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So you know how Lincoln was introduced in season 2, but then nothing really romantic happened with him and Daisy until season 3. Could that happen with Robbie in season 5?? Like boy portals on to the scene and bam! Quakerider?!

Random sketch based on @mactheactor’s post here. Thank you, kind sir, for putting the idea of Wolverine!Dust in my head.

In all seriousness, congrats to all Dust: An Elysian Tail alumni for all they have achieved recently. You guys are amazing.

u best believe i still jam hard to patrick stump’s solo album esp. my top 3 bops allie, everybody wants somebody & run dry (x heart x fingers) thank u this has been a psa

okay so me and @x-heart-x-fingers would play writing games a lot, and this was just one of them lol

basically, one would give a photo to the other person, and that person had to base a prompt around it.



THE PROMPT:  "we were strolling around in the park and found this turtle and u thought it was cute but when u turned around I did this and when u saw the turtle, u looked at me with the most disappointed face ever" au


THE PROMPT:  "ok i’m prolly high off my ass rn but u’re an alien and u said that u never really talked to humans bc u thought u looked desperate and weird,, it’s ok buddy,, there there"


THE PROMPT:  "i was just trying to get some burgers,, but hell i wanna be an aveng—! wait u only put avenger there so u can attract people to work for u as a delivery guy and now i’m stuck with this job i don’t want u son of a b i t c h the avengers wouldn’t do this to me"

bonus:  "u tease me constantly for being a nerd bitch i thought i was gonna be an avenger what do you expect"


THE PROMPT:  "look,, i love u w/ all my heart but at the same time i feel no sorrow for what i left at ur doorstep :)))“

 bonus: "I left the same white balloon at ur doorstep but instead w/ "aren’t u already eating enough dicks for the two of us u gay fuck”  


THE PROMPT:  "u’re a huge fan of spiderman and u say u like doing fanart for him, i said ‘oh really? are you good at art?’ and you nodded and showed me your latest piece and u show,, me,, this,, u got so excited and was like 'do u like it?!!’ and u’re way too adorable to say 'honey ur art is terrible’ to and how do i explain this to u,,“



THE PROMPT:  "we are going to a FORMAL BUSINESS event ok [a] put away the emo and[b] wear something other than a hot pink shirt i am the glue that keeps this mess together help”


THE PROMPT: “that thing was for my younger sibling are u asking to be set on fire”

(alt. my prompt for the picture:  "i bought a fidget spinner and i left it right there but when i came to open it it was gone I live alone and i may be small but i am ready to f i g h t")


THE PROMPT:  "we’ve been dating for three [3] months and i just introduced u to my dog and asked u to dogsit them while i visit my grandma and two days after i leave u send me this picture now nanna is laughing and wants to meet u good job"


THE PROMPT: “you bought me a dog but now ur complaining bc im turning her into a meme to which i respond witch 'eat shit’”

(alt.  "i’m sorry but ur dog looks like a walking angry brown piece of fluff and i don’t regret taking this picture, but ur dog responded with this"

do you have bpd & need some relatable music to listen to? here you go

i. turn off the lights // panic! at the disco ii. migraine // twenty one pilots iii. please don’t leave me // p!nk iv. pavlove // fall out boy v. crawling // linkin park vi. be nice to me // the front bottoms vii. titanium // david guetta ft. sia viii. hum hallelujah // fall out boy ix. far too young to die  // panic! at the disco x. zero zero // gerard way xi. habits // tove lo (cover) xii. youth // daughter xii. jesus christ // brand new xiv. basket case // green day xv. disturbia // rihanna xvi. run dry ( x heart x fingers ) // patrick stump 

listen                      (also please don’t reblog this if you don’t have bpd.)