(yeah i'm tagging the cat)

Sleepy septic boys after a long day of doing stuff.

And then Anti drew dicks on their faces and Jackieboyman almost kills him for that. How dare he ruin that cute moment.

grattis på födelsedagen sverige!

i’d like to think marinette has a few sketches of her own up on that wall of worship


Abbey had the closest guess on how long it would take Elei to come out of hiding when I was recording last week, so here’s a special video from Josephine (AND HER MESSY, HUMID-WEATHER, TERRIBLE ATTEMPT AT JOSIE BUN V 1.0) 😄 💙💛

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Inktober day 27

Lyndon wants to be like his owner and build a protessional pool.

fvfvxcvxcv requested a cat. I know you like nilesy a lot so I decided to draw you a Lyndon^^ Enjoy!

Also here is a bit of an explanation (kinda) about where inktober has gone.

Thanks for the request^^