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👀👀👀 any body got that video of the celly kiss??

Okay so at first I was going to say no because I’ve been searching for Q highlights from specific games and it’s hard. (Was I looking for that 10-11 Mooseheads vs Titan game this season? No……)

But then I did some more digging around and I did find videos for that game (considering how it was the President’s Cup clinching game). Jo’s goal was a beautiful rebound from Nate’s rush. But two things: 1) the video quality of Q games is like horrible they’re filmed with a potato I swear and 2) the angle is really bad and they don’t show the kiss. It’s worth watching imo though because this Mooseheads team was just so good and junior boys cellying is like 1000x more puppyish and excitable than NHL cellying.

(I hate those cowbells btw every time I watch a Moose home game I’m like…why. Why are you going to torture me like this.)


pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

The way you said “I love you.“

Some fluffy, some angsty prompts

  1. As a hello
  2. With a hoarse voice, under the blankets
  3. A scream
  4. Over a cup of tea
  5. Over a beer bottle
  6. On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the late sunlight glowing in your hair
  7. As a thank you
  8. As an apology
  9. When baking chocolate chip cookies
  10. Not said to me
  11. With a shuddering gasp
  12. When we lay together on the fresh spring grass
  13. In a letter
  14. A whisper in the ear
  15. Loud, so everyone can hear
  16. Over and over again, till it’s nothing but a senseless babble
  17. When the broken grass litters the floor
  18. From very far away
  19. With no space left between us
  20. As we huddle together, the storm raging outside
  21. Over your shoulder
  22. Muffled, from the other side of the door
  23. Through a song
  24. Without really meaning it
  25. In a blissful sigh as you fall asleep
  26. Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave
  27. A taunt, with one eyebrow raised and a grin bubbling at your lips
  28. When I am dead
  29. Slowly, the words dripping from your tongue like honey
  30. Too quick, mumbled into your scarf
  31. In awe, the first time you realised it
  32. In a way I can’t return
  33. On a post-it note
  34. Before we jump
  35. As a goodbye


A while ago people asked if I’d maybe make a drawing about Death mistaking Fatal for Geno because I like the AfterDeath ship so here we are :)

The mug slap frame is gonna be my Christmas card next year I swear

A big thanks to all the lovely folks who provided me with fun and dirty pickup lines for this, but an especially big thanks to @a3s0p, @winglessmoonstone, @daydreamingtomatos, and @ignatttt, since I used a mix of theirs :D

Reaper!Sans belongs to @renrink, Geno!Sans and CPAU belong to @loverofpiggies, and Goth belongs to @nekophy!

EDIT: I got so jazzed about posting this I forgot to include Geno’s cut mark and mouth lines! Thanks @lucky-leafeon for pointing it out to me :3 It’s been updated!

Ford Safety Week Day 7: Ford and his whole family <3

Headcanon: Ford is QUITE STRONG after 30 years surviving in other dimensions! Usually he keeps it on the down-low because he wants to let Stan still be “the strong twin,” but when it comes to being overjoyed about his family, sometimes an extreme, lift-4-people-off-the-ground-at-once group hug is required :)

Fiddleford is here because family doesn’t only mean blood relatives, and I think these are the 4 people he cares about the most <3

It’s literally 5:30 in the morning what is wrong with me .;T

Finished product on what I was working on the stream! 

AU Where Ladybug and Chat Noir goes on a “date” and they don’t want to expose their secret identities, but they took the risk anyway. They were wearing their sunglasses the entire time. 

I’m pretty sure this AU has been done before, because the original sketch of this was from July of last year! When I found it again I did a resketch of it, and then decided I can do better, and here it is! Who knows, maybe I’ll do a comic for this AU

Bonus Comic

Original+first Resketch under the cut c:

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Beautiful things in episode seven that people forgot the moment they kissed

-Viktor collapsing on him and falling asleep
-Yuuri wiggling his butt while leaning against the wall
-Leo’s confidence in himself, even after getting a low score
-Guanghong’s theme??? Is so good????
-Also Leo appeared in Guanghong’s story
-Speaking of Chris he did it again
-Perfect son Phichit is an actual disney prince
-“I don’t know how to make you stop crying should I just kiss you???? Idk”
-The intensity with which Viktor ran to him
-Plisetsky’s poor fork
-Yuuri can’t pronounce Russian and neither can I
-“With love from Russia~~ ;)”


What are details–
My eyes hurt. 

Not only did everything take forever ( no exceptions this time around sadly) , but maaan the line art definitely killed me.

I’m also in emotional shambles too so there’s that!
So uh anyone wanna send me some pick me ups??? That’d be appreciated. 

But yes, otherwise, have a very pretty Papyrus based on this dress .
I decided to turn it into a wedding dress because I really like lace and veils uwu 

Yuuri and Grief/Loss as it Applies to his Career (and Victor)

Following my Victor and Grief post, here is a look at Yuuri’s perspective to his feelings of grief and loss surrounding his own career. Unlike Victor whose perspective we didn’t get until later episodes, Yuuri’s has been laid bare for us since episode 1. We’ve gotten the chance to hear his thoughts in specific moments and watch his evolution throughout the course of the show.

So one thing that I think will come as a surprise to absolutely no one is that he has been grieving over the loss of his career since episode 1. And added to that is that he accepted this loss by the time episode 12’s hotel scene rolled around.

Let’s take a moment to quickly review what kinds of loss Yuuri has been working through.

In the interest of not repeating a huge chunk of text that I already described at the beginning of my Victor post, I’m going to point you to it here and only describe the portions here that apply to Yuuri.

The type of loss that Yuuri works through during the show would fall under the category of Anticipatory Loss. In short, this is the anticipation of loss, regardless of whether the loss will actually come to pass or not. Victor says “I’ll get you gold at the GPF” but never actually states during the entire show that his coaching and time with Yuuri will end there. That interpretation of his words is entirely on Yuuri’s end. Yuuri then spends a lot of time convincing himself that he is going to lose Victor when there’s been no confirmation on whether that will actually happen or not.

The impact of Yuuri’s loss very clearly falls under the category of Compound Loss. It’s easy enough to see that through losing his career he feels like he is going to lose a lot more (the future tense and focus on how he feels about it are important as his loss is about something he feels he is going to lose in the future). He would be losing his role, identity, direction, and more. But most importantly he’d be losing his relationships, both with his friends/fellow skaters (Phichit for example) as well as with Victor, both before he knew him (he’d lose his chance to ever get to know him in any capacity) and after (he’d lose the relationship he had grown with him as a person and not just a skater).

As you can see, none of that really comes as a surprise because Yuuri himself has basically told us as much. So let’s get into the 5 stages and see where they play in.

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Okay, so I know that I’ve done my fair share of ranting on Yuri on Ice’s ep 12 in the past, but now that we have more info thanks to the spoon.2di interview translated by the great and amazing @toraonice, I think it’s my turn to defend ep 12, Kubo, Yamamoto and MAPPA a little.

First of all, let me list a few quotes, before explaining how they’re relevant and how some of us should really be more understanding of the people behind the show.

“We already had a hard time making all the main story fit in the last episode

“I had to slightly adjust some of the plans we originally had”

“The storyboard for the last episode ended up being the longest one, and as if it’s not complex enough that the performances of the FS last longer than the SP, we also wanted to show all characters, so I really thought that 20 minutes for 1 episode is just too short!”

“we had prepared the song and choreography for Yurio’s exhibition program too, but sadly enough it couldn’t fit in the episode

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? And I’m not saying that the creators decided to change the ending after they noticed that the anime was popular, but rather that they couldn’t give us the ending they originally planned because twenty minutes was not enough to present the finale they initially thought of.

Allow me to put this into an example: Have you ever gone over the word limit in an essay and had to cut it down to make it fit? I’ve done that a lot and getting rid of content is difficult because everything is important. In those cases, you often end up deleting the ‘less important’ stuff and hoping that your message comes across regardless. And I mean, in YOI, the message did come across.

The issue (that quite a few people seem to agree on) was that it was underdeveloped. My personal issue was that there wasn’t quite enough proof that Victor really wanted to return to competitive skating, that basically all of that wasn’t sufficiently foreshadowed. I think the foreshadowing was one of the many ‘less important’ things that Kubo had to get rid of when writing episode 12, simply because of lack of time. It wasn’t absolutely crucial to understanding the message so it was cut, because there was just no time for it.

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