(why am i so picky. oh my god)

I feel like this tweet can be used as fairly good evidence that Bitty’s personal favorite kind of pie is cherry.

He’s just listed as “the baker” in the favorite pies extra, so I wanted to find something that said his favorite and I feel like what he’d want buried with him is a pretty clear indicator of favoritism.

But now I like, want to know why cherry is his favorite. Personally, I disliked cherries as a kid. To be fair I was extremely picky in general but I really didn’t like the cherries we got from the store. Then one summer a cherry tree in my uncle’s yard finally bore fruit and oh my god y’all picking cherries off that tree and eating them immediately was a religious experience (same goes for the golden raspberries my grandma grew, so good).

I am a staunch believer in the fact that cherries should not be anywhere close to straight red. Maraschino cherries are an abomination. Really good, ripe cherries are going to be somewhere between a dark burgundy and a dark purple. I am 100% convinced Bitty shares this view. Maybe he had a cherry tree in his yard, or an aunt’s hard, or a neighbor’s yard, but the point is he grew up using these absolutely fresh-as-can-be cherries in his pies and they became his favorite because he loved picking the fruit himself and being able to pick them when they were at absolute perfect ripeness.

Now, he only makes cherry pie when he can get cherries from a farmer’s market, because getting them at the store just isn’t the same and a farmer’s market is as close as he can get now that he lives so far from his own tree. When he does make a cherry pie it’s real special, and they’re still his favorite.

Also imagine baby!Bitty standing on a ladder while Coach holds it steady, filling a basket with cherries so he can help his mama make a pie.