(wow this is so misleading out of context)

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Not gonna lie, up until recently I thought Harry was a smug little douchepants. Mostly because all of the pictures I ever saw were either of him frowning or bitchface-ing. THEN sott came about and I'm like ''wow ok he's got some serious emotions in that voice of his, should I....'' then I fell down the rabbit hole. Now I don't ever wanna leave this Wonderland.

awww hellooooo sweet anon pie 💖🌸💓🌸💗 omg!!!!! I’m so happy that you gave this song a chance even if you had your doubts about Harry and that you discovered this wonderland! Honestly, it’s easy to judge Harry negatively based on misleading articles, quotes taken out of context, some pictures where he doesn’t smile and dimple, but if you look a bit under the surface (you as in general you!), if you actually listen to his interviews and the things he says, if you pay attention to the songs he writes and how much heart and soul he pours into the lyrics, if you hear fan stories and look at more than just a few pictures, you’ll find that he’s actually a beautiful and gentle and kind person, with the biggest heart and just a magnetic quality about him that draws you to him. I’m really so incredibly happy that Sign of the times changed the opinion you had of him and I hope you have a lovely time in the fandom 💖💖💖💖 All the love 😘😊🌺🌟