I can’t.. I can’t… MAN!! That was soooo good! 

I feel sorry for all those who got caught up in ship bs and because of it wasn’t able to fully enjoy this amazing episode. Eliza was right. Best finale ever! 

We’ll review in reverse. 

That Prison Drop Ship could be Bellamy and crew, but yea you know they’re likely the new baddies for season 5, still that doesn’t mean that it’s not the good guys coming down on that ship, maybe they took it from them? We’ll see.

Clarke’s adopted daughter. Clearly a night blood like Clarke only a real one unlike Clarke so that mean she’ll be the next commander.  Assuming she’s not part of Clarke’s imagination. Which she can be. 

You with me Raven? Always. Echo gots some serious competition. 

The people in the Bunker are buried alive under polis rubble. HAHAHA! Sorry, but it’s kind of funny. When Clarke said we do you think she meant her and that girl or possibly others?

Oh and damn Earth is fuuuucked up, still after 6 years. 6!!

Did anyone else hold their breath?! I couldn’t breathe during that whole scene! that was so intense! and way to go Clarke!! FUCK! This episode was so good!

Clarke ran all the way to the tower and than ran up the tower wrestled the dish and than run down the tower and back to rocket lab. That was intense. 

Murphy and Monty who knew they be the pairing we always wanted?

On the canon ships that went up and down. Do you think they’ll remain together come next season? A LOT can happen over six years. 

Echo was seriously going to kill herself and for a second there my little Becho heart was screaming nooo! But Bellamy came and talked her down. Them two are so going to have a baby up in space. (Echo doesn’t have the birth control chip)

Lexa’s crown… O.. GET THAT SHIT OFF YOUR HEAD YOU DIRTY SKANK! Anyways did’t Indra just say.. the age of commanders is over. Okay so why did you give O the commander symbol?  Also again WHY IS OCTAVIA THE LEADER? Come on. dumb. 

Bellamy and Octavia radio talk was cute doe. 

Poor Clarke robbed of the chance to say her final good byes to her mother it was nice of Bellamy to give her a hug. 

GREAT EPISODE! Brilliant set up for next season! I hope to hell that s5 comes sooner than later. Don’t make us wait a year… again!

Speaking of s5. I totally think it’ll be a season filled with a lot of flash back stories. Where did that prison ship come from? Where, how, when did Clarke find that girl and possibly others? And what is life like trapped underground?

Season 5 literally can’t come sooner. 

Something More Powerful;

- A playlist for Hurley and Sloane from The Adventure Zone. For @tazladyweek Day 5, (because they’re pretty angsty lbr).


Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna // Hit & Run - Hayley Kiyoko // Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue // Funky at Heart - Studio Killers // Delilah - Florence + the Machine // All We Know - The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan // One Bad Night - Hayley Kiyoko // You’re On - Madeon ft. Kyan // Loose Lips - Kimya Dawson // Fake It - Bastille // I Love You - Woodkid // Strange - LP // Haunted - Radical Face // February Air (Acoustic) - Lights // Somewhere Only We Know - Lily Allen

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How we rolled up the carpet so we could dance
A collaboration for @capreversebb Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017​

Art by SulaSafeRoom (Ao3)
Fic by rohkeutta (Ao3)

Artwork rating: G
Fic rating: Explicit
Word count: 7.8K
Relationship: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, explicit smut

Steve’s already showered and changed into sweats and a tank top, his hair still sticking up in cowlicks. When Bucky drags himself to the couch, still in his uniform with soot on his face, Steve takes one look at him in the soft glow of the living room lamp and opens his arms.

 Bucky drops the shield on the floor and crawls over Steve’s legs to collapse on top of him, tucks his face under Steve’s chin and exhales. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

Read in Ao3

“Art is eas—–”

Narrator: This is an artist in their natural state. Struggling,dying in the instead, hungry, tired, and mostly dying. They always have that nagging feeling that something is wrong but there’s not, until of course they post it in the internet for the whole world to see their mistake. 

Very fragile creatures I must say, please treat them with an extra dose of love and respect.

This picture actually meant to be for the 15th anniversary…but I couldn’t finish it in time….then 686 happened and I was like screw this. Months later I saw it just sat there in the folder and be like “Eh…whatever, this is for SS arc anyway…”


You all using “Short-Stack” for Summer and “Petal” for Ruby make my day. Seriously, I never thought my headcannon for Qrow’s nicknames for those two would spread the way it has!

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Well gang, it’s only 34 minutes past the deadline, and my English Lit coursework is finally—finally—finished. I think I might have got a little attitude-y towards the end, used the term ‘trauma porn’, and referenced pop-up sex ads, but then again I’ve quoted @dukeofbookingham on the ‘critical circle-jerk’ surrounding Hamlet in an essay for this teacher before, so I reckon it should be alright…