, green sequined skirt. She has scales painted on her face. A fucking mermaid.

“When did you pierce your belly button?” is all he can say, hating the silver piece of jewelry currently dangling from her navel. She’s an adult, he knows that, but it’s still his baby sister and Jesus, isn’t she cold?!

“Come on, Gina,” Octavia rolls her eyes and pulls his girlfriend to the dance floor. He stomps his way to the drink table because, yeah, it’s going to be a long night.

He decides to start off with a Jack and Coke, because the old legends say drinking beer first thing is the sure way to get sick. And, okay, he’s tested that theory before and it is definitely accurate. He takes his spot next to the drink table and tries to take a drink, unsuccessfully, when his ears nearly fall of his head. Stupid costume.

“Nice outfit,”

He turns automatically to have his suspicions confirmed. The Princess stands before him, pouring her drink and grinning at him like an idiot as she takes in his costume. Gina had really insisted on dressing up for this and honestly, he really wants to make her happy because she’s a cool chick and he likes her a lot. So when she suggested they go as bugs bunny and Lola bunny, he wasn’t really against it. He likes Space Jam and it’s a simple costume. So he let her order a pair of bunny ears for him and let he glue a tail to a pair of his old basketball shorts. He’s a good boyfriend.

He’s about to bite out a “thanks” when he notices what she’s wearing. There is no wig. No tiara. Instead her blonde hair is all natural, cut just below the chin and her effort in a costume minimal this year. His jaw snaps shut when he reads the orange t-shirt she’s wearing. It reads, “Costume”.

“Very funny,” he deadpans, and it only causes her to grin in triumph.

“Thanks,” she laughs, “For the inspiration, I mean. I’m someone who hates Halloween.”

“Yeah,” he rolls his eyes, “I got that.”

“You should be flattered,” she says as though it’s obvious, “I couldn’t have done this without you.”

“Thanks for the credit.”

It’s strange how they fall into an easy conversation after that, like last year they hadn’t been about to make out on the dance floor and she hadn’t just disappeared. He had thought about her for weeks after that, tempted to try and find her one way or the other. But then he met Gina and he pushed all thoughts of the Princess away from his mind. Until now, as she stands before him in a costume influenced by his dry humor and pessimism. He can’t help but feel a little flattered, after all.

She asks him about his year and he tells her all the fine details, issues in his department at school and getting offered to study abroad for a semester. That’s something he hadn’t even told Gina but with her, it comes out like it’s no big deal. She congratulates him on the opportunity and tells him about her own experience – she’s a nurse and got the opportunity to go to the Caribbean to help in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Talking to her makes him feel like he’s talking to a figment of his imagination. It’s easy to get lost and that’s pretty damn scary.

He doesn’t even notice when Gina comes up behind him.

“Bell?” she asks warily, looking between him and the Princess uncomfortably. He gives her a reassuring smile.

“Hey,” he puts an arm around her and she melts into him immediately, “I was just talking about you.”

Mostly about how scared he is to tell her about being away for three months, but still. He doesn’t want her to feel neglected or anything. He likes her. A lot.

“You wanna get out of here?” Gina asks leaning into him, her breath hot on his neck. He looks over her head for a moment to at least say goodbye to the Princess, maybe even get her name because now she knows a little too much about him. But she’s gone already, having slipped away as Gina rolled into them. He turns his attention back to his girlfriend and gives her soft kiss.




“I came all the way here to go to this stupid rooftop party, so you’re going to take me!”

Raven Reyes is a lot of things. A spitfire, for one, ready to kick any and everyone’s ass at any given moment. She’s also demanding, something he learned early on in their friendship to deal with. Except today. Because he’s really not in the fucking mood.

“Go with Octavia,” he mutters under his breath, clicking into the next episode of New Girl without a second thought. It’s once again his least favorite holiday and he had a really shitty day at work. It’s his first semester as a teacher at the high school and the kids were extra rambunctious today. He’s got one hell of a headache.

“Bellamy, get your ass up and let’s go,” she yanks the remote from his hand and begins to pull on his arms, “You can wear your stupid ironic t-shirt for all I care, we’re going.”

He finds himself on the roof again. It’s been a year of ups and downs for him. He studied abroad in Greece, which has to be the highlight because it is probably the second best experience of his life (the first being when he held his baby sister for the first time – he’s a sap and he doesn’t care). He graduated with his Master’s in history and had just begun his first teaching gig. On the downside, Octavia moved in with her boyfriend, Lincoln, and he had to pay double the rent for almost three months before finding a new roommate. His name is John Murphy and he’s almost positive he’s a sociopath, but a cool sociopath once you get to know him. Gina also broke up with him about three weeks before he left for his trip. Long distance wasn’t really her thing. He doesn’t blame her.

Raven decided to come visit him for the first time in two years, mostly because she and her boyfriend just broke up and she needed time away. But also because she missed him and he had been in a foul mood for the past few months and needed cheering up.

He makes his way to the drink table and takes up his usual post after introducing Raven to all the regulars. When he introduces her to Luna, his downstairs neighbor, well, it’s all over from there. He doesn’t see Raven again that night. But that’s not the part that bothers him. He spends over an hour at the drink table and she never shows. The princess who copied his costume and who learned his deepest secrets before his fucking name. He thought maybe this would become a thing. Like maybe she’s supposed to show up and talk him through his crisis every Halloween. It’s a stupid expectation. Hell, he’s not even positive she’s real.

He finishes four drinks before giving up and going home. Fuck Halloween.


“Please wear it!”

He stares at the offending garment like he’s hoping to burn a hole through it, “Absolutely not.”

“You’ll look so hot!”

“Ew, please don’t ever say that again.”

Raven huffs at her roommate. He’s being stubborn, he knows that, but she knows how he feels about costumes and she’s trying to force him to be part of a group costume which is just…it’s fucking cheesy.

“Please!” she begs, adjusting her own pink jackets as she pulls her hands together in a plea, “Even Murphy is doing it! Emori!”

She wants him to dress up as one of the guys from Grease, leather jacket, hair gel, and tight pants. It’s a bit over the top if you ask him. He hates it. He should have known this is how things would go when she moved in – what Raven wants, Raven gets. After last year, she decided to move to New York to be closer to her friends. She’d never admit it, but he also thinks it has something to do with Luna. The two aren’t official by any means, but they spend a lot of time together. Raven says she isn’t into labels, so whatever, but he knows the girl cares about her.

“I don’t remember ever saying I would be a part of this, you just signed me up,” he points out. She had brought it to him as soon as he got home from work. She did happen to catch him a good day, mostly because there were no students at work (it was an in-service day which meant he had a quiet classroom all to his self).  But going as the cast of Grease is a sure way of bringing his good mood down.

“We’re all doing it,” she argues again, “Besides, this is going to be the biggest party yet! Miller is proposing to Monty!”

He knows this. Miller has already been to his apartment to freak out on numerous occasions. They’ve been dating for almost seven years but only recently has marriage been legalized in all fifty states and they feel comfortable enough to do it. He’s happy for them and they honestly make him believe that love does exist – they’re a good match and he knows how happy Monty makes him.

“I’m not doing it.”

Thirty minutes later, he finds himself on the fucking roof again with the leather jacket slung over his shoulders. Raven can be very persuasive. They’re standing in the group and he realizes how much thought Raven really did put into this. Everyone is here and dressed up – Murphy and Emori, Octavia and Lincoln, Miller and Monty. Hell, even Luna came dressed as a Pink Lady.

“Where the hell is Clarke?” Raven hisses to Luna when she arrives. He has no idea who Clarke is, but Raven has already made more friends in her short time here than he has since he moved in. So, no surprises there.

“She’s always late, you know that,” Luna rolls her eyes, “She’ll be here.”

“Yo, Danny,” Raven calls and it takes him a moment to realize she’s talking to him, “Go grab me a beer.”

“I’m sorry, are you incapable?” he snaps and runs a hand through his hair, only for his fingers to get stuck in the hair gel.

She flips him the finger and he shuffles over to the table. Not because she told him too, he was already going to come here. He’ll just be nice and grab her a beer while he’s over here. Because he’s polite. And definitely not because she told him to. He reaches into the cooler to dig around for his favorite – he’s sticking to beer tonight. He has to teach in the morning.

He feels a familiar pull and knows she’s there before she speaks.

“Wow,” she says as he stands up, the buckles of his jacket clanking together, “Nice outfit.”

He turns slowly and before he can control it, his jaw opens slightly. It’s the Princess, alright, except she isn’t a princess at all. She’s dressed in a tight black body suit, and it’s clinging to every luscious curve of her body, paired with a leather jacket eerily similar to his own. He’s seen Grease enough time to recognize a Sandy when he sees one. He practically chokes on air. He looks over his head to see the others watching him and Raven is looking extremely smug which makes him think she had something to do with this. He has no idea how she could know, or how she could possibly be involved. But if anybody could figure it out, it’s her.

“I’m Luna’s roommate,” she seems to read his mind and she extends her hand with a half-smile, “Clarke Griffin.”

“You weren’t here last year,” he says stupidly. He should introduce himself. Compliment her outfit because, damn. But all he can think about is that she wasn’t here last year.

She drops her hand and glances down at her feet sheepishly, “I was working. New nurses always have to work holidays.”

“Oh,” he responds and still can’t figure out what to say. She’s been living in this building the whole time and he never once ran into her? She never tried to find him despite their almost hook up two three years ago? Holy shit this has been going on that long?

“I guess this is as weird for you as it is for me?” she asks, “I can leave, if you want. I know we’ve kind of been like…weirdly intimate but don’t really know each other? And, honestly, I gave up when you showed up with a girlfriend but now you’re here and Raven said you’re single and you look really hot in that costume…”

It’s this precise moment that his brain actually decides to function and he laughs, watching as this girl he’s been dancing around for four years on the same day rambles away about their strange relationship and admittedly having a crush on him, similar to the way he’s felt about her. She’s been sort of his own little tradition – like every Halloween he goes to the roof to talk to this mysterious girl about all the things he was afraid to admit outloud to everyone else. And she’s fucking real and standing in front of him in a matching costume because, surpise, she actually knows his friends and lives two floors below him. What are the fucking odds.

He’s having a hard time processing it all and wants to claim insanity when he slides a hand into her thick curls and surges forward to kiss her. She stiffens and he pulls away, heart pounding in his chest and feeling completely disoriented.

“Shit, that was weird,” he panics, “I’m Bellamy. But you probably already know that and…God, I’m sorry.”

She laughs then, sweet and shy as her eyes search his own frantic ones, “No offense, Bellamy, but we’ve been talking for four years. Aren’t you tired?”

She doesn’t need to ask twice. He kisses her again and faintly hears the Pink Ladies and the T-birds in the background hooting and hollering in their approval. It’s bizarre. But Halloween is a bizarre holiday and honestly, he might not hate it so much after all.

SWF 11

“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while dealing with uncharted feelings.

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Sand sifted through Lucy’s toes with each step as she walked alongside Natsu. It was early in the morning and the two decided to walk along the beach before the ship departed from Caelum Island and back to Hargeon. Since they walked for a while along the shore and it was still early morning, there was nobody else around them.

With their hands interlocked and pleasant smiles plastered on their faces, the two walked in a content silence and admired their surroundings. The water sparkled under the sun and gently lolled onto the shore, occasionally enough to wash over their feet. The leaves of the palm trees swayed lightly in the cool breeze.

Lucy, who was adorned in a lilac sundress, glanced towards her partner, her cheeks growing pink. Natsu had always been attractive in her eyes, but it was moments like these that she had really noticed. His smile was contagious and his eyes were so dark and alluring. His pink hair laid over his forehead rather than spiking up due to the humidity in the air.

“Hey, Natsu?” Lucy called out.

“Yeah?” the boy replied, glancing back at her.

With curiosity shining in her brown orbs, she asked the one question she had been dying to know. “When did you fall in love with me?”

Natsu flushed from the look she was giving him; her eyes were questioning, her golden hair was framing her face, and she focused all of her attention on him. Rubbing the back of his head with his unoccupied hand, the boy averted his gaze.

“That’s a tough question…” he answered.

“Try,” Lucy insisted.

Knowing he wasn’t going to be able to get out of sounding cheesy, Natsu answered honestly. “I guess I always had a thing for ya from the start. I just didn’t know it.”

The girl’s brows shot up. “Really?”

“Yeah. You were really nice to me when we first met. And weird. I mean, what normal person buys a whole meal for someone who accidentally saved them?”

“I think anyone would do that! And that doesn’t make me weird!”

Natsu smirked and playfully nudged her. “Whatever you say, weirdo. Anyways, I didn’t know I had feelings for you until you turned down a date to go on a job with me and Happy.”

“I remember that day! I never knew that you developed feelings for me since then!”

“Yeah. I thought it was just a little crush back then. I didn’t think it would actually go anywhere until we were on Tenrou Island and that pudgy guy almost killed you. You said that it was more fun when we’re together and that made me realize that it went way further than some crush.”

Lucy’s gave a face-splitting smile, her cheeks rosy and her eyes shining with glee. His words warmed her to the core and she was glad she managed to wrangle out that piece of information from him.

“What about you?” Natsu asked, bringing her from her happy thoughts.

Lucy’s moment of happiness stalled as she frowned and answered, “Truthfully, I didn’t know I loved you until the other day.”

“Seriously?” Natsu asked with an arched brow. “What tipped you off?”

“Loly, actually. That night she was bugging us to kiss. I knew that I didn’t want you to be with her but I didn’t know why. So I kissed you in hopes of getting her to back off. Well, when I kissed you, it was like I had an epiphany.”

Lucy kept her eyes glued to the sand. Her face was warm with heat and she could feel her hands growing sweaty. Admittedly, she felt bad that Natsu had known his feelings for so long and had to suppress them while she just found out.

Natsu only grinned, however, and gave her hand a squeeze. “That’s awesome! Guess we’ll have to thank Loly, huh?”

Lucy giggled, quickly forgetting her worries. They walked in another peaceful silence. Memories resurfaced in the blonde’s mind and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“I can’t believe it took me so long to figure out,” Lucy said through laughs. “I even got dressed up once thinking that you were going to confess to me.”

“Wait, what?” Natsu asked in shock.

“Mira told me that you and I would look cute together and that she thought you liked me. Everyone was speculating that you liked someone that one time you needed Virgo’s help digging something up so I just assumed it was me. Then you said you needed to ask me something and it really seemed like you were going to confess!”

Natsu gave a hearty laugh, wiping tears from his eyes. “No way! I can’t believe you thought I was going to confess!”

“I know, I know. So then I was thinking of ways to gently turn you down-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You were going to reject me!?”

Lucy chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of her head apologetically. “Only because we were partners and I didn’t want to ruin what we had! Besides, I didn’t know that I was in love with you or anything!”

“Sheesh! Could’ve at least went with an open mind!” Natsu teased.

“Oh hush! I dressed up cute and everything! I even had Cancer do my hair! And yet somebody didn’t even notice and instead told me they wanted my spirit’s help instead of confessing like I expected!”

“Wait a second… Is that why you slapped me!?”


“But you were going to say no anyways!”

“Well I might not have if you actually confessed!”

The two glared at each other for a few moments before bursting into a fit of laughter. So their way of getting together was no fairy tale and probably could’ve been done months ago. It didn’t matter now. Besides, they had grown incredibly closer over the past months anyways. Things were fine the way they were.

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               - PART II

Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 4 991
summary : continues the story from part I … // aka how i wish 8.16 had ended.
my denial runs deep, sorry for so many breaks in the story
* gif by lightwoodxalec

Y/N hooked her arms around his neck, smiling widely. Everything seemed like a dream – him being back, her loving him, Y/N being in his arms in this instant. Katherine being trapped in the tunnels underneath the old church… He pulled her towards him, burying his face in the crook of her neck feeling his vampirism show for a moment and instantly pulled away from her, worried.
   "Sorry. I um –“ he swallowed hard.
   "You need blood. I was just about to ask. Wrist or neck ?”
Kai stared at her for a moment, a nervous smile showing on his face. “You’d let me feed on you ?”
   "Why is that so surprising ?“ she took a step towards him. “Neck or wrist ?”
He took a step towards her and moved her hair from her neck, glancing at her for a second. Y/N gave him a reassuring nod and he wound his arm around her waist, holding her towards him while his fangs sank in her carotid artery. Her warm blood trickled down his throat and unless he was mistaken, for a moment she moaned quietly. Then he pulled away, wiping away a couple drops from her neck with his thumb. Y/N smiled at him, her fingertips tracing the purple/black veins flashing under his eyes.
   "Kiss me.“ she said quietly, his lips crashing against hers a second later while her hands hooked around his neck. Kai pulled her towards him, holding her so tight as if afraid she’d vanish at any moment or maybe run away screaming. Y/N did neither of those things. Everything was so perfect in that moment, he nearly forgot there was quite literally a deadline for them in a few hours until her phone buzzed. Y/N ignored it, her lips moving hungrily against his and then her phone buzzed again, and again.
   "Argh …” she cursed and pulled away, reaching in her pocket. “It’s Bonnie. Hey, did you find a way to save us?”
   "Yes. I found a spell that can pull the Hell fire through the tunnels running underneath Mystic Falls all the way to the Armoury. That is in case Matt and his father don’t succeed in convincing Vicky not to ring the Maxwell bell. But if they fail, I might need um – Kai.“ said her friend, not sounding too thrilled about it. “Will you… two be at the wedding ?”
Y/N looked at Kai, biting her lip. He smiled at her innocently while his hands slid down to her ass and he pulled her towards him. “No, no um. I don’t think we can make it. We have to get Elena out of the boiler room…”
   "He is listening in, isn’t he ?“
   "Um yeah, do you want to speak with him directly or ?”
   "No.“ said Bonnie. “I will need his help to hold off the Hell fire and Katherine has to be trapped in the tunnels at the time, so when the Hell fire gets pushed back, it takes her down too. There is no way she’d survive that and the power contained in it might as well destroy Hell itself.”
Kai listened carefully and his eyes widened. Y/N mouthed ‘What?‘ but he didn’t reply.  He finally had everything he had ever wanted – someone who truly cares about him and loves him unconditionally, someone he loves and cares about immensely and he had to let her go for her own safety.
   "Tell Bon Bon I will be there when the time comes but now we have to go, or Damon will kill me again and I’d rather live and be with you.“ he took her hand, pulling her towards her car.
   "We’ll see you soon Bonnie.” said Y/N, ending the call. A second later she pulled him back, her lips crashing against his while her hands found their way on his chest. Before when she had been pulling out the bullets, obviously she had noticed but now her entire focus was on the way she had ripped his shirt. How his toned torso was right in front of her eyes. There was a time crunch, but she couldn’t stop herself from exploring every inch of his chest with her fingers while Kai tried to pull her after him again.
   "Y/N ?“ he asked, watching her bite her lip. “Hey, come back to me.” he laughed gripping her wrists.
   "What ?“ she looked up at him confused. "Sorry, I spaced out. We have to um… get you a new shirt and jeans. Not that you need them. I am more than enjoying the few. Sucks though. I really loved that shirt –”
Kai grinned at her. “We are on the verge of death and you find the time to get lost in naughty thoughts about me –”
   "Me ? What ? No ?“ she shook her head, running her hands on his bare chest while he gave her the look.  "Fine, yes. Okay. Can you blame me ? You are smocking hot and um .. I’ve loved you for four years now, if you could only see whats happening in my head –”
   "If only you could see what’s happening in my head.“ he smirked devilishly at her. "Let’s go. We can stop somewhere on the way –” he winked at her mischievously.


In the following hours, Kai and Y/N got to know each other better, got Elena out of the boiler room safely, returned her to her coffin and drove with it to the Armoury where along with Rick’s help, they moved it to his car. That’s when things got complicated. During the entire drive there, Kai had been dreading having this conversation with her. How was he going to tell her ? ‘Hey Y/N. I know we just got each other back and all but I need you to leave me for your own safety.‘ He could hear her protesting about it loud and clear, and he hadn’t said a word about it to her yet. There was no way he’d convince her to go without him and he might end up having to compel her, for which she’d most definitely hate him.
A sigh left his lips and he walked over to one of the bookshelves checking out all the grimoars stashed there while Y/N talked with Bonnie. Y/N kept glancing at him every few seconds and Kai tried to smile at her, to hide his feelings but he could tell she knew something was up. It was her thing – nothing escaped her. Not when it came to him.
   "I’ll be right back.“ said Y/N, almost running towards Kai. "Are you okay ? You seem… nervous.”
Kai smiled at her, feeling a lump getting stuck in his throat. “Yeah, well … I’ve seen Hell fire and that’s one of the most terrifying things ever. Almost as terrifying as losing you.”
Y/N studied his face. “That’s not the whole truth. What are you hiding from me ?”
   "W-what ? Not hiding anything.“ he smiled, pulling her into his arms. "Hey, I was thinking maybe you should go with Candice, Rick and the twinsies …”
   "You said ‘you’ not ‘we’.“ she pulled away. "I am not going anywhere without you.”
   "Yes, you are !“
   "The Hell I am !” she raised her voice. “Sorry, I just … No. No! I am staying here! With you. I belong by your side, always and forever.”
Kai sighed and put his hands on her shoulders, gazing into her eyes. His girl looked so determined to stay by his side and with each moment that passed, it seemed her determination only grew. However, as much as it pained him, he couldn’t let her stay. “You will go with Rick and when it’s all over, I swear on my life, I will come get you.
   "I’ll go with Rick.“ she repeated, pressing her lips together, ”Only if you come with us.“
   "You are wearing vervain.” he sighed. Y/N mouthed a 'yep’. “Should’ve known. Y/N, I want you to be safe. No matter how much I want you by my side, your safety comes first. So many things can go wrong –”
   "And that's why I have to say.“ she put her arms around him, resting her head on his chest. "Because I don’t want to lose you, just when I got you back. We both went through so much. I don’t want to spend another second without you.”
   "I don’t want to spend another second without you either. You have no idea how long I have waited for you, but –“
   "No 'but’s or 'if’s.” she lifted herself on her toes, pressing her lips against his. “I love you and if you die, then I die with you. You die I die, remember?”
Kai gave her a small smile. Both of them loved the other so much, they were willing to risk it all just to be together. “I don’t know if I should love you or hate you for not listening to me right now.” he kissed her forehead,wrapping his arms around her. “Feelings are hard.”
   "I wish I can say they get easier with time, but that would be a lie.” she laughed under her breath.
   "Hey.” said Bonnie with a small smile. “Stefan told me what you did. Saving her, healing him. That’s a whole new you –”
   "Does that mean you are starting to warm up to me?” wondered Kai.
   "Let’s not get crazy.” smiled Bonnie. Kai and Y/N both laughed under their breaths. “It means I am willing to admit there is some good in you. Anyone capable of loving someone so much, to risk dying, is capable of change. Who knows, perhaps having her in your life will help you achieve that. Then ask me  again.”
Y/N reached for her friend’s hand, giving it a light squeeze. "Thank you.”
   "Yeah. Now where are Stefan and Damon ? They should’ve been here by now.”
   "Um, they are not coming.” said Y/N. “I talked to Stefan. Damon is refusing to leave until he sees Katherine’s ashes and Stefan is refusing to leave his brother. Last I heard from him, they were going to the tomb to block the entrances to the tunnels where Katherine is trapped, making sure she won’t be able to escape.”
   "What ?!” said Bonnie, pulling out her phone. “They can’t stay there ! What if the spell doesn’t work ? What if –”
   "Hey, Bon Bon?” said Kai placing his hand on Bonnie’s shoulder.”You can do this. Plus you have the mega powerful leader of the Gemini coven by your side. Trust me - I am more motivated to help than ever. It will work.”
Bonnie glanced between him and his hand but didn’t push it away like she would’ve done before. A small smile showed on Kai’s face and he turned towards his girl while Bonnie walked away, dialling her friends.
   "I think she is starting to like me.”
   "Not a chance.” called out Bonnie. Y/N and Kai laughed.
He waited until they were alone and leaned in to whisper in his girl’s ear. “Come with me." 'Where?' she mouthed. "Invisique." he muttered,taking her hand. "Remember ?  I promised to show you from where I got the Bennett blood.”


Around 7PM, Caroline arrived at the Armoury and immediately Lizzy and Josie ran into her arms while Rick grabbed his last travel bag. Bonnie said goodbye to the twins, giving each of them a hug and Alaric rushed them towards the car.
   "Why aren’t you packed up and ready to … go? Wait –“ wondered Caroline noticing how Y/N was sitting in Kai’s lap on the sofa. "Are you two – ?”
Y/N glanced at Kai and both of them smiled at each other. “Yes, Caroline. D-don’t judge.”
   "Don’t have time for judging.“ said her friend, taking Y/N’s hand. "Come on. We have to go and put as much distance as we can between us and Mystic Falls.”
   "Not going with you. I am staying with Kai and Bonnie.“
'What?’ mouthed Caroline, glancing at Kai who was avoiding her gaze. He knew what his girls’ friend would say. That she has to go because it will be safer that way, and he agreed. But how was he to tell her that he had already tried and it had backfired ? It wasn’t like they can knock her out somehow –
   "You have lost your mind.” said Caroline. “Are you okay with this ? I thought you cared about her safety above all else ? Why haven’t you compelled her or –”
   "I tried to. My girl here is 15 steps ahead of all of us. And I do care about her safety above all else.“ said Kai. "You know how stubborn she is.”
   "I am not leaving him, Caroline. Would you leave the twins ?“
Kai brushed his nose against Y/N’s cheek and kissed her neck softly. She turned around starting to say something when his lips crashed against hers. However this kiss felt different. As their lips touched the world around her started to dissolve and she tried to pull away but he held her towards him deepening the kiss until she fell limp in his hands.
   "I’m sorry Y/N.” he pushed her away gently, caressing her face. “As much as I want you to say, it’s for your own good that you leave.”
   "W-wait. What did you do to her ?“ asked Bonnie, starring at them with shock in her eyes.
   "Knocked her out. Hey, Candice ? Promise me to keep her safe in case things don’t work out.”
Caroline gave him a small smile, watching him lift his girl in his arms. “You really do care, don’t you? First you risked your life for her and now you are risking her hating you for saving her again.”
   "Yeah, she’d be pretty mad about it, won’t she ?“ he said, pressing his lips on Y/N’s forehead. "But she’d be alive and hate me. I’m used to people hating me.”
   "No. No, Y/N wouldn’t hate you. If she can forgive you for everything else you have done, then she’ll find a way to forgive you for this.“
   "She’d definitely slap you.” said Bonnie, a little amused.


Y/N’s eyes opened and she shot up straight, looking around. It took her a moment to realise where she was and who wasn’t by her side. He had sent her away, he had promised her they’d be together, always and had sent her away. Caroline’s phone rang and she tried to figure out who she was talking with but couldn’t. “No. No, Rick. Stop the car !”
   "I’m sorry. I can’t.“ he replied. "We have to get as far away from Mystic Falls as we can.”
   "Stop the damn car or I swear, I will jump through the door while the car is moving.“ she warned, but even that didn’t work. She tried to open the door with no luck and when that didn’t work,she opened the window and slipped out through it. Y/N rubbed her shoulder, ignoring the warm blood trickling down her face from where she hit her head and ran as fast as she could in the direction the car had come from. How long had she been unconscious? An hour ? More than an hour ? Less than an hour ? She didn’t know or care her friend was crying out for her to come back. All she cared about was Kai. About half a minute later the car stopped and Caroline got out after her. 
   "Y/N, Y/N Stop.” Y/N didn’t stop and her friend flashed before her. “Stefan just called. We are going back.”
   "What ?“
   "They did it.” grinned her friend. “They saved Mystic Falls. Stefan is alright. Kai is fine too. He is on his …way.”
   "You are lying - “
   "Then I am a hallucination brought upon by your concussion.” said Kai behind her, turning towards Caroline. “Nice job Clarisse. Letting her jump out the window of a moving car ? Really ?! One thing. I asked you for one thi-” Y/N turned around and ran towards him, kissed him then slapped him. “Owh. I had this coming.”
   "You – you ughh !!!“ she kissed him again. "You promised. How could you do this ?”
   "You mean save the world ? Pretty easily actually.“ he grinned, gripping her wrists seeing how she was about to hit him again. "You should’ve seen the fire – it build up like a wall and Bon Bon and I held it off. Then this weird thing happened. Like Bonnie said she saw her Grams and a bunch of other Bennett witches –”
Kai pulled her into a hug, ignoring her fists hitting his chest. “You – you , you sent me away !? You could've died and you sent me away !”
   "I'll always do whatever it takes to protect you sweet cheeks. Even if it means you hate me afterwards.“ he brushed her cheek with his thumb. ”Always.“


Two days later the gang had gathered around Elena’s body, resting on Damon’s bed. Kai stood next to her along with Bonnie, holding each of their hands while everyone watched. Damon could barely contain himself and everyone else couldn’t tear their eyes away while he continued to chant and siphon the spell away.
   "How much longer?” asked Damon impatiently.
   "Would you stop talking ?“ said Y/N. "He said he’ll do it, then he will.”
   "He already said he’d do it once and didn’t –“
Y/N glared at him and Damon raised his hands in defence. Kai continued to chant in a hushed voice, trying hard to tune out everything happening around him and concentrate on the spell. He wasn’t doing this for Damon or Elena. He wasn’t doing it for Bonnie or to get in favour with anyone in the MF gang. He was doing it for Y/N, for his girl, because getting her friend meant something to her and Y/N meant everything to him. For two days he had been trying to get her to forgive him for sending her away. Two whole days she hadn’t said a word to him. Now he couldn’t help overhear his girls’ conversation with her friend and just listening to her voice was enough to make him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
   "You two still aren’t talking ?” asked Caroline in a hushed voice. Y/N shook her head. “You know, I never thought I’d be defending him of all people but … I was there. You should’ve seen how crushed he looked when he put you in the car and closed the door. “
   "He sent me away.” she whispered. “Don’t you get it ? I spent four years without him, thinking I will never see him again. I never want to feel like this again and there we were, finally together and he sends me away. He didn’t even say 'goodbye’…”
   "He did it to protect you.” insisted her friend.
   "I know, I just… It hurts. What if things hadn’t –”
   "Bonnie ?” said a familiar female voice they hadn’t heard in years. “Kai ? What – ?! Damon !!”
Damon rushed to Elena’s side and Kai barely managed to get out of the way fast enough while the eldest Salvatore pulled his girl into his arms and kissed her for the first time in four years. All Elena’s friends took turns hugging her and Kai stepped away, giving them space, leaning in against the door frame, watching. Y/N’s eyes had light up and there was a smile on her face almost as wide as the one she had had on when he had shown up on her doorstep about a week ago. A sigh left his lips and he turned around, heading in the hallway when Y/N ran after him.
   "Where are you going ?” she grabbed his hand.
   "I’m leaving.” he said with a small smile, scratching his forehead. “You and your friends have a lot to catch up on with Elena. I don’t want to get in the way of the happy reunion.” he said with a hint of bitterness in his voice.
   "Stay.” she intertwined her fingers with his. “For me.”
Kai glanced at their hands together and smiled. “Does that mean I am forgiven?”
   "It means I am not willing to let you go. Ever.” she took a step towards him, cupping his face with one hand. “It means I can't be without you and yes … you are almost forgiven.”
   "Almost ? Wh-what does that mean ?” he took a step towards her until their bodies pressed against each other. Y/N raised her eyebrows slightly. “OH, you are – oh-kay.” he smiled nervously. “I am sorry, for sending you away. I took the choice away from you and …”
   "And ?”
   ”… and I am sorry for not saying goodbye. I should’ve at least said goodbye.“ he sighed. "I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. But I had to let you go because I love you. More than I ever thought I could love anyone and if something had happened to you –” he brushed his palm against her cheek. “–I never would’ve forgiven myself and.. I am sorry. I really am, but I had to stay and help Bonn–” Y/N’s lips crashed against his not letting him finish and he wound his hands around her, holding her tightly towards him. How hadn’t it occurred to him to apologise before ?!
   "Glad to see you two made up.” said Damon, his hands wrapped around his girl.
   "Wait, whats going on ?” asked Elena confused.
   "Nothing. I just have the best boyfriend ever.” smiled Y/N, snuggling closer to him. “Though if he sends me away again, we might have a seriously large issue here.“
Kai tilted her chin up, gazing into her eyes. "Never again. I swear.”


Dear Diary,

it has been four months since Kai came back from Hell and woke up Elena. Its unreal how much all our lives changed in such a short time and for the first time ever – there is no danger. Bonnie went on a world trip, keeping her promise to Enzo to live her life. She is supposed to come home soon and everyone has been sworn to secrecy about the surprise Kai has for her. He is determined to earn her forgiveness and maybe this time – he
will, or at least it will get him a step closer. Stefan and Caroline left on their long honeymoon. They keep sending post cards from all over the world. I got one in the mail today – they are in Paris, having the time of their lives. Elena enrolled back at Whitmore to finish her medical education and Damon rented an apartment on campus so he can be with her, always. I am not supposed to say anything, he swore me to secrecy, but there might be wedding bells sooner than any of us thought. Alaric decided to open a school for the Young and Gifted and much to everyone’s surprise, Kai suggested he helps with that. Slowly he is earning everyone’s trust and I can see how much this means to him. So far he had been the best uncle to the twins (minus the part where he almost killed them a few months back). It took him a while but he finally warmed up to them, seeing how he is the only one around understanding what it is to be a siphoner. Some days it’s impossible to compete for Kai’s attention while Lizzy and Jossie are around. They very much love their uncle Kai and love listening to his stories about the trouble he and Jo had gotten into while they had been the same age. Matt got a bench in the town square and is considering running for mayor and Jeremy comes to visit from time to time… and Kai and I, we have our plans for the future. Even though those involved getting out of Mystic Falls, we decided to stay. At least for the time being.

   "Hey, Y/N?” Kai popped up on the bedroom door. Y/N looked up instantly, smiling widely at him. “You are writing again. Can I read it ?” he took a step inside. Y/N put the pen in the notebook and closed it  
   "Some day, yes. Not today though.”
   "Oh-kay, miss I’ll keep secrets from you.“ he teased, grabbing her hand. “Come on, I have a surprise for you.”
Y/N followed him outside in the hall and then down the stairs in the darkness of the living room. “Where are we going?”
   "If I tell you, it won’t be a surprise.” he whispered in her ear. “Now careful. Two more stairs … make that three.” he laughed nervously, catching her when she stumbled.
Suddenly his arms disappeared and she heard him mutter 'Incendia’. The entire room light up in warm candle light and she looked around. There were flowers everywhere – her favourite, along with a small feast prepared and right in front of her stood Kai, on one knee holding a small black box. Her eyes widened instantly and her smile got wider and wider, realising what he was about to ask her. As much as she wanted to hear him pop the question –
  "Yes !”
   "I didn’t even get to ask.” he laughed nervously. “I had a speech prepared –”
Y/N laughed and knelt down before him, looking at him with heart eyes and nodded,
Kai took a deep breath. “Y/N, you changed my life since the moment we first met.You saw good in me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, when no one did. You never gave up on me and there are no words to describe how much I love you. Without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and… I love you. Every day I spend with you, I fall in love with you all over again and I want to be with you forever. Will you do me the incredible honour to marry me and spent eternity with me ?” he asked, opening the box with the ring. Only there wasn’t just a ring in there. There was a small vial, with Kai’s blood. “This um this is more symbolic. I mean, obviously I don’t expect you to make the choice right this second but …”
Y/N cupped his face and pressed her lips onto his, kissing him gently. “Yes. To both.” she smiled widely at him. “I want nothing more but to spend every second of every day with you, forever.”
Kai beamed at her and put the ring on her finger, looking at her hand unable to believe she had said yes to both. "Wh-what is this water pooling in my eyes ?” he laughed, feeling a tear rolling down his cheek. “I’m not sad, I swear –”
Y/N laughed, feeling a tear rolling down her cheek. “It’s called 'happy crying’. It happens sometimes when you are really really happy.”
   "I am.“ he brushed his palm against her cheek. "I am really really really happy.”

   "Hey guys. I’m baack.“ said Bonnie, walking in the Salvatore house. She dropped her bags by the door, looking around at the balloons, cake and welcome back banner. "Hello ? I come home after a five month trip around the world and there is no one to welcome me ?”
   "Bonnie.“ said Kai, flashing before her. "W-welcome back. How was your trip?”
Bonnie crossed her arms on her chest. “Why are you here? Where is everyone?”
   "Oh they are here, but I asked them to give us a moment.“ he put his hands in his pockets, turning his head to the side. "No, you can wait two more minutes okay ?”
   "What ?“ asked Bonnie.
   "Nothing. Look, Bon Bon. I know we had a really rough start and that you don’t like me but… I think I figured out how to earn your forgiveness. I know hurt you in so many ways, in the Prison World and after and, um… Will you forgive me ? I um – I have a welcome home present for you.”
   "And you think a present will magically erase it all ?“
   "No. But I hope it might help.” he waved his hand. “Ta-da.”
   "Hello, gorgeous.“ smiled Enzo.
Kai watched Bonnie’s eyes widen in surprise while her heart began racing faster than ever. A wide smile spread across her face and before he had had time to say anything she ran into his arms, pushing her feet off the ground and wounding them around his waist.
   "Enzo ! How are you here ?”
   "Kai. He found a way to pull me out of your psychic dimension.“ smiled Enzo, his lips colliding with Bonnie’s. Y/N popped up from behind the corner, semi-running towards Kai, who instantly put his arms around her while they watched the young couple’s reunion.
   "So um, Bon Bon –” started Kai, “I don’t mean to interrupt the happy reunion but –”
Enzo let Bonnie’s feet on the ground and she turned towards Y/N and Kai, noticing the ring on her hand. “Wait, are you two –”
   "Engaged, yes.“ smiled Y/N.
   "Wow. That’s um … congratulations !” said her friend, giving her a hug, turning towards Kai. “Thank you for bringing Enzo back. I um … I will never forget this gesture. And about your question –”
   "Yes?“ he smiled, nervously shifting on his feet.
   "You’ve earned it. Perhaps Y/N was right all along and all you needed was … a chance to prove you’ve changed.”
   "Thank you, Bonnie.“ said Kai, hugging her.
   "Um, lets work up to hugs okay.” she laughed nervously.
   "Got it. Sorry.“ he smiled nervously. "I think it’s time for–”
   “–cupcakes ?” said Y/N, pulling out a cupcake from behind his back.
Kai’s eyes lit up and he smiled wider than ever.“Yumm… Cupcakes !”


Summary: You and Tony prepare Christmas dinner for the Avengers.

Ship: Tony x Reader, Avengers x Reader

Song Inspiration: Wrapped in Red by Kelly Clarkson

Word Count: 1,360 words.

Tags: family moments, fluff, nothing else really its just seeing everyone come together outside of a mission

Last Words: this is my favorite christmas song & i listened to it while writing & now i’m pissed its not freezing cold and i’m not opening present ;-(, I GOT ONE PLANNED FOR THE X-MEN TOO, i feel like this sucked

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anonymous asked:

Since teenagers can be hormonal and not careful all the time ( lol I've been there sadly), can you write a pregnancy scare spideychelle fic or something along those lines 👀. Lol safe sex is very important though !

pregnancy scares are terrifying, guys. absolutely terrifying. so YEA of course i’m gonna write some spideychelle angst about it. i listened to this when I wrote it…and i’m gonna tell you, it helps set the mood. 

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(Credence Barebone x Reader) Always & Forever [Pt.1]

Title : Always & Forever [Pt.1]

Request : No

Smut : No

Word Count : 2,356

Summary : An immortal AU where Credence didn’t die and he never did, living through time until he meets you in this era. The 1926 you is already dead and you’re reincarnated with some shards of memories of him. Also, Credence in this era will be a bit OOC than the 1926 Credemce because I figured he’d have improved over the year, both in handling his emotions and obscurus.

A/N : another day another series. Yep I’m starting another one. Will probably make a Newt series later. This is just an intro, not much action :^) but there will be fluff (and maybe smut). I hope you enjoy. Requests are open.

Next : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/155342134864/credence-barebone-x-reader-always-forever


“NO!! STOP!!” you scream as you watch the Aurors shoot spells to the huge swirl of black dust. Those swirl of black dust just so happens to be your loved one, Credence Barebone. He is one of the adopted children of Mary Lou Barebone, who is the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society. The story of how you managed to befriend and finally date him is history.

Credence had lost control, and you hadn’t been there with him to calm him down. You knew he is an Obscurus, yet you still love him with all your heart. You realize he lost control when you see the black swirl – the Obscurus – flew through the night sky of New York, swallowing every light in its path.

Credence screams in agony as the core of him, the core of the Obscurus, is enveloped by a bright light. The light being a combination spells from the Aurors working under Madam Picquery’s command. Then he implodes, and the remaining of him – small tatters of the black matter – floats in the air like feathers.

You howl a cry of sorrow, as you run towards in between the Aurors and the remaining of Credence, desperately grasping one of them, and bring it to your chest. Newt approaches you, muttering “I’m sorry” over and over, his face painted with grief. Tina also weeps silently in the distance.

Meanwhile, Percival Graves, someone from the MACUSA, climbs to the platform, looking furious, as he watches the space where the black vortex once was.

“You fools. Do you realize what you’ve done?” he says, looking at the Aurors. Madam Picquery emerges from the Aurors, walking with a sense of authority.

“The Obscurial was killed on my order, Mr.Graves,”

“Yes. And history will surely note that, Madam President.”

Graves and Madam Picquery debate more, between who is right and who is wrong, about the existence of the wizarding world being exposed by Credence. Everything they say drowns in your mind, the only thing inside your head is how Credence is now gone. The black matter in your hand still moves weakly, as if it has a dying heart beat, before it slowly floats down your hand.

You cry even more, before you feel Newt’s hand disappear from your back. You look up, and the next thing you see is Graves being tied by a magical shining rope, which was conjured by Newt. The more Graves struggle, the more it tightens. Graves finally gives up and staggers on his knees.

Tina swiftly gets his dropped wand, and you notice the pure hatred and evil from Graves eyes.

“Revelio,” Newt says.

The image of Percival Graves fades away, to be replaced by the infamous criminal, Gellert Grindelwald. Everyone in the room gasps, and Madam Picquery commands the Aurors to take him away. That man will surely spend his eternity in prison.


The next things happen in a blur. Jacob says his goodbyes to the rest of you. Queenie kisses him in the rain, and you can’t help but cry a little because it reminds you of Credence. Of his recent occurring death. As soon as Jacob is soaked in the rain, the four of you Apparates to Tina and Queenie’s apartment.

“You will see him again someday,” Newt says to you. You only reply with a smile, not wanting to be rude. You know deep in your heart that you never will.

For days, weeks and months, you mourn the death of him. You made Credence a grave, as a memorial of him. It’s located outside New York, far from the city. You figure he would prefer to be buried outside New York, since this city has brought him nothing but sadness. Then again, you’re sure there’s no available land for graves in New York.

You eventually move on with your life, marrying a wizard you meet when you travelled, have 3 kids, and trying to live your life. Even though you are happy, married, and already have a family, you can still feel a lingering feeling in your heart.

A missing piece.

A shadow of the past.

And until the end of your time, he still resides in your soul.


You wipe your eyes, groggily yawning as you feel the warm sun seeping through the curtains of your window. ‘The same dream again,’ you think to yourself. In the past few days, you’ve been dreaming the same thing, a black vortex being engulfed in light, wizards you never met in your life, etc.

You took part in the dream, being one of the wizards in the scene. Crying. Mourning. Losing someone. The whole deal.

It was always the same scene, and if it’s not, it’s pieces of it.

And every time you wake up from the dream, you feel this emptiness in your heart. Like the sorrow of really losing someone. It feels weird really, because you have never. Not once in your life, meet, or even see those people in your dreams.

You flip the blanket, and lazily get out of bed. You grab your wand from the bedside, and make your bed with a spell. Then, you proceed to the kitchen, muttering some more spell, and make some breakfast for yourself.

You pass each room in your small apartment with a swing of wand, tidying and finishing everything up that you left last night. You went partying with your No-Majs friends last night, and you figured one of your friends dragged your ass back to your apartment because you don’t remember anything.

It’s 2016, and things have changed, between the wizards and the No-Majs. There was a revolution where the wizards exposed themselves, and was accepted by the No-Majs. It’s been peaceful ever since. You yourself are an aspiring witch living in the heart of New York, living by yourself after you graduated from Ilvermorny.

You’ve been trying to study and to master the skills necessary for jobs in the No-Majs world, and so far, it’s been going well. You did work for some No-Majs, and they have been lovely, but in the end, you decided to open up your own little bookstore, equipped with books for No-Majs and wizards.

After brushing your teeth, washing your face, and getting ready, you eat your breakfast in silence, thinking about your dreams. Does it have anything to do with your life? Why does it move your heart so much?

Especially when that man dies…

You shake your thoughts and finish your breakfast, putting them in the sink before grabbing your bag. You open the door and stop abruptly.

“Oh silly me,” you say as you whip your wand from your bag, casting a spell to wash the dishes.

After making sure that everything is in place, you lock your apartment, and walk towards the subway station. It’s a relaxing morning, not much people using the subway, but still crowded. You manage to get a seat though. Your bookstore is 4 stations away, near the Central Park. You’re halfway through.

Leaning back to your seat, you look around your surroundings. There are a lot of families today, being it’s Christmas Eve, and they must be getting ready for the festive. You sadly smile to yourself. Your parents are on vacation, with no news whatsoever. You had wished they’re with you this year, but we can’t always get what we want right? You’re fine with it though.

As your eyes continue to scan the crowd, they land upon one man.

He… Looks familiar. And the sight of him makes your heart skips a beat. He’s standing near the door, with a fairly built body, reading a book you notice as a wizard book.

No, this is not love at first sight. No matter how many cute guys or girls you’ve seen, no one has ever made you feel this way.

It’s like… a missing feeling. A longing of a friend.

A longing of a lover.

As if he reads your mind, he looks up, and makes an eye contact.

There’s a beat, before his eyes widen, and you look down in embarrassment. Your heart races in your chest, the sound of the subway replaced by ringing in your ears. The way his eyes hold such certainty… It makes you dizzy. And it feels like a déjà vu, although you’re not sure.

The train comes to a stop, and you get off. You look up once more to see if the man’s still there. He’s gone, the spot where he stood before is replaced by someone else. You sigh to yourself, thinking it’s stupid to have your heart races just because you saw someone you don’t even know.


The sun hides behind the clouds, and you wish you took a day off, because it’s perfect to have a nap or read under a certain tree in the Central Park. You can leave the store to Debbie, a house elf working for you, but you don’t have the heart.

You put a hand under your chin as you observe your bookstore, books floating here and there, arranging itself accordingly. You cast a wandless spell, adding few sparkles and glows in the air, adding the Christmas feel even though it’s over.

Debbie, who was holding a tower of books in her hands, stop for a moment and look at the lights in wonder, and stretches her hand, trying to grasp the artificial lights. In result, she drops the books, and you immediately come to her aid.

“You okay, Debbie?”

“Y-Yes, mistress, I am terribly s-sorry…”

“No, no, it’s okay really, as long as you’re not hurt.”

You gather the books, making sure each one of them is intact. As your hand reaches for one limited edition book, another hand comes and takes it first.

“Let me help,” a soft, yet masculine voice says.

Looking up, your eyes meet a dark brown orb. His eyes somehow remind you of something, or someone, but you can’t put your finger into it. You snap your thoughts. Besides, this is the man from the subway. ‘What a coincidence,’ you think to yourself. Your face blush a hue of pink.

“U-Um, no, it’s okay really, we can manage,” you reply.

“Are you kidding? Your house elf was bringing a tower of it. Let’s just divide it into three.”

Before you can object, he swiftly takes out his wand, and casts a spell that arranges the books into three stacks. Debbie, obvious with your blushing, quickly picks one stack up, before running to put it onto shelves. She’s always so quick to notice your changes, in emotions, appearance, etc.

The man takes one stack too after putting back his wand. You follow suit, and wordlessly walk away from the man.

“Hey,” he calls out.

“U-Um, yes?”

“Where do I put these books?” he asks, eyes motioning to the stack.

“Oh, right, right. Follow me,”

You put the books on their rightful shelves along the way, as you point and help him where to put your books, until there’s only one left on your hand. It’s the original copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, written by Newt Scamander. You were lucky enough to get five of these babies on sale on the internet. You’ve kept one for yourself, and as for the one in your hands, it will be for sale.

“Fantastic beasts, huh?” the man says, taking the book from your hands.

“Careful! It’s the original copy!”

“Really? The one from 1920s?”

“Yes! Now please give it back before something happens to it.”

He opens the book, carefully flipping each page.

“What if I want to buy this book?”

You look at him in the eye. “Are you sure? It’ll be pretty pricey since this is the original copy.”

He nods, flipping another page until he lands on one. You glance at the page. Obscurus – Obscurial, it says on the top of the page. “I’m definitely buying this book.”

“Okay… Come with me to the cashier.”

He hands you the book, with page still opened. Suddenly, an image flashes in your mind, an image of a black vortex engulfed in a white light. You massage your temples, trying to decrease the headache.

Ignoring the pain, you place the book gently in a brown bag, and seal it shut.

“That will be fifty dollars.”

He hands you a fifty dollar bill, and you hand him the book. As you take the receipt, he briefly says, “Is your name… [Name]?”

You raise an eyebrow. “Uh… Yeah. What about it?”

For the shortest moment you see his face change into sadness and shock. His eyes tears up, and he immediately wipes them away.

“Are you okay…?” you ask him.

He breathes in. “Yeah, yeah. I’m okay.”

He takes the receipt in your hands and shoves it into his jacket pocket.

“Say, [Name]… Have you ever heard the name Credence Barebone?”

You furrow your eyebrows, trying to remember the name. It does sound familiar, but you don’t seem to be able to recall someone you know with the name.

“Well… I have heard of it, but I never knew someone with the name.”

He sighs. “Ah, I see. Well… It was nice talking to you-”

“Yeah, you too,” you cut him.

“I’m not finished. Maybe… Do you want to grab a cup of coffee after you close?” he offers you, a slight blush visible on his face.

“I- uh…”

“Yes! Yes! Mistress [Name] will be delighted to have a cup with you, master!” Debbie says from behind the shelves.

“Great! I’ll pick you up then…?”

“O-Okay. I close at 6PM.”

“See you later.”

And with that, the man walks out of the store. You, still awestruck of what just happened, cover your face with your hands, try to suppress a blush forming on your face. Your face would be bright red when you blush, and you hope it wasn’t like that when you’re talking to him.

“Your face is bright red, mistress [Name],” teases Debbie.

“Well… Yes… But I didn’t even get his name…”

“Perhaps it’s Credence Barebone…?”

“Well… Maybe… I’ll ask him later.”

arktikemmi  asked:

I'm a lurking lurker who has lurked in the deep dark shadows of the great ship Sterek. This is my first real attempt at being interactive instead of a sad little shipper girl with no shipper friends (I'm so far in the shipper closet my boyfriend thinks I read classic literature on my phone all the time when really it's Sterek). The reason for my coming out is that I love two things: Magic!Stiles and meeting the parents. Any chance you could one of your nifty fic rec posts for me?

Sure thing, friend! There might be some overlap in these. 

50+ fic recs 

Magic!Stiles (+ meeting the parents under the cut)

  • What I Did On My Summer Vacation by grimm (E, 119k) There’s something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can’t quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life. There’s something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.
  • que tu m’aimais encore by magneticwave (T, 20k) Wolves mate for life, don’t they?
  • Stand Fast in Your Enchantments by DevilDoll  (E, 77k) “Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food.
  • Play it Again by metisket (T, 63k) In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself. “Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)”
  • The Walls Are Breathing In by secondstar (E, 42k) Nothing could go wrong. It was just supposed to be a safe trip to the Nemeton. But this is Beacon Hills and things are rarely that simple. Welcome to the life of Stiles Stilinski. Or, that time that Stiles accidentally became a sorcerer against his will.
  • In The New Year by pyes (T, 44k) In Beacon Hills they don’t say “Happy Holidays.” Instead they say “Yo, Derek,” which translates to “I’m pretty sure I soul-bound my sorry ass to the floor of your loft, four years ago, while reading spells off the internet.” I think that’s beautiful.

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Cheater Pt.2

[A/N:Hey guys!!! Sorry it took so long for part 2 but I hope you enjoy it!!!]

Part 1  Part 3

Taeyong was stomping down the hallway to Ten’s apartment that he shared with Johnny. He knocked on the door, furious about how Ten had given you false information. Ten had done many things to make him made before, but this was the last straw.

Johnny opened the door, hair messy and pajamas still on. He looked at Taeyong, confused and frankly worried. Taeyong looked ruined. He looked tired, angry, sad and the most unusual, messy. He was in a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt, hair still uncombed and only one shoe on. If he didn’t have a look of hatred on his face Johnny would have been hestirical.

“Good Morning?” Johnny said hesitantly as Taeyong stood in front of the door, breathing wildly. “Would you like some sugar or?” Johnny joked slightly, hoping it would lighten the mood. It didn’t. Taeyong met his eyes and if looks could kill, Johnny would be a dead man.

“Where’s Ten?” Taeyong growled so low it was hard fro Johnny to hear.

“Ten? Uh….maybe in his ro-” Johnny started before getting cut off by Taeyong storming into the apartment. Johnny was appalled, Taeyong never acted like this. Even if he was mad, he was never this angry.

Taeyong made his way to Ten’s room, opening the door with a bang and seeing a lump under the covers. He threw the covers off to see pillows and a few more blankets along with a note sayinig he’d be gone for the day.

Taeyong shrunk to his knees, hands gripping the blankets tightly as he tried desperately not to scream. How could this happen? Where did it start? Where does it end? How do i explain this to Y/N? He asked himself. there wasn’t an answer now.


You sat in your bed. Everything was silent. Taeyong wasn’t in the kitchen like usual. He wasn’t making breakfast for you two to share in bed when you woke up. He wouldn’t be coming soon to wake you up with a flutter of kisses. You didn’t know where he was. Probably with Joy you scoffed. out of all of your friends you thought Joy would be the last to betray you like this. Obvious you were very wrong.

All of the things that have been happening have got you thinking what else have i been thinking that’s wrong? From friends to business choices you’ve been tragically wrong lately and it was starting to get to you.

There had been a new job that had opened recently and many people in your office wanted it. It offered a raise and more time off to do personal things. It was a win-win and you were dying to get it. Maybe then you could try to fix this crack in your relationship with Taeyong. Now, the job was defiantly not yours. It was probably Song Taeyeon’s. The only reason why she had gotten it is because she slept with your boss, which you were offered too, but you would never ever do something like that. He even started to go off on you, saying that you lead him on. Needless to say you quit your job that day. That was Friday and now it’s Sunday. You would have to find a job soon so you could move to a different apartment.

Before that though, you would have to start packing your things to stay at Amber’s. You defiantly weren’t staying here and she was the best friend that was always there for you. especially because Joy now meant less than nothing to you now.


“Wait, what happened?!” Johnny exclaimed as he held a crying Taeyong in his arms.

“I don’t even know anymore! It’s all a blur and I don’t know where it started or where it’ll end.” Taeyong cried. He was beyond sad. Beyond angry. Beyond any definition of words to describe his feelings right now.

“I’m sure Ten just saw it at the wrong angle, he can explain to Y/N. Don’t worry it’ll all be fine soon.” He assured his histaricl friend.

Taeyong hoped it would be better soon, but couldn’t help but think it wouldn’t be. Ten seemed to have you wrapped around his finger.


(Ending #1)

It’s been about a month and you’re still living with Amber. In fact you share rent money now and you’re much better friends, closer than ever. Taeyong has seemed to move on from you. You’re not really friends with Ten anymore, instead your dating. You’ve been together for about two weeks and Ten seems thrilled about it. You don’t know if Taeyong knows yet, but you don’t really want to tell him yourself. You don’t really want to talk to him at all.

You feel terrible for being upset for false pretenses, but he still did kiss Joy. Amber had been there as well and saw the whole thing. She even took a picture. It all made sense when she explained to you when you got to her apartment.

She told you all that had happened and the conversation she heard before they kissed. It made your heart hurt but you couldn’t find it in yourself to go up to Taeyong after that morning. He didn’t feel like he could explain to you what had happened. To this day he still thinks that you don’t know the whole story.

Now though, you have a new job. You work for SM! You’re not an idol(Or trainee) but you work with development and information. It’s nice to see Amber and Ten everyday. Not so much fun to see Taeyong and Joy, but what the hey? Although it’s not very fun to see that they’re “dating” now. At least that’s what SM wanted to call it. You try not to worry much though, all you have to worry about is Amber, Ten, and the stupid graphs you have to make everyday.

[TBH I Don’t really like this ending (That’s why it says ending #1) but it’s what the og requester wanted so… yep! I’ll have 1 more ending soon (HOPEFULLY!)]+{I’m sorry i cant’s spell hesterical or what ever the flipping word is, i tried man times and failed each and everyone, i just hope you understand what it’s supposed to be}

~Admin Aussie

Liam/Allison- Whatever It Takes

Request-  a imagine where the reader is Allison’s younger sister and shes is a witch and huntress she wishes that Allison would be back alive and she wishes hard enough that she does come back and there is a cute reunion with the pack

A/N- Yeah, so I changed this quite a bit and I also added some stuff. I feel like I’ve written so many imagines where the reader or another character comes back to life and I just wanted to change it up. Hope you like it! Next up is an Isaac imagine.

You laid on your side, your head resting against your pillow as Liam snored into your hair. Your eyes flicked to the clock, letting you know it was 11:15. You had spent the past ten minutes wondering if something had held Lydia back, and you were beginning to think something had happened to her when your phone pinged.
You shifted in Liam’s arms, reaching out and grabbing your phone from your nightstand. You sighed in relief as you saw it was a text from Lydia, informing you that she was waiting for you in the parking lot.
You looked over at Liam to check that he was still asleep, and luckily he was out cold. He didn’t like for you to be in the apartment alone when your father wasn’t there, so he often slept over to make sure you were safe. Really, that just involved watching a lot of movies and making out for hours on end, but if it made him feel better you weren’t complaining.
Normally you loved having Liam there, especially over the weekend when you could sleep in and not go to school. But tonight you were planning something, and you knew Liam could get hurt if he interfered. That was why you had mixed something to knock him out with from one of your spellbooks, one that had been passed down several generations.
The recipe had been intended for a human, so you weren’t sure how long it would last on a werewolf, but you were betting on the fact that it would keep him out long enough for you to do what you needed.
You shimmied out of Liam’s arms, padding quietly across your room and stripping off your pajamas. You grabbed the clothes you had already laid out, trying to be as quiet as you could. After you quickly threw on the jeans and the sweater, you tugged on the combat boots perfect for trekking through the muddy graveyard.
You ducked under your bed, grabbing the oldest spellbook your mother had left you. Not only were the Argents a family descended from skilled hunters, but your mom’s side had also come from a powerful line of witches. It seemed that the powers were hit or miss, and while your mother hadn’t inherited them, you certainly had.
Allison hadn’t received them either, but what she lacked in power she had certainly made up for in strength. You felt a pang in your chest as you thought of your sister, which only made you more determined to carry out your plan.
You shot a glance at Liam, still snoring softly in your bed. You sighed, grabbing your coat and tucking the book under your arm and heading towards your front door.

“You ready?” Lydia asked as you hopped into her car, turning up the heat when she noticed your cheeks flushed from the cold.
You nodded. “I was born for this.”
“It might not work,” Lydia warned, suddenly feeling a little uneasy. “Anything could go wrong, Y/n. Are you sure you want to do this?”
“We talked about this,” you complained, shooting Lydia a look. “We both agreed we’d do whatever it takes.”
“If ‘whatever it takes’ means losing you too, then the deal is off,” she informed you, a slight edge to her voice.
“I have to do this,” you told Lydia forcefully, looking up at her with desperate eyes. “I have to bring Allison back. Scott doesn’t know anything about this, right? And Stiles either?”
Lydia shook her head, biting the inside of her cheek. “No one besides us. Against my better judgement, I might add. The only one who might even remotely suspect us is Deaton, but only because we asked him about it last month.”
“Then there’s no one to stop us,” you told her.
Lydia nodded, swallowing nervously and placing her hands on the steering wheel. “No there’s not. And it better be worth it.”

You tossed your shovel up above you, pulling yourself out of the grave and standing over the huge open pit. You dusted dirt off your hands, but it was under your nails and in the creases of yours palms, and you knew it would take forever to wash off.
With a huff, Lydia climbed up next to you, looking down at the wooden coffin and swallowing thickly. “You know, digging up my best friend’s grave in the dead of night is not how I imagined spending my Friday evening.”
“This isn’t exactly a blast for me either,” you told her, watching her try to pick dirt from under her bubblegum pink fingernails.
Lydia dusted dirt off her skirt, looking down at the open pit. She remembered the last time she had seen the coffin, when it was being lowered into the ground while you sobbed in her arms. She shook off the memory, peering around the darkened cemetery.
There were no lights out here except the flashlights you carried, and they had long been forgotten on the ground so you could dig up Allison’s grave. Lydia reached down and picked one up, shining it around and looking at the darkened gravestones.
“I’m surprised we haven’t been caught yet,” she remarked as you flipped through the spell book.
“We won’t,” you promised. “After Isaac’s dad died, the town took this place over. No one’s going to be out here.”
She shifted where she stood, her boots sliding over the damp grass as she looked down at the open book in your hands. “Is that it?”
You nodded. “Yep.”
“You don’t have to do this,” she told you, trying one last time to get you to reconsider. “It’s not too late.”
“We already dug up a whole grave,” you reminded her. “I’m pretty sure it is too late.”
Lydia huffed. “Fine. Then we better do this quick before Scott or one of the others finds out.”
“Alright,” you told her, taking a deep breath. “Get ready to scream.”
You gripped the book firmly in your hands, your nails digging into the leather as you began to read aloud. “Memini arripere sis usus cui vita concederetur ab adipe stringeretur. Venire per mortalem ostium surge et ambula accipite iterum.”
A strange sensation ripped through you, and the energy in the air began to change. This was the most powerful spell you had ever done, and you could feel it. Lydia could feel it too, and as you spoke the Latin, she felt a scream being torn from her chest.
She opened her mouth, letting out an ear-shattering wail in the dead silence of the graveyard. You fell to your knees in the damp grass, dropping the book in pain and pressing your hands over you ears.
It felt like forever before she finally stopped, but when she did the strange wave of power you had felt was gone, and now you were on your knees in the silence of the graveyard. You looked up at Lydia, who was staring at you in confusion.
“Did it work?” you asked, scrambling up on weak legs and looking at Allison’s coffin.
“I-I don’t know,” Lydia admitted. “I thought it would but…I guess not.”
You looked down at Allison’s desecrated grave, feeling a dizzying wave of grief wash through you. You knew it had something to do with how much power you had used, but also with the chance of being so close to getting your sister back and failing.
“This isn’t fair,” you whispered. “It was supposed to work. It had to have worked.”
“But it didn’t, Y/n,” Lydia told you gently, placing a hand on your shoulder. “Come on. We need to put all of this back before-”
Suddenly a loud thump! sounded from under you, and you and Lydia both jumped. You shared a look, your eyes meeting her wide green ones before you quickly looked down at the coffin. Another thump! hit your ears, and before you could move a muscle, the lid was being thrown open.
Allison sat up with a gasp, scrambling out of the wooden box she had spent so long in. Her long legs were bare under her dress, and she was shivering in the cold of the night.
“Allison?” you gasped, looking down at her pale face.
Lydia knelt down, scrambling for the flashlight she had dropped when she had screamed. She picked it up with trembling fingers, shining it down on the dark-haired girl who was blinking up at her in confusion.
“Y/n? Lydia?” Allison asked, blinking in the light being shined in her eyes. “What happened?”
She pulled herself out of the grave, kicking off the heels that had been placed on her feet. She walked towards you slowly, her eyes narrowing in confusion when she saw you and Lydia flinch slightly. She looked back at the grave behind her, and only then did she realize what was going on.
“I died, didn’t I?”
You nodded slowly, still stunned that the spell had actually worked.
“God,” Allison breathed, looking from you to Lydia. “I-I feel like I missed you. I didn’t know I did, but I missed you.”
You nodded feeling tears welling up in your eyes at the fact that your sister was right here in front of you. After she had pushed you out of the way of the Oni’s blade at Oak creek and died, you had felt like it was your fault. She had died to save you, and you had had the dream of her coming back a million times. It was always so vivid, and you were always so happy that you were convinced it was real until you woke up to the harsh bitter reality that Allison wasn’t back.
That’s what it felt like at that moment, when you saw your sister standing in front of you. But when she stepped forward, bringing you into her arms and nearly crushing you in a hug, you knew that this time she was real.
You pulled away, feeling tears streaming down your face as you looked at Allison’s face once more. But as you tried to study her features, you realized that black spots were filling your vision.
“Y/n?” Allison asked. “Y/n, you’re bleeding!”
Lydia studied you carefully, feeling a chill run through her when she noticed blood streaming from your nose. She was still shocked that Allison was actually there in front of you both, but you were her number one concern.
“It’s the spell,” she told Allison. “It must have-”
“Lydia!” a voice called out in the night. “Y/n! Where are you?”
“Scott,” Lydia stated, looking over at Allison.
“Y/n! Lydia!”
“And Liam,” you breathed, looking around and trying to focus on something, but you found that you couldn’t.
“Y/n,” Allison warned. “What’s happening?”
You didn’t answer her, but instead you stumbled back, trying to keep yourself up. You didn’t manage for long, and soon you were spilling to the ground with Allison just barely catching you in her arms.
“Y/n!” she cried, looking down at you in fear. “Lydia, what’s happening to her?”
“I-I don’t know!” the banshee cried. “We didn’t know what the spell would do to her!”
“And you let her do it?!” Allison demanded. “Y/n, just-just stay awake okay? Don’t close your eyes!”
You wanted to listen to her, you really did, but as you looked up at her distraught face, your found yourself growing weaker and weaker. Your eyelids began to flutter, and despite Allison and Lydia’s begging and pleading, you slipped into unconsciousness.

Liam said in the waiting room at the vet clinic, his knee bouncing nervously as he waited for Deaton, Allison and Scott to come out of the exam room. It had only been hours ago that you had curled up in his arms and fallen asleep, or at least he had thought so. Little did he know that you were only pretending, and you had drugged him so that you could sneak out and raise your older sister from the dead.
According to Lydia, the plan was supposed to go off without a hitch, but when he had gotten there with Scott and Stiles in tow, you were lying unconscious in Allison’s arms with blood dripping from your nose. You had been cold and pale, and Liam had been helpless to do anything as Scott scooped you up and sped to the vet clinic.
He ran a hand through his hair, cursing himself for being stupid enough to let you trick him. He should have been there to stop you, and now you could potentially die because he hadn’t.
The door the exam room swung open, and Liam jumped out of his chair, the metal leg grating across the linoleum floor. Allison gave him an odd look as he sprung out of his chair, raising her eyebrows at the younger boy.
“How is she?” Liam asked nervously.
“Her fever went down and she should be awake in a few minutes,” Allison informed him. “She’s going to be fine. We’re just lucky Deaton is back from Russia by now or she might not be.”
Allison walked over to the line of chairs, plopping down and running a hand through her tangled hair. While she had come back fully human and with everything in its proper place, she couldn’t say the same for state of her appearance. Judging from Liam’s skittish demeanor and the fact that he was now sitting two chairs away from her, she could tell she made him nervous, and her rugged appearance did nothing to help.
“So you’re dating my sister?” Allison asked, eyeing Liam up and down.
He nodded, swallowing nervously as Allison looked him over. The older girl did scare him, and not just because she had just risen from the dead. He had heard stories of how good of a fighter Allison was, and he had no doubt she could kick his ass.
“Scott tells me you have some pretty bad anger issues,” Allison continued. “But I’m sure you’d never hurt my sister.”
“N-no!” Liam cried. “No way! She’d probably kill me if I tried…not that I would ever hurt her!”
Allison suppressed a laugh, understanding why you liked Liam. But freshly risen or not, she knew she was going to have to play tough sister now. “Good, because I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m pretty good with a bow and arrow.”
Liam nodded. “Yeah.”
“Then you should know that if you ever hurt Y/n, physically or emotionally, no matter where you go, I’ll still be able to find you. And if you run, just know that I can hit a moving target pretty well.”
Liam nodded, his head frantically bobbing as he looked at Allison in fear. Just then, the door to the exam room opened again, and Scott popped his head out. “She’s awake guys. Is…is everything okay?”
“Yep,” Allison told him with a smile, and Liam nodded vigorously.
“…okay then,” Scott told them, giving Liam a weird look. “You can come back and see her then. Deaton is going to head out, but we can let ourselves out.”
Liam nearly burst out of his chair, heading for the back room of the clinic and ducking around Scott. Scott looked over to Allison once had had disappeared. “What was that all about?”
Allison laughed, light and sweet, and it was music to Scott’s ears. “I think I scared him.”

“Y/n!” Liam exclaimed as he saw you sitting up on the exam table, a cup of water in your hand.
“Hey,” you told him, flashing him a guilty smile.
He looked you over, taking in every detail from your mussed up hair and the circles under your eyes to your muddy jeans and boots. “You’re okay?”
“I still have a little bit of a fever,” you told him. “But I’ll be fine.”
“Good. Because you scared the hell out of me!” he exclaimed, his blue eyes angry and hurt.
“I…” you started, having no idea what to say. “Yeah.”
“You had no idea what that spell could have done to you,” he lectured you. “It could have killed you! You could have died!”
You closed your eyes, rubbing your hands on your temples to try and ease your oncoming headache. “I know.”
“And you lied to me!”
“I know.”
“A-and god, I thought I was going to lose you,” he whispered, his voice softening. “I heard Lydia scream and I thought you were dead.”
You looked up into Liam’s blue eyes, having not realized how much this had affected him. “I…I’m sorry. I thought I’d be okay. I just…I needed my sister back.”
“I get it,” Liam told you, now more calm that he was before. “But, uh, next time you want to raise anyone from the dead, can you please let me know first?”
You laughed softly. “I’ll think about it.”
You yawned suddenly, rubbing your eyes in the dim light of the clinic. Liam hopped up on the table next to you, patting his shoulder and pulling you against him. “You can sleep if you want. For real this time.”
“Sorry about that,” you murmured into his shoulder.
“It’s okay,” he told you, running a hand down your hair. “You’re okay and that’s all that matters.”
You smiled, leaning against him and closing your eyes. He wrapped his arms around you, listening to the slow thump of your heartbeat as you drifted off in his arms. You were sound asleep and you stayed that way, even when Liam scooped you into his arms and carried you out beside Allison and Scott. That night, you slept the best you had in months, and you didn’t wake up once.

The Third Stage of Life - Roberto Button

Roberto learns that not all secrets are bad ones, especially if they’re for the sake of his birthday.

Roberto Button/Reader

Rating: G

For @risamichan who requested Roberto after drawing a lovely picture for me. :)

I highly recommend listening to Barbara Streisand’s version of “Moon River” while reading this.

Fic Below the Cut:

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anonymous asked:

Drabble request: klaus tries to win Caroline over in his wolf form. When he is in his wolf form it can't help but go to Caroline and court her and try to win her over. At first Caroline is annoyed but then she gives in and fluff! You are such a great writer so I'm so happy you are doing these!!!

So I don’t think I actually know how to do fluffy. But here you go! Also this is set at the end of S4 and veers in its own direction.

When Klaus and his family had returned from New Orleans because whatever had drawn them there had turned out to be another lie fabricated by one Miss Katherine Pierce—which really, newsflash, pretty much everything out of that woman’s mouth was a lie, how did they not figure that one out sooner—Caroline had expected some kind of an uproar or some catastrophe to strike. Yes, Klaus had come and rescued the lot of them at graduation but he wasn’t exactly well liked by anyone…except with compulsion. Hell, Carol Lockwood had been one of the few who did like him at one point and he’d killed her.

Except everything had been pretty great since their return. No killings. No craziness. Matt was still off with Rebekah on their whirlwind tour. Damon and Elena were still making googoo eyes at one another. Jeremy was back from the dead. Bonnie was off with her mom for the summer. And Caroline was busy planning out every tiny aspect of college life. It was great.

She’d seen Klaus a time or two or at least she thought she had but even with that promise of being her last love—which who just went around saying those kind of things?!—he’d been good about not hounding her. Of course Tyler hadn’t returned either and Caroline was seriously beginning to doubt that he ever would but whatever, she wasn’t letting that ruin her summer.

And then the dead animals in the yard had started.

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A Fairy’s Night

Gajevy Week Day 1: Blanket

Summary: Gajeel should be hot-blooded more often, the ride home sure offers wonders.

“You stole a magic motorcycle; you forgot you had motion sickness; you let the Self-Energy plug suck more than half of your energy out; you got me involved in a high-speed chase across the forest for a bunch of fairly strong dark guild mages; you managed to let them fire 21 bullets in said motorcycle; yes, I legitimately earned the right to hit you in the crotch with the ripped-off brake.”

Levy Mcgarden and Gajeel Redfox had settled on a big rock in the middle of a large meadow. A light breeze ran through his disheveled hair, and her sparkling, spiky blue hair reflected the light of sunset in the horizon.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Gajeel sighed, fixing his headband, “you completely overreacted.”

“And you overdid it,” Levy snapped back, “they had only stolen one of your bagels while you weren’t looking.” She ran a hand through her hair, closed her eyes shut and slowly shook her head in disbelief. “What makes this whole chase legitimate,” she sighed, “is that they actually were from dark guilds, so you could say that you’ve only done your civic duty.”

Exactly what I was thinking,” Gajeel giggled, “accomplishing my civic duty as a respectable fellow citizen of Magnolia.”

“Right,” she answered curtly.

She glanced at Gajeel’s roughed up body; his trousers had cuts at some places, so had his shirt and his arms. He had protected Levy more than once during this ordeal even though she could have defended herself just fine. She bit her lip then, both in frustration and silent gratitude. She wished he had let her fight with him, no matter how strong they were, but she was also proud and thankful to be given this amount of love, a love so strong that would make him fight anyone and anything that could be a threat to her.

“Can’t change what’s already been done,” he sighed, snapping her out of her thoughts, “gotta go home now, sunset’s nice and all but we ain’t gonna stay here all night.”

Levy looked him up and down and raised an eyebrow. “Have you seen yourself?” she asked, pursing her lips. “It’s not a good idea for you to walk all the way home in the state you’re in right now,” she advised, even though it sounded more like a passive-aggressive order.

“I ca- Ouch!”

A flick of her finger in his sore arm reminded him that his body was severely aching, and that even fuelled by pride, he wouldn’t be able to walk all the way home before midnight. He massaged his arm and tried to glare at her, in vain; all of his negative energy were put to death by her angelic and cheerful smile, almost blinding him because of the sunlight glowing on one side of her face.

“Don’t worry,” she beamed, “I’ve got a new trick up my sleeve.”

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anonymous asked:

Did Vanity Fair ever report or mention babygate? I found their stance on Larry very interesting even before I became Larrie, because Vanity Fair doesn't need to clickbait or mock Larries, which is the main argument antis have for any Larry mention on the media.

Yes, and they seem to be very consistent. (only the first one is not BG related, the rest were all written after the news broke)

Vanity Fair -  Finally, Zayn Malik Breaks His Silence About Leaving One Direction -  MARCH 27, 2015 11:26 AM

We must seek comfort in the fact that the other four lads remain. Seek warmth in the knowledge that Harry is probably comforting Louis right now, in the way only a lover can comfort. Because, while Zayn may have been living a painful lie these past five years, we know one thing is absolutely true: Larry Stylinson is real. Despite everything, I still believe in Larry Stylinson.

Vanity Fair -  One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Is Going to Be a Father -  JULY 14, 2015 6:07 PM

Of course, the biggest question this whole insanity raises is this: What of Larry Stylinson? If you are not aware of Larry Stylinson, get thee to Tumblr or call up your teenage niece (or nephew—hey Tyler!) and educate yourself immediately. Larry Stylinson is the portmanteau of Louis Tomlinson’s and Harry Styles’s names—it’s their ‘ship name. Meaning, people like to theorize, fantasize, etc., that Louis and Harry are in a relationship: romantic, sexual, spiritual, etc. It’s a serious thing that many people take very seriously. (I may or may not be one of those people.) So now what are we to think? A baby? Interrupting our Larry Stylinson idyll? Does this mean Larry isn’t real? Does it mean it is real but has just hit a pretty major fucking snafu? What are we, the Larry community, to make of this?? This could spell disaster, of course, but I’m choosing to remain optimistic. I mean, imagine Louis and Harry raising the baby together!! Just imagine the pictures! And why not, two men raise babies together all the time these days. It’s the 90s! Sure, of course, the mother would also raise the kid, but Harry would help. And thus Larry would live on, forever. Or at least until God reaches down with Her feathery hand and calls Larry up to heaven, so they can sing to Her for eternity. Until then, they will be parents, together. Yes. That’s it. Larry will raise the baby. Two Sorta Men and a Baby. It’s perfect. This is perfect. This baby is great news after all.

Vanity Fair -  One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Publicly Acknowledges That He’s Going to Be a Dad -  AUGUST 4, 2015 10:34 AM

There will soon be a young human being to be concerned about. No longer can we carelessly speculate about love lives. Because that could hurt the child. Sure, sure, we could all say the easy things, like, “Briana will make a wonderful surrogate for Harry and Louis,” but we won’t, will we? Because that wouldn’t be right. We must think of the baby. We must help its life be as free from speculation and gossip as possible. So you won’t find any language here about what fine dads those two boys will make. Nothing about Harry handing out cigars in a hospital waiting room. Certainly nothing about about Louis being called “daddy” and Harry being call “papa.” Because that’s not fair. It just isn’t. I’m sorry.

So it’s an exciting time, yes. But, if we’re honest, it’s a bit of a sad one, too.

Vanity Fair -  What Does the Future Hold for One Direction? -  AUGUST 24, 2015 11:49 AM

Plus, Harry and Louis are probably going to be married soon, so wouldn’t they want to keep things together? We thought so. But we were wrong. So, it is a sad time.


So, Louis is paying it forward, I guess, and looking for steady work that will keep him in one place. Is that place Los Angeles? It’s unclear. But, y’know, Harry might be in Los Angeles. So. Or he might be in London. So. Look, without stating ‘shipping speculation as fact, let’s just say I’d be very surprised if Harry and Louis don’t end up in the same place, y’know?

Vanity Fair -  Harry Styles Got a New Tattoo on Television Last Night -  DECEMBER 4, 2015 10:30 AM

And so he did! Right there on the TV. Just rolled up his sleeve and let it happen, brave soul. That’s sort of an intense thing to do for the sake of CBS’s second-tier late-night show, but he did it. I guess it’ll be a good story? “Grampa Harry, how’d you get that tattoo?” “Oh, I went on a late-night television show.” “What’s that?” “A program that used to come on in the middle of the night, before everythin’ was on your hand-screens whenever you wanted to watch it. We played a game to see who had to get a tattoo, and I lost.” “Wasn’t Grampa Louis cross?” “He was, but he couldn’t say so on the telly just then, because most people didn’t know me and your grampa were in love back then.” “They didn’t??” “Well, some of the smart ones did, but there weren’t too many of them.” “That’s silly.” “It is, my darlings. It really is.

Vanity Fair -  Lindsay Lohan Says She Turned Down a Late-Night Advance from Harry Styles -  MARCH 10, 2016 11:53 AM

And look, we certainly don’t know for sure that this even happened. Maybe Lindsay dreamed it. Or maybe Harry was there for another reason. Maybe he said, “The front desk told me this was Louis’s room.” And Lindsay said, “No, I’m Lindsay.” And Harry frowned and said, “Oh. Well then where’s Louis?, before wandering off in search of his true companion that night.

That’s possible, isn’t it? A simple L-name confusion?

Vanity Fair -  Zayn Malik Wasn’t Supposed to Have a Beard When He Was in One Direction -  MARCH 21, 2016 4:05 PM

If they want to, that is. I’ve got a feeling that if you were to ask them, scruffy Liam would be into it, maybe Niall too. But Louis would probably turn to Harry with a grin and say something like, “Beards? No, not for us. We’re sick of beards, aren’t we, Harry?” And Harry would smile and say, “Yep. No more beards for us. We’re done with all that.” And that would be the end of that.

anonymous asked:

are you still taking those 10/rose prompts? if so, could you do an arranged marriage au where they're gonna get married??

Here you go, hope you like it :D

“There is no way in hell that I’m having an arranged marriage, Donna!” Lord John Smith, the youngest son of Lord Rassilon told his older sister Donna, for the umpteenth time that day.

Donna rolled her eyes. This was The Doctor Saga all over again, when he had run away from home and studied sciences in the university, instead of history and political science, as demanded by their father. “Ever the rebellious son. What are you gonna do?”

John thought for a moment. Maybe this woman was Lady Cassandra part two, an ambitious creature who wanted to use his title to gain social status. Or maybe she was just another poor soul being forced into marriage with a stranger, just like he was. He wanted to give her the benefit of doubt. “I’m going to meet her in person and tell her politely that I’m not going to marry her in a million years.”

Donna grinned. “Good luck with that, dumbo. Let me know how many teeth she knocks out.”

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AN: So I have some serious issues. This started as a Crack fic for my friend Emily and all of a sudden I had 15 pages written and there was no way I was editing all the chaos. So enjoy or not. It’s really long and I apologize. Why can’t I write short things?  P.S. Emily babe, just remember you asked for this craziness. ;)

This Moment…

Thea Queen…well Merlyn, had had a lot of crazy days in her life, finding out her brother was a leather clad vigilante and that her dad was a psychotic super-villian for example but never, never did she think that today would be even more chaotic than both of those days put together. But she knew it would be worth it when she finally had her brother married off to the woman of his dreams…literally. Felicity had told her what she wanted then let her plan the whole wedding. She had picked a old mansion just outside of Starling. It had a huge room that could accommodate the small mass of people she had invited and another room that would serve as the reception hall. Of course every room was filled with light, just as Felicity had specified.  

The morning was not going well so far. She had already had to send the caterers back because they had prepared the wrong meat and then the minister had called and said his plane had been delayed but that he would be there soon as he could. Who freaking flew when they were supposed to perform a wedding ceremony? She was debating whether to find a good wifi signal and take the three minute certification course when one of the workers caught her attention.

“NO! Those are supposed to be red roses, not white you imbecile,” she screeched at the man that was laying a vase of flowers on a table. She took a deep breath. Her patience was like a rubber band stretched too far, pull hard enough and eventually it was going to snap. “Red! Now! If you know what’s good for you.”

The man scurried off, looking terrified. She smiled smugly. Even dressed in a blue robe, her hair in curlers and slippers on her feet she could be persuasive and from the wild look in the mans eyes, scary. 

She turned, taking a final look at the room, smiling at the row of pictures lining the walls, her favorite being one she had taken of Oliver and Felicity just smiling at each other. They hadn’t even known she was there. so lost were they in their own world, filled with butterflies and rainbows and a lot of things she didn’t even want to think about them doing. Thea shuddered and watched as a woman started writing on a board that would go under the row of pictures asking people to use tag #QueenWedding when snapping pics of the soon to be married couple. Her smile turned upside down when she noticed what the worker had written on the board.

“Excuse me! Do you not know how to spell Felicity? It’s F-E-L-I-C-I-T-Y. Is it really so that hard? You have a phone, ever heard of Google you lazy piece of-”

“All right,” Laurel cut her off and put a arm around her shoulders, sending a apologetic look the woman’s way as she led them away. “Let’s get those rollers out of your hair.”

She sucked in a breath and balled her fist. “I’m so mad I could snap every one of those peoples necks right now.”

“Which you wont do, because this is Oliver and Felicity’s wedding and I’m pretty sure if you ruined it then Felicity would kill you herself and Oliver would help.” Laurel clapped her hands and smiled brightly.  “So take a deep breath and please for the love of all that is holy go get dressed.”

“But-” Thea started to protest, she had to supervise, otherwise the idiot workers would ruin the wedding before it even began and it had to be PERFECT! She would settle for nothing less.

“Nope, I’ll take care of it,” Laurel spoke over her as she steered her in the direction of the changing rooms. “You’re the Maid-Of-Honor so you should be with Felicity right now and making sure she has everything she needs, and that she’s calm. You can’t do that if you’re all wigged out yourself.”

“This is Felicity we’re talking about Laurel. She is always calm.”

“I know…then just be there for emotional support.” Thea shot her a look over her shoulder.

“Please, those two have been married and making moony eyes at each other for four years. This just makes it public and legal.”

Laurel rolled her eyes and knocked on the door swiftly. “Well at least you’ve calmed down,” she said while turning the knob and swinging the door open.

What Thea saw when the door opened fully made her mouth drop open. Felicity stood, clad in her lace wedding gown bouncing Sara on her hip as the toddler talked gibberish.

“Felicity! What in the hel-”

“So much for calm,” Laurel muttered.

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The Bunker UST - Chapter 2: Holding Back

Chapter 1 

“Oomf” Felicity landed on the mat, the air brutally squeezed out of her lungs. She had been serious when she had told Oliver that she wanted more training. Even though she’d never hit the streets in leather, she wanted to be confident in her abilities to defend herself. And having learned a few tricks was good, but she needed to keep on practicing or Dig’s hard work would have been for nothing.

“… did you… did you just trip? By yourself?” Oliver’s incredulous voice reached her.

Groaning, she rolled her eyes as she kneeled up “… it happens, OK? That mat is… it did it on purpose!”

Oliver quickly walked to her and she almost groaned again when she saw he was wearing her favorite suit - the dark grey one. He had been held back at the office a little bit longer than expected and knowing that there wasn’t much she could do without him in the streets anyway, she had decided to change into sportswear and hit the mats.

Or let the mats hit her, to be more accurate.

He held out a hand for her, helping her on her feet and he sat down on a bench, shaking his head.

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As of right now, applications are open. We want you to join the team and help with the running of this blog! This link will take you to a google form with a bunch of questions to fill out, and then you hit submit when you’re happy with what you’ve written. It really is that simple! 

However, before you do that, please read the following:

What does the role involve?

The admin ‘job’ is everything we do here at phanfic, it’s answering questions, finding fics, organising submissions, giving life advice… it really is a big role, and that’s the crux.

It is time consuming and can be stressful at times. Not all the asks we receive are friendly, and sometimes a job can be tedious (like fixing 100 links).

Please only apply if:

  • This is something you’re really, really passionate about. It’s gotta be something you really want
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  • You are VERY familiar with this blog and the way it works. If you’ve only been on tumblr a few months, please give this one a miss and apply next time. We need someone who gets the blog and gets the way this platform works.
  • You have a high level of english (CEF C+)

Under the cut is a more in depth guide. Please do read it, if you apply wrong that 100% means you wouldn’t be a good admin bc you probably can’t read english and unfortunately that is a requirement, sorry

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