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Late Late Shit Show

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Hi! This is just a fun little one shot I recently thought of. I am by no means an amazing writer but I wanted to share this story line anyways. I hope you enjoy reading this one shot. xx


Late Late Shit Show

You had recently started promoting a brand new movie you were starring in. As a new actress, everyone wanted to get to know you. They wanted to know anything and everything. You didn’t mind, you always liked the attention. You had already been interviewed by Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, E! News, and various others. But you were most excited to appear on the Late Late Show with James Corden. You always found his show to be the most entertaining and relatable.


The stage lights were particularly bright which made you sweat. James had already asked you the basic questions about your movie but this next segment was a surprise. James loved getting celebrities genuine reactions so this next bit was not rehearsed, not scripted, and you had no earthly idea what was about to happen.

“Alright, Y/N, I heard you were single.” James said with a smirk. You laughed, “unfortunately I am”. The crowd let out an audible “awww”. “No worries! That’s actually why I created the next segment. It’s called Live Tinder!” The crowd cheered. All you managed to say was, “Oh God!” James laughed. “We typically make members of my staff play but since you’re so single we decided to let you give it a try. If you like the guy, he gets to sit in the chairs on the right. If you choose to swipe left, he will have to fall into the ball pit.” You were nervous. Your friends always made fun of how picky you were with guys. You had standards and you were not willing to settle for any guy who wasn’t going to move mountains for you.

“Okay, here’s the first contender!” The first guy stepped up on the stage and into the tinder picture frame. He looked like Mr. Clean. He looked like Howie Mandel. He looked like he wasn’t your type. “Um…I’m swiping left.” You said nervously. The guy immediately fell into the ball pit. “Wow starting off on the left foot I see!” James giggled.

James brought up a few more guys and you finally had two guys sitting in chairs on the right. But naturally James had a trick up his sleeve. “So Y/N, I hear you have a massive celebrity crush on one of my friends.” Your eyes grew wide. Your heart was racing. You were horrified. “Um…I don’t know what you’re talking about, James!” You were trying to play it casual but you were a nervous wreck. “Okay well let’s bring up the next possible match!” A tall brown haired man made his way on the stage. His hair was short but had a slight curl. His eyes were green but not a green you had ever seen before. He was tattooed. He looked at you and smiled, his dimples showing. You froze. “So Y/N, is it going to be a swipe to the left or right?!” James questioned with the biggest damn smirk on his face. “Cheeky bastard” you thought. “Well I mean I’ve been on Tinder and I know you can Super Like someone so this is me using my Super Like.” you quickly stated. The man just looked at you and laughed.

But, James wasn’t done yet. “Okay well Y/N let me properly introduce you two beautiful people. Y/N, this is your celebrity crush, your dream man, your Super Liked Tinder match, Mr. Harry Styles! Harold, this is Y/N.” Harry immediately walked towards you and engulfed your small frame in a hug. He smelled like sex, love, and all things holy. Damn, he smelled good and you hoped his scent would rub off on your clothes. His hug was perfection and if you could stay in this moment forever, you would.


As soon as the show ended you found yourself in your dressing room. The taping had shot your nerves and the best medicine you could find was listening to some Ed Sheeran on Spotify. You sang along softly to the music. As you were gathering your belongings, you heard a knock on the door. “Come in! It’s open!” you shouted above the music. As soon as the words left your mouth you continued to sing softly not bothering to look up from what you were doing. “You’re even cuter when you’re singing, pet” a low British voice said. You froze. You thought it was just your stylist and friend who had come in but nope. It was Harry. “Oh wow sorry you had to listen to that. I’m so sorry James made you come on the show just for that segment.” You couldn’t stop apologizing. It was like word vomit.

As the words and apologies continued to flow out, Harry walked closer. You began taking the smallest steps back until your back was up against a wall and there was no where else to go. Harry towered above you. The word vomit had stopped and now you were speechless. Your breathing picked up and you swore he could see your heart beat out of your chest. His strong hands slowly found their way to your face. He smirked seeing you squirm out of nerves. Your eyes darted back and forth from his eyes to his lips. Harry bit his lip. He pushed his body against you and before you knew it, his lips were colliding with yours. The kisses suddenly got deeper and longer. He was yearning for your affection. He pulled away slowly and put his head on your forehead while his eyes never leaving yours. Harry slowly breathed in as you tried to steady your heartbeat. Harry’s voice immediately got deeper and sexier, “Always wanted to kiss my celebrity crush”.

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What are some of your favorite stories on here? And why?

Honestly I am easily pleased sometimes and love so much n here because people are SUPER talented and I cry over their talent. I can sometimes be REALLY picky about what I read so when I reread something multiple times, you know I love it. Here are just a few that I will never forget and reread over and over:

The Preacher’s Daughter series by @minhosmeanhoe - This is probably my favorite Mitch story in existence. It’s so well written and keeps you on your toes and there are so many twists that you won’t see coming. I honestly love everything that Camile writes but this? Oh god this is my favorite thing. and It’s fucking canon. I swear it.

French Class by @writing-obrien - I think this was the first thing I ever read from Chloe. And I do not regret it at all. I love the plot. I love the writing. I love the smut. It’s sexy and fun and teasing and Stiles is a precious bean so much. I have legit read this more times than I can count because it never fails to make me smile.


CEO series by @thelittlestkitsune - Lau is so talented. I swear to fucking god she is. And CEO is one of those series that you don’t expect the twists you get. It starts so sexy but becomes bigger than you ever expect. It’s more than just fucking your boss, OK? It’s time to figure out the truth behind everything. It’s so sexy and fun and then BAM, SHIT HAPPENS. I know a bit about what is gonna happen and HOLY SHIT I’M ON MY TOES.

You Don’t Own Me by @completedylantrash - I think this was the first smut I ever read on tumblr for Dyl. And it’s the type of fic that keeps me coming back because you remember it. It’s so fun to read. and I love their snarky ass relationship. Whenever I needed a pick me up, I would reread this because it keeps you entertained no matter what. 

I think that’s good… for now?

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I feel like this tweet can be used as fairly good evidence that Bitty’s personal favorite kind of pie is cherry.

He’s just listed as “the baker” in the favorite pies extra, so I wanted to find something that said his favorite and I feel like what he’d want buried with him is a pretty clear indicator of favoritism.

But now I like, want to know why cherry is his favorite. Personally, I disliked cherries as a kid. To be fair I was extremely picky in general but I really didn’t like the cherries we got from the store. Then one summer a cherry tree in my uncle’s yard finally bore fruit and oh my god y’all picking cherries off that tree and eating them immediately was a religious experience (same goes for the golden raspberries my grandma grew, so good).

I am a staunch believer in the fact that cherries should not be anywhere close to straight red. Maraschino cherries are an abomination. Really good, ripe cherries are going to be somewhere between a dark burgundy and a dark purple. I am 100% convinced Bitty shares this view. Maybe he had a cherry tree in his yard, or an aunt’s hard, or a neighbor’s yard, but the point is he grew up using these absolutely fresh-as-can-be cherries in his pies and they became his favorite because he loved picking the fruit himself and being able to pick them when they were at absolute perfect ripeness.

Now, he only makes cherry pie when he can get cherries from a farmer’s market, because getting them at the store just isn’t the same and a farmer’s market is as close as he can get now that he lives so far from his own tree. When he does make a cherry pie it’s real special, and they’re still his favorite.

Also imagine baby!Bitty standing on a ladder while Coach holds it steady, filling a basket with cherries so he can help his mama make a pie.

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could you do a "slytherin realizes they have a crush on someone of another house" post bc that would make me v happy. it can be with gifs or words or both i am not picky ♥♥♥♥

Gryffindor: *laughs loudly at their jokes* Oh my God… What are you doing it wasn’t even that funny. *laughs at another joke* Fuck what is happening to me. I certainly never laugh at jokes for someone else’s benefit. *continues laughing* Shit they’re not any funnier than they used to be, why does everything they say seem that much more funny? *Laughs again then stops abruptly* Oh no. 

Hufflepuff: Why did I just help them with that? I didn’t even ask for anything in return… I mean, they’ve always been so nice to me, even before I helped them. Maybe it was part of their plan… *Looks at them* No… I think they’re just like that. Seems pretty stupid to be honest. Why be nice to someone who can’t benefit you? …Why did I just do it?? They’re just so cute I can’t help it. Wait. Fuck. 

Ravenclaw: I honestly could not give less of a shit about amphibians… So why the hell did I just listen to them talk about them for an hour? And why did I feel like I was enjoying it? And why did I agree to go out to the lake tomorrow to look for some?? Maybe it’s just the way they talk about it. Their eyes light up and it’s kind of adorable. It’s like their excitement is contagious. I found myself wanting to remember whatever the hell they were saying, but why would I care about tadpoles? All I really care about is…. Oh.